Connected through One for All

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Walking out of the convenience store, Izuku Midoriya smiled to himself as he hefted the bag he carried. It was loaded up with all of Tsuyu’s favorite treats and snacks. He had their date tomorrow completely planned out. First, in the morning, they would go to see the latest ‘chick flick’ that had hit the theaters that Tsuyu had been wanting to see for a couple weeks now. The snacks were to sneak into the movie since they didn’t have many that she liked. He’d still buy them both a popcorn and drinks just to not completely rip them off. Then, he’d take her out to a real dance club, not Busteez. After that, he would go home with her to meet her family in person. Since the marriage mess with Momo, Izuku had been doing his best to spoil Ochaco and Tsuyu to make up for the heartache he’d caused.


Even though they both told him it was fine, he still felt bad for all of it. Also, he could tell they both enjoyed the added attention, especially Tsuyu. Rounding a corner, Izuku did a mental checklist of everything just to make sure he hadn’t forgotten something. Satisfied, he looked at the clock on his phone, he would need to hurry if he wanted to make it back to the dorms in time to change into his uniform for classes today. Things had finally settled back into a regular routine, and Izuku found that more than a comfort after everything that had been going on in recent weeks.


The green haired youth looked up from his phone just in time to see the doors of another store burst open. A man all dressed in black came running out of the building, a paper bag clutched tightly in one hand, and a handgun in the other. A few yen notes fluttered about the air around him as he looked this way and that.


“Help! Someone stop that villain, he killed the clerk!!!” someone from inside the building shouted.


Izuku instantly dropped the bag he was carrying as arcs of energy sparked around his body. Line of red spread over his skin as he triggered One for All at 20%! The world around him seemed to move in slow motion as he took off at a blinding run! He closed in on the villain in the blink of an eye and was able to get a better look at him. He wasn’t the typical villain with a flashy or clever costume. He looked like he was more like one of the old stereotypical thugs of the old days. Black jeans, a black sweatshirt, and a black ski mask to hide his face.


“Hold it right there villain!” he shouted as he raised his left arm to punch the man in the face. He lowered his force down to 8% so as to not have the blow be a lethal one, but a normal man would easily be rendered unconscious. Adjusting One for All on the fly was getting easier now, he guessed Nana’s advice on building his ability to use it was working!


The man turned to face Izuku, and his red eyes flashed. Izuku wasn’t sure exactly what happened next, but he suddenly found himself flat on his stomach, unable to move! It was as if someone had just flipped a switch inside him! Now, Izuku couldn’t move, not at all! He still felt the pain of falling and skidding to a halt on the ground, but he couldn’t move! He couldn’t even blink his eyes! WHAT WAS HAPPENING!?


“Whew, that was close!” said a villain, his voice painfully high pitched, Izuku would have winced if he could move. Instead, he was completely helpless as the villain came over to him and used his foot to kick Izuku onto his back. “Lucky for me you made eye contact.” the man said as he pulled off his ski mask. His face was in a word, ugly, as if he’d been stung by a dozen bees, then dropped down a flight of stairs, his face hitting each step on the way down.


“Yeah, I know, I’m ugly,” he said, “I call my quirk Medusa, though that isn’t exactly right, but I find it fitting to go with this ugly mug of mine. Anyone I make eye contact with, they get what’s medically called, ‘Locked In Syndrome.’ Just in case you’re wondering what is happening to you. You’re conscious, you can feel, but the rest of you is completely cut off from your body.” he explained as he knelt down to grab Izuku’s left hand and lifting his arm up, he then waved it around like a wet noodle, “See, you’re like a boned fish,” he said before grabbing his pinky finger and bending it back until it snapped!


