Day 2 of Raikage Payback

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Hinata looked around as she swam alongside A, the former Raikage, in the large lake waters. For their second ‘date’, for lack of a better term, A had taken Hinata out to the Aoi Ryu Lake. It was a long, but walkable distance from Konoha. A popular spot in the summer since the beaches were a full day’s trip from the village. One thing she did appreciate was that the new haircut she’d gotten made it a little easier to swim. Short as it was now, it didn’t float in front of her eyes when she went under the water.


What she hated, however, was the shamelessly erotic swimsuit A gave her. If one wanted to call it a swimsuit. It was little more than a few bits of string linked to a pair of golden rings that her now gargantuan tits could fit through! Each breast was easily as big as her entire body with normal proportions. If not for her training as a Shinobi, there’d be no way Hinata could even stand, let alone walk with such titanic udders! At first the rings barely held on until A did something when he grabbed her tits to examine them. His touch sent a wave of heat through her entire body, almost like someone flipped a switch inside her. Instantly her nipples turned hard, the rings squeezing them painfully tight as her cunt felt as if it had been set on fire.


“Ahhnhhh… How are you doing this to meeee…?” she whimpered as her pussy began soaking through the crotch of her suit when they stood at the water’s edge.


“Trade secret.” he told her with a smirk. Hinata was grateful A said they would swim across part of the lake to where they’d have their ‘date’, if only to have the water cool her down a little. Sadly, her body only felt hotter when she hit the water. Her impossibly large tits made it difficult to swim.


The swim across the lake wasn’t very long much to Hinata’s relief, but to her dismay the other side was where many people liked to spend their time when visiting. The sands were a soft golden color here, making it almost like a beach. When the winds were blowing just right, there would be small waves lapping against the shore.


Hinata could practically feel the heads turning in her direction as she stepped out of the lake. The water cascaded off her nearly-naked body as her nipples strained against the golden rings around them. She heard a chorus of soft gasps and murmuring as she fully emerged from the lake, following A up onto the sandy beach. There wasn’t exactly a dress code as Hinata herself had come here to sunbathe topless many times, but always a bit away from the bigger crowds of people.


A wore only a tight fitting black speedo that showed off his huge cock bulge along with some white bandages around his synthetic left forearm. Hinata knew for many years after he lost the limb A refused to get a replacement one. It wasn’t until shortly before his retirement from the Raikage position that he bothered to get fitted for the one he used now.


“Well,” A said to her, “What are you waiting for? Everyone is looking, show off that swimsuit I got for you.”


“Yes… A-sama…” Hinata said softly as she turned to face the crowd. She could feel their eyes gazing at her lewdly. At her massive jugs, with their equally large nipples, fully exposed for all to see. ‘So many people are looking at me…‘ She thought. ‘Every stare feels like it’s boring straight through me! Ahhh, why…? Why is this turning me on so much!!!???


Hinata couldn’t deny it. Her whole body was tingling all over with all the attentive glares! She was glad she’d just come from the water otherwise they’d all know how wet her pussy was right now! Hooking her thumbs through the straps of her suit, Hinata pulled upwards, making her huge cow udder tits jiggle and wobble for the crowd as she flashed a double ‘V’ sign with both hands.


“Hey, isn’t that…?” asked a familiar voice. Hinata felt her blood turning to ice as she recognized Shikadai, one of Boruto’s friends. She quickly spotted the young man standing several meters away; he was with Inojin, another good friend of her son. Both youths wore only a pair of swimming trunks as they stood at the edge of the water. To her mild relief, their mothers were also with them. Temari and Ino both gave Hinata a sympathetic look as they told their sons to come with them as they led them away.


“Lady Hinata?” asked a new voice behind her. The dark haired woman turned to see a pale skinned youth with equally white hair and bright yellow eyes. She’d met the young man a few times; his name was Mitsuki, one of Boruto’s teammates. He looked up at her with his usual blank expression.


“Oh, um, hi…” Hinata said as she felt his yellow eyes taking in her lewd body, ‘Ahhh, he’s looking at my boobs, ahhh, he’s no older than my son, but his gaze is making me crazy…‘ Hinata thought as she blushed a deeper red. The heat between her legs got even worse as Mitsuki tilted his head like a curious dog.


“You have rather bold taste in swimwear Lady Hinata.” He said.


“Yes… Thank you, I…” Hinata stammered.


“Hahaha, you like it boy?!” A asked as he stepped up behind Hinata, grabbing her ass and giving it a rough squeeze. Hinata’s vision doubled as her eyes suddenly crossed. She felt a fresh wave of juices flowing from her pussy as she dropped to her knees.


“Ahhhaaaaa… Nhhoooo, don’t look Mitsukhiiii…!!!” Hinata moaned as she leaned down on her tits. Her skin felt like it was tingling all over now, the water cooling on her skin somehow made her feel hotter as she chewed on her bottom lip. “Please, A-shama… nhot in front of hiiiiim…” Hinata whimpered as she fought not to cum.


