Curing Boredom with Boners

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking down the late evening street, Boruto looked up at the sky. Most of the sun had faded over the horizon, leaving only faint traces of orange and red that was rapidly giving way to the dark blue night. After they had finished filming Sarada’s scene with her mother Sakura, Boruto had accompanied Tsunade and the Raikage back to the inn where A was staying. The three of them discussed an edit to the script involving himself and Tsunade as well as the remaining scenes A had yet to film. He then left the Inn and grabbed himself, Sarada, and Wasabi some food. He knew Sakura wouldn’t be there when he got back, having to do an overnight shift at the hospital.


“Thanks Boruto, my squad has a mission tomorrow, so I’ll see you guys after.” said the brown haired girl as she headed out of the school, munching on a wasabi burger, her cheeks already turning bright red from the spice added to the meat.


“Thanks,” Sarada said, “It was nice of you to grab some dinner for us.” she said as she got out of the bed in the nurses office, setting aside an icepack she’d had sitting in her lap.


“Eh, it’s no big deal. Come on, it’s getting late, I’ll walk you home.” he told her. Sarada’s cheeks turned slightly red. Noticing her face, Boruto asked, “Hey, did they give you a wasabi burger by accident, I just ordered the one.”


“Idiot…” Sarada muttered as she got up and finished her sandwich in three big bites. “Come on, let’s go.” she said, though Boruto didn’t understand why she sounded so mad.


“Gonna be a nice night.” Sarada said next to him as they walked.


“Yeah, I guess, no moon tonight though, so a lot darker.” he then looked to Sarada, “Your mom ever tell you about when she actually went there with my mom and dad?”


Sarada nodded, “A couple of times. Though I still get grossed out at the part where the guy covers himself in eyeballs.”


“Yeah, that’s pretty nasty.” Boruto agreed, “But’s it’s cool how mom beat that jerk up and took Onee-chan’s eyes back. I got really mad when I first heard that part.”


“Yeah, Capt. Hanabi’s really nice, I hate to think about that happening to her.”


“Heeey, guys!” called a voice out ahead of the pair. Boruto looked up the street to see Iwabe running towards them, waving one arm. Boruto raised his own in acknowledgement and Iwabe closed the distance.


“Glad I caught you.” Iwabe said to them once he caught his breath. “I tried the school but you’d already left.”


“What’s up?” Boruto asked.


“Just wanted to let you know I won’t be skipping out on my parts anymore!” the mocha skinned youth declared proudly.


“Oh, finally get over your ‘issues’?” Sarada asked with a grin. The last few student on student scenes they’d had to film, when it came time to perform, Iwabe became nearly as nervous as Metal Lee! So much that Boruto had to fill in using a transformation jutsu.


“I have,” Iwabe said with a grin, not taking Sarada’s bait, he then reached into his pocket, pulling out a small plastic bag containing a few familiar looking pills.


“Hey, aren’t those…?” Sarada asked.


“Yep, that thing the Raikage wanted to see me about, he gave me some of his monster cock pills. They’re super effective too!!! I just got finished having an awesome time with Shizune!” Iwabe told them, “Honestly, I can’t wait to use these during filming; I might even outdo you Boruto!”


“Ho, you think so?” Boruto said with a smirk.


“I know so.” Iwabe said with a grin.


“Well, we’ll have to wait and see.” Sarada said, stepping between them. “What scenes do you have coming up anyway?”


“Ummm, I’m not sure; my copy of the script isn’t on me right now. I left it in that empty class we’ve been using as a, Purple Room?” said Iwabe.


“I think the term is Green Room, and yeah, it’s still there next to the bagged snack chips.” Sarada told him.


“Well, now that you say you’ll be on for sure, why don’t we talk about some details?” Boruto said.


“You read my mind.” agreed Iwabe.


“Hang on, if we’re gonna talk about this stuff, let’s do it somewhere more private.” Sarada interjected.