Pain shot through Izuku, but he couldn’t even cry out as tears formed in his eyes, blurring his vision. “But you can still feel!” the villain said, “And I recognize you, Deku, one of those up and comers working with Endeavor! Weren’t you supposed to get married a while back, some dumb quirk marriage or some shit? Guess you lucked out there, that machine that came out made you completely useless! That company would have dumped you like a sack of rice!” he said with a laugh as he dropped Izuku’s arm. “Whatever, if I kill you, I’ll get some name recognition! Maybe even get recruited by the League or something!” he said as he leveled his gun at Izuku’s face.


Shit!’ Izuku thought as he struggled to move his body, ‘Move move move! Damnit, MOVE!’ he cursed at himself. He could move anything, not even his fingers. He could feel that One for All was still triggered, but it was useless if he couldn’t even move his body to use it.


Not like this!’ he thought as he felt true fear gripping him as the thug pulled back the hammer on his gun.


“Heh, I like that look of fear in your eyes, too bad I can’t savor this longer!” said the villain, “But the cops’ll be here any second, so, see ya!” he said as he pulled the trigger! Everything went black as Izuku heard the gun go off, but at first he didn’t feel anything.


Am I, dead?’ he thought to himself.


“Not yet kid! Don’t worry, I got your back this time!” he heard his own voice say. His vision then returned and Izuku realized he’d opened his eyes, only to see his hand gripping the muzzle of the gun! The sparking energy of One for All arced around his fist as he felt his hand crushing the barrel of the gun even harder now.


“What!?” said the villain, and Izuku agreed, what was going on!? “How can you move!? My quirk lasts two days at the least!!!!”


“Oh?” Izuku heard himself saying again, “Okay, good to know, you go night night now.” his voice said to the villain before his right hand moved to punch him fully in the face. His eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets for an instant before sliding back into place as he flew into the air and came to a crashing halt a few dozen yards away.


“Whew!” Izuku heard his voice saying again, “Damn, that was too close! I wasn’t sure that was gonna work for a second.”


‘WHAT’S GOING ON!?!?!’ Izuku thought as loudly as he could. He felt his face scrunching up in a wince.


“Geez kid, calm down!” his voice said. “Oh, wait, talking to myself might look weird…” Izuku then heard a familiar woman’s voice thinking in his head, ‘It’s me kid!


Huh, Nana!? Nana, is that you?’ Izuku thought back. Things went dark again as Izuku felt his eyes closing, then he found himself standing in a white space again in front of Nana Shimura. And again he was naked! Of course, as if things weren’t already weird enough!


“Haah, okay, that worked…” Nana said, “This is new territory here, but I think we can talk in this space for a bit without looking weird.” she told him.


“What’s happening Nana?” he asked.


The dark haired woman placed a hand to her chin and thought, “Well, just spitballing here, but I think that dumbasses quirk, while it locked you out of controlling your body, it let one of us take over. One for All isn’t centered in your brain after all, so I was able to take the wheel for lack of a better word. Good thing too, another split second and that would have been it for all of us.”


“Us?” Izuku echoed.


Nana jerked her thumb to her left and Izuku turned to see the shadowy figures of all the previous holders looking back at him. Most of them were tough to make out, he could only clearly see the first holder, the one who had the Black Whip quirk, and the one with something called ‘Danger Sense.’ He recognized All Might’s silhouette, but he was even murkier than the others still.


“I think I could take over because my presence here is still a bit stronger than the rest.” Nana surmised.


“Huh, but shouldn’t it have been All Might then?” Izuku asked, “He was the last holder after all.”


“Yes and no. You see how Toshi is still all fuzzy and stuff?” Nana said, pointing to the figure of All Might. Izuku nodded, “That’s ‘cause he’s still alive I think. You and he are connected through One for All, I think his memories are still, um, downloading, I think would be the word for it.” she explained, “See, I remember when All for One killed me, not a fun memory. All the other’s remember their deaths even after they passed One for All onto the next holders.” she told him. “I think when Toshi finally passes on, he’ll be more clear in here.”


