Cougar Kaguya

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The outside of the Busteez Club was a rather drab building painted in an ugly shade of gray. At the main entrance was a rather extravagant sign of a womans silhouette dancing outlined in neon, but in the middle of the day it wasn’t lit. Off to the right of the main entrance though was a smaller entryway with a key coded lock on the knob.


Standing with his Aunt, Boruto shifted uncomfortably as Hanabi quickly tapped in her key code and the lock bleeped once. She then smiled at him and opened the door for him.


“Hey, Hanabi Onee-chan, are you sure it’s okay for me to be here?” he asked.


Hanabi smiled and waved her hand dismissively, “It’s fine it’s fine, we’re not going into the main club area, and we won’t be here long. I just gotta pick up my phone then we can meet up with dad and your sister at the Zoo.” she said as she made sure the door closed securely behind them. Boruto, his sister Himawari, his grandfather, and Hanabi had planned to go to the zoo today, but just as they were leaving Hanabi realized her cell phone was missing and sent her father and Boruto’s sister on ahead while the two of them took a train to where the Busteez club was located.


“It’s never really busy here in the mornings,” she assured him, “Besides, I am the Assistant Manager, and I say it’s okay for my cute little nephew to come to the dressing room. So what if he sees a couple big titties for a minute or two.”


“Onee-chan…” Boruto said with a sigh.


Hanabi smiled at him, “What, do you not like big boobies?” she asked teasingly, “Because you sure seemed to like squeezing mine the other…” she stopped midsentence as Boruto covered her mouth with both hands, looking left and right frantically. When he was certain no one overheard her he lowered his hands and Hanabi laughed, “Really, you can be as uptight as nee-san was when she first started here. I mean, there was this one time I booked a Yuri three way with Tsunade-sama and another girl, and when I came in Hinata was there and she ran out, her face was as red as yours right now!”


“Hanabi Onee-chan…” Boruto groaned, not liking anything to do with his mother and this place. He tried hard to simply NOT think about it.


Hanabi sighed and took the lead through the hallway, “You should really learn to relax more, that’s part of unlocking the Byakugan too you know.”


“I know, I know…” he sighed as he followed. The hall was short and opened into a large L shaped corridor. There were several doors off to the right marked with a VIP sign. Hanabi turned to the left though and Boruto followed. He could just barely hear music pulsing through the walls, and smelled a mix of odors. Mostly cigarettes, beer, and something faint, like the way Hanabi smelled when they were going at it, only faded.


“Hmm, you used to be able to hear the music clearly back here, but when your dad took over, he had better sound proofing installed.” Hanabi said when she noticed him straining to hear the music.


“Nice to know he can be considerate about SOME things.” Boruto grumbled.


Hanabi gave him a pitied look, but it faded from her face quickly as she took him to another door. “This is the dressing room where the girls and I get ready. Come on, this won’t take but a second.” She then opened the door and Boruto followed her inside. The walls were an odd mix of blue, green and purple with a number of posters of women tapped to them in random places. To the left was a row of vanity mirrors with enough make-up and perfume spread over the tables to stock an entire cosmetics store! Here and there were random articles of clothing scattered about like trash. Panties mostly, though a lot of them looked as though they were made of dental floss.


Boruto put his hands in his pockets, feeling horribly uncomfortable in here. To his right was a row of small lockers with names written on pieces of tape over the doors. He recognized several, Sakura, Temari, Tsunade, his mother’s name, seeing that made him shake his head again. He also saw some names he didn’t know, he tried sounding one out, “Who’s this, Ran-gi-ku?” he asked.


Hanabi looked to where he was pointing and she shrugged, “No clue, never met her. In fact, I think that locker hasn’t ever been opened since her name went on it, and that was a long time ago, before you were born even.” she said as she tapped her chin in thought.


“I don’t know who she is either,” said a voice from behind the lockers. Boruto gasped as a pale skinned woman with huge tits walked into view. Her hair was nearly an identical shade of white. Her face had a regal beauty to it, with ruby colored lips that stood out against her snow white skin. But what had Boruto’s jaw hanging open was the fact that she was completely naked! Her body glistened and dripped with water. A towel hung around her shoulders, though it did nothing to hide her huge tits with their soft pink nipples.


“Oh hi Kaguya-san!” Hanabi said cheerfully, “Have you seen my phone by chance, I could have sworn I left it here the other day.”


The ivory skinned woman pointed to the locker, “Sakura found it earlier and put it in your locker.”