“Like where?” asked Iwabe and Boruto in unison.


Sarada just point up at the sign of a business they happened to be standing on the outside of.




“I honestly could use a good soak.” Sarada admitted. “And they have mixed bathing now.” she told them as she walked through the main entrance.


Boruto and Iwabe glanced to one another, shrugged, and then followed Sarada inside. On the other end of the tinted glass door they were greeted by the sight of a painfully bored looking Ino Yamanaka sitting behind the counter. Dressed in a teal bathrobe, Ino lifted her head up when Sarada approached and smiled, “Hey Sarada, what brings you here tonight?”


The inside of the bath house main lobby was fairly standard, light mauve and white tiled floors and walls. A mild smell of chlorine filled the air, meaning the baths had recently been fully cleaned. A rack of magazines dominated one side of the room, all of them made with moisture resistant paper and featuring the women of Busteez. Boruto saw Sarada on the cover of one, with a tagline reading ‘Rookie of the Year’


“Hi Ino-san, I’m a paying customer tonight.” Sarada told her as she pulled a small wallet from her pocket. From that she withdrew a small gold card with the Busteez logo on it, “I’ll cover the boys too I guess.”


“Oh, things going well in the filming?” Ino asked when she saw the surprised looks on Boruto and Iwabe’s faces.


“Actually yes. We just finished mom’s first appearance scene, so I’m a bit sore and could use a relaxing soak.” Sarada told her.


“Oooh, so it worked out alright? Sakura only gave me a few details on that new trick you two discovered.” Ino said as she accepted the card, “Standard or Special services?” she asked as she tapped a few keys on the register in front of her.


Boruto grabbed one of the hand woven wicker baskets that were stacked next to the magazine rack and looked over to the regular bath side. He took a single step in that direction when Sarada replied, “Special services.”


“WHAH!!!” Boruto gasped as he missed his footing and fell flat on his face! He pushed himself up on his elbows and looked over to Iwabe who simply stood with his mouth hanging open.


“What?” Sarada asked as she looked back at the two of them, her face genuinely confused.


“Three Specials, no problem.” Ino said as she swiped Sarada’s card through a slot in the side of the register. “Temari and Anko are on duty tonight, I hope that’ll be alright.”


“I call Anko!” Iwabe said.


“Fine by me.” agreed Sarada


Boruto picked himself up off the floor, still a little shocked as he collected his thoughts, “Um, Temari then…?”


“Whatever, let’s go already.” Sarada said as she gave Ino a smile before walking over to the door marked with the “Special Services” sign.


Boruto and Iwabe glanced at one another before following the two back into the bath area. On the other side of the curtain they quickly spotted Temari and Anko already there waiting for customers.


Sighing with boredom, Temari sat on a stool in the Special Services area of the Busteez Bath House. She thumbed her way through the novel she’d brought with her for the night. Across from her, Anko sat on another stool, like Temari, she wore only a sexy thong that barely counted as underwear, more along the lines of dental floss.


“Graaah, I’m so fucking bored!” Temari grumbled.


“Tell me about it,” Anko agreed as she played around with that jutsu that let her redistribute the fat in her body, making her ass rather large while slimming the rest of her body.


“You’re getting really good with that.” Temari commented offhand. She’d used it herself on occasion to make her tits or ass a little bigger, but Anko looks like a pro now.


The dark haired woman shrugged. “Helps pass the time.”


“I’ll tell you what’d pass some time, a big fucking cock up my ass!” Temari said, spanking her rounded ass.


Anko giggled, “You poor girl.” It wasn’t exactly a secret among the girls working at Busteez that her husband wasn’t packing much below the waist. She loved Shikamaru all the same, but some weeks she was just so fucking horny, she thought she might go into heat or something like that Inuzuka chick.


“Though I stumbled onto a solution, but…” Temari began to say, but stopped herself.