“Oo… Okay, I think I understand.” Izuku said, though he didn’t fully. Did that mean One for All had a telepathic aspect? If it did then that meant there was even more to it than he already knew! The connection between users would be far deeper than he…


Izuku’s train of thought was derailed when Nana flicked his forehead, “Uh, please don’t do that, I can actually hear what you’re thinking in my own head, it’s really weird.”


“Oh, sorry.” Izuku said. He then heard another voice speaking, though it sounded far away, and muddled, like he was listening from under water.


“Someone’s talking to you, just hold tight kid, best case scenario, this is over in two days.” Nana said before Izuku found himself looking through his own eyes again as Nana blinked for him.


“Sorry,” she said in his voice to the newly arrived police officer, “I got a little lost in thought.”


Well, not exactly a lie.’ he thought to Nana.


You think I’m gonna tell him the truth? Sorry, a straight jacket is a terrible look.’ she thought back at him as the officer nodded.


“Well, as I was saying, I recognize you from last year’s Sports Festival Mr. Midoriya, but I’ll still need to see your provisional license.” the officer said.


“Of course.” Nana said.


My wallet is in my left front pocket,’ Izuku thought at her. And Nana moved his hand to pull his wallet out. She handed his provisional license to the officer as someone inside the store shouted.


“Hey, this cashier is still alive, someone call an ambulance!”


“He is?” Nana asked as she moved to run into the store. The cashier was actually a young woman in her mid twenties, with long dark blue hair that was shaved on one side, and a lip piercing through her lower lip. She lay perfectly still, but as Nana moved Izuku’s eyes for them, he could see she was checking the girls vital areas. There wasn’t a mark on her, so she hadn’t been shot. Nana knelt them down next to her and spoke with Izuku’s voice.


“You’re gonna be alright miss, that villain said his quirk wears off after two days, so hang in there.” she said to her. It was still weird for Izuku to hear himself speaking when he hadn’t actually said anything. He then found himself facing the officer that had called out, “It’s something called locked-in syndrome. She can still see, hear, and feel everything going on around her. Before I knocked him out, that loser villain told me it wears off after at least two days. Tell the hospital to find someone with a telepathic quirk to help her communicate until then.”


“Understood, thank you, um, what do I call you?” asked the officer.


“Deku.” Nana answered with a smile, then held that smile as she looked back to the clerk, “You’re gonna be alright miss, trust me.” she told her before reaching out with his hand to grab hers. Izuku felt a bolt of pain in his hand as Nana tried flexing his broken pinky.


Oh, forgot about that, sorry!’ Nana quietly apologized to him.


“Oh, you’re injured!” said the officer.


“It’s nothing the nurse at my school can’t fix.” Nana answered, ‘Chi-chi still works there right?’ she thought at Izuku, but before he could answer he felt her in his memories, a very strange sensation, ‘Oh good, she might be able to help us with what’s going on then.


Izuku watched his life move through the next hour as Nana waited with the police for the ambulance. The EMT’s splinted his broken finger as she answered a bunch of after action questions with a practised ease. When they were finally done, Izuku knew he was going to be late for the first period.


“Eh, don’t sweat it kid,” Nana said aloud in his voice, “I’ll show this after action report to your teachers and everything’ll be fine.”


I know, it’s just, today is Midnight’s first day back to classes, I was hoping to help her have just a normal day after everything that happened.’ he thought back to her.


“Oh right, well, lemme help make you a little less late then.” Nana said.


Still weird hearing you talk in my voice.’ he thought.


“Hey, how do you think I feel?” she asked, “Now, pay attention, I’m gonna show you how you’re SUPPOSED to use my quirk with One for All!” Nana told him as she crouched his body down. Izuku could feel her triggering One for All as she leapt them both high into the air!


WAAAAAAAAH!!!’ Deku screamed in his own mind. He could feel the wind pushing at his face as the clouds were suddenly not so distant anymore!


“Jeez kid, calm down will ya, I happen to know full well what I’m doing you know!” she said as she made a simple ‘stop’ gesture with one arm, and Izuku found them floating amid the clouds, the city well beneath them now.


