Debased to Desire Dragon Dick

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HUUUURK!!!” vomited Gajeel over the side of the boat as Levy McGarden gently patted his back. “Uuuugh, is it over yet…” he asked miserably. She smiled sympathetically and just continued rubbing his back as the boat they were on slowly approached the island of Busteez.


“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone who got so seasick.” said the boat captain as he tossed an anchor overboard, bringing them to a stop in the open water. “Well, it’ll be over soon pal.” he said. The captain was a middle aged man with dark hair that was slowly turning gray. His skin was a deep bronze color from a lifetime of living under the unforgiving sun. “The currents from this point will carry you the rest of the way.” he told them as he handed Levy an instant inflatable raft.


“Wait, so you’re not taking us to the docks?” she asked, blinking her eyes in confusion.


“Not a chance girl,” the boat captain said, “People who go to that island normally don’t come back, those few that do either die or they don’t stay back for long before going right back. I don’t know what’s going on there, but I ain’t messing with it any more than this. The fifteen thousand jewel gets you this far and a raft.” he told them.


Gajeel stood up and tried to look intimidating, but that was hard when your face was turning different shades of green and blue. Panther Lily took his larger combat form and took the raft, pulling the ripcord and beginning the auto inflate.


“It’s alright Levy, we’re close enough that I can push us in the raft.” he said, putting the inflated boat into the water and loading Gajeel in like a sack of potatoes.


“Uugh…” he groaned before falling flat back on his ass.


“Thank you again for bringing us this far.” Levy told him.


“Last chance to turn back kids, that island is cursed.” the captain told them.


“We’ve dealt with curses before.” Levy said confidently as she got in the raft with Gajeel and Pather Lily. The latter turned back to his smaller form and sprouted a small pair of angelic wings from his back. He then floated over to the back of the raft and gripped it with his paws.


“This might take a little longer, but I’ll get us there!” Pather Lily said.


“Just tell me when it’s over…” Gajeel groaned.



An hour later, Levy was pulling Gajeel up onto a small worn out, but still functional dock. There was no one around, but she could hear the sounds of people in the town not too far from where they were. Pulling out a pair of magic binoculars, Levy looked towards the town and saw some people milling around as they went about their daily business. On the surface, nothing really looked odd or out of place.


So what was Erza here to do again?” Gajeel asked, looking better now that he was on solid ground again.


“From what Mirajane said about the flyer, just to pick some local wild flowers.” Levy said, putting her binoculars away.


“Seriously, and that’s an S-rank job? What, are there monsters here or something?” Gajeel said in confusion.


“I don’t know, maybe the locals aren’t friendly?” Levy suggested.


“Nah, even if they were hostile, I doubt Titania would have trouble with a bunch of island hicks.” Gajeel replied, “Nah, something else has to be the reason, just keep your guard up shorty.” he said, then yelped, “OW OW OW, MY EAR!!!!” he said as Levy tugged HARD on one of the piercings in his left ear.


“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t call me that anymore you big oaf!” she chided him before letting go.


Gajeel rubbed at his ear, “I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant it more like, a term of affection, yeah, that’s it.”


“Gajeel, even I found that lame.” Panther Lily said.


“Really?” Levy asked, feeling her cheeks heating up.


“What, you believe him!?” Panther Lily asked in disbelief.


The walk to the nearby town took only five minutes. Along the way, Levy noticed that there were a lot of wild flowers growing a short distance from the path. The petals all had an awkward arrangement to them and they were growing in wide splashes of varying colors. Levy almost wanted to stop and take a closer look, maybe smell them since she and the others were upwind of them, so she couldn’t begin to guess what they smelled like.


“Ahh, eh, um…” said Levy once they entered town.


“Huh, odd town.” said Gajeel as he looked around. All around the group, men and women alike were dressed in varying provocative attire. The thong seemed to be the bottom of choice here, and many of the women were wandering around topless. But the biggest shock was the threesome happening in the town square!


Right inside the small fountain at the center of the square, two men and a woman were grunting and moaning together as the girl was sandwiched between the men. All three of them were naked, the two men’s dicks were quickly pounding into the moaning girl’s ass and pussy! The two men had wild looking hairstyles colored in a deep black. Both of them were extremely well built. The woman between them had blue eyes and hair that was cut short. Levy felt her face heating up as she screamed in pleasure.


AHHHH, YESSSS, MORE, FUCK MY HOLES MORE, PLUG THEM UP GOOOD…!” she said through clenched teeth.


