Dicking the Beauties Away

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“Hey Roooobbbbiiinnnn!~ Wait-WAAGH!!!”


“Nami,” Robin said calmly, her left eye twitching just a little. “Every time you have greeted me that way and in that tone of voice, it has lead to me being fucked, in multiple ways, by multiple people. Not this time; you have ten seconds to convince to not throw you off the deck, starting now.”


Robin’s dead serious tone convinced Nami that she meant it. The dozens of disembodied arms holding her over the edge of the Thousand Sunny helped as well. She caught a glance of the waves below, the navigator swallowed hard and shouted, “Beauty pageant!”


After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Robin said carefully, “Go on…”


“The next island we’re stopping at, it’s holding a beauty pageant! It’s open to outsiders, and between the two of us, one of us is sure to win!”


“…that’s it?” Robin asked suspiciously. “No robberies, treasure hunts, or distractions?”


“Nothing else, I swear!” A thought occurred to her and she hastily added, “Nothing that I know about, anyway; there could still be surprises, but the beauty pageant is all I know about.”


“How much is the prize money?”


Feeling like she was making progress, Nami grinned. “Five hundred million berries!” There was a stunned quality to the silence behind her. “I know, right? Dunno why they’re offering so much, but I’m not going to complain.”


After a moment, the copied hands started pulling her back before dumping Nami on her butt on the deck, making her yelp. Rubbing her sore behind, Nami gave a serenely smiling Robin a sour look. “Overreaction much?”


Expression turning blank, Robin jerked a thumb over her shoulder, pointing to where Zoro and Sanji were having yet another one of their spats. The attacks they were using would have killed almost anyone else. “Would prefer I react like that?” Robin asked, voice dry.


“…point taken. Sooooo…?”


Robin sighed. “If it’s just a beauty pageant, and for that much money, then yes, I’ll compete.”


“YAY! You’re the best, Robin-chan!”


Robin just rolled her eyes, though she did smile slightly. It was hard to stay mad at her crewmates, though that didn’t mean she was going to let Nami off the hook. Oh yes, revenge would be hers…


“Um, Robin? You’re making a really scary face; it’s starting to freak me out…”



Later, on the island…


Though her wariness would never truly fade away, Robin found herself enjoying the admiring looks she was getting as she and Nami waited in line to register. Idly examining their fellow competitors, Robin allowed herself some confidence; she and Nami were both among the most beautiful women there.


Suddenly, Nami grabbed her arm in a tight grip. Turning and seeing Nami’s pale expression, Robin followed her gaze. Her blue eyes widened in shock and dismay.


Striding easily towards the crowd was one of the Seven Warlords Boa Hancock, amused disdain written all over her face. For once though, her face wasn’t what people were looking at.


“How the hell did she get tits that big?!” Nami whisper-shouted, seeing her prize money fly away straight into Hancock’s hands. Fuck, of all the people to show up, it had to be her?!


“I’m not sure, but if she intends to enter the contest…” Robin didn’t have to continue; they both knew Hancock would win by a landslide, especially with her new…assets. “If only she wasn’t here, I feel confident we would win.”


The cogs in Nami’s head turn as she instantly formulated a solution. “Of course! we need to make sure she doesn’t enter the competition! Robin distract her!”


“Excuse me?” Robin asked incredulously. “And how am I supposed to do that? I hope you’re not suggesting I fight her.” While she had certainly gotten stronger in the two years the crew had been apart, Robin wasn’t at all confident of her chances of taking on Boa Hancock and emerging victorious.


“Get Luffy over here! He’ll distract her for sure; I’ll hold our places. Now hurry!!!”


Recognizing the determination in Nami’s eyes, Robin decided not to argue. Walking towards the approaching Warlord, Robin discretely formed a pair of eyes and a mouth on the Sunny, quickly locating Luffy. A promise that she had something ‘cool’ to show him if she meets him at the nearby beach.


That taken care of, all Robin had to do was stall until Luffy arrived. She tensed slightly when Hancock locked eyes on her, relaxing when the Warlord’s expression shifted into a thoughtful frown.


“You…! You’re one of Luffy-kun’s crewmates. Nico Robin, if I’m not mistaken.”


Robin smiled and nodded. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. Luffy has spoken highly of you.” Which was true, and also got Hancock blushing like a schoolgirl. “He didn’t mention your…improvements though; are they recent? And, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you have them done?”


Hancock’s expression shifted into a soft, blushing smile; idly, Robin noted that she looked very cute. “It’s a gift for Luffy-kun. While I am already the most beautiful woman in the world, there is no reason to stop there. Do you think he will like it?”


The area around them was littered with blood from nosebleeds and multiple statues, so Robin felt confident in her response. “I’m certain he will. In fact, you can find out soon. I’m about to meet him at the beach if you want to join us. I’m positive he would want to see you..”


Hancock’s smile widened, her head furiously nodding before the two left to go meet Luffy.


About ten minutes later, the two pirates cleared the woods that lead to the beach. “ROBIN! What did you want to show- HANCOCK! WHOA, HANCOCK!” Luffy did a double take as he skidded to a stop in front of them, jaw dropped. “You look awesome!”


Robin almost face-palmed. Awesome, Luffy? Really? Then again, she shouldn’t have expected anything romantic; it was still Luffy after all, even if he had finally become aware of sex.


Thankfully, Hancock was much appreciative, her face lighting up with both a smile and a blush. “Y-you really like it?” she asked shyly, shaking her chest just enough to make her humongous tits jiggle and shake.


“Hell yeah! Let’s fuck right now!”


This time, Robin really did face-palm as Luffy ran right up to Hancock, his shorts exploding as his erection expanded massively, much to Hancock’s delight. “YES, LUFFY-KUN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME ALL DAY! I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE BEAUTY PAGEANT! GIVE ME YOUR COCK!”


Her words ended in a shriek of pleasure as Luffy plunged his dick into her waiting pussy; simultaneously, he grabbed a hold of her tits with expanded hands, burying his face in the valley between them. With his usual high energy and enthusiasm, Luffy slammed his hips back and forth, fucking Hancock with everything he had.


As the two furiously fucked, Robin started discretely edging away; the mention of the pageant reminded her of why she was here.


“Oh, hey Robin! You can join in too! HEHEHE!!!”


Robin’s eyes widened as a rubber arm wrapped around her stomach; she opened her mouth to protest, but she was already being pulled back. “LU-AAAAIIIIIEEEE!” she screamed; Luffy’s face was buried in her pussy, and his tongue was inside her! Then it suddenly expanded as well, and Robin suddenly had an entirely new appreciation for how his powers could be used in sex. “UGH!!! OH GOOOOOOD!!!!!!”


Any further protests were cut off by Hancock kissing her with full tongue, making Robin’s eyes bug out. Apparently, as long as Hancock was getting fucked by Luffy, she was perfectly fine with anyone else being involved.





An hour later…


Nami contemplated where Robin had gone, but then the thought caused her to shiver; somehow, she just knew that Robin was upset with her again. Knowing how things had gone in the past, her crewmate was probably getting fucked again.


But, as a crown was placed on her head and huge chest full of treasure in her arms, Nami smiled and waved as the crowd cheered for the Beauty Pageant winner.


She would worry about it later; surely it couldn’t be that bad, right?

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10 months ago

jajja ya quiero ver como robin se venga de nami