Wow…’ thought Izuku.


“Yeah, I always loved it up here, feeling the sun on my skin, the crisp air around the clouds, and the view, it’s just so wonderful.” Nana said.


I see why,’ he said back.


“Anyway, One for All 101! You’ve been doing a lot of it wrong kid. But Toshi never was good at explaining things. Anyway, the egg in the microwave, wow that’s terrible!” she said, laughing in his voice.


I’m sorry, it was the best I could come up with!


“Don’t worry, we have a unique opportunity here, so let’s not waste it!” she told him, “Instead of an egg and a microwave, you should picture the volume dial on a stereo. With the Mute setting being 0%, and the first click up is 1%, then another click is two, and so on and so forth.” she explained. “I’m gonna go from 1 to 20% slowly, focus on how it feels, and remember this feeling!” she told him.


If he could have, Izuku would have nodded. He then felt One for All powering up within himself, but this felt so much more controlled than anything he had ever done before now. It felt like a pressure all over his body, almost like when you would slowly tense a muscle. He could actually feel each percentage of power as Nana charged up.


“Now, your bones still can’t handle the primary backlash over a certain level, you’re gonna wanna alter your diet to focus on increasing your bone strength. Lots of milk, vitamin D, stuff like that.” Nana explained. “But for now, twenty percent is easy! And when you use it with my quirk, you can do THIS!!!” Nana shouted as she leaned their body forward, and gave just the lightest kick with his toes, shooting them forward like a rocket!


HAHAHA!!! OH GOD I MISSED THIS!!!!” Nana shouted as they soared through the skies! Izuku could feel her exhilaration as though it were his own, and let out a joyful shout in his mind.


This is amazing!’ he thought to her.


“Remember this feeling kid! Embrace it! Let it all in!” she told him as they closed the distance between the small town near UA and the dorms in just a couple of moments. “Now stopping is just as easy, you wanna use half the power you launched yourself with to slow down.” she explained as she reoriented their body, then gave a pushing motion with his unbroken hand, slowing their motion to the speed of a fast jog, “Then half of that to stop.” she said as she brought them to a halt floating several meters over the roof of the Heights alliance dorm.


OH CRAP!’ Izuku shouted in his mind.


“What?” she asked him, “Oh, wait, nevermind. The snacks. Okay, that’s why flying is useful!” she said as she took them all the way back to the store and picked up the bag he had put down before confronting the villain. Bag of snacks in hand, Nana flew them back to his dorm room, entering through the balcony to his room.


In his mind, Izuku sighed, “What is it kid?” she asked him while looking in the mirror.


Can we talk um, inside I guess, again? Seeing myself talk like that is just too weird.’ he replied. Nana turned away from the mirror and moved over to sit on the edge of his bed. He felt his face smiling as she looked around his room at all of his All Might posters, action figures, and other memorabilia.


“Wow, Toshi really did something, didn’t he?” she said aloud, “I’m so proud of him.” Izuku could feel his own chest warming, a sensation he knew to be pride. Nana closed their eyes and a second later he found himself in front of her again in that white nothingness place.


“So what’s wrong kid?” she asked him with a smile.


Izuku looked up at her, but then realized again he was naked in front of her and quickly, but futilely tried to hide his huge penis from her view. Nana sighed and shook her head, “Hang on,” she told him before snapping her fingers. And in the blink of an eye she stood just as naked in front of him, her big breasts were perfectly shaped, and her body, while well toned, wasn’t unpleasantly so at all. In all, she was knockout gorgeous! “That better?” she asked, then giggled, “Maybe not.” she said as Izuku gulped as he couldn’t even begin to hide his now fully erect meter long cock!


Nana let out a low whistle, “Very nice!” she told him, “Wish I could have met someone like you when I still had my own body.” she told him as she openly stared at his dick, “That’s thicker than my arm!” she said, then looked back up at him, “Anyway, what’s wrong?” she asked.