Her pussy was aching now; she could feel her cunt lips throbbing against the bit of fabric biting into her pussy. ‘Ahhh, my pussy… It wants a cooock, ANY cooock!‘ she thought to herself.


“Interesting, was that the touch of Kugutsumen? No, the Kamiri point.” Mitsuki said as he watched Hinata writhing with desire as she found herself looking at the pale youth’s crotch. ‘No! He’s my son’s friend, I can’t!‘ she thought to herself.


“Hoh, you know of Suzuka Sexcraft?” A asked, “I’m impressed, very few have even heard of it, let alone know enough to identify the techniques. Just who are you boy?”


“My name is Mitsuki; I am a member of Team 7 with Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha.” Mitsuki introduced himself with a polite bow, “And I know a bit.” he said as he examined Hinata like as though she were a curious oddity. “Most of the Suzuka techniques are pressure point based. Using very specific spots on a woman’s body to intensify lust, desire, and sensitivity.” he said as he reached a hand out to touch Hinata’s neck just below her left ear, “There are also spots,” he continued as he lightly touched her skin. Hinata felt her entire body seize as her pussy gushed so hard as it actually spray through her swimsuit!


“OHHHH FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hinata screamed in sheer pleasure as her pussy spasmed in orgasmic bliss. Had she not already been resting on her tits she would have fallen forward onto them.


“That can induce orgasm in an instant.” Mitsuki finished. “Very powerful for seduction and the like, but not all that useful in combat.” he said, “The Miroku techniques, however, could be considered superior to the Suzuka, but the drawback is the vast majority of them are restricted in the way that only a woman can use them.”


“Interesting, I’d like to hear more.” A said. “Why don’t you join us?” He offered then brought his hand down on Hinata’s ass again, “Hey Kono-slut! Service this boy while we talk!” He commanded her while grabbing her sopping wet crotch. A wave of heat washed through Hinata as her pussy gushed like a broken faucet.


“AHHHHHH, MY PUSSYYYY!!!! OH GOD, I’M SO HORNY I CAN’T THIIIIINK!!!!” Hinata screamed. She reached her hands out to grab at Mitsuki’s shorts, pulling them down and gasping with joy at the sight of a twelve inch cock that sprung up to greet her. “Mmmmmh, yummy cock!!!!”


A laughed, “Heheh, that’s more like it!” he said to her as she took Mitsuki’s cock in her mouth without a thought. Mitsuki showed no reaction at all as she grabbed his hips and held onto them tight as she took his entire length down her hot moist throat. All around, she could hear people gasping around her, murmurings.


“Isn’t that the Hokage’s wife?”


“Who’s the albino?”


“What a slut, I feel bad for the Hokage now.”


Their words stung like bees, but Hinata couldn’t make herself care as she moaned around Mitsuki’s big dick. He was nice and thick too; it made her jaw ache as she felt his length stretching her throat while A pulled on the strings of her suit.




The sound of her whorish swimsuit snapping like so many twigs echoed in her ears as she felt what was left falling away from her naked torso. She could feel the open air on her vagina, making her even hotter as she wiggled her ass back and forth, rocking herself on her massive tits.


“Pweashe… Waikage-shama… Cawk… Hinata needsh a kumo-caaaawk!!!” she slurred around Mitsuki’s dick, bobbing her head up and down faster. “GUGH!!! GUGH!!! GUGH!!! GUGH!!! GUGH!!! MMMMMMMPH!!!!” she slurped and sucked as she felt A grabbing the cheeks of her ass in both hands before she felt his cock spearing into her pussy. “MMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!!!!” she screamed in orgasm as she felt her pussy suddenly become full!


“Oh my,” Mitsuki said, “To cause her to climax just from penetration, how many points have you used?” he asked casually, seemingly unmoved by her mouth on his cock.


“Today?” A asked, “Just five of the Kamiri points,” he told him, “Now tell me, where did you learn about these techniques?” A asked him as he began thrusting into her hard, his cock making wet squishing sounds as it pounded into her. Hinata felt her ass rippling with every impact of his dark toned pelvis against her bottom.


“My parent has spent over a lifetime researching all forms of Ninjutsu, even the most obscure ones nearly lost to history.” Mitsuki explained, “Naturally that knowledge was passed onto me.”


“AGUUUGH… GUGH…” Hinata gagged, moaning in sheer pleasure around Mitsuki’s milk colored cock while A’s chocolate one slammed in and out of her pussy. She heard them talking, but barely understood any of it as her body spasmed with pleasure. She couldn’t think anymore as she lost herself in an ocean of ecstasy.


“For instance, do you know this one?” Mitsuki asked as he tapped a spot on her throat. Instantly Hinata found it easier to take Mitsuki into her mouth, her gag reflex, which she’d spent years learning to ignore, was suddenly just gone!