“Thanks!” Hanabi said in a sing song tone, moving to retrieve her property as Boruto busied himself with studying the red carpeted floor.


“Ho..? Is that the Lord Seventh’s son?” Kaguya asked as she retrieved a pair of thong panties and tugged them on. Though calling them panties was generous, dental floss might have been more accurate with the way they dug into the folds of her pussy.


“Hmm, oh yeah, you two haven’t met I guess.” Hanabi said, “Boruto, don’t be rude, look up.” Hanabi chided him.


Boruto lifted his head, but kept his eyes shut tight, “He… Hello, I’m Boruto Uzumaki, pleased to make your acquaintance!” he said in a rush.


He heard Kaguya take a few steps forward and her hand touch his chin, “You know, it’s impolite not to make eye contact when greeting someone.” she said in a low soft voice.


Boruto slowly opened his eyes and looked into the opal colored orbs of Kaguya’s Byakugan eyes. She smiled at him and stood up straight again, bringing her left leg up high, making her thong dig deeper into her crotch. Boruto tried looking up, but only got an eyefull of her heavy tits bouncing slightly as she continued to stretch. Kaguya grinned at him and bent her leg down, bringing her foot to rest on his shoulder, giving the young blonde a clear look at her crotch. He gulped and shut his eyes tight again.


Hanabi giggled, “You’re so cute when you’re all flustered.” she said as she moved to his side and patted his shoulder, “Kaguya here is one of my best friends at work, and it’s okay to look, she’s quite the shameless woman these days.”


Boruto opened his eyes again and looked at Kaguya’s gorgeous naked form as the womans crossed her arms under her huge tits. She wore a dour expression as she said, “Hmmph, you say that like it’s a bad thing Hanabi.” She ran her hands through her long white hair, “Men all over the village fall over themselves just for a glimpse of this divine body of mine. To say nothing about what they pay to lay a hand on it.”


The snow white woman looked back down at Boruto and a grin spread across her lips, “See, even the Lord Seventh’s son stands to attention just at the sight of my glory.” Boruto blushed bright red when he looked down to see what he could already feel, the fabric his pants stretching painfully in a distinct tent in the groin area.


Kaguya chuckled, “Do you want me, son of the Lord Seventh?” she asked, “How could you not? I don’t mind, I’m sure I’ll be able to satisfy you better than your aunt there.” she said as she leaned back and rubbed her hands up and down her body, making her breasts bounce and jiggle.


Both Boruto and Hanabi tensed visibly, staring at Kaguya with open mouths. Kaguya took on a less seductive stance and said, “What? I can smell the two of you all over one another. I may not be the Goddess I once was but,” she tapped her nose, “My natural senses are still sharper than a humans.”


“Ehh, ah heh heh heh…” Hanabi chuckled nervously.


Kaguya laughed softly as she knelt down close to Boruto, “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything…” she said as she traced her finger from the tip of his erection to the waist of his pants and up his shirt to his lips, “I just want a little… Taste…” she breathed. “You can even join in Hanabi-chan, I know how much you just love a good threesome.” she said, her voice like a cats purr.


“Hmmmmm…” Hanabi moped with a dour expression of her own, “Okay, but I’m not letting you steal him Kaguya-san.”


“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it Hanabi-chan, but this…” said Kaguya as she again touched the tip of the tent in his pants, “Mmmmmmh, this begs for my personal inspection.”


“Uhhaahhh, don’t I get a say in this?” Boruto asked.


“No.” both women said at once.


Kaguya got down on her knees then leaned forward, her fingers deftly unbuttoning and unzipping Boruto’s pants. She then hooked her index fingers in the waistline of his undershorts and pulled them down with his pants. The white haired womans brows knitted together when she had pulled his pants down passed his thighs and still hadn’t released his entire length. She then gave his pants and shorts a shove down to his shins and gasped as the young blondes cock sprung out of its confines, precum already beading at the tip!


“I know, I was surprised too.” said Hanabi as she knelt behind Boruto, her arms around his shoulders as she leaned her head down and began nibbling on the edge of his ear. He watched as Kaguya wrapped both her dainty hands around his cock, both of them barely able to grip its length, leaving only the tip uncovered. Above him, Hanabi giggled, “Almost like a third leg, isn’t it?’ she asked as her hands rubbed over his chest and stomach, pulling his shirt up as Kaguya let out a soft moan of open lust as she opened her ruby lips wide, taking his entire length down her throat with a soft gagging noise.


“Oooooh…” Boruto shuddered.