“You just, uhhnnn, had to go into the mountains, didn’t you?” asked the shorter of the two men. His crazy looking hair seeming to stand straight up.


“Aww come on, she needed to get some of the roots that grow up there.” said the other man, his hair was a complete mess, sticking out at seemingly every angle as he slammed into the blue haired woman’s ass with a loud SLAP SLAP SLAP noise.


“Shut up, you’re lucky I even let you help my wife like this, since your cold fish wife needs to bathe in Manko flower tea to get turned on!”


Levy turned away without listening to the other man’s reply, her face a deep crimson color now. ‘What’s going on here!?’ she thought, ‘Why are they doing it out in the open like that? And why, why is everyone acting as if it’s no big deal!?


“I thought I’d seen some crazy towns, but this one takes the iron mine.” said Gajeel. “Come on Levy, let’s see if anyone here has seen Erza and get off this island.”


“Ye… Yeah.” she agreed, the three of them making their way out of the town square.


“Yo Lily, you alright?” Gajeel asked, and Levy turned to look at the Exceed as he walked next to the Iron Dragon Slayer. The black cat seemed deep in thought as he walked with them. “Lily!” Gajeel said again.


“Hmm, oh sorry, just, those three in the fountain…” said Panther Lily.


“Yeah, pretty kinky.” Gajeel said.


“Aside from that, one of them said something about Manko Flowers.” Panther Lily explained.


“What about ‘em?” said Gajeel.


“Could be nothing, just something I heard about a long time ago in Edolas. An old legend about a flower that steals all reason.” Panther Lily explained, “They were found on an island shaped like…” he trailed off as he sprouted his wings and took to the sky!


“Hey Lily, where you going!?” Gajeel called after him.


“I gotta check something out, but I gotta get really high up, I’ll be back in a little while, you two keep looking for Erza!” the Exceed called back to them.


“Wonder what got into him?” Gajeel asked.


“I don’t know, but he’s right, we should keep looking for Erza.” Levy said.


“Yeah, right.” Gajeel agreed as they went down one street lined with vendors selling various wares. Levy headed for the nearest one where a young woman with dark hair and glasses was selling some odd looking confection on a stick.


“Um, excuse me…” Levy began, trying to get her attention. The woman turned to look at her and broke out into a wide smile.


“Yes, yes, say no more, say no more! I know just why you’re here, yes I do!” she said rapidly. Her voice had an odd accent to it and Levy couldn’t shake the feeling she’d heard it before. The woman put on a cowboy hat and grabbed one of the food items she was selling before coming out from behind her stall.


“Here you are miss, my latest in Metamo body boosters! These newest and greatest Metamo are guaranteed to give you the body you want in no time at all! I personally added essence of the indigo Manko flower to the formula. I call them my Metamo Manko meals!” she said, thrusting the odd shaped object in Levy’s face. Levy felt her face heating up again when she got a good look at the item. It was shaped like a penis! And it wasn’t just a passing similarity, it was deliberately shaped like a man’s cock with balls and everything.


“Uh, um, thanks but I…” she began.


“Oh no worries, no worries at all! Yes yes I know Manko flowers can be dangerous if not used properly but I can guarantee all the proper methods have been used, and the effects are 100% reversible and or augmentable!” the woman said in a rush, “Why just one bite and you’ll be the envy of girls all over the island!”


“Hey lady! We don’t want your gross dick on a stick!” Gajeel told her, “We’re looking…” he began but she interrupted him like a pro.


“Oh no sir no sir, I can understand why you wouldn’t want this, that’s why I have specially shaped Metamo for the gents. Yes yes, I used the Manko flower as inspiration for the shape, I call them Metamo Pies!” she said in just a quick a rush, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a clear plastic bag with a small blue oval shaped item inside. Levy gasped as the item was shaped just like a pussy!


“And, they come in three special flavors, spicy hot meat, blueberry, and salted pork for those who want the real experience! I used blue Manko flowers that help boost a man’s physique in these, but be careful, if you experience effects lasting longer than four hours you should see a doctor immediately!” she warned. She then turned back to Levy, “Now back to you miss, I’m sure you must be asking, ‘Just how big can I go?’ Well thanks to my special formula the skies the limit, yess yess! I once had a girl who made her boobs bigger than her entire body and she was VERY satisfied with the results if I do say so myself, yes yes.”


Levy blinked, “Wait, what, that’s what it does?” she asked.