“Oh-ho, what was that now?” Anko asked, raising an eyebrow as she grinned at the blonde.


“It’s nothing, forget I said anything!” Temari said, giving the dark haired woman her most frightening glare.


“Alright, alright, you need to loosen up, seriously.” Anko told her as she reached into a bag next to her and withdrew a small box. She opened it to reveal several dango skewers and picked one up. She promptly bit into the first dumpling as she offered the box to Temari.


“No, thank you, not in the mood for anything sweet right now.” she responded gratefully.


Anko shrugged and closed the box, returning it to the bag as she finished the first skewer in three huge bites.


Ino clapped her hands together loudly to get the attention of the two women, “Look alive ladies, we got customers!” she said cheerfully.


“Ugh, about time!” Boruto heard Temari grumble. When she turned her face in their direction he could see her mood instantly improve! “Well, hellooo!” she said with an open smile as she stood up in a way that made her big tits bounce enticingly. She then made a quick line for Boruto, Leaning down and smothering his face in her soft tits, “Welcome to Busteez Bathhouse sir, please allow me to take care of you.”


“Could you be any more obvious?” Anko muttered.


“Shut up, I NEED this…!” Temari hissed back at her.


“Heyf, I can’f breaf…!” Boruto said in a muffled tone between Temari’s tits.


“Oh, sorry!” she said, pulling back and letting him breathe again. Boruto took in a deep breath and looked up at his friend’s mother with a mildly irritated look. He then looked over to see Ino already helping Sarada out of her clothes.


“So Boruto, where do you wanna start?” Sarada asked nonchalantly as Ino tugged off her panties while she took her own bra off, letting her heavy tits jiggle and bounce free. It occurred to Boruto that he’d never seen Sarada wearing a bra. Somehow, he was disappointed that it was just a plain white one like he’d seen in the laundry at home.


“48K,” Sarada said when she noticed him staring at her bra. “123.5cm if that’s what you were wondering, perv.”


“D-amn!” Iwabe said with a low whistle as he walked over to where Anko stood. She smiled at him as he reach out to grab a handful of her plump ass, “Nice, can you make this a bit bigger?” he asked her.


“Easy!” Anko answered with a cheeky grin before weaving a series of seals again, making her ass and hips a bit wider as well as expanding her tits just a tad more than they were before.


“Holy cow, what is your mother feeding you!?” asked Ino, “I gotta use the Akimichi technique to get that!”


“I think it comes from my father’s side honestly.” Sarada answered plainly.


“Speaking of your parents,” Ino said, “Is it true about that trick you and Billboard Brow can do now? She mentioned you were planning to use it in your movie.”


“Wow, word has gotten out about that already?” Sarada asked, looking genuinely surprised.


“Well, I was one of the first people she told about it, but I still haven’t seen it myself. To be honest it sounds like something out of an ero-manga.” Ino explained.


Sarada laughed, “Yeah it does, same can be said for more than half the stuff we found in the scroll.”


“It was pretty amazing actually.” Boruto chimed in as Temari helped him out of his clothes. The blonde MILF swiftly folding the garments and depositing them inside the bucket he’d brought from the front of the bathhouse. He had just finished taking off the white undershirt he had on as Temari tugged off the loose fitting dark blue boxer shorts he had on. Her blue eyes going wide and a smile spreading over her face as his barely erect cock flopped out of its confines.


“Guuhmmmmph…” Temari groaned, the blonde woman wasted no time in taking his entire semi-soft cock into her mouth with a sound somewhere between a gulp and a choking noise. Boruto let out a low groan as he tossed his shirt into the bucket along with the rest of his clothes.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph….” Temari moaned happily, Boruto’s cock slowly hardening in her mouth.


“Sarada, you can do it too right?” he asked.


Sarada nodded, “Yeah, easy, but I gotta be careful on how big I go, the size I make is directly related to how many times I have to cum before it can be dispelled.” she told him.


