Daltaban Lewd Landing

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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“Drop the anchor!” Boa Hancock’s voice echoed through the surprisingly empty harbor. A dozen of navy-men immediately began to follow order and prepared for landing on one of the numerous jetties that reached into the bay of Daltaban.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing, woman!!” a vein popped on Smoker’s forehead. He walked forward until his face was only a feet away from that of the curvaceous Warlord “This is still my ship and my men! If anyone gives orders around here, then that will be me!”


She turned around and watched the steadily approaching houses, as her crew continued to follow her orders “If you say so…”


Somewhere on this huge island would be her beloved with his crew. A tremble went down her spine as she thought about what she would do to that devious wench, once she has gotten her hands on her ‘I promise you: our last rendezvous will be nothing compared to what I will do to you now, Nami!‘ Just thinking about that sneaky bimbo and what she most likely did with her husband during the time that Hancock was away, was enough to make her blood boil!


“Smoker-san!” Tashigi walked past her superior until she stood before the triple-barreled gun at the ship’s front “No sight of the Straw Hats ship so far!” She informed, while saluting.


A cloud of smoke rose from his mouth when the Vice Admiral sighed “Where are your glasses, girl?! You’re talking with the gun!” he sat down on a crate that they brought on board a few days ago, to replenish what the Kid Pirates looted earlier during their attack “Guess their smart enough to not directly anchor their ship in the biggest harbor… We’ll split into two teams! One will search the town and establish a base of operations, while the other will sail around the island to investigate the other harbors for their ship! Tashigi, you will-”


“Me and my crew will search in the town!” Hancock decided and moved in front of her battle ready warriors “If they are still on this island, then I doubt that the other places are of any interest to them. Fesat doesn’t really have more to offer, other than this dubious city and the nearby castle!”


“Ugh… Fine! Do what you want but contact us when you have them! It wouldn’t be their first time escaping the grasp of a Warlord and the marines…”


Hancock huffed uppity; her crew weren’t able to contain their giggles “Speak for yourself, man! But that bi- that crew will definitely not escape me!”


Smoker felt his scarred eye twitch in irritation; he turned away and looked at the late afternoon sun through his sunglasses as he lit another pair of cigars “Then get off the ship already! I want to inspect the other harbors before it gets too dark to see anything!”



Crossing the second harbor off from the map after making sure that the Thousand Sunny wasn’t in it, the marines continued their tour around the island. Tashigi laid the pen to the side and watched a flock of birds fly away from a nearby island. Waves splashed against the ship and made the seasoned seafarers on it stumble from side to side.


“Damn, I hate that woman’s nerves!” Smoker said out loud, his hands crossed over his chest. The wounds he received during his fight against Killer from a couple of days ago were barely visible by now.


“Something must have happened between her and someone from the crew. Probably one of the girls.” Tashigi exclaimed. The young marine captain leaned over the crate with the map on it and made sure that they were still on track.


The White Hunter raised his eyebrow “What makes you think so?! To me that woman is just as insufferable as always!”




Groaning, Smoker rubbed his temples ‘Women! Why can’t they just give a straight a-


LOOK OUT!” one of the G-5 marines screamed from the crow’s nest. Smoker looked high and saw several branches, leaves and rocks rain down upon them. Then a bigger and bigger silhouette fell down centimeters away from the ship and hit the water. The marine vessel shook under the waves it caused and only came to a halt after the unconscious and huge figure rose from the water again.


“A giant!” Tashigi noted. She pulled the branches that stuck in her hair out of it before adjusting her glasses again “Why is a giant flying from th- What is that?!


Smoker followed her shocked gaze and saw how the peak of a nearby mountain from the other island slowly slided downwards; a clean cut separated it from the rest of the rocky cliff “I’m not a gambler like Hina but I bet that the Straw Hat’s are behind this!” the white haired man said “Men, let’s hunt some pirates!”


YEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” with new vigor, the G-5 marines changed course.The closer they got, the more debris was swimming around them; cut up trees, boulders and even cannons drifted in the otherwise calm waters. An explosion on the other side of the island caused another flock of birds to fly away.


Tashigi didn’t know what to expect when they reached the rocky shore but definitely not that! Surrounded by roughly fifty sliced up and bleeding men and almost equally as many others, whose heads and different limbs faced different directions than the rest of their bodies, Roronoa Zoro stood in the ankle deep water of the bay and fondled the pumpkin sized ass of his crew mate, Nico Robin, who currently was bent over and got her ass railed by the ginormous length of the one eyed swordsman. Their clothes and equipment laid as a small pile not far away from them.


