Dirt Mounds to Butt Pound

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Smiling as she walked alongside her ‘date’, Tenten laughed as Naruto finished telling his story about his old teacher and mentor Jiraiya and how he blew his entire savings in one afternoon. She’d heard the story before from Hinata, though Bee was having a good belly laugh over it.


“Damn Naruto, dat’s like the oldest trick in da book!” the dark skinned man said as she walked with his arm around Samui’s shoulder, his hand groping her tit. The blonde woman blushed slightly, but said nothing as they continued to walk along the street.


Naruto shrugged, “I know that now, but it turned out okay. I happened to try one slot machine for the hell of it, won the jackpot on the first try.” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a coin purse shaped like a plushie frog. It was fairly worn out, the hind legs had fallen off, and one of the eyes was missing, but it was very full.


“Pervy Sage said I have a talent for gambling, though I never really got to try and see if that was true or not.” Naruto said, moving his artificial hand to rest on Tenten’s hip. She blushed, not from his fondling of her, but that his wife was right across from them! Hinata and Sasuke made up the last of this triple date on the town. It all started a few hours ago in the Busteez Dressing room. Naruto was picking up his wife and Samui with Bee and Sasuke, the five of them would have then left to pick up Sakura coming off her shift at the hospital when Sasuke got a call. He still looked uncomfortable using a cellphone as he answered and spoke briefly to his wife. Bee, Naruto, Hinata, and Samui all looked disappointed when he told them Sakura was forced to cancel, something about an emergency at the hospital.


So Tenten stepped in to fill in for Sakura. She had fully expected to be Sasuke’s date, but was surprised when Hinata went to link arms with him instead and Naruto put his arm around her. The brown haired girl had almost forgotten how kinky Hinata really was. She wondered how often they did the whole wife swapping thing, and how she could get in on that…


After that, the entire night wasn’t at all unlike a genuine date-night with friends, dinner and dancing at a nice restaurant she’d been wanting to visit for a while now. She was wondering when and IF things were gonna turn a little more, mature as she stole a glance down at Naruto’s groin. She chewed her lower lip gently, how long had it been since she’d had that huge thing inside her? Not since the Fuckfest at the club.


“Tenten-chan, something wrong?” Hinata asked, breaking her out of her thoughts.


“Huh, no, why?” she stammered.


“You’ve got this sour look on your face is all…” Hinata said.


“Yeah,” Samui added, “You look like someone stole your dessert.” she told her as they began walking by a construction site. Konoha was growing bigger and bigger every year. It seemed there was always something new being built these days.


“I’m fine,” Tenten said, smiling again, “Just, jealous I guess…” she said with a blush.


“Jealous, of what?” Hinata pressed as she hugged Sasuke’s arm between her heavy tits.


“Of you!” Tenten said a bit more sharply than she meant to, she felt herself blushing as she continued, “You get to have Naruto’s big dick anytime you want, it’s been ages since I last got a ride!”


Hinata expression was stunned for all of three seconds before she began laughing hard, holding onto Sasuke to keep herself upright. “Hahahaha, seriously? That’s all?” she asked, still laughing hard, “You should have just said something!” she looked to Naruto and smiled sweetly, “Darling, do you mind?” she asked him.


Naruto smiled and Tenten jumped slightly when she felt him grabbing her ass, “Not at all.” he said, smiling at her. She smiled back and pressed her body against him some more, moving one hand down to grab at his crotch.


Everyone laughed, but the mood was suddenly broken by a metallic echoing SNAP! Looking up, Tenten barely had a moment to comprehend what was happening as a shower of foul smelling dirt rained over all of them. Several stories overhead, a support cable holding up a bin of gardening dirt that was being hoisted up to one of the upper floors of the building snapped. The bin spilled over, dumping the fertilized dirt down onto the group.


“Gaah!!!” Samui yelped as she put her arms over her head to try and shield her hair.


