Deep Double Desert Dicking

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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Nami rubbed her hands together as she strolled over the Thousand Sunny.


Not long ago, Her and Nico Robin made a deal with the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, to let her have some private time with Luffy. For only a little time alone with the pirate captain, Boa Hancock will pay both girls a small fortune.


To ensure this happening, Nami and Robin made plans for the rest of the crew to keep them occupied. Robin was together with Usopp, Chopper and Franky on an exploration further into the island to search for exotic plants and maybe some hints about the islands history.


It wasn’t really the best option, since the forest was pretty thick, where it doesn’t take long for one to get lost. Robin assured her however, that everything was okay and that, even if someone gets lost, that she can find them easily and bring them back together, using her Devil Fruit Powers.


Jinbe and Brook were in a nearby town to gather supplies for the journey ahead of them. If it weren’t for the experienced and mature fishman, Nami wouldn’t have agreed to that but she trusted Jinbe enough to keep the perverted skeleton at bay and close to him.


Which left only Zoro and Sanji. With those two being the most competitive among the crew, she decided that it was best to send them as far away from their captain as possible. She still needed to get the insurance money from her former, now destroyed, business.


So she sent them to get it, together those two would be able to “persuade” anyone who would dare to deny giving her the money she wants. And just to be safe, she called in a favor by her old friend Vivi to make the whole thing seem more legitimate and to keep a close eye on the swordsman and perverted cook.


“I hope Vivi is able to handle the two.”, she said to herself. “I want, no, NEED, that money!!!” Nami spoke, belly symbols replacing her eyes.



The gearing hot desert sun glared down upon the Turtle Shuttle that was powered by so called “Lucky Turtles”, who were once enslaved by the “Casino King” Gild Tesoro, before Luffy beat him
and freed all inhabitants of the once greatest casino of the world from his tyranny.


It’s hood creaked and protested under the heavy impacts of the fast paced fucking on top of it. Time and time again Vivi’s body slammed against the hot metal as she got fucked in her pussy and ass by the two pirates on an open road from the insurance companies building towards the harbor.


“Yesh. FUUUUCK!” the blue haired princess screamed as her tongue hanged out of her open mouth while the two pirates continued their combined onslaught on the noble girl. All of her thoughts and worries about the mission, given to them by Nami was swept away as she sensed an insanely huge orgasm building up inside of her.


(A few moments earlier…)


The three of them managed to secure the insurance money for Nami’s former, and now destroyed, cafè pretty easily, considering the fact that it was run by a company with a more than
shady history. Being used by nearly every faction of the world to get money tends to make one rather unscrupulous afterall.


But with the help of such powerful fighters and Vivi, the princess of one of the most prestigious monarchies of the world, as a negotiator did the job in the end.


On the way back however was, where the problems began. Under the boiling hot sun the Lucky Turtles ran out of energy and weren’t able to continue moving them back to the harbor, where the Shark Submerge III was waiting for them to take them back to the Sunny.


With the Turtle Shuttle basically broken down, Zoro and Sanji began a heated argument on what to do next.


“Just go already with her, shitty cook!” Zoro responded angrily to Sanji’s question about what to do next. “Bring her to the ship or have some time alone with her. I don’t care, as long as you
don’t annoy me!”


A vein popped on the cooks forehead as he responded. “If I were to leave you here alone, you only would get lost and I would get the blame for letting that happen, Mosshead!”


The desire to just leave the swordsman back in the desert and go only with Vivi back was immense but Nami would definitely be very angry about it and that was something Sanji didn’t want to happen… again. The bumps she’d given them after they destroyed her cafè still hurt.


“This is a god damn desert! Who would get lost in a wide open field with a street in only one direction?!” the one eyed swordsman snapped back at his crewmate.


“You. It would definitely be you!!!”


Vivi watched the intense discussion out of a safe distance. A drop of sweat ran down her face as she noticed both their bodies be ingulfed in flames of passion. She didn’t want to get into the crossfire but she knew that they couldn’t spend the rest of their day here, out in the open.


