Doctor Knows Best

Unohana walked down the beach, doing her best to project her usual air of grace and dignity. It was a slightly more difficult to achieve then it normally was, due to the blush that stained her cheeks.


Oh, and the fact that her swimsuit consisted of a pair of very small pasties, which didn’t even cover all of her enormous nipples, and a tiny thong, almost lost amidst the incredible curves of her body. It was hard to ignore how her tits and ass jiggled with each step and breath she took, but Unohana did her best.


What was harder to ignore were the whispers, looks, and outright gaping stares from the crowd on the beach. She was the center of attention, and Unohana could almost feel the lust in the air. In contrast, her companion was practically ignored, though once people found out Yushiro was with her, that would change.


“You do realize that you’re staring and almost drooling, yes?” she pointed out to him archly, smiling slightly when he hastily wiped his mouth, a deeper blush on his face. “And why are you so embarrassed? You’re the one who asked me to wear this… outfit.” Maybe she shouldn’t have given him free reign, but he had looked so cute when he pouted at her.


Yushiro chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as he looked at the ground. “Yeah, I did, but there’s a difference between imagining how it looks and actually seeing it, you know?” He glanced at her again, eyes flicking all over her body; from the bulge in his swimming trunks, he definitely appreciated what he saw.


And since all the attention was making her very horny…


“Come on,” Unohana said abruptly, grabbing his hand and leading him out into the water, giving her ass little bit of an extra shake for the hell of it. She smirked as she heard the telltale thuds of several people fainting. Slightly evil and petty of her, but well worth the amusement.


“Are we doing what I think we’re doing?” Yushiro asked. Looking back at him, Unohana saw that he was equal parts excited and nervous. “But anyone can see us, so that’s kind of…” A grin slowly spread across his face. “Exciting.”


He was definitely Yoruichi’s brother, that was for certain, if a little less experienced. Dropping his hand, Unohana turned to look at him, slowly getting down on her hands and knees. Her tits were a little squashed and she could feel her big ass jutting into the air, but she paid that no mind; all her attention was on Yushiro and his erection, only just hidden from the world.


“It seems you have a bad case of swelling,” she told him, doing her best to keep a straight face even as her pussy started dripping. “I’m a healer, so I can help you with that. What treatment would you prefer?” She arched her back, showing off her tits even more and thrusting out her ass. “Or would you prefer I choose?”


Yushiro swallowed, his cock so hard it almost hurt. “Doctor knows best, right?” he joked, licking his lips in anticipation. This was going to be amazing.


“Smart boy,” Unohana purred, crawling over to him. Pulling down his trunks, she shivered; she still hadn’t gotten over just how big he was. The thought of what he would do to her with a dick like that almost made her cum on the spot. Instead, she wrapped her tits around it and bent her head to take in in her mouth. She had to adjust quickly when Yushiro abruptly sat down in the water, but she didn’t miss a beat.


“Oh hell yeah,” Yushiro moaned, all thoughts of being in public utterly wiped from his mind as Unohana’s talented mouth went to work on his erection. Her hot tits wrapped around it made it that much better, and he could feel himself getting rapidly pushed towards cumming. Grabbing her head, he pushed her down even further onto his cock, wanting a deepthroat blowjob.


Gagging for a moment, Unohana quickly adapted; soon they were both pumping away, stifled moans and loud gasps filling the air around them. On the shore, people were holding up cell phones to get footage of the action, jealousy on almost every face.


Just when Yushiro was about to cum, Unohana abruptly stopped, pulling her head away as she stood up. “Wha..?” he asked in confusion, right before she yanked off her thong and planted herself on his enormous erection. Both screamed as they came together, but neither wanted to stop, nor could they. Unohana bounced herself up and down, another orgasm swiftly building, while Yushiro grabbed her fat ass with both hands. Burying his face in her boobs, he kissed and licked them all over, trying to focus on her erect nipples.


The beach crowd was on the verge of a riot, but neither Unohana nor Yoshiro cared. They were wrapped up in each other and would stay that way all day and most of the night. The would deal with the embarrassment and teasing later; right now, all they cared about was fucking each other’s brains out.

(Story by User: S22132)

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