The black haired girl’s moans greeted them as the warship steadily moved closer towards them ‘They either don’t notice us or are too busy to care about anything else!‘ the female sword fighter thought to herself as she continued watching the perverted display in front of her.


“Mmh… Haaaa… yes! YES!!” Robin moaned loudly, bucking her hips back at her partner’s crotch to drive more of his thick cock into her pussy “Make sure that those marines get a good view!”


A wave of whistles and lewd catcalls erupted from the mentioned and hungrily leering marines, who followed every ripple that went over the Devil Child’s ass. Her beach ball sized tits were pushed deeper into the gritty ground with every thrust of Zoro’s hips.




“Pound that tight little pussy, Pirate Hunter!”


“Drill her ass ne-”


WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!!!” Smoker roared over the perverted comments of his subordinates “We’re here to capture them and hand them over to HQ, you idiots! Not to encourage them to continue with their perverted act!”


The wincing men immediately stopped with their cheering and hurried towards their different weapons. As the first grabbed for his rifle, Tashigi was already leaping into the air and towards the fucking couple, her sword already unsheathed and battle ready “You’re behind this! Right, Roronoa Zoro? This time I will make you submit!”


A challenging smirk formed on the green haired man’s face “Kinky idea but I think I pass! Robin, would you be so kind?”


“With… nnngh~ …pleasure!” the dark haired pirate crossed her hands in front of her well endowed chest “Cinco Fleur: Undress!” five hands bloomed on the body of the rapidly approaching marine and expertly started to remove her clothing. When she landed in front of Zoro, ready to strike, she did so naked; her impressive breasts jiggled uncontrollably up and down and threatened to hit her in her own face!


Blood rushed out of the other G-5 soldier’s nose and quite a few actually fainted after they saw their captain stand only in her birthday suit. A cloud of smoke darted from the ship towards them and transformed into Smoker “Do you even take this seriously, Tashigi?!” a vein popped on the Vice Admiral’s forehead as he berated his heavily blushing subordinate.


AAAYYYYYYEEEEEKKK!!!!!!” Tashigi went on her knees and tried her best to cover her privates and nipples, who quickly turned stiff in the evening air around them “I will never forgive you for this, Roronoa Zoro!”


The green haired swordsman looked down on the butt naked woman in front of him. He pulled his cock out of his crew mate’s tight and wet pussy “What’s your problem?! I wasn’t the one who disrobed you and besides…” a mean gleam appeared in his eyes “…this isn’t the first time I seen you naked and ready to go.




Pulling his jitte from his back, Smoker looked over his shoulder towards his still bleeding men “Don’t let yourself be distracted from something like this, you morons! Attack them already!” he turned towards the two pirates and Tashigi who was still kneeling on the ground “The same goes for you, Tashigi!!”


A- AYE!!!” two dozen marines jumped from the Battleship and rushed towards the pirates. Zoro let out a sigh and reached towards his three swords which laid on top of his pile of clothes but was stopped when Robin lifted her hand.


“Let me handle them! You have some fun with your friend here!” she said with a wink and let a hand sprout on Tashigi’s back, who pushed her forward. Her sound of protest was silenced when her head was pushed down on the green haired man’s still rock hard erection.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing with our beautiful Tashigi-chan!?!” a roar of protest came from the nearing marines. Crossing her hands in her signature pose again, Robin waited for the first marine to come closer and went on her knees “Veintitrès Fleur: Stroke!” hands bloomed on the pants of the coming navy men, who instantly unbuckled their pants and began wanking their throbbing erections.


The one soldier ahead of everyone found his pants unbuckled by Nico Robin herself. Before he could say anything she opened her mouth and took his member inside her mouth.
“Mmmmmmph~” whilst definitely not the thickest or longest cock she ever sucked, Robin still made a show out of it as she took over half of it in her hot mouth. Unbeknownst to him she created two more tongues at the inside of her mouth and when she slowly pulled back her three tongues dragged and slurped all over his skin!


Groans and roars of two dozen men who climaxed simultaneously filled the shore as they shot their load because of the black haired girls skilled stroking and sucking. With silly smiles on their lips and empty eyes, they all fell to the ground as their seed rained down around them. A huge load from the cock that Robin personally sucked splattered on Tashigi’s back and juicy ass!


“What a nice warm-up!” Robin decided as she sensually licked her lips. She turned towards Smoker, who didn’t seem to know if he should berate his men or simply give up all hope because of their incompetence “I hope you put up more of a fight, White Hunter!”


