Dinner Time Flash Back

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting at the dining room table, Boruto Uzumaki suppressed a sigh as he placed another card down. Across from him, his idiot of a father looked at the cards in his hand in mild confusion. He had explained the rules to him twice before they sat down to play Extreme Ninja Scrolls. The young blonde was still annoyed that his father had interrupted his last day of auditions just a few hours ago. And he hadn’t even bothered to come in person; he’d just sent one of his shadow clones!


“Okay…” Naruto said, “How about this!” he said as he slapped down a Ninjutsu card. The move was illegal but Boruto didn’t bother to tell him as he placed a card showing Sasuke followed by a Taijutsu card. The move would have wiped out his father’s life points had he not already done that three turns ago.


From the edge of his vision, he saw his mother snickering in the kitchen. Obviously she had been keeping tabs on the game, and she at least knew how to play. Himawari stood next to their mother, helping out with dinner, handing Hinata the vegetables as she asked for them. Kushina wasn’t here tonight since she was covering the overnight shift at the Club this month. Naruto offered to let her quit and simply live with them for free, but the redhead wouldn’t hear it! Boruto remembered her saying something about not wanting to be a ‘kept woman’ whatever that meant. The only reason she moved in with them in the first place was to spend more time with Himawari and himself.


“So, Boruto, I spoke with Hanabi earlier after I went to the auditions you were hosting.” Naruto began.


“And?” Boruto pressed.


“Well, she told me everything that’s been going on between the two of you. I was more than a little surprised, but, I’m happy you have such a doting aunt willing to teach you some things about sex.” he said, a blush spreading over his face. “But, I… I want you to know you can come to me or your mother if you ever have any questions.” he said. In the kitchen his mother blushed and suddenly began to focus on the dinner she was making.


“Really dad, this conversation? It’s a little late dattebasa!”


Naruto flinched, “Yeah, I know, I just, look, I want you to grow up with a healthy view on it is all dattebayo. So, you can ask me anything.”


“Really?” Boruto asked dryly, “Anything?”


His father nodded, “Okay, what was your first time like then? You know mine already so fair’s fair.” Naruto dropped his hand of cards with a cough, “What’s the big deal, I’m guessing it was with mom right?”


“Actually… Ahhh, no, it wasn’t…” he said quietly. Both of them jumped in their seats slightly as something metal crashed to the floor in the kitchen.


“Ahahaha… It was before we went to the Moon that one time!” he called over to Hinata.


“Really…” Hinata answered, “Is that so…” she said, though her tone was far from understanding. Boruto then heard a rapid and heavy chopping on the cutting board on the counter in front of his mother.


Naruto nodded, “Okay, so it happened like this…” he said, “I was on a delivery assignment with Anko Mitarashi-san in Amegakure…”



Naruto sighed and stared at his right hand again as he and Anko walked through the hallway. The two were dressed in their usual outfits.


He flexed his fingers several times as he tried again to focus his chakra. Nothing.


“No good?” Anko asked as they rounded the corner.


“Nope, this arm looks completely like my original, but it’s no good at all, I can’t move an ounce of chakra through it, no matter how hard I focus.” he explained to her.


“Well, I suppose it’s a tradeoff then, you get a normal looking arm, but at the cost of being able to use it well in a fight.” Anko said with a shrug. “Honestly, I’m still amazed you didn’t bleed out after that fight!”


“Granny Tsunade said it was because Sasuke’s Chidori attack partially catterized the wounds.” Naruto told her.


“Uh, I think you mean “cauterized”. And that makes sense.” Anko said as they headed towards the elevator at the end of the hallway. Anko pressed the call button and the doors parted instantly. “Well, that’s convenient.” she said as she stepped inside. Naruto followed and pressed the ground floor button. The elevator was one of those new full window ones, giving them a full view of the nighttime city outside. He still wondered why the two of them had been assigned to a simple package delivery mission. They dropped off the scroll as instructed and now they would be headed home in the morning.


The elevator hummed softly as they began to descend, “So, wanna grab some dinner before we go back to the hotel?” Anko asked, “I hear this town has some pretty…” she stopped midsentence when the elevator lurched once then ground to a halt with a nasty creaking noise.


“Oh that’s not good.” said Naruto.


“That’s why I hate these things.” Anko grumbled as he moved over to the emergency phone built into one of the panels next to the doors. Before he could grab the receiver though she placed her hand over his. “Wait,” she told him, “This is a good chance.”


“Chance for Whaa… Mmmph!!!” Naruto began to ask before Anko covered his mouth with her own. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and moved one hand to his crotch. With deftness worthy of a kunoichi, she undid his belt and fasteners with just one hand.


“Mmmmph, ahh… Anko-san!?” he gasped as she broke the kiss and leaned her head next to his.


“I’ve always wanted to do something like this…” she whispered into his ear hotly.


“What, wait a… Ahhhh…” Naruto gasped as he felt her hand reaching inside his pants to grip his cock. Her hand felt soft and warm, he’d never felt a woman touch him there and within seconds he was hard as a rock.


“Holy…! How can you still be a virgin with this!?” Anko said as she took in the sight of his full erection.


“Hey, who said I’m… Ahhhhaaaa… Oh that feels good…” Naruto groaned as Anko opened her mouth wide and took his entire cock into her mouth in a single motion. He saw her throat swelling around his girth as she rocked her head back and forth. Her soft lips made wet smacking noises as she glided along his length. Distantly he wondered how she was even able to do this! But as she took him all the way into her mouth again he decided he didn’t care as he leaned back against the glass wall of the elevator.


“HMMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH… DIS TASHTESH SHO GUUD…” she slurred around his cock as she began stripping out of her clothes. He looked down and saw that her curse mark was back! He panicked for only an instant before he realized he couldn’t sense any chakra in the mark, and that it was slightly different from the last time he saw it. If he had to guess the mark was just a tattoo now. Why she had it done was beyond him as he watched her moan around his cock, her throat vibrating around his girth and making him groan again.


Taking a cue from Anko, Naruto began stripping himself, shrugging out of his jacket and stripping off the shirt beneath as Anko pulled his pants and shorts down while she continued moving her head back and forth.


“Mmmmmh, that feels great dattebayo…” he groaned again as he looked down at her. He loved the way her mouth looked wrapped around his cock as she took every inch down her throat then slowly pulled back, only to deepthroat him again!


“MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMMPH…” Anko moaned, her lips smacking and slurping around his cock as she moved her head back and forth faster. Naruto could only groan in pleasure as he leaned his head back against the glass and relished the sensation of her warm, wet, mouth.


“Ahhh… Anko-san, slow… Slow down…” he warned, but she only sped up her attentions as she cupped his balls in her hands, squeezing them tenderly as he began cumming straight into her stomach!


“AGGUUUUUGH…” Anko gagged slightly, his cum leaking out around her lips as she tried to keep it all in her stomach.


When he finally stopped cumming, she lifted her head away with a gasp and an odd snapping sound. He realized that she was rehinging her jaw! ‘Well,’ he thought, ‘That explains one mystery.’


“Mmmmmmh, I hope that’s not all you got!” she said as she stood up, letting him get a full view of her naked body. She seemed a little plumper around the midsection now, but he knew better than to say that aloud.


“Not hardly!” he said, accepting her little challenge as he made his cock jounce up and down once.


“Good!” Anko said, “I didn’t expect you to be so big, I think I’ll use my ass this time!” she told him as she grabbed his shoulders and hopped onto him, her legs wrapping around his hips. On reflex, his hands moved to grab her rounded ass to keep her from falling. “Good boy.” she said as she grinded her crotch back and forth along his length. He could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy dripping over him as she reached a hand back and grabbed his erection. He helped her raise her ass high enough to guide his cock inside.


“Uhhhnnnnn…” Naruto groaned as he felt her tight asshole sliding down around his cock.


“OH FUUUUUUUCK!! YOU’RE SO FUUCKING THIIICK…” Anko groaned, chewing at her lower lip as she took his length into her slowly.


“An… Anko… Ahhh…” Naruto groaned as he held onto her ass tight as she began bucking her body up and down, filling the tiny elevator space with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP! as she bounced herself up and down on his cock!


“YESSSS, HARDER, POUND MY FAT ASSS!!!” Anko screamed, bucking her body against him faster.


“Fuuuuuuck, this feels so goood…” Naruto groaned as he moved his hips against her thrusts.


“Yeah…?” Anko asked, panting hard as she dragged her nails across his back, “You like fucking my sexy ass?”


“Oh yeah dattebayo!” Naruto groaned as he began thrusting into her faster, listening to the wet SMACK SMACK SMACK! of his pelvis slapping against her. The feel of her inner walls clenching around his dick was incredible as he groaned in pleasure. “Mmmmmh, FUUUUUUCK!!!” he grunted as he began cumming again.


“OH SHIIIIT, I FEEL IT SHOOTING IN MY ASSSSSS!!!” Anko moaned as she clung to him tight.


“Anko-sannnn…” Naruto groaned as he felt his knees getting weak and he let more of his weight rest against the glass wall of the elevator. The dark haired woman clung to him for several more moments before she unwrapped her legs from his hips and pushed herself free. His cock slipping out of her ass with a lewd noise. Naruto panted softly as he wiped sweat from his forehead.


He then gasped as the elevator lurched again and began to descend once more.


“Oh shit!” Naruto gasped as both he and Anko began scrambling for their clothes.



“We both barely managed to get dressed again before the doors opened on the ground floor.” Naruto told him as Boruto stared at his father wide eyed. He hadn’t expected him to be so candid!


“Mama, I don’t understand…” he heard Himawari say next to Hinata.


“It’s okay; I’ll explain when you’re older baby.” Hinata whispered to her. Boruto heard her putting food on the plates as he took a card from his hand and placed it on the table.


“And there, that’s all your points old man, I win.” he said unenthused. He’d actually beaten him some time ago, but now he was bored and hungry.


“Well, that was an interesting story,” Hinata said with a smile as she came over and began setting plates after Boruto cleared all the cards off the table. Himawari set out the mats and utensils while Boruto got out some plates and set them on the plates. Hinata then walked out with a large tray with food steaming on the surface.


Tonight’s dinner was grilled fish and vegetables, and Boruto used all his will to keep from bursting out laughing when he saw his father’s fish was well done and truly burnt! It was practically charcoal!


“Um, Hinata-chan…” Naruto began, but stopped midsentence when his wife looked at him with a frighteningly cold expression. Boruto remembered that same look on Himawari’s face once when he ripped one of her teddy bears. The young blonde was glad that expression wasn’t aimed at him. The idiot thanked his wife with a weak grin as she sat down to eat. Himawari took a seat next to him and he ruffled her hair lovingly, making her giggle.


“Anyway, it was about a year or so after that when I learn Anko was already working for Busteez and Kakashi-sensei had paid her for that little encounter.” Naruto said.


“Oh, that’s interesting.” Hinata said, though her sharp tone hadn’t changed. Everyone did a quick prayer before they began to eat, his father delicately picking around his ruined fish as they ate together.


(Story by User: SailorIo)

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