Conned into Cosplay

The red headed mage wandered through the unfamiliar, busy city at night, searching for her friends in an outfit that isn’t entirely appropriate. On a whim, Erza Scarlet decided to join them in attending a nearby anime convention, but she got separated from the group by all the otakus requesting a photo of her in sexy poses.


Trying to find a more deserted area, away from all of the staring eyes of the various fanboys, Erza almost bumped into a very buxom blonde. She was a little older than most of the participants, but she was clearly cosplaying, and had just as much reason as Erza to avoid attention.


Staring at her for a moment, Erza snapped her fingers in realization. “Orihime?”


The blonde nodded, blushing harder, before studying Erza in return. “Harribel?”


“Yeah,” the redhead nodded with a sigh, her own blush still burning on her cheeks. “My actual name is Erza, by the way.”


“Tsunade. So, judging by how you’re blushing as much as I am, I’m guessing your costume wasn’t your idea.”


Erza scowled, crossing her arms under her almost bare breasts and feeling the air blow across her exposed skin, which was most of it. “My friends bribed me; they said they would buy me all the strawberry cheesecake I could eat if I cosplayed with them. I was shocked to learn that my favorite clothing brand, Heart Kreuz, also sold a line of cosplay armors. One thing lead to another and here I am. You?”


“Lost a bet,” Tsunade sighed. Her own bosom was too big to cross her arms at all, even under her tits, so she settled for folding her hands in front of her. “I really, really, should know better by now… little brat, deliberately losing a few hands to get my guard down,” she muttered, looking down at her costume with a scowl of her own.


Erza nodded sympathetically, then winced as her name was shouted behind her. She turned to see her friends waving at her, though they also seemed to have picked up another group. “I have a feeling your friends found my friends.”


Tsunade looked for herself and groaned, though she was also smiling a little. “Looks like they have. And it’s too late to run; time to face the music.”


Now smiling as well, the two scantily clad beauties headed over to their friends, resigned to the attention they would be getting.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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