“Yes yes indeedy do! My Metamo Manko meal is the perfect way to get that body you’ve always wanted in no time at all!” she told her, pushing the phallic shaped food item into her hand. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you both a free sample to start. Go on an’ give ‘em a try!” she said with a wide grin.


“Uhhh, thanks but I’m not… I mean, we’re looking for a friend of ours.” Levy began, but was interrupted again by a man running towards them from the other end of the street.


DAPHNE YOU SWINDLER!!!!” he shouted.


“Oh dear, well, I gotta go, but do come back once you’ve enjoyed your free samples!” said Daphne as she tapped a button on her kiosk, causing it to fold in on itself, becoming a small box shaped item that she picked up and ran away with faster than Levy had ever seen anyone other than Jet run!


“Huh, weird chick.” Gajeel said, tossing the blue pussy shaped item aside like so much trash. “Come on Levy, let’s…” he stopped mid-sentence as Levy took a big bite out of the top of the Metamo in her hand. “Hey are you nuts!? You saw that other guy, whatever that lady is selling don’t do jack!”


Levy slowly chewed the bite of the Metamo thing. It didn’t taste bad really, if she had to describe the taste, she’d have said it was like eating a bite of sausage from a cheap restaurant. Not bad, not great, just, plain. She swallowed the bite of diet food and said, “Yeah, probably, but we haven’t eaten anything since we left, and I haven’t seen any cafe’s, have you?” she asked Gajeel.


“Hmm, guess you have a point there.” Gajeel said, though his appetite had yet to return from that torturous boat ride.


“Doesn’t really taste like anything special really,” Levy said, “Honestly, it’s almost…” she stopped mid-sentence as a wave of heat washed over her. She suddenly felt dizzy, like she’d tried to out drink Cana. As she wavered on her feet, Gajeel rushed over to catch and steady her on her feet.


“Levy, you okay!?” he asked.


“Yeah fine, I just…” she began to say, then looked up at him and smiled, ‘Wow, he smells so good…’ she thought to herself, “I just, got a little, woozy…” she cooed softly, moving to cling to him a big as she rested her head against his chest. “Hey Gajeel?” she asked.


“What is it?” he replied.


“Let’s find an inn for a bit, I suddenly wanna get naked with you!” she blurted out, then felt her face heating up bright red. ‘Why did I just say that!?’ she asked herself.


“Heh, well that’s forward of you.” he told her with a smirk, “I got nothing against the idea, but shouldn’t we try and find Erza first?”


“Naaaah, it’ll be fine…” Levy found herself saying, “Seeing that couple from the square has me so wet right now I can’t stand it!” she said. ‘WAAAAAH, WHAT’S GOING ON, WHY AM I SAYING THESE THINGS!?’ she screamed in her mind. What was worse was that it was true! She couldn’t stop thinking back to the trio in the fountain, how that woman with blue hair like her own was taking two big dicks at the same time. Levy couldn’t help but fantasize about how that must’ve felt. Two cocks at once, one in her pussy, another in her ass, both of them pumping in and out of her like the pistons of a motor. She shivered at the image as a trickle of hot juices began running down her thigh.


Gajeel blushed lightly as she ran her fingers over his chest playfully, “Come on, I wanna feel that big steel dragon dick inside me…” she purred. ‘Oh god, I’m gonna die of embarrassment!!! Why can’t I stop saying these things!? Ahhh, and why is my pussy feeling so, hot… Ahhh, my whole body, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter!


“Levy, I…” Gajeel began, but she didn’t let him finish, reaching her hands up to grab his face and pull it down against her own. She pressed his mouth to hers, moaning softly into his lips as she pushed them apart with her tongue!


“Mmmmmmmmh…” she moaned happily, loving the light metallic taste of his tongue. He stiffened against her at first, but only at first before moving to wrap his arms around her slim waist, hugging her closer and kissing her back deeply. “MMMMMMH…!” she squealed happily, throwing her arms around his shoulders and hugging back. She slid her tongue against his, loving the feel and taste of him as she moved her leg to wrap around his hip.


“Haah, Gajeel, I… I can’t… Muh body… Ish sho hawt…” she slurred against his lips. She then moved one arm down to press her hand against his crotch, “Mmmmmmh, I want thissss…” she moaned.


“Levy…” he whispered back, but she silenced him with another kiss as she began undoing his belt. She had the buckle undone when the heat in her body began centering on her chest and hips. Her panties suddenly felt ten sizes too small, she could feel the crotch digging into the folds of her dripping cunt. She could hear the fabric suddenly straining as it got smaller and smaller until.




