Doubling up on Frendship (Special Edition)

(Note: This story is part of a series of Fairy Tail stories)
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“…ucy? LUCY?!


WAH!” Lucy yelped, almost jumping out of her skin. “L-Levy!” she scolded, putting a hand over her chest. Her heart was racing, beating so hard. “You scared the life out of me!”


“Well, I’m sorry, but I called your name four times!” Levy retorted, hands on her hips, a look of exasperation on her face. “You were completely spaced out! What were you thinking about anyway?”


“…nothing!” Lucy squeaked, not at all willing to tell Levy she had been remembering getting fucked by both Cana and Taurus.


Levy eyed her skeptically, before her expression morphed into one of concern. “Are you sure you’re okay? I just got back from visiting Cana in the infirmary; she told me how the two of you had a very hard mission yesterday.


Lucy could feel her face turn red. Levy’s tone of voice was innocent, but Lucy knew exactly how Cana would have said that, and what kind of lewd expression would be on her face. The blonde involuntarily remembered how big and hard Taurus’ cock had been…


“She also said that you both got a really hard pounding, but she got the worst of it for MUCH longer, so I was… um. Lucy, are you sure you’re alright? Your face is really, really red right now, and you’re kind of twitching…”


I’M FINE!” Lucy shouted, then clapped her hands over her mouth. Taking several deep breaths, she worked on calming herself down. “I’m fine,” she repeated.


Levy raised an eyebrow. “Okay… sure you don’t want to talk about it?”


Lucy, impressively, turned even redder. “Not in public!” she said, hastily looking around to see if anyone had heard her. “Later though. Also, do you know if Natsu and Juvia are back yet?”


Letting her friend change the subject, Levy shook her head. “You just missed them; they left together on another mission.” She frowned thoughtfully. “They also seemed to be avoiding Erza for some reason…anyway, sorry Lucy.”


“No, it’s okay, I just wanted to see Natsu but I’ll catch up with him later; I really need to go visit Cana myself.” A frown briefly formed on her face before she looked back over at Levy. “And did you say personal project?”


Now it was Levy’s turn to blush. “Something else we can talk about later, in private. Right now,” she checked the time, “I’m running a little late; talk to you later, promise.”


“Okay then. Have fun!”


Levy nodded, smiling, and watched Lucy scurry off. Part of her was still curious as to what her friend had been up to. She must have done something embarrassing recently!


Shaking her head firmly, Levy quickened her pace; she didn’t want to be late.


As she skipped along, she began casting a spell on herself…



(Later at an empty alleyway…)


THERE YOU ARE! And WOW!!!!, holy shit you look amazing! GIHIHIHIHI!” The Dragon Slayer stared at the petite blunette, her body was noticeably bustier and way MORE curvaceous. Her breasts were bigger and her thighs thicker. But the most noticeable change was her ass, it was huge!


Levy blushed slightly and rolled her eyes at her boyfriend’s dramatics, though she was also pleased by the compliment. “You act like you haven’t seen me in weeks, Gajeel.”


“It sure feels that way!” he replied, folding his arms over his chest as he spoke. “You have any idea how bored I’ve been? Juvia fucked off to who knows where, you’ve been locked in your room working on some project for days, and everyone else is busy too. It’s a good thing you finished because I was just about to pick a fight when I got your message.”


He circled her as he spoke, the grin on his face making her fidget in place, blush deepening. “So this is what you’ve been working on, huh? I’ll admit, it was worth the wait. So, wanna break in the new body? Or at least your new booty?”


Levy scowled half-heartedly at him. “Idiot. But yeah, I want to test out my new spell, and…I missed you.”


A quick flare of pink appeared on Gajeel’s face before he shook it off with a leer. “So you figured out how to use your Solid Script magic on yourself? Finally able to alter your body and this is the first thing you thought of? I always knew you were a kinky, dirty girl.”


“Sh-shut up! It has other applications too! Imagine being in a fight, throwing a punch, and suddenly your fist is three times bigger than it was,” the petite girl replied, face blushing.


