Custom Ordered Samui

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Lying back in a field just outside the Konoha village limits, A, former Raikage of Kumogakure surveyed his surroundings. A peaceful setting to say the least. A wide clearing in the forest, mountains visible off in the distance, fresh clean air. Even a few wild flowers dotting the grassy plain. Best of all, no noise save for the sounds of nature. A was getting annoyed by all these Kage meetings being held in Konoha. The Village was undergoing a growth spurt, new construction everywhere, day and night. It was getting to the point where he couldn’t sleep at all during his visits.


The one saving grace was the reason WHY so many meeting were being held in the Hidden Leaf; Club Busteez. Many of the Kage often would visit the club after the less than exciting meetings, himself included. Today though, A wanted some simple quiet as he enjoyed the services. The Akimichi clan recently allowed the widespread usage of their Expansion jutsu to be taught to all female employees of Busteez. A technique he was planning on enjoying this afternoon.


The ones he wanted service him this time around was that stuck up pink haired woman or Tsunade her personal fucktoy. However, neither of them were available for a special service session out in the woods, so he simply requested whichever girl happened to be available. A rusting in the nearby brush drew A’s attention and he raised an eyebrow at the young blonde woman who stepped out into the clearing.


“Huh, I didn’t think it’d be you.” he said to Samui as she walked out into the field.


“Hmmm, if I’m not suitable Raikage-sama, I can have another girl sent out.” Samui said calmly.


“No, you’ll do just fine.” A said, leering openly as the pale skinned woman. ‘My god those are huge!‘ he thought to himself as he watched Samui walk barefoot over to him. His request had been simple, send out a pretty white girl with as big a pair of tits as she could muster with that new trick of theirs, have her wearing a slutty outfit and ready to fully service his needs.


“Busteez never disappoints.” he muttered as he looked at the yellow string sling suit Samui wore. The golden colored bits of fabric, or rather string, did nothing to cover her tremendous tits. Each was easily as big as her entire body when it was normally proportioned and bounced and jiggled enticingly with her every sauntering step towards him. The fact she could stand, let alone walk with those tits made the Raikage proud to call her one of his own shinobi.


He licked his lips at the sight of her dinner plate sized nipples and the puffy pink areolas around them. They stood out beautifully against her pale skin in the bright afternoon light. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair was clearly visible above the bottoms of her sling suit that bit deep into the folds of her pale cunt. A could feel his lusts building already as she reached him and knelt down before him.


Samui leaned forward, resting her body on those gigantic udders, her nipples straining against the golden rings holding her suit in place. The Raikage wasted no time, reaching out to grab those rings and yank them free! The strings of her suit finally snapped from the strain and in an instant Samui was naked in the field.


“Ahhhaaaa…!” she gasped, and then moaned as A grabbed handfuls of her mountainous tits. They were soft and warm, and oh so smooth to the touch. He pulled one nipple to his mouth and struggled to get it all inside. Instead he settled for licking the stiff hunk of flesh all over as Samui dutifully grabbed his pants and yanked them down, letting his huge cock spring free!


“Mmmmmmmmmmh…” she purred happily, “Every bit as big as before… ahhh, and the smell is so strong, it’s making my cunt so fucking wet!” she moaned as she grabbed his dick in both hands, pulling it into the canyon that was her cleavage and crushing it closed around him.


Groaning, Raikage nodded approvingly, “Now service me to the best of your ability, whore!”


“Mmmmmmm, I will Raikage-sama! Ahhhmmmmph!!!” Samui said enthusiastically as she opened her mouth wide and leaned her head down, taking the top five inches of his cock into her mouth. She tried to get more, but her tits were simply too big! She couldn’t lean her head down anymore! A was so amused he chuckled as he got up and stood between her massive milk jugs, grabbing fistfuls of her short blonde hand and shoving his cock down her throat!


“Guuuuughmmmmmmph!!!” Samui gagged at first, then moaned as she relaxed her throat for him. A just loved fucking young pale girls like her in their slutty little mouths! Though he did enjoy that Tsunade woman as well, she could take all of him without complaint.