With a loud snapping tear, her panties suddenly fell out from under the small orange skirt she had on. The sides had torn right at the seams and she could feel the island air against her pussy! It only seemed to make her feel even hotter as she broke the kiss and looked up at her lover, panting softly as she looked into his dark eyes.


“Ahhhhn, Gajeel, I… I don’t know what’s happening to me… But I want it, I want it so bhad…” she whined, “I want you so bad it burns!” she moaned, kissing him again as she felt his hands move to grip her ass! “HMMMMMMMMH!!!” she moaned, his touch sending a shockwave of raw pleasure through her she almost came from his touch alone!


“Hmmm, Levy, you…” Gajeel said, but she just kissed him again, meaning into his mouth as she hopped up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he caught her ass in his hands to hold her up.


“Gajeel, take me, take me now… I don’t care who sees, just fuck me, fuck me right here!!! Take that big metal dragon dick and FUCK ME!!!!” she moaned. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her, and right now, Levy didn’t care! It was hard to breathe, her body was going wild, and it was going to take her sanity with it if she didn’t cum soon!


Still holding her up, Gajeel carried Levy into a nearby alley way that dead ended at a mesh fence. He let her down and Levy finally noticed it, her chest had gotten bigger! Noticeably bigger! Her dress could barely contain her tits as they had blossomed to become as big as her entire head! ‘No wonder I can’t breathe,’ she thought as she pulled the dress up and off her naked body beneath. How, what, and why all this was happening to her, Levy didn’t know, and more frighteningly, she didn’t care! Not one bit. It was as though someone had flipped the Naughty Switch inside her. She again thought back to the threesome in the fountain, and how much hotter it would have been if the woman had a third man there fucking her mouth! The mental image sent shivers through Levy as she got down on her knees and YANKED Gajeel’s black leather pants down! She let out a happy gasp as his cock sprung free. Like his face it was full of metal piercings going down the underside and around the tip just beneath the head.


She’d seen it before, but this time it seemed so much more beautiful to Levy, like she’d never seen anything so perfect before! She didn’t wait and opened her mouth wide, “AHHHHHMMMPPH!!!” she moaned, engulfing his cock in her mouth and down her throat! Her brown eyes rolled back in her head at the feeling. “MMMMMMPH, MUH MOUPH, MUH MOUPH PHEELSH SHO GUUUUD!!!” Levy moaned as she began bobbing her head back and forth. Normally oral sex was a strain for her, it made her jaw ache, and her throat gag, but not now. She didn’t know or care why, but now it all just felt amazing!


MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH, MMMMPH, GUH…” she moaned, loving the feel of Gajeel’s thick dragon dick moving in and out of her mouth. The feel of the metal bolts along the shaft tickled her tongue and throat as she moved one hand to gently cup his heavy balls. The other she moved between her legs, moaning louder as she began stroking her own pussy! Hot heady scented juices dripped off her fingers as she buried them inside herself. The blue haired girl had never felt so aroused in her entire life! All she wanted at that moment was to suck this cock forever!


“Levy… Ahh fuck… what’s happened to you… Ohhh, not that I’m complaining…” groaned Gajeel as he rested his hands on her head, his thick fingers running through her messy blue hair.


GUHMMMPH, MMMPH, GUH, GUMMMPPH…” Levy slurped and moaned around his cock, loving the way her throat felt as it bulged around his girth. She then moaned deeply as her pussy gushed hard around her fingers, “AYE’M GUMMINGGG…!” she moaned, her eyes rolling back again as her entire body shook in pleasure.


GAAAAHAAAAA!!!” Levy gasped, pulling her head free and panting for air, “Ahhhhnn… it’s not enough…” she whimpered as her body was still throbbing all over. She could feel her pussy twitching now, a deep burning need deep inside her! She slowly stood up on shaky legs, turning around to grab the mesh fence at the end of the alley as she pushed her now fat ass out at him. “Please, Gajeel, take me… Take me right here, right now, ahhhn, I can’t stand it!!! Stick it in me nooow…!” she whined. ‘Ahhh, I can’t believe I’m saying these things!’ she thought as she moved one hand behind herself to pry open the folds of her pussy for him.


Behind her, Levy could hear Gajeel audibly gulping before he placed his hands on her now wider hips. His touch sent an electric thrill through her as she rolled her ass back against him. She lightly chewed on her lower lip as she felt his thick dick pressing against her creamy ass.