Izuku managed to stop feeling embarrassed long enough to meet her eyes, “It’s just, somehow I’m gonna have to come up with an excuse to cancel my date with Tsu.” he said, having just realized that if they were stuck like this for two whole days, he couldn’t take her out, not like this!


“Nonsense!” Nana said with a smile, “We’ll come up with something, don’t even worry there. I know how much it means to you, so we won’t let this little mess hinder that.” she told him.


“You, do?” Izuku asked.


Nana nodded, “Yeah, the longer we’re like this, the more of your memories I’m seeing. I think I can pass as you for two days if we really need to. Also, I can hear you, if I get stumped somewhere, just tell me what you’d say is all.”


“Huh, I… I guess that could work.” Izuku said, though he still wasn’t so sure.


“Trust me, like I said a little while ago, I got your back kid!” Nana said, reaching out to touch his shoulder, making her breasts jiggle enticingly, which only served to make his cock tense lightly. Nana smirked and winked at him. She looked about to say something when he heard a dull knocking noise. Again, it sounded far away and under water when he heard anything outside his body in this place. “Guess I should get that, let’s see if I can pass for you.”


Izuku again found himself staring out his own eyes without any control. It kind of felt like he was in one of those first person VR games, but he wasn’t holding the controller. Nana got up and moved over to his door, unlocking it before pulling it open to reveal Melissa on the other side! The young blonde girl was dressed in a pale white, just shy of blue sundress. The kind with the hidden ties inside the waist so that it didn’t hang off her massive breasts like a poncho. Her breasts were still as big as she’d made them when she first started at Busteez, making them several times bigger than her head! With the sundress tied to accentuate them, it was more of a mini-sundress now, the edges of her panties would easily show if she did any kind of twirling motion.


“Morning Deku, I…” Melissa began with a smile before a blush spread over her cheeks and her blue eyes looked downward, “Um, is this a bad time?” she asked.


“Huh?” Nana asked, “What do you mean?”


Melissa’s blush only deepened as she alternated between looking at Izuku’s face and whatever had her attention downwards. Nana moved her gaze to look down.


“‘WAAAAAAH!!!’” Izuku and Nana shouted together at the sight of his full erection which had torn completely through his pants! Only his belt held them up right now as the throbbing hard-on twitched up and down.


“Oh crap!” Nana said, “I was wondering what that tight feeling was!” she said as, like he had just moments ago, she tried in vain to hide the massive erection. “Damnit Izuku, how do guys turn this darn thing off!?” she said aloud.


It’s not like there’s a switch to it!’ he thought back at her.


“Well I know that but… Oh damn, this feels so weird…” Nana whimpered as she tried to girl his cock and push it downwards.


“Deku, are you okay?” Melissa asked.


Nana wait!’ Izuku thought, ‘Melissa knows about One for All! We can trust her!


“Huh?” Nana said aloud, “Oh right.” she said as she stopped squirming and stood up straighter. She then turned to face Melissa, “Okay, this is gonna sound really weird, but…”


Izuku watched and listened to his own voice explain everything that had happened in the last few minutes to him. It was still so surreal to him, but Melissa listened intently as Nana explained everything. When she finished, Melissa nodded.


“So, Deku can see and hear everything going on?” she asked. Nana nodded his head and held up his hand to show her his splinted finger.


“And feel.” Nana added.


“This is amazing.” Melissa said as she came in closer, leaning down to look into his eyes, her big soft, and heavy breasts pressing against his chest. She then pulled out a small pen light and shined it into his eyes, “I’m not a medical doctor or anything, but if you hadn’t just told me everything going on, I wouldn’t know anything was wrong at all!”


“Yeah well, could you back off, um, just a little, you’re making him nervous.” Nana told her.


NANA!!! Don’t tell her that!’ Izuku shouted in his mind.


“Poor kid gets more tail than he knows what to do with and girls still make him nervous when they get close!” Nana said with a smile.


Melissa giggled, “Yeah,” she agreed, “You really should relax more Deku!” she said a little louder than she needed to as she sat down next to them.


