Decadent Dessert: Bleach Sundae


“Why did you bring me out here, Urahara-san?” Ichigo asked suspiciously as he and his former trainer and sometimes mentor walked down the boardwalk, heading to the beach.


The eccentric old man had practically dragged him out here, not answering any of Ichigo’s questions. But Ichigo knew Urahara; the man wouldn’t be able to resist talking about his latest scheme for long.


“Can’t I simply want to spend time with my favorite student?” Urahara snickered at the flat look Ichigo gave him. The orange haired young man really was getting better at holding his temper; not that long ago, Ichigo would have simply stormed off in a huff long ago.


“All right, a straight answer: we wanted to give you a reward for saving the human world, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo.”


“I don’t need a reward. It wasn’t just me fighting,” Ichigo argued, feeling uncomfortable at the idea. That wasn’t why he had been fighting, not at all. Then he frowned, running Urahara’s statement through his mind again. “And what do you mean, ‘we’??”


Urahara had timed it perfectly: just as Ichigo asked his question, they rounded the last corner, and the answer was right there in front of him. The shopkeeper watched, grin hidden behind his fan, as Ichigo came to a dead stop, jaw dropping, eyes bulging, and face turning red.


“Quite the dessert, wouldn’t you agree?” he asked innocently, taking note of the plane flying its banner, advertising his special ‘sundae.’ “Of course, not everyone will be able to finish it, but your girlfriend assured me based on personal experience that you have the energy and stamina to manage it.”


“…how the hell did you convince them to get those tattoos?” It was the first question Ichigo could think to ask; his mind was still fried by the sight of the five beautiful, topless women, arranged like a human sundae, right in front of him. And he knew all of them!


Urahara waved off the question casually. “They’re temporary tattoos, and you know how persuasive I can be. So, let me give it to you from the top.”


“First, we have Rukia, the Cherry Bimbo! She might be the smallest, but don’t let that fool you! Great and sexy things come in small packages, and she is definitely packing!”


The Cherry Bimbo in question blushed even harder at hearing that. Ichigo had better appreciate this. Next time, she was going to demand he be her personal stress reliever.


“Next, the Chocolate Whore, Yoruichi! She loves to tease, but she’s an absolute animal in bed! Think you’ll be the one that can tame her?”


Yoruichi smiled down at Ichigo, squirming in arousal and feeling herself blush for the first time in a long while. He looked so handsome, even while gaping at them all, and she was so horny… she hoped he was up for a long weekend.


“The Caramel Slut may seem emotionless, but that’s just a façade. She loves cock, gets wet faster than any of them, and she just can’t get enough good hard fuckings!”


Harribel narrowed her eyes slightly, but couldn’t deny that what the man was saying was absolutely true. She didn’t know Ichigo as well as the others, but she heard the rumors about him; she looked forward to finding out how many of them were true.


“The lovely woman beneath her needs little introduction. The Peach Bitch is infamous for her sexual appetite, and she’s got the body to match it!”


Licking her lips in anticipation, Rangiku gave a little wiggle of her ass, pleased to see Ichigo immediately lock eyes on it. Even from up here, she could see the bulge in his swim trunks, and the size of it made her pussy moist with eagerness.


“And last, but very certainly not least: the Vanilla Queen! Have you ever heard the song, ‘Your Body is a Wonderland?’ Well, she is who they were singing about! I wouldn’t even know where to start with her, but damn if I’m not jealous of you for getting to figure that out!”


Isane blushed with pleasure, flattered by the attention and the compliments, lewd as they were. Normally, she was getting overlooked in favor of other, more beautiful, confident or stronger women. But not this time! she couldn’t wait for Ichigo to make her his personal fucktoy.


Urahara clapped his hands with satisfaction. “And there you have it! I’ve rented the top suite of the fanciest hotel on the beach; it’s in your name, and here’s the card and other information.” He stuffed it all into Ichigo’s hand as the substitute Shinigami slowly turned to stare at him, mouth working but no sound coming out. “No need to thank me. Ichigo, ladies: have a great weekend.~”


And then he was off, strolling away and humming softly. As Ichigo turned to stare again at the human sundae, he honestly wondered if he would survive, given the predatory looks some of the women were giving him.


…Hell. If he was going to die, he thought, a grin slowly stretching across his face, then he could think of a lot worse ways to go.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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