“MMMMMMPH…!!! MMMPH!!! MMMPH!!! MMMPH!!! shank ‘ooouuu…” she moaned, relishing the feel of a big cock sliding comfortably down her throat now. “MMMMMMPH!!!! CAWK, CAWK, CAAAAAWK… HINADA LUV’S BIG CAWKSH!!!” she slurred, meaning every word as she began rocking on her tits, loving the feel of being stuffed at both ends.


“The Bosatsu point.” A said with a grunt. “Impressive, very impressive, I never could get that one to work.”


“Hmm, I think you might have, but, the throat can only be relaxed so much, you might simply be too thick.” Mitsuki said.


“Ahhh, I hadn’t thought of that.” A said back to him as he brought his hand down on her ass.


“SHO GUUUUD!!!!!” Hinata gagged, “MOAR, MOAR MOAR MOAR, FUG MEEEEEE!!!!” she howled in ecstasy as she lifted her head free of Mitsuki’s cock. The youth looked down at her with a nearly emotionless smile as she rubbed his cock all over her face while moaning lewdly. She then leaned her head down and took both his balls into her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue.


“Mmmmm, sho tashtyyyy… Ahhhh, I wanna shuck dese ballsh all day and be fugged in muh asshoooole…” she slurred.


“I can arrange that.” Mitsuki said.


“Oh, now that’s an interesting trick!” said the former Raikage as Hinata felt something like a hot bit of hose slither/snake around her head, then coil once around her neck before moving down her back. She used her Byakugan to see herself from above and gasped at the sight of Mitsuki’s cock moving like a snake over her naked flesh! She remembered during the Chunin exams, seeing how Mitsuki could extend his arms out like a snake to attack and defend. It seemed that his arms weren’t the only thing that technique was restricted to!


“Allow me,” A said, prying the cheeks of Hinata’s buns open wide as Mitsuki’s extended cock moved down the crack of her ass! She then moaned even louder around Mitsuki’s balls as she felt his cock pushing up her ass!


“AHHHHH TWO, TWO CAWWWKS!!!!! YESH, KUMO COCK AND SNAKE COCK IS DA BESHT!!!!!” Hinata howled in utter pleasure as her pussy clenched tight around A’s dick.


“Would you listen to this slut?” A said to Mitsuki, “She had the nerve to mock me because I lost one simple game to her. Now she’s just a complete slave to my dick!”


“Ahhhaaahhhhhhaaaaa!!!” Hinata howled in orgasm as she felt the two cocks moving back and forth inside her. Her pussy made lewd wet sloppy sounds as A’s cock reached her deepest depths, stretching her pussy nearly to the limit! She came over and over, every orgasm more intense than the last. She couldn’t even think anymore, all she wanted was to lie here on the beach and be fucked forever.


“Hah! Now there’s a sight!!! Now you Kono-slut, take this!!!!” A grunted as he slammed his cock balls deep into her cunt. Hinata felt his cum filling her pussy and flowing back out around his cock to drip down her thighs. A and Mitsuki then both pulled out of her slowly, her ass and pussy making wet sucking ‘pops’ as they fully withdrew.


Hinata lay there on the ground, limp and spent. She could still see everything thanks to her Byakugan and watched as A stood up fully and pulled his speedo back on. “This has been a stimulating conversation. But I have some travel arrangements to make. Next time I’m in town, I’d like to talk about this more with you.”


“It would be an honor, Raikage-sama.” said Mitsuki.


“Hey, Kono-slut, be at the train station tomorrow at ten, we’re headed for the Land of Waves next.” A said to Hinata before walking off.


Once A was out of the range of her Byakugan, Mitsuki corrected his own clothing and looked down at Hinata with his usual unreadable expression, “This will feel strange.” he warned her before touched a spot directly in the center of her back.


Hinata felt a strange tingle all over her body. Like the pins and needles feeling when a limb fell asleep then woke back up, only all over her body. Then, in an instant, Hinata’s eyes snapped back into focus and her mind cleared. A heartbeat later she felt her body aching mainly in her still gaping ass and pussy. “I… What… Huh? How did you do that?” Hinata asked. Now that she could think straight she tried unsuccessfully to hide her giant naked breasts from Mitsuki.


“A technique of the Miroku, it negates all used Suzuka points in an instant. One of the few techniques of that clan I can utilize.” Mitsuki explained. He then weaved several hand seals and with a burst of smoke produced a large towel and handed it to her.


“Thanks.” Hinata said, grateful for the coverage as she returned her body to more normal proportions.


“If you’ll excuse me Lady Hinata.” Mitsuki said with a bow before departing. Hinata wanted to ask him more, especially about how he was able to do that with his dick, and why he had so readily joined A in her humiliation. But from what Boruto had told her about him, she guessed his answers might only irritate her due to his habit of being mysterious and indirect, and she was too tired to be irritated right now. Though she was grateful to Mitsuki for clearing her mind.


She then looked down at herself, covered only by a towel, “Great, now I have to walk home like this!”

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