Double Boobjob Bonanza

(Note: This story is part of an short series of Bleach stories)
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“Rangiku-chan, do you really need me for this?” Isane asked, feeling very exposed in the tiny bikini her friend had practically forced her into. And she had thought her previous swimsuit was embarrassing; this one felt like she was wearing almost nothing! “I mean, you’re much prettier and sexier than I am-EEP!“


A harsh snort and a poke in the side interrupted her, not to mention making her squeal. “Compliments will get you nowhere, Isane-chan. And you need to have more confidence in yourself! I dunno when it happened, but your tits are definitely bigger than mine now. What the hell have you been eating or drinking? Or maybe it’s some medical thing, ‘cause Unohana-san is pretty busty too…”


Blushing furiously, Isane did her best to change the subject as fast as possible. “But, are you really sure this is all right? I mean, right in the middle of the beach, where anyone could find us?”


“Sure, it’s fine,” Rangiku assured her, waving off her worries. “You’ve heard what Orihime and her friends been up to, right? And don’t even get me started on Momo; who would have thought she had it in her?” Rangiku’s tone was admiring, and Isane would admit, she was impressed as well by Momo’s daring.


Of course, if Rangiku-chan had her way, they would both be doing something similar. It was hard for Isane to imagine without turning tomato red, but it was very tempting as well…


“Tell you what,” Rangiku said, in her best wheedling tone, honed over many years of dealing with her uptight captain. “I’ve got Ichigo-kun and Byakuya-kun lined up for us. I know you have a crush on both of them, so I’ll give you first dibs.”


Her words made Isane stumble as she shot a wide-eyed look at her orange-haired friend. “R-really? You promise you’re not just teasing me?”


“No lie,” Rangiku assured her, eyes dancing wickedly. “So, feeling a little more eager now, Isane-chan?”


“…yes.” Her voice was barely audible, and she could feel her whole face burning, but Isane’s steps quickened, now in a hurry to reach the rendezvous point. Her boobs and butt bounced with each step, and Rangiku-chan’s wolf whistle had her turning almost purple. Why was she friends with her again?




‘Well, this is a pretty good reason,’ Isane thought to herself, licking and sucking on the head of Ichigo’s penis, making sure it was hard and slick. His long arms let him reach around to her ass, and his strong hands were kneading her cheeks like a baker with dough. He was so big and long, it was hard for her to believe at first; once she had his dick between her tits though, she was convert. Oh spirits, it was hot and throbbing against her boobs…


“Damn Isane, you’ve got real talent for this,” Ichigo grunted, watching her tits bounce up and down in front of him, her big nipples taunting him. He was definitely going to give them some attention later, but for right now, he was enjoying this paizuri way too much to interrupt her.


Rangiku giggled, an alluring flush on her face as she worked her magic on a still stoic looking Byakuya. “It’s always the quiet and demure ones you have to watch out for; isn’t that right, captain Byakuya?” She gave him a sultry wink and an extra long lick, hoping for any kind of reaction from him.


What could have almost been a smile flickered across the captain’s face; it was there and gone so quickly, it was hard to be sure. “I suppose you’ll have to find out for yourself, lieutenant Rangiku. And at the rate you’re going, you shouldn’t have long to wait.”


“Hear that, Isane-chan? I’m winning!” Rangiku told her friend teasingly, before taking Byakua’s cock into her mouth, starting to work it down.


Eyes narrowing at the playful challenge, Isane took a deep breath and then began deepthroating Ichigo, his loud gasp like music to her ears. Rangiku had told her to have more confidence in herself; well, she was confident she could give a better titfuck and blowjob than her friend.


And then, she would show just how good she was at taking it in the ass and pussy, hopefully from both of them!

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