“Please, Gajeel, please hurry… Ahhhnn, I can’t stand it…” she moaned in wanton lust.


“Alright, you asked for it Levy…” Gajeel warned before shoving his cock inside her pussy!


HEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Levy hissed as she felt her pussy being spread wide! She grit her teeth together to keep herself from screaming as her entire body rocked with pleasure! She quickly pushed herself back against him, loving the feel of that thick, hot, iron dragon dick stuffing her needy pussy so full!


“Ooooh, yeah, that’s my girl…” Gajeel groaned, slamming his cock balls deep inside. Levy felt her ass ripple from the force of his thrust and let out a long moan of ecstasy.


AHHHHH, YESSSSS, SO, SO GOOOD!!!” she screamed, rolling her hips back against him as he pulled back, then slammed inside her again. Levy felt her flat belly stretching from his massive length. She loved this feeling, her petite body being stretched out by his big, fat, hard cock! “D… DON’T STOOOP!!!” she moaned, “MORE, FUCK ME MORE GAJEEL, DON’T HOLD BACK, SLAM THAT DRAGON DICK DEEP INSIDE MEEEEE!!!!” she screamed, unable to hold the words back anymore.


With a growl, Gajeel nodded and began pounding his cock back and forth. The metal mesh of the fence rattled as Levy held on tight, her body bucking back and forth. She felt her new heavy tits jiggle and wobble with the thrusts, it was a new sensation, but she liked it, she liked it a lot! ‘Is this how Lucy and Erza feel when they are running?’ she thought, her mind filling with memories of her friends during their times in the bath house. She never would have admitted it before, but like Wendy, she was jealous of their sizes. Levy found herself wondering how their tits felt, were they firm, or squishy, heavy, or light?


Ahhh, why am I thinking like this…?’ she thought as she felt her knees going weak now. ‘I shouldn’t be thinking of Lulu that way, but, ahhh… I wanna play with her boobs! I wanna suck them and squeeze them, ahhh, I’m cumming just thinking about it!


HARDER GAJEEL, FUCK ME HARDER, YESSSS, YES YES YES, I’M CUMMING!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!” Levy screamed as she bucked and rolled her body against his thrusts. She knew she needed to focus, but more and more perverse images began flooding her mind as she pictured herself and Cana rubbing their pussies together while others from their guild all watched!


Nhooooo, I… I can’t think these things…! Ahhh, but I wanna do that!!! I wanna cum in front of everyone!!!’ she thought as one orgasm after another rocked her entire being!


CUMMING I’M CUMMING GAJEEEEEL, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME MORE, MAKE ME CUM MORE PLEASE, AHHHHAAAAA… SO, SO GOOD, CUMMING IN THE STREETS FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD!!!!” she screamed as her entire body continued to shake. She felt her knees threatening to buckle, but just as she lost her strength to stand, Gajeels big hands grabbed her waist, lifting her up easily as he began bouncing her up and down on his cock!


AHHHHH, YESSSS, MORE, FUCK MEEEE, FUCK ME LIKE AN ONNAHOOOLE!!!” Levy moaned, her legs dangling in the air as her pussy gushed almost non-stop. Her juices dripping off her toes as her eyes crossed and rolled back in their sockets. She could hear Gajeel groaning, grunting with every thrust into her waiting pussy! She moaned with him, her limbs hanging loosely from her body as she panted and drooled in pleasure.


AAHHAAA, OHHHHHH, AHHHH, MORE, MORE, MOREMOREMORE!!! CUMMMINGGG….!!” Levy screamed as her arms and legs all went rigid.


IRON DRAGON ROOOOAAAAR!!!!!” Gajeel howled, a sound not unlike a true dragon’s roar as she felt his cock surging inside her. Thick liquid heat flooded her womb and Levy felt herself fading as Gajeel slowly let her down. She gripped the fence again, gasping for air as she struggled to stay on her feet.


The sound of something dropping drew Levy’s attention to the entryway of the alley. There, she saw Erza, her brown eyes wide with shock. She was dressed in a simple white sundress that was incredibly sheer, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.