“Gugh, gugh, gugh, gugh…” Samui moaned as she gagged repeatedly as A began pumping his cock into her throat over and over. Her neck swelled every time his dick slipped through it. Samui rested her arms on her gigantic udders, her lips making so many lovely slurping noises as he pushed his cock between them.


“Hmmmm, yessss, I rather like seeing you like this Samui,” A groaned, savoring the wet tight feel of her mouth and throat as he forced even more of his length into her until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs.


“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!” Samui screamed around his cock, the wind carrying the scent of her drenched pussy to his nose as he pulled back slowly, watching with some satisfaction as she coughed several times.


“Don’t think we’re nearly done yet.” he told her as he walked around her nearly immobilized body. There was no way it could have been easy for her to get up from such a position. “Lift that ass higher woman!” he commanded.


“Ahhhnnn, yes, Raikage-sama!!!” Samui moaned, doing as told. Her ass was as creamy as the rest of her naked body, A couldn’t resist as he brought his hand down on its surface, making it jiggle erotically.


“Haaahhh!!!” Samui moaned.


“Oh, you liked that?” A asked, slapping her other buttcheek, making Samui moan again.


“Y…Yes, Raikage-sama, please, spank me more… I’m such a dirty white slut, I need to be punished!”


A laughed, bringing his hand down on her ass again and again, the loud slaps echoing along with Samui’s moans into the forest. He then reached out with his good and artificial hands, grabbing the now red buns of her ass and spreading them wide to reveal her twitching asshole. Leveling his thick cock at the tiny little orifice, A groaned as he shoved his entire length into Samui!


“WOOOOOOOOOAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Samui moaned at length, her entire body resting on her mountainous tits as A gripped her slender waist and began pounding his cock into her with ease.


“AHHHHHH, BIIIIIG, BIIIIIIG SO BIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!” Samui screamed, her tongue lolling from her lips as she rocked back and forth on her tits. “MY ASS, MY ASSSSSSSS, AHHHHH SO BIIIIG, YESSSS, POUND MY ASS RAIKAGE-SAMA, DESTROY MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” she begged as he felt her body shaking in orgasmic bliss while groping at her own flesh pillow tits. He felt her pussy gushing against his balls with every thrust into her and laughed.


“You cum too easily, at least Tsunade makes me work for it a little!” A scolded her.


“AHHHHH, HAAAHHHHH, AHHHHHH!!!!!” was Samui’s only reply as she continued cumming again and again. A reached out with his good hand, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back. Her face was half mad with ecstasy now, tongue hanging off her lips like a bitch in heat. Chuckling, he kissed her, sucking her limp tongue back into his mouth and savoring the way she moaned as his cock continued mercilessly pounding her asshole!


He then pushed her face forward again and spanked her cherry red ass once again, loving how it made her scream in orgasm. He then began slamming into her faster, enjoying the loud slap slap slap of his pelvis smacking against her big rounded ass.


“AHhhhHHHhhhhHHHhhhh!!!!” Samui screamed, her pitch changing as she began cumming even faster now, “YEEeeesssSSSSS, MyyYYYyyy ASSSssss, FuuuUUUcccKK myYYYY assSSSS hAAArrrdEEEErrrr!!! SoO GOoooDDDD, It fEEElllSSS SoooOO GOOooooDDD!!!”


“Hurr, hurr, hurr, AARRRGH!!!” A roared as he slammed his entire length into Samui’s trembling body as he came inside.


“OoooOOOOooooHHHHHH!!!!” Samui howled with him, her entire body seizing so tight she was almost like a statue before going limp as a boned fish. A pulled his cock back out and watched as his own cum surged back out of her ass with a rude noise. Samui laid in the grass on her colossal tits, panting hard, but still breathing.


“Hmmmmmmmmh…” A groaned, stretching his arms out behind him feeling much more refreshed now. “I needed that, well done.” he told her approvingly while correcting his clothes. “I trust you can find your way back to the village on your own?” he asked uncaringly as he began walking back into the forest. There was a slightly worn path that led back into Konoha a few meters in, so she’d had little trouble. Stretching again and popping a joint in his neck, A left Samui naked and panting in the clearing as he prepared himself for yet another boring meeting this evening.


“Too easy, can any woman present a challenge? I need a real competition…” he muttered to himself.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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