“Oooo, show me, show me, show me!” Ino said excitedly, “Go say, as big as Nanadaime-sama!”


Sarada let out a sigh, “I suppose I’d have to at some point. Just so you all know, I’ve only actually done this once so far,” she said as she began weaving a set of hand seals, “So don’t expect me to be an expert in using it, FUTANARI-NO-JUTSU!!!!”


There was a loud ‘pop’ followed by a puff of smoke that dissipated almost instantly. Ino let out a loud gasp as Sarada suddenly had a huge dick between her legs! Easily as long as her forearm and twice as thick, with a nearly fist sized head at the tip.


“Nmmmmmmh…” Sarada whimpered, biting her lower lips slightly.


“What, does it hurt?” Ino asked, suddenly concerned.


“Nooooo, it just, feels weird… And it makes my whole body feel horny…!” she said, her cheeks now flushed with arousal.


“Oh, well I can help with that last part! AHHHHMMMMPH!!!!!” Ino said as she opened her pouty lips wide and easily took half her new cocks length down her throat with a single motion.


“Ahhhhh, that feels good!!!!” Sarada whimpered.


“You guys have the craziest stuff happen to you.” Iwabe finally said from across the small locker room. He had already stripped naked and had Anko sitting his lap, grinding her fat sexy ass against him as he fondled her hefty tits in both hands. He then began nibbling at a spot at the nape on the left side of her neck.


“Oooooooh, yeah, right there!!!!!!” Anko moaned, grinding her ass back against his crotch now as he began tugging on her dark pink nipples until they were completely stiff, he then began twisting them between his thumbs and index fingers, making their former teacher squirm all the more. “Mmmmmh, harder, squeeze my tits harder!!!” she moaned.


Iwabe chuckled as he continued fondling Anko’s heavy tits in his hands, his dark skin standing out against her creamier tone as she leaned her head back. She then spread her legs wide and reached a hand down between her thighs, gripping his cock and stroking him slowly. Boruto saw Iwabe tense slightly at her touch, but he continued groping at her fat tits as he nibbled on her neck softly.


“Mmmmh, is this for me?” she asked with a smile.


“You know it! I’m gonna shove it all up this tight ass!” Iwabe told her.


“Mmmmmmmmmh, you know just how to talk to a lady.” Anko said with a moan of arousal.


The young blonde then looked back down at Temari as the milf took his entire cock down her throat with a wet slurping sound. He groaned softly in pleasure, enjoying the sight of her lips wrapped around his shaft along with the look of raw desire in her eyes. Watching as she pulled her head back slowly, Boruto groaned a little louder, savoring the warm wet feel of Temari’s slippery mouth.


“Mmmmmh, that feels good…” he told her.


“Mmmph, SLURP, mmmmmph, SLURP, mmmmmph, SLURP, mmmmmmmph…” Temari moaned, her lips smacking wetly along his cock every time she pulled her head back, “Shooo phiiiick…” she slurred, her throat vibrating around his cock and making the young blonde moan again.


“Ahhhh, Ino-saaan…” he heard Sarada moaning and turned back to the other pair. Sarada stood naked in front of the row of cabinets for customers to place their clothes, her newly formed cock deep in Ino’s mouth, her balls pressing against the older womans chin as Ino moaned at length. Sarada gripped Ino’s ponytail like a doggy leash as the blonde bobbed her head back and forth, her throat visibly bulging every time she took the dark haired girls dick deep into her mouth. Ino then shed the teal colored bathrobe she’d been wearing, revealing that she had on only a matching teal pair of panting beneath.


Grabbing both her own tits, Ino lifted herself up slightly, pressing those lump melons around Sarada’s cock and using them to stroke her slowly as she slurped and licked at the tip of her dick. “Mmmmmh, you like this Sarada-chan?” Ino asked sweetly.