“Oh, hi Erza, we were looking for you…” Levy said weakly before she passed out.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
2 months ago

And this is how you introduce some characters! Everything about this was amazing and great. The artwork is top notch and seeing levy’s thick fat ass just begging for dick in some alleyway is so hot. The story is where this chapter shines as we add too new characters to mess around with. As gajeel, levy, and lily reach the island even more lore is given to us and the crazy lady offering food spiked with the flower that makes you horny is a good idea, the guy chasing after her was funny. Levy getting a boost in her tits and ass was perfect as now our blue hair nerd is stacked and horny. Before we get to the sex I find it interesting that lilly is kinda aware to the island like something like this was probably in edols too and was forbidden. Now comes the good part as levy and gajeel have their public sex rumble as levy begs and pleads for gajeel’s iron cock. Things get super hot and awesome to read. A solid effort and a amazing chapter 9/10

2 months ago

Yep, everything in Earthland has an Edolas counterparts for the most part. This island is one of them, and it will play a major part soon as well! I was happy to work with the two of them, since in the final season is was established they were lovers by then, a little hidden scene where you saw then what you think was seperately, until you looked close and saw they were under the same blanket!

2 months ago

Very enjoyable read! Loved getting some solid time with Gajeel and Levy. The way the Manko flower effects came into play via the food was neat; not surprised Gajeel didn’t eat anything after how sick he’d been on the way to the island, lol. Seeing Levy gradually go from reserved and inwardly questioning her actions to rolling with the tide to enjoy it all was great, too.

And the Dragon Ball cameo was unexpected but fun. Just from the descriptions, I immediately knew who that trio was.

2 months ago

Yep, jusr wait until she’s not upwind of the flowers themselves anymore hehehehe.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 months ago

Levy and Gajeel make their grandious first appearance and it does not disappoint. Not in the slightest! The information we got about the islands culture in this chapter was pretty neat. I never watched/read DB so the characters used felt a bit random to me and I almost forgot about Daphne but nonetheless I liked their inclusion into the story, especially Daphne! I wonder what the guy wanted to complain about though? From what happened to Levy, I think it worked just fine. But maybe it has something to do with the stuff that Gajeel threw away. Interesting that Panther Lily knows something about this place. Would be great to get some more information! The sex scene was pretty wild, as usual on this island. I’m a bit scared, though. Scared that a sex scene that involves one or more girls might end in something that would make Hiroshima and Nagisaki look like childsplay XD. Or that’s at least the impression I get from Levy’s thoughts here and Erza’s thoughs during the last three chapters.

Great to finally get some more variety in this series. Seeing Erza only fuck Jellal did became a bit stale and I hope that they switch partners here and there (I’m not a big fan of the traditional pairings in the show)

2 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Glad you enjoyed it! I always liked Daphne, she made an impression on me with her obvious oral fixation. 😉 I like doing the little cameo’s, tiny little shout outs to the other series on here. Though just to keep things clear, the cameo’s are all non-cannon to the other series in question, they are just for fun, not crossovers.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
2 months ago

Seeing Bulma getting a Saiyan DP was a nice cameo, but seeing Daphne was definitely unexpected.

The groups that have shown up on the island so far have been lucky to already be pairings. Just imagine a more devious match up (Natsu and Juvia), an unfortunate match up (Yukino and Angel), or a have unfortunate and half devious match up (Mira and Wakaba).

2 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Yeah, just a little fun cameo. Not planning any NTR for this series FYI. Though there will be noncannon pairings.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

cool. just friends fucking each others brains out.

2 months ago

I really like the concept of the manko stuff, it’s like you can’t escape it, like it making the Female horny and wanted to be penetrated while filling it’s mind of lesbian, I wanna see a lesbian action to see what will happen, 8/10

Last edited 2 months ago by Itsabigno
2 months ago
Reply to  Itsabigno

Will try and do so when possible!

2 months ago

YES!!! It’s been so long since we’ve had a levy pic! And the story is coming along very well! I can’t wait to see what’ll happen now! (Probably an orgy involving levy, erza, gajeel, and Jellal.)

2 months ago
Reply to  Anon

I might be able to arrange that eventually…

2 months ago

Great to see that Levy now had a racket to go with Erza’s size for this island. Erza imagination would go into overdrive with how she would enjoy Levy now and the plan if Lucy appear. Nice chapter for the story

2 months ago
Reply to  Shadowdragon

Glad you like it! Yeah, Levy only had a taste of the Manko flower extract, when she gets the pink ones, hehehehe. Good thing Gajeel has plenty of stamina!

2 months ago

Fairytail, oh how I’ve missed you. You and BSU of course.

2 months ago
Reply to  ZerotoHero

Glad you enjoyed it.