“Nico Robin! Don’t take me for such a fool like my men!” the Vice Admiral turned his lower body into smoke and launched himself forward, his Jitte pointing directly at the naked pirate as he closed the distance between them with neck breaking speed.


Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano!” several arms shot out of the ground before him and formed one gigantic hand, who tried to grab the flying man. Turning his body intangible, Smoker evaded the grasp of the giant hand and brought his weapon down on the Devil Child.


Robin narrowly avoided his attack and jumped on a replica of her juicy ass that she had created. The firm flesh propelled her even higher into the air. Smoker turned around as drops of her arousal from making her own butt jiggle like jello rained down on his face.


“Tsk” he clicked his tongue and looked at Tashigi who was now lunging herself at the one eyed pirate, her sword laid carelessly on the ground next to her ‘Guess she has him somewhat occupied until I come back…‘ he turned his lower body into smoke again and followed Nico Robin, who jumped from tree branch to tree branch like some kind of ninja from those comic strips from the World Economy News Paper by materializing her ass on each of the branches to use as trampolines to accelerate her speed.


A small vial fell out of her shaking cleavage and shattered on the branch below her. Smoker shot right through it, too occupied with not losing sight of her as they raced even deeper into the dark forest.


White Blow!” he launched his Armament Haki covered fist forward at the escaping pirate while she was in the air. Once again Robin was able to dodge the attack but found herself without foothold as the fist easily broke the branch that she intended to land on!


Robin fell towards the forest ground several meters below her but crossed her hands again mid-air “Diez Fleur!” ten of her breasts blossomed on the ground and cushioned her fall as she landed on them “Mmmmmh~” despite the rather hard fall, she couldn’t help but moan as her own soft and squishy tits gave in beneath her.


“Give up, Nico Robin!” Smoker landed directly next to her and pressed his Jitte with its Seastone tip against her throat which caused the bed of boobs behind her to disappear, his expression was as stern as usual “Running is useless! I will… I…” his voice faltered, his body swayed from side to side and he let his Jitte fall down next to her as his gaze turned hazy “Wh… What was in that vial?”


“Oh, not much really.” the black haired woman purred as she slowly traced his pants upwards with her delicate fingers “Just some pollen from the so called Manko flower that Nami and I found in a local park and that Usopp and Chopper were able to process for our purposes.”


She swiftly pulled the zipper of his pants down and freed his rapidly pulsating erection. Smoker let out a grunt of frustration and tried to turn his penis into smoke but found himself unable to hold it in that state for long; the rapidly growing lust was simply too much to contain! Robin pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles and sensually licked the underside of his balls all the way to the tip of his cock “If you want me to help you, then I suggest that you let me handle that boner of yours.”


Letting out another groan, Smoker only nodded before he felt himself being pushed back by the woman in front of him. Instead of hitting the rough forest ground, he found his head nestled in between a freshly sprouted pair of breasts. The soft, pliable and hot flesh made for an excellent cushion as Robin moved closer towards his crotch again; her heavy tits and stiff nipples brushed slightly against the dry grass beneath her.


Opening her mouth wide to swallow both of his nutsacks at the same time, Robin made sure that he saw a second tongue appear before she closed her lips shut “Mmmmph… Sho dashdy…” she moaned as her tongues continued swirling around the cum filled orbs.


Smoker let out another groan as he felt himself sink back even more into the cleavage of the breasts beneath him; the stiff nipples of which protruded high into the air, both because of the colder getting evening air and because of Robin’s growing arousal.


“Haaaah… mmmh… mmmh… mmmph” Robin slurred lewdly around his balls. Saliva ran out of her mouth and down her chin while a steady stream of his pre-cum dribbled down on her face from the cock that was looming over her.


With a wet popping sound she let go of his orbs and gave them one last lick. She rubbed her head up and down on his length. Once at the tip, Robin opened her hot mouth as wide as she could and lowered her head down on the girthy meat


GUH GUH GUH GUH GUH…” her moans vibrated around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down on it. Every time she pulled back, Robin let her tongue drag behind and traced it along his veins.


Grunting once again, Smoker could feel the burning and painful feeling in his erection slowly but surely subsiding. His fingers dug deep into the soft soil as he bucked his hips instinctively in a rhythm with her own head movement.


SHO PHICK… AND HAWD!!!” Robin moaned again “AYE COULD SHUGG A DIGG LIGE DISH FOEWAAHHHH!!!!!” she moved her right hand downward to fondle his balls some more while she created a second mouth in the palm of her right hand with which she started licking her own soaked pussy.