Sarada nodded and hefted her own massive tits, pulling one to her mouth to suck at her nipple. It was quite the erotic image. Boruto watched the two until he felt Temari gagging slightly as she pulled her mouth off his half-way erect cock.


“Fuck you’re huge!” she gasped as she rubbed her face against his cock like a cat; “and I love it!” she told him and made a show of slowly licking his cock from the base to the tip.


“So Boruto, Sarada,” Iwabe spoke up, “What else is coming up?”


“Nnnmmmmh…” Sarada said, moaning again as Ino began deepthroating her again. The blonde woman’s mouth making wet smacking noises as she moaned around the other girls dick.


“Um, that’s not a sentence.” Iwabe said, standing up and taking Anko over to the bathing area. The dark haired woman diligently went to worth rinsing Iwabe’s naked body, then grabbed a bottle of liquid body soap, spreading it all over her own tits and rubbing them together to make a solid lather before rubbing herself against him!


Boruto then answered, “Kurotsuchi and A have a scene coming up soon, then there was another with Kaguya and A again, but there’s a minor scheduling conflict now…” Boruto explained, shuddering slightly at the end as Temari began licking his balls as she stroked his cock with both hands. The blonde woman looked up at him with a wink and let out a long low moan as she pressed her tongue between his thick balls, licking up his sack slowly then all the way up the underside of his cock before taking it back into her mouth.


“HMMMMMMMMPH…!” Temari moaned.


“Does it have to be A with her?” Iwabe asked.


“Not exactly,” Boruto explained, “The plot of the scene is the school nurse using her powers to get various pairs to fuck all around the school so she can collect that lust chakra.”


“Well, then I’ll fill in for A! I’m guessing his schedule is what’s conflicting right?” Iwabe asked while Anko rubbed his left arm between her tits, spreading the lather evenly over his arm.


“That’s right.” Boruto said, nodding as Temari managed to take his entire cock down her throat for a full three seconds before pulling back again and gasping for air when she was free. “What do you think Sarada?”


“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah, that’s fiiine…” Sarada said in a dreamy tone. Boruto looked back to her and chuckled at the look of pleasure on her face as Ino bobbed her head up and down on her cock faster. Long ropes of drool hung off Sarada’s balls as the dark haired girl leaned her head back, eyes closed, and moaned in pleasure. “I see why mom loves this so muuuch… Ahhh, this feels so good…!”


Boruto chuckled and shook his head as he looked down at Temari and nodded his head over to the bathing area. She nodded in the affirmative and gave his cock one final long lick before getting up and escorting him there.


Boruto stepped under a shower head and let the steaming hot water wash over him as Temari lathered herself up. Her skin felt nice against his own once she began using herself like a loofah. She felt soft and warm, and she smelled really good, though Boruto figured that last bit was more from the bodysoap than anything else.


“Say Boruto,” Temari asked as she pressed her naked tits against his back, her nipples poking against his skin, “Why don’t you stop by the house again, I’d love to show you the new stone garden we put in…” she whispered hotly into his ear as her hands gripped his cock and stroked him faster, “I’d love to feel this beauty plowing my cunt in the yard again…” she said in a softer tone.


Boruto gulped and only offered a light nod, making Temari grin as she continued lathering his body all over. Across from them, Ino and Sarada finally moved over to the bathing area as well. The blonde woman giving extra attention to Sarada’s dick with her soaped up tits. Boruto struggled not to laugh at the look on Sarada’s face as Ino rubbed her tits up and down the younger girls cock. His view of the show was suddenly blocked when Iwabe pushed Anko up against the wall of the shower area, the hot water raining down over both of them as she pried open the plump cheeks of her ass.


“Ahhhhn, I can’t wait anymore!!!” Shove that fat cock up my ass!!!!” she yelled.


“Horny slut!” Iwabe grinned as he rubbed the length of his cock between her asscheeks as Anko pulled aside the thin string of the dark thong she had on.