Deserts were a tricky environment. During the day, the heat of the sun is enough to cook even the most hardboiled man to a crisp and at night it get’s colder than anyone could imagine, especially here in the New World with it’s unpredictable weather.


It didn’t help that they were only wearing the most essential of clothing and in Vivi’s case even less, to woo the employee who gave them the money in the end, with her stunningly beautiful looks, which were enhanced even more by the exotic red makeup she choose for the occasion.


“I can’t leave her with you here alone you shitty swordsman. You can’t even look after yourself, yet alone a princess!” Sanji retorted now even more pissed.


“Still a better choice than letting her go with a premature ejaculator!”


Even without observation haki, Vivi knew that it was time to step in, to prevent a real escalation of events.


“All right you two. Calm down.” she said as she walked between them, her hands raised to appease them. “Zoro can take care of me, Sanji. And Sanji has immense stamina, Zoro.“ Vivi locked eyes with whomever she was talking at the moment. “Can we now please see, how to get back the fastest?”


Zoro looked at Sanji “You? Immense stamina? I’ll only believe that, once I’ve seen it.“


“Taking care of Vivi? You? Prove it!” Sanji said at nearly the exact same time.



Which lead them to where they are now: Vivi getting fucked by the two, so they can prove a point.


What the two lacked in rhythm or coordination, they both made up for with sheer determination and willpower.


“Nnnngh… Sooo thick! I can’t…” Vivi began to say only to lose her trail of thought as she sensed her first orgasm of the day to come. Vivi tried her best to hold it back, her pride as a princess was on the line afterall. But in the end, she couldn’t prevent it from happening as both men managed to hit her womb from different angles at the exact same time.


AAAHHHHHHH… I’m cumming!” the young princess screamed at the top of her lungs in a nearly deafening manner.


Both men tried their absolute best to not cum right then and there, as Vivi’s ass and pussy clenched around their dicks as she was hit by one of the biggest orgasms of her young life.


“What’s the matter, cook?! Already at your limit?!“ Zoro asked while panting quite a bit himself.


“And you? You haven’t paid attention to Vivi-chan’s boy at all, Marimo!“ was Sanji’s answer as he spanked the blue haired beauty hard on her voluptuous and bubbly butt, sending ripples in every direction.


Just as Vivi was about to tell them to stop fighting, the two of them decided that it was time to get things going.


With Vivi still on their cocks, the two pirates stand up and spun her around, so that Vivi’s pussy was now impaled on Zoro’s meat sword, while her ass got rammed ferociously by Sanji.


AIIIIIEHH!” her scream echoed through the vast empty desert as she got once again fucked by both ends roughly.


The green swordsman’s strong hands squeezed Vivi’s soft tits as he lifted them both towards his mouth. He licked on both rock hard nipples thoroughly before wrapping his mouth entirely around them, to bite on the hard little nubs of flesh.


Sanji on the other hand, grabbed and fondled Vivi’s butt with skilled motions and an expertise that could only come from a master cook who works with meat every day.


The cook then moved his head in close towards Vivi’s and together the two of them began to kiss. Their tongues wrestled around for a while before breaking away and giving each other a
sensual look.


It would have been perfect if it wasn’t for Sanji’s rather perverted expression and the little bit of blood running out of his nose and down his face.


As the two once again started to speed up Vivi only hoped that this moment would last forever.

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
20 days ago

Damn! Some hot tits action! Literally, with Vivi resting on the hood in the desert heat!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
20 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

It just makes the desert princess even hotter xd

21 days ago

Another quite good story. Once again, the character interactions were done well; I loved Nami’s scheming, and Vivi with Sanji and Zoro was as amusing as I imagined.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
21 days ago
Reply to  s22132

Thanks. Glad that you like the story. I was downright inspired after the Robin story to write another one and just went with it.

21 days ago

story get better and better but i want read the stories till the end of sex but its not compelet but i hope we have one piece stories in the row like mha

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
21 days ago
Reply to  ironman

Thanks for your support and I will try to end the sex properly the next time. I simply wrote the chapter before the last one came out, and I didn’t thought about it.