“Ugh, watch out!!!” he shouted, his entire body glowing yellow as he called on the power of the Ninetails and manifested a huge arm of pure chakra energy just as the bin itself came down. He knocked the heavy metal container aside harmlessly, making a massive racket as it clanged against the concrete ground.


Tenten panted her heart racing. It all happened in the space of a few seconds, but she felt like she’d run a marathon, smelled like it too.


“Ahh, oh man, what is this…?” Samui groaned as she looked at her filthy arms.


“Everyone okay?” Naruto asked as his body stopped glowing.


“Define okay…” Hinata groaned, pinching her nose against the stench on the dirt.


“Yo, all good here, just stinking.” said Bee.


“Still alive, thanks.” added Samui.


“I’m alright, thank you.” Sasuke said.


“I’m fine.” Tenten said as she tried to dust herself of the worst of the filth now covering her from head to toe.


“Ugh, who leaves a bin full of fertilizer suspended over night?” Tenten asked rhetorically.


“I’ll ask Shikamaru to get me the name of whoever owns this building and have them come in for a chat later.” Naruto said as he dusted himself off as well.


“Let’s find a motel or something with a shower,” Samui said, “I wanna wash this all off before the smell gets stuck in my hair.”


“Dope idea.” Bee agreed.


“Over there.” Sasuke spoke up, pointing with his good arm across the street. Sitting quietly between a convenience store and an all-night dry cleaner was the Busteez Bath House.


“Serendipity, believe it!” said Naruto as he put his arm around Tenten again. She would have blushed if they both didn’t smell like a tipped over port-o-potty. The group walked into the bath house interior to see Ino sitting behind the counter.


“Are you all okay, I saw what happened, is anyone hurt?” she asked in a rush.


“We’re fine, just filthy,” Hinata said as she walked up to the counter, “Is the regular bath free?”


“Tonight it is,” Ino said, waving them in, “Been a slow week all around.”


“That’s good.” said Naruto as he closed the door behind him and flipped the sign to so the CLOSED side was facing outward. Tenten didn’t have to wonder why Hinata wanted the ‘family friendly’ baths, whatever they used in that dirt really smelled bad, and no way the Special Services section needed to have this smell lingering as she followed Hinata and Samui back into the baths, stripping as she walked.


She tossed her ruined outfit into one of the woven baskets, not bothering to fold it as she wouldn’t be putting the dress back on. Hinata and Samui did the same. Tenten blushed slightly when she discovered she was the only one that bothered with wearing panties even if they were a thong. The brown haired young woman was about to slip them off as well when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind and pull her flush against a naked chest.


“Leave them on,” Naruto whispered in her ear as his hands moved to grab her tits.


Tenten resisted the urge to chew her lower lip as she nodded and leaned back into him. A soft moan escaped her mouth as he began kneading her tits softly as he walked her farther into the bath area. The two of them quickly doused themselves with warm water from the provided buckets, rinsing off the worst of the dirt. Thankfully Tenten hadn’t gotten hit by the worst of the mess as she rubbed her face with her hands then ran them through her hair. The dirt was already mostly gone as she pressed herself against Naruto again, rubbing her thick ass against his crotch, loving the feel of his already hard dick slipping between the cheeks.


“My, aren’t we eager?” he teased. Tenten giggled then moaned as he leaned his head over her shoulder. She turned her face towards his and their mouths connected. She moaned happily as her tongue slipped and slided along his while the two of them moved into the shower area. She fumbled around for the knobs blindly until she had a comfortably hot spray going.


“My ass…” she panted, “Fuck my ass…”


Naruto chuckled as he grabbed her tits again, fondling them roughly in his hands as they moved under the spray. Refreshingly hot water poured over them both, washing away more of the dirt as Naruto nibbled on Tenten’s neck. Across from them the dark haired girl spotted Hinata and Sasuke moving into the shower area. Hinata moaned as Sasuke fondled one huge tit with his good hand, pinching and tugging on her nipple as he slipped his thick cock between her thighs, rubbing his length along the folds of her perfectly shaved pussy.