“Mmmmmh, she’s good isn’t she?” Hanabi asked as she stripped Boruto’s shirt off. He then felt her bare tits against his back as Kaguya began slowly bobbing her head up and down, moaning and gagging softly around his length as it went deep into her throat. The youth felt the ivory skinned woman’s hand cradle his balls gently, slowly rolling them between her delicate fingers as she moved her head a little faster, her lips making wet lewd slurping sounds as they glided over the length of his dick.


“Ooonee-sannnnn…” Boruto moaned.


“Mmmmmh, I’m right here Boruto-kun,” Hanabi answered, leaning up and resting his head back between her bare tits. He groaned softly, his cock felt almost painfully hard in Kaguya’s warm wet mouth as the older woman pressed her tongue against the underside with every outstroke, her ruby lips clinging tightly to the surface.


Without really thinking about it, Boruto turned his head to the right, his mouth finding Hanabi’s rosy pink nipple and wrapping around it tightly. The brown haired woman let out a happy moan as he began sucking on her nipple softly and shifted her position to make it easier for him. She held his head to her tit as he began sucking harder, enjoying the feel of it in his mouth as Kaguya began moving her head faster, gagging softly with every in stroke.


Hanabi lovingly stroked the back of his head and giggled softly, “How do like Kaguya-san’s mouth Boruto-kun? Feel good?” she asked. He could only manage a weak nod as he tried to get more of her tit in his mouth. Hanabi moaned again, “Ooooh, I love it when you get aggressive, it makes me so wet…” she cooed as she took his hand and guided it between the folds of her kimono. As he guessed, she wasn’t wearing any panties as his fingers found the hot folds of her pussy and slipped inside. Hanabi moaned, grinding her hips against his fingers now as Kaguya lifted her head free with a wet sucking noise and gasped.


“Oooooh, this is the best I’ve had in ages!” she moaned, her voice deep and throaty with lust, “Mmmmmh, please Hanabi, you’ve gotta share this treasure…” she said, just a slight bit of pleading in her tone as she began licking his balls slowly before taking them both in her mouth and rolling her tongue between them.


His aunt shifted her position and now Boruto couldn’t see anything but Hanabi’s big tit in his face, but he could almost FEEL her pouting. Kaguya let out a giggle, but it wasn’t sweet like Hanabi’s, it was somehow darker, nearly ominous, “I promise not to be TOO rough with him.” she said, “And besides,” she licked his cock from the base to the tip, “I think it’s gonna take both of us to satisfy this beast.” she said before deepthroating his length again.


Boruto let go of Hanabi’s nipple and let out a low moan as he felt Kaguya’s lips pressing against the base of his cock. He slid his fingers in and out of her pussy a bit, making her squirm against him as she let out a soft moan. With his free hand, he reached out and grabbed her hand, giving her a gentle squeeze as he looked up at her. She gazed back at him adoringly and then looked to Kaguya.


“Maybe every once in a while…” she relented.


Kaguya lifted her head again, making her lips cling to his length as she did before her mouth pulled free with a soft wet ‘pop’. “Mmmmmmh, thank you Hanabi-chan…” she then looked to Boruto with those lustful opal colored Byakugan eyes, “As for you…” she crawled up his body like a cat, licking his neck from the base to the edge of his earlobe, “I want you to call me Kaguya-mama…” she whispered in his ear.


Boruto didn’t know what to say to that, but he got the feeling getting on Kaguya’s bad side might be bad for his health regardless of whether or not she had her powers. “Ah, okay… Kaguya-mama…” he groaned.


“Mmmhmmmmh, such a good boy…” Kaguya said sweetly in her seductive voice before she moved back down and resumed deepthroating his cock like the seasoned woman she was.


“Ooooohh… Ahhaaa…” Boruto groaned, leaning back against Hanabi more as his legs began feeling weak. Hanabi leaned in close and whispered in his ear, he listened to her suggestion and tensed a bit, but she winked at him playfully.


“Trust your big sister.” she told him.


He nodded and savored the feel of Kaguya’s mouth a bit longer, loving the wet slurping sounds her lips made as she bobbed her head back and forth. As he felt his balls getting tighter, he reached out and grabbed the short horns protruding from either side of Kaguya’s head, gripping them like handle bars as he pushed his cock all the way into her mouth just as he came! Kaguya let out a loud low moan, her eyes rolling back in her head as her cheeks flushed a bright pink color.