Gajeel raised the studs that served as his eyebrows. “Okay, I like the sound of that, but I like the look of you right now even more.” He was already stripping off his clothes without a hint of shame. “’Fucking hot as hell! especially with all that makeup on!”


“Glad you like it,” Levy told him dryly, feeling another blush steal across her cheeks at the sight of his naked body and already erect cock. “Someone is eager.”


Smirking, Gajeel tapped his nose. “I’m not the only one.”


“J-jerk,” Levy muttered half-heartedly, feeling her face burn as she hurriedly removed her clothes. Her shorts gave her the biggest problem; when they finally popped off, Gajeel whistling at the bouncing and jiggling of her enormous ass.


“Hey, if you’re going to go around looking like that, you had better get used to that kind of thing,” Gajeel told her when she glared at him.


Levy glared harder before suddenly smiling sweetly at him. “And you aren’t going to mind a bunch of sleazy guys making comments about me? Right in front of you?”


From the sudden scowl on his face, no, Gajeel didn’t like that at all. “Well,” he said, in the tones of one trying to find a bright side, “at least I’ll get plenty of fights.” His hands suddenly shot out, grabbing her around the waist. As she squealed in surprise, he spun her around, lowered her to the ground with surprising gentleness, and plunged his cock into her expanded ass. “But this is even more fun!”


Levy opened her mouth to respond, only to squeal again, this time in embarrassment, as Gajeel gave her a light (for him) smack on the butt. “I love how soft and big your ass is now! I bet you have plenty of other ideas in mind, don’t you?”


“Y-yes, I do, but damn it, you idiot! Give me some warning next time before you start fucking me! Your dick isn’t exactly small!!! In fact it’s HUGE!!!”


Gajeel leered at her. “Sure thing, ‘fatass bitch.’” Pointing out the giant slutty tattoo written on her enormous bubble butt, he laughed at her mortified expression. “Interesting choice for a Solid Script, but I have to admit,” he pulled his hips back before slamming them back down, his balls slapping her stupendous butt cheeks and making them ripple, “it fits!”


J-JERK! IDIOT!” Levy responded, face on fire. She thought she had cast her Solid Script tattoo spell using invisible ink magic! Did it wear off??? Why did it fail, and why at such a humiliating time?! “Whatever, just keep banging me!”


“Oh, you don’t have to worry about-”


“Um…” said a different voice.


Gajeel and Levy both froze, turning their heads to look at the interruption. And there, both of them naked, were Erza and Jellal, staring back at them. Both of their faces were as red as Erza’s hair, and they seemed frozen in place.


“Do you mind?!! We’re fucking busy here! Literally!!!!” Gajeel growled. “Go find your own alley!!!!!”


Jellal nodded, still blushing hard, and started to turn away, only to stop when Erza said, “Wait.”


With every eye on her, the redhead took a deep breath. “Levy, I’ll ask how you did…that later…” she eyed the petite mage’s superior ass with envy. “But for now…please let Jellal fuck you, Levy!”


“What?!” the couple chorused in surprise. Jellal was too busy hiding his face in his hands to say anything.


“Um…” Erza fidgeted and wiggled, “it…really turns me on to see Jellal fucking another woman.”


“…okay, I’m not going to make fun of anyone’s kinks,” Levy said, while adjusting her doggy style position, her mind back on track. “But this really isn’t good timing, especially on such short notice, so I’m sorry but-”


“I’ll owe you both a favor!” Erza said hastily, holding up hands as if to physically stop Levy’s words. “Anything you want, I promise!”


That brought Levy up short, and from the way Gajeel’s eyes widened and then narrowed, he was thinking hard about it too. An open ended favor from one of, if not the, strongest mages in their guild?


That was a hard thing to pass up.


Gajeel suddenly snorted before flashing a gleaming grin. “Why the hell not?! We’re all friends here; might as well get to know each other really well. And it’s not like we haven’t all seen each other in some weird fucking situations before.”


Levy’s face was now redder than Erza’s hair; the thought of having sex with someone other than Gajeel?? It was embarrassing. “If that is what Gajeel wants… and as long as Jellal is all right with it, I guess I don’t mind…” the timid girl said, self conscious about all the eyes gonna be on her.