Smoker clenched his eyes and gritted his eyes as he felt an orgasm getting closer, every time Robin bobbed her head up and down. A shudder went down his spine as he felt his dignity crumble when he relished in the feeling that her mouth and delicate fingers provided him with as she continued playing with his ostrich egg-sized balls ‘I should have never agreed to help that woman out!!


HAA… HAA… HAAA!!! CUUUUMMMINNNNGGGG!!!!!” the black haired woman pulled her head away from his cock, whilst pushing the mouth on her hand even deeper in her pussy to gulp down every last drop of her juices, and announced her own orgasm. Accompanied by a deafening roar of his own, semen erupted like lava from a volcano out of his cock and rained down around them!


Robin lifted her head and opened her mouth wide to let the deliciously, salty and vicious fluid fall directly into it. Thick globs of his cum landed in her hair, on her ass, tits, back and in the forest around them while she tried her best to catch as many drops as possible with her mouth!


After a solid minute of a continuous cum-rain, Robin made a show out of licking the drops that landed on her face “Yes, those pollen will definitely be added to my repertoire!” she decided.


(Huff… huff… huff…) “Nico Robin… Don’t think that just because you helped me here… I will forget about my duties as a Vice Admiral!” the white haired man panted heavily as the burning feeling in his crotch now fully died down.


With a fierce expression on his face he tried to get back on his feet but found himself being held back by a dozen of her hands who pulled him back to the ground “Do you really think that something like this will stop me?! I will-” he tried to turn himself into smoke but couldn’t do it “What the…?”


“What? Do you think I’m some kind of mindless bimbo who forgets everything around her just because of a decently sized dick?!” the wanted criminal walked towards the man laying on the ground, putting an extra erotic swing in her hips that made her juicy ass shake with every step.


She stopped next to him and tapped with her bare feet against the handle of Smoker’s Jitte, who currently laid underneath the Vice Admiral; the cold Seastone tip pressed against his back and drained him of his powers.


“Now, if you excuse me, I will see how Zoro fares with his opponent.”


Leaving the trapped Vice Admiral behind, Robin walked back towards where they came. She traced her finger along her curvaceous butt and scooped up some of his thick cum, which she gulped down as he roared his frustration into the air “NICO ROBIN!!!!!!!!



(…With Tashigi and Zoro)


A thick and gooey substance ran down the black haired marine’s back and into her ass crack as she continued gyrating her pussy down on Zoro’s monstrous erection. She didn’t know when someone ejaculated on her, nor when Smoker and Nico Robin disappeared; the only thing she cared about at the moment was that incredible confident smirk on the one eyed swordsman’s face.


“Huh… For such a usually stern and tough marine girl, you sure are quite easily persuaded!”


“Sh… Shut up, Pirate Hunter!!!” Tashigi bit her lower lip and moaned. Her pussy slammed down on his cock again and pressed Zoro even harder into the rocky ground “Your crewmate started this whole thing!”


“…and you’re continuing with it.” he added and grabbed her wild wobbling tits in a firm grip.


IIIIIIIEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!” she squealed in surprise and pleasure when Zoro twisted and tugged on the pink nubs of flesh “You jerk!”


Zoro raised his eyebrow “What’s the matter? Can’t handle things if it gets a bit more rough?!” he asked, never stopping with his assault on her stiff nipples! He bucked his hips upwards more and drove more of his cock into her tight pussy!


Sweat mixed with the cum on her back and trailed down her steaming hot and convulsing body “AAHHHH!!! You… You want it rough, Roronoa Zoro? I’ll give you rough!!!” she gasped breathlessly.


“Huhhh??” Zoro’s one eye went wide open when Tashigi suddenly rose up from his dick only to grab both of his ankles in a surprisingly strong hold. In one swift motion, she pulled him closer towards her. His back rubbed almost painfully over the many rocks on the ground, until his cock was directly underneath her ass. Now squatting over the thick monster cock in the amazon position, Tashigi used her partner’s legs like some kind of lever and pushed him into her waiting ass!


AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!” she screamed like a banshee as the entirety of his thick cock distended her usually flat and toned stomach “MY ORGANS ARE BEING REARRANGED BY YOUR THICK COOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!” her eyes crossed and began rolling back into their sockets as she continued lifting his legs up and down to drive his “fourth sword” again and again and again into her.