“Thinking of trying the Hotdog Challenge, Sasuke-kun?” Hinata asked him with a smile.


“Oh no, I’m not that foolish, I heard how you humiliated the Raikage.” Sasuke said with a chuckle.


“Spoil sport,” Hinata said with a giggle as she leaned herself up against the wall of the shower, hot water pouring down over her as she guided Sasuke’s cock between the cheeks of her ass. “Go on and give it a try…” she purred as she began rocking her hips, her fat ass wobbling like a jello mold around his huge length.


A half second later, Samui obscured Tenten’s view of Hinata as she was slammed against the wall between them by Bee, the blonde moaning as the dark skinned man buried his cock inside her pussy an began pounding into her from behind. “AHHHHNNN! BEE-SAMAAAAAA~ YES!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!” Samui begged, her hands reaching down to grab the knobs that controls the water flow for support.


Tenten only watched the other couples for a moment before she felt Naruto hook a finger through her thong, pulling the back of it aside before shoving his thick cock up her asshole! He slid in with surprising ease, Tenten wondered where he got the lube, but decided ultimately that she didn’t care as she felt her ass getting so full!


“OHHHH FUUUUUCK YES!!!!!” she moaned, leaning against the wall and pushing her ass out. “NARUTOOOOO!!! YES!!! POUND MY FAT ASS!!! DESTROY MEEEEE!!!!!” she begged as she looked back at him. He grinned at her as his hands grabbed her hips and held them tight. Tenten let out a low moan of bliss as she felt him pounding into her harder! How she’d been craving this feeling of fullness, so many men at the club were, average, at best, she could barely feel anything. “HMMMMMMMMMMMHHH!!!! YES!!! HARDER!!! DON’T BE GENTLE!!! DESTROY MY ASS!!!!!” Tenten screamed, bucking her hips back against his thrusts.


She heard Naruto grunt and groan, moving his hips to meet her thrusts, their bodies making a wet slapping noise in the shower as they collided again and again. Next to her, Samui and Hinata were in much the same position, only Samui’s cunt was getting plowed mercilessly by Killer Bee, and Hinata was bucking the check of her ass along Sasuke’s cock, making the dark haired man grunt and moan as she panted.


“YEAH!!! you like that Sasuke-kun?!” she asked, “I’ll show you just how exactly I beat the Raikage…” she panted as she began rolling her hips faster, her ass jiggling and wobbling wildly.


“Ahhh, wonderful technique Hinata, your ass… Feels amazing…” Sasuke groaned.


“Better than Sakura’s?” Hinata asked with a smirk and began rolling her hips faster, panting softly as she savored the feel of the man’s cock rubbing between her asscheeks. “You don’t have to answer, I already know it is.” Funny how working at the club for a few years can change someone! Sometimes Tenten missed the old shy and extremely bashful Hinata, but her more open self was definitely a lot more fun!


Tenten looked away from the others and bit her lower lip as she felt herself cumming again, “HMMMMMMMPH!!! YESSSSSH!!!! RIGHT THERE!!! RIGHT. FUCKING. THEEEEEEEERE!!!!!!!!!!” she moaned, pushing her hips back and taking Naruto’s dick so far up her ass she could almost feel it pressing her stomach! “HOOOOOOOOHH!” she moaned as her knees shook with pleasure as she came over and over, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as everything turned blurry for a blissful second as she felt Naruto’s cum shooting deep inside her.


Next to her, Samui panted as her pussy got cream pied while Sasuke came all over Hinata’s naked back. The six of them leaned against the wall, letting the showerheads wash away all the remaining dirt and sweat. Tenten allowed herself a moment to savor the feel of Naruto’s cock up her ass before she heard the sound of a woman clearing her throat loudly.


Everyone turned to see a less than amused Ino standing in the entryway with her arms crossed.


“Really guys? This is the family side of the building!!!!! if you’re gonna do that, use the CORRECT side!!!” Sweat drop marks appeared on the side of the girls as they all chuckled nervously. “Oh and also, next time invite ME!!”


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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