“HMMMMMMMMMMMMMPHH!!!!” Kaguya moaned around his cock as her pussy gushed all over the floor. Boruto let go just as his climax began to subside and his knees buckled. Hanabi caught him as Kaguya fell backward on her ass, his cock flinging out of her mouth as she flopped back onto her back, her huge tits wobbling like jello as she panted for air.


“Kaguya-san, are you alright?” Hanabi asked, genuine worry in her voice, “I’m sorry, it was my idea…”


“M…ore…” Kaguya said between panting breaths.


“Uh, Kaguya-mama?” Boruto asked.


“More,” Kaguya said between breaths, “I need more!” she told them spreading her legs wide. She then grabbed the crotch of her thong and pulled, the flimsy fabric snapped like a twig, giving both of them a clear look at her pussy, dripping wet, her labia swollen and pink, nearly steaming in the cool air of the dressing room, “Fuck my pussy Boruto-sama, please, Kaguya-mama wants you insiiiide…!” she moaned.


Helping Boruto to rest of his knees, Hanabi got up to walk around him, her kimono sliding off her naked body with a soft sound, “No, it’s my turn now!” she said as she climbed on top of the other woman, mashing her tits against Kaguya’s heavier ones. She then spread her long smooth legs, rubbing her clit against Kaguya’s. Her skin looked almost tan against the older womans milk colored body.


“Boruto-kuuun, hurry and take meeee…” she said in an overly cute tone.


“Me too, me too!” Kaguya moaned, grinding her pelvis back against Hanabi, their pussies on top of one another’s.


“Me first Boruto-kun, onee-chan wants it so bhaaad…” Hanabi whimpered, touching her index finger to her lips as she gave him a sad needy look.


Energized by the look on Hanabi’s face, Boruto moved over to the pair of women, his hands grabbing Hanabi’s smooth soft thighs as she got on his knees between their legs. He pressed the tip of his cock against the folds of Hanabi’s pussy. She moaned as he pushed inside her, her pussy engulfing his cock with a soft wet sound. He groaned softly, her pussy felt so good around his dick, warm and wet, soft but tight all at the same time.


“OOOOOOHHHHHOOOOO!!!!” Hanabi moaned, rocking her hips back against him as he sank all the way inside. He could feel the heat from Kaguya’s pussy against his balls as he began thrusting into Hanabi slowly, holding onto her hips for support as his pelvis made the baby fat of her ass jiggle and ripple with his every thrust!


“YESSSS!! YES YES YES!!!! MORE!!! POUND MY PUSSY IN HARDEEEEERR BORUTO-KUN!!!!!!” Hanabi panted. She looked back at Boruto, her tongue hanging from her lips as she panted like a dog in heat. A pair of ivory hands then grabbed her head pulled her face down to Kaguya’s. Their mouths connected, tongues moving against one another’s as they both moaned. Their opal colored eyes both looked back at him, making a show of their tongues slipping and sliding against each other’s. Boruto never had seen anything so erotic in his life and began slamming into Hanabi even harder, making his aunt moan into Kaguya’s mouth as she sucked on her tongue.


The young blonde felt Hanabi’s pussy clenching his cock as her body shivered in pleasure. He then quickly pulled out and Hanabi adjusted her position with Kaguya. She moved up the ivory skinned woman slightly as Kaguya lifted her hips for him, making it easy for his cock to slide inside her with another lewd wet sound. Kaguya let out a throaty howl of pleasure as she bucked beneath Hanabi. Her pussy felt different from Hanabi, slicker, hotter, and not as tight, at least at first…


Boruto grunted as Kaguya’s walls suddenly squeezed around him, gripping his cock like a smooth soft vice! He groaned as it became almost hard to push his cock back and forth as Kaguya moaned in pleasure.




Hanabi giggled, “Easy Kaguya-san, I know what you’re doing, you don’t wanna milk Boruto-kun dry do you?” Hanabi purred as she kissed and licked at the other womans neck.


Almost instantly Kaguya’s pussy went slacker, her grip not as intense. “Kill joy.” she said with a giggle, and then moaned as Boruto found his rhythm with her. “Ooooh, yessss, harder pound my tight little pussy…” Kaguya moaned, thrusting her hips back against Boruto as the blonde moaned in pleasure, reaching his hands up to grab hold of Hanabi’s tits, squeezing them tight, loving the feel of his fingers sinking into the ultra-soft flesh.


“Hmmmm, Boruto-kuuuun, more, fuck my pussy mooore…” Hanabi cooed, wiggling her ass for him as her pussy dripped all over Kaguya’s belly.


