Distracting Booty for Pirate Booty

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“After them, Marines!” the Captain shouted as he and his squad splashed through the waves of the beach. “Nico Robin and Nami of the Straw Hat pirates are all alone and just ahead of us! We have a rare opportunity to strike a blow for Justice!”


His men cheered and he smirked as they rounded a bend in the island. They were close now, he could feel it. As the Marine who had captured two members of the Straw Hats, his career would skyrocket! He might become a Vice-Admiral, or maybe even a full Admiral!


All they had to do was–


The Captain almost ran into the backs of his men as they suddenly stopped. About to yell at them, he stopped when he discovered the problem:


The women had vanished.


“Where did they go?” one of the soldiers wondered, head on a swivel as he looked around.


“Oh? Were you looking for us?~”


The sultry, seductive voice came from behind them; the Marines wheeled around, ready to fight… and froze, blood dripping from their noses.


Nami gave them a small smirk over her shoulder, a pretty blush on her face. The bright pink string bikini left her big, curvy ass completely exposed, and even from behind, the Marines could see her incredible tits, straining against the strings of her bikini.


The Captain had his mouth open as he gaped, but he gave himself a hard mental shake. Getting ready to give the order to fire, he sucked in a deep breath–


And Nico Robin emerged from water like a goddess of the sea, her green swimsuit even smaller, her ass bigger, and her breasts bigger. Even the small movement of her turning to smile at the crowd made both her tits and ass jiggle.


Those small jiggles hit the Marines like a Whitebeard earthquake. Blood gushed into the water and the soldiers fell backward to float on their face, blissful grins on their unconscious faces.


Summoning up every bit of his willpower, the Captain shakily raised his gun, ready to fire-


A rubber fist as hard as stone slammed into the back of his head, knocking him unconscious without warning.


“Nami! Robin! Are you guys done yet?” Luffy whined, not affected in the least by the sight of the two incredible beauties wearing virtually nothing. “Sanji started gushing blood when he saw you two, Zoro insulted him, and now they’re both fighting! I’m tired of all this sneaking around…”


Nami sighed, giving Robin a faint glare when she giggled. “Yes, we’re done, Luffy. Have the others finished looting the Marine ship?”


“Yeah, they’re all done. Ooh, is this a fresh water pool? I haven’t been in one in forever! Let’s stop and have a pool party!”


“I’m not sure that Sanji-kun will be able to handle that,” Robin chuckled, “but why not have some fun?”


“You really are evil,” Nami teased her.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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10 months ago

Jejje o hubo sexo pero no indica qje fue un buen comienzo para esta saga estare feliz de seguir esta historia

2 years ago

Hey, I love this first chapter. The way you drew Nami and Robin with a lovely booty is amazing. I can’t wait to start reading more of the One Piece fan fiction. The writing is good. Credit to you and the writer. Keep it up. 🙂

2 years ago
Reply to  Matthew

Thank you Matthew! This is only the first chapter, theres more to this series x)

2 years ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

I’m loving it. Nico Robin is my favorite girl in One Piece and I love how this story begins. Keep it up. I want to read more. ?