Erza turned to her boyfriend with pleading eyes, before leaning forward to whisper into his ear. What she said, Levy couldn’t hear, but Jellal went stiff (in more ways than one, she couldn’t help noticing) and Gajeel started laughing under his breath. “I’ll tell you later,” he promised, snickering at her pout. Levy forgot how good her boyfriend’s hearing was. It must be a trait among Dragon Slayers.


Before she could try convincing him to tell her now, Jellal was lying on the ground, erection pointing straight up. And again, without warning, Gajeel easily picked her up and carried her over to him, his cock still buried in her ass. “Ready to get double stuffed, you slutty fatass bitch?!” he teased her.


Levy would have responded but all the air in her lungs was driven out in a wheezing gasp when Gajeel thrust his dick even deeper into her asshole. Now she was really getting double penetrated, and all Levy could do was gasp and squeal as she took it from both sides.


OH! OH! AH! FUCK!! OH GOD!! YOUR DICKS ARE HUGE!!” Jellal filled her pussy up nicely, and Gajeel, while stretching even her bigger butt to its limit, was incredible. The metal studs on his dick rubbed against her asshole, driving her crazy. “UGH!!! DON’T STOP!!! MORE! HARDER!


“Ohh Levy, taking two huge dicks at once??? I didn’t know you were such a slut.” Erza teased while masturbating furiously.




GIHIHIHI! I haven’t seen her this worked up before! Maybe we should do this more often!”


“Maybe. But we’ll have to see if Erza and Levy want to continu–” Jellal began.




“…though it’s clear Levy is enjoying herself,” Jellal said, shaking his head to clear the ringing in his ears as Levy screamed her orgasm for all to hear, not caring who heard or saw her.




As Levy enjoyed two enormous throbbing cocks violating her busty pornstar body, a thought lingered in her mind: ‘Could her new Solid Script ability be used to enhance the body of her fellow guildmates?


I CAN’T HOLD BACK ANYMORE!” Erza suddenly shouted, her face incredibly flushed and sweat running down her incredible body. She leaped forward, and Levy’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as Erza cupped her head with one hand and pulled her into a deep kiss!


Levy’s brain almost shut down as Erza’s tongue plunged deep into her mouth, ravishing every little nook and cranny. Then she squealed, long and loud, into the redhead’s mouth as Erza’s other hand grabbed her expanded boobs and began squeezing and groping them with incredible strength! She was groping her so hard, it hurt, but that just turned Levy on even more; she thrashed and writhed as another orgasm hit her.


“Holy shit!”/”Goddamn!” Jellal and Gajeel exclaimed at the same time, both of them feeling their arousal spike even higher. Their eyes met around Levy and Erza’s bodies, and they nodded.


Leaning his head up, Jellal started licking Erza’s pussy, causing her to stiffen and then moan into Levy’s mouth, her grip tightening on the bluenette’s breasts.


At the same time, Gajeel raised one hand and began spanking Levy’s enormous ass, causing it to jiggle and shake even more. “GIHIHIHIHI!” he howled with laughter over the sounds of Levy’s screams and Erza’s moans. “Best! Day! EVER!”


Pleasure and pain, pain and pleasure…Levy was experiencing so much of both; her body was getting confused, overwhelmed. Wrenching her mouth free from Erza’s, Levy threw her head back and shrieked! “CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMINGGGGG!” Her eyes rolled back in her head as the biggest orgasm yet slammed into her. “I’M CUMMING FROM HAVING MY FAT ASS SPANKED AND MY SLUTTY PUSSY POUNDED!!!


Unnoticed above them, Mavis watched them fuck with wide and avid eyes, an ear to ear grin on her face. ‘Oh yeah,’ she thought to herself, nodding as Levy screamed in pleasure again, ‘this will be a GREAT idea!



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2 months ago

Levy be wild af at all times and I love it

2 months ago

YEEEEESSSS!!!! After so long, levy is back! She’s my favorite girl in the whole series so it’s great to see her again! Can’t wait for more!

2 months ago

S22132, will you post new chapters this week or the next?