Boruto let out a slow breath, thrusting into Kaguya several more times before pulling out of her with a wet noise. Hanabi inched back again and the blonde pushed his length back inside her with a moan. Kaguya’s pussy was painfully tight when she wanted, but Hanabi was so much nicer, her pussy was warm and welcoming. Kaguya’s was alien and seemed like it never wanted to let him go, though that wasn’t exactly a bad thing he thought as he listened to Hanabi moan as he buried his length inside her again and again.


Hanabi and Kaguya began making out again, kissing one another more and more lewdly. A rivulet of drool ran down Kaguya’s chin as she moaned into Hanabi’s mouth while her hands gripped the younger girls butt tightly. Boruto found the sight exciting as he began slamming his cock into Hanabi even faster, his hips making a loud SMACK SMACK SMACK against the brown haired girls’ ass.


“AHHH! YES!! BORUTO-KUN!!! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUUUUUUUMMMM!!!!!” Hanabi moaned. “HAH!! HAH!!! HAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!” Hanabi squealed as she arched backwards, lines of saliva trailing from her mouth to Kaguya’s as she moaned with a look of sheer ecstasy on her face.


Boruto pulled out of Hanabi quickly, Kaguya pushing her hips up again as he re-entered her. He groaned as she didn’t hold back this time, her pussy clenching him tightly as he worked to force his entire length in and out as sweat beaded on his forehead. The air in the dressing room feeling so hot suddenly as the scent of both women filled his every breath, but it only turned him on as he slammed back and forth.


“YES! YES! MORE!! POUND INTO ME DEEPEEEEERRRR!!!!” Kaguya moaned, rolling her hips against his thrusts now, “YES!!! RIGHT THERE!!! RIGHT THEEEEERE!!!!” Kaguya moaned, breathing in sharply and letting out a low moan of pleasure as her pussy soaked his pelvis with hot smelling juices. Boruto then groaned himself, feeling his cock throbbing inside Kaguya as he came again, even harder this time.


He then fell back on his ass, his cock pulling out of Kaguya with a sucking noise. He used his hands to hold himself upright as he panted for breath while Kaguya and Hanabi crawled all over one another to get at his cock which now hovered half-hard between his legs. Hanabi beat Kaguya to him, taking his thickness in her tiny hands and slowly licking him back to full mast.


“Mmmmmh, youth…” Kaguya purred as she and Hanabi took turns licking his cock slowly. Hanabi then opened her pink lips wide, moaning in relish as she took him down her throat. Boruto groaned and sighed softly, loving the feel of her mouth as Kaguya crawled up to eye level on all fours.


“Mmmmmmh, I really needed that,” she said in her deep seductive voice, “We will do this again.” she said, her tone leaving no room for argument before she kissed him, her wet warm tongue forcing its way into his mouth. He could almost taste Hanabi on her lips as her tongue moved around inside his mouth. When he looked down to the other woman, he clearly saw her glaring at Kaguya jealously as her head bobbed up and down his length while she lovingly massaged his balls with one hand.


“Ahhh, Hanabi Onee-chan…” he moaned, cumming in her mouth again and feeling her swallow every drop before pulling away.


“Mmmmh, see Kaguya, you shouldn’t do that yet, you wore my sweet Boruto-kun out with that vice-cunt of yours!” she chided the white haired woman.


Kaguya stood up and ran her hands through her long white hair, “He seemed to enjoy it well enough. Besides, only a few men have been able to take me and still even stand afterwards, let alone go a third round. I’m impressed.”


Hanabi shook her head, muttering something about Kaguya being way too into her work. He and Hanabi then put their clothes back on as Kaguya wiped her face with a towel. The constant muted pulsing from the music faded just as Hanabi finished tying her obi sash. The red curtain to one side of the room then fluttered as Sakura Uchiha walk in from off the stage. She wore only a bright red thong that bit tightly into the folds of her pussy and nothing else. She blinked in surprise when she saw Hanabi, then gasped and covered the nipples of her heavy tits with one arm.


“Hanabi, why’d you bring Boruto back here!? You could get in a lot of trouble! Hi by the way.” she said.


“Uhhh, hi…” Boruto said nervously, hoping his dark clothes would hide the wetness he picked up from both women.


“It’s fine,” Hanabi said dismissively, “Besides, we’re on our way out now, I just needed to pick up my phone.” she explained, holding up the object in question. She then took Boruto’s hand in hers and began leading him out. Sakura looked at them both with a dour expression, then over to Kaguya.


“Kaguya, you’re a mess, take a shower before you go out there…” he heard her saying before the door to the dressing room closed.

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