The one eyed swordsman licked his lips as Tashigi’s overflowing juices sprinkled onto his face, while the FLICK FLICK FLICK of his cock flipping in and out of her pussy filled the area. With the pace slowing down each time she experienced an orgasm, he rested his hands underneath his head and observed the spectacle above him “Hahahahaha!!” he laughed heartily “I have to say, for someone who wants to make things more rough, this actually feels pretty ta-”


“Shut unnnnggghh~ FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!


Her arms went slack and released Zoro of her grip, making him fall rather unceremoniously to the ground as she shuttered while her seventh or eight orgasm washed over her. Zoro closed his eye as the seemingly endless rain of her nectar continued.


Several minutes passed in which Tashigi fell on her own back after her legs gave in. The infamous Pirate Hunter wiped his face free from the thick layer of her juices with the backside of his arm “Argh! Seriously, if you want to do things rough, then do it right!”


He stood up and grabbed her still trembling feet by her thicc thighs to spin her around. A squeal escaped her small mouth as she quickly found her fat tits being pressed between the hard ground and her upper body resting on top of it. The heat emanating from the gargantuan fuckmeat between her ass cheeks was enough to make Tashigi’s head spin again!


“Now let me show you what I mean when I think of making things rough!” he pressed the tip of his cock into her ass again when he heard someone stepping out of the forest.


“Before you start, Zoro…” Robin greeted as she stepped to the shore of the small bay. She carefully avoided all the unconscious people around her, be it the blissfully grinning marines of G-5 or the bleeding guards that stood between them and their ship “…what do you say? Interested in spitroasting her with me?”


Zoro’s eye went only for a brief second wide while those of Tashigi threatened to fall out of their sockets; a cock whose sheer size and girth rivaled that of the Pirate Hunter hang proudly between the black haired girl’s legs, while a pair of coconut sized balls swung in a hypnotic manner from side to side with each step.


He shrugged his shoulders “Fine by me. We just-”


HEEEEEYYYYYY!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?? WE HAVE SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!!” the unmistakable voice of their captain, Monkey D. Luffy, interrupted him. The young pirate captain sat on top of the lion headed figurehead of the Thousand Sunny as it sailed around the corner of the bay.


The Jolly Roger blew gently in the night breeze; its sails were illuminated by the gibbous moon who illuminated the entire area in silver colors. Usopp, Chopper and Franky were all dancing happily on board to a happy tune which was performed by Brook while Nami stood next to Jinbe on the helm and gave him orders. Smoke rose from the chimney, indicating that Sanji was already preparing a feast to celebrate the return of their trusty ship after it had been missing for several days.


“Finally!” Zoro said and let go of Tashigi’s creamy thighs to let her fall unceremoniously to the ground in the same way that she did prior. As if he forgot about her, he simply walked towards the colorful pirate ship.


“Such a shame…” Robin sighed and looked down on Tashigi, who didn’t seem to have any idea about what was going on. Her cock disappeared “We have to do things right next time!”


With that said she turned around as well and left the dumbfounded marine captain behind “RORONOA ZORO, YOU COWARD!!! COME BACK THIS INSTANT AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!!!

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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2 days ago

So did Robin learn the undress technique from the tontattas

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
2 days ago
Reply to  Kielian

Could very well be XD. I simply thought that, given all the sex she had in this series so far, she had to be an expert in stripping people of their clothes. I like the Tontatta idea though.

1 day ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Heck imagine a one shot chapter between Robin and usopp fucking while they were in Totoland likely while Robin was still pinned and in this case stripped naked.

3 days ago

Did Tashigi even give zoro a blowjob? I was confused during the story and I can’t find it and it showed the picture of her doing it

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 days ago
Reply to  Tom

Sorry to make this confusing. Robin did in fact push Tashigi’s face forward, so that Zoro’s cock would be in her mouth. The sex changed pretty fast as soon as Robin left with Smoker.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
3 days ago

Robin has certainly come a long way from getting dropped into a sex pit to the one dragging them in.

The hair style had me concerned, but thankfully it’s still Tashigi-Tashigi giving the blowjob.

Wait, no fight scene or something when finally getting the Sunny back?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
3 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Glad that Robin’s development resonates with you!

As for the fight scene: I thought I made it pretty clear with the falling giant, the many unconscious people around them and the explosion before Smoker sat foot on the island, that there is indeed fighting going on. The chapter felt pretty big already and I didn’t want to focus more on that than necessary.

This chapter doesn’t seem to be that well received, given the lack of comments, which makes me appreciate yours even more!