“MMMMMMMMMMHHHHH!!!!” Anko hissed in pleasure as Iwabe’s cock slipped inside her with ease thanks to all the soap, “Yeeeaaaah… right there, RIGHT FUCKING THERE!!!!!!” she screamed as she bucked her hips back against him, pushing his entire length inside herself.


Boruto turned to Temari and smiled, “Your turn.” he told her.


“Yes!” Temari cheered as she lined up next to Anko, thrusting her ass back towards him, “Mmmmmmh, I’ve been wanting this all day…!” Temari groaned as Boruto tugged her red thong aside, lining his cock up with her tight asshole, “Do it, SHOVE THAT HUGE THING INSIDE ME!!!!!” she moaned, “OH FUUUUUUUCK!!!” she groaned, her eyes going cross as Boruto granted her wish, slamming his throbbing erection right up Temari’s tight wide ass. He loved the feel of her body enveloping his cock, the heat and tightness inside her as he slammed his hips against her jiggling butt.




The sound of body smacking against body echoed in the bath, made all the louder by the water washing over them. Anko and Temari both moaned loudly, their bodies pressed against the blue tiled walls of the shower area. Boruto groaned in pleasure, loving the feel of Temari’s ass as he pushed his cock all the way inside with every thrust.




“AHHHHNN, DON’T STOP IWABE-KUUUN, I’M YOUR BIG BOOTY BIIIITCH!!!!” moaned Anko, her face pressed against the wall as she panted hard, her tongue lolling from her lips as her eyes looked in different directions.


Boruto then looked passed Iwabe and Anko when he heard the sound of another body being slammed against the wall, “Hmmmhmmmhmmm, Huge cocks only!” Ino said as she spread her asscheeks for Sarada, “Good thing you fit the bill Sarada-chan!”


“Ahhhhn Ino-san, I can’t wait anymore, I think I’m gonna go crazyyyy…” Sarada panted, stroking her dick as she awkwardly lined it up with Ino’s creamy white ass. Clearly not accustomed to being on the giving end of things, Sarada stood with her legs a little too wide, but she quickly managed to compensate. Boruto watched as Ino grinned back at Sarada as the dark haired girl pushed her dick inside her slowly.


“MMMMMMH, SO THIIIIICK!!!! I LOVE THIS FEELING!!!!!” Ino moaned, rolling her ass back against Sarada slowly until the girl was completely inside.


“AHHHH, SO GOOD, FEELS SO GOOOD!!!!” Sarada moaned, grabbing Ino’s hips in her hands and slamming her cock back and forth. Sarada’s own big tits bounced up and down with her motions as Ino moaned in pleasure, her hands pressing against the wall for support as Sarada moaned in ecstasy.


Boruto chuckled at the sight as he turned his attention back to Temari, bringing his hand down on her ass hard and smiling as she let out a squeal of pleasure. He then moved his hands to hold onto her hips as he began slamming his cock back and forth faster, savoring the tight hot feel of her ass.


“YES, DON’T STOP, POUND MY ASSHOLE HARDER!!!!” Temari moaned, bucking her hips back against his thrusts, “FUUUUUCK, I CAN FEEEL YOU HITTING MY STOMACH!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK, CUMMMINGGGGG!!!!!”


Boruto grunted, slamming his entire length into Temari as he came, his cum spraying back out of her ass as it filled her past her limit. He heard a set of grunts and moans next to him and turned to see Iwabe and Sarada also cumming inside their partners.


The six of them just stood there for a long while, letting the hot water wash over them for a time before they finally all withdrew with a series of three loud sucking ‘pops’. Boruto finished rinsing himself off first before moving to the main bath itself, Temari following close behind. She shed her thong along the way before joining him in the large bath. Several minutes later, Iwabe, Anko, Ino, and Sarada also joined him in the tub.


“So, what else do we need to plan?” Boruto asked.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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