“No need to yell hun,” Nana said, “He can hear everything fine.”


“Oh, sorry.” Melissa said sheepishly.


“So what brings you by this early?” Nana asked as Izuku began wondering himself.


“Oh! After all this I forgot.” she said as she reached between her heavy cleavage and pulled out a disc shaped object about the size of a dinner plate. “I just finished the final touches on this!” she told them as she set the plate on the floor and tapped the center. A light glowed at her touch and there was a secondary pulse of green light. The air then seemed to shimmer around them and Izuku heard himself gasping in awe.


“Wow…” said Nana. Izuku had to agree. Suddenly his whole room had changed, becoming a massive outdoor setting. It looked like a park in early autumn, with the leaves on the trees all turning vibrant shades of red and orange. The sun was shining overhead and the leaves in the trees moved on an unfelt wind.


“It’s a portable version of the simulation room,” said Melissa. “It scans the actual room, then builds a life-like projection inside it.” she explained as she walked over to the raised hill that had been his bed and picked up a clump of bushes. Once she moved it, the projection changed, his pillow returning normal and the image on the bed shifting to look as though the bush had never been then. When she put it back, it returned to how it had been before.


Amazing. It’s like we’re actually outside!’ thought Izuku.


“I was thinking some of the girls at the Agency could use it in the smaller rooms when the big one is taken.” Melissa explained.


“The kid’s right, you are amazing.” said Nana.


Melissa blushed a bit, “Thanks, Deku.” she told them.


“Now, I should probably go talk to Chi-chi, she can at least fix this finger, if nothing else.” Nana said, “But first I gotta figure out what to do with this!” she told Melissa, looking down at Izuku’s dick, still rock hard and throbbing slightly.


Melissa giggled again and looked down at his cock. Izuku couldn’t think of a more embarrassing moment in his entire life!!! “Yeah,” the blonde said, “Moving around with this might be a bit awkward.”


“I gotta admit, I’m impressed.” Nana said, “I got naked for him in our head to help him feel a little more comfortable, but, well, now that I think about it, this might be me, I can admit seeing a dick this big is more than a little arousing for me!”


Melissa began laughing hard.


“What?” Nana asked.


“No… Nothing…” Melissa said, still trying to control herself, “It’s just, hearing you say that in Deku’s voice, AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


“Ooooh, right, sorry kid!” Nana said. “It’s still a little weird talking with someone else’s voice.”


I’m gonna die of embarrassment!’ Izuku thought.


“No you won’t.” Nana said.


“Hmm…?” Melissa asked, finally getting her mirth under control.


“Oh, Izuku thinks he’ll die from humiliation.” Nana confessed.


“Oh, I’m sorry Deku, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad.” Melissa said to him. “But, we do need to take care of this.” she said as she stood up, “Guess there’s no real choice.” she said as she began to undress. She pulled at the bows on the side of the dress, undoing the hidden cinch. For a second, her dress made her look as though she were horribly overweight.


“Huh, like that you do look fat.” Nana said.


“Hey!” Melissa said.


“What, I’m speaking from one woman to another here.” Nana said.


“Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right.” said Melissa as she pulled the dress up and off her body. Beneath she had only only a pair of white cotton panties, completely with the little pink bow on the front.


“Heh, very nice, I can feel Izuku’s arousal at seeing you like this.” Nana said.


Ahhh, why’d you tell her that!?’ Izuku yelled in his head.


“Because it’s true kid,” Nana said, “Lemme give you a piece of advice, women love it when you’re honest about stuff like that. Maybe not as honest as your little friend Mineta, but girls like being told that you think they’re sexy!”


“It’s true Deku,” Melissa said with a blush as she leaned in close again and he felt her hands touching his face, “It makes me happy that my body turns you on.” she said while looking into his eyes. She then pressed her mouth to his and everything went black as Nana closed his eyes and reached out to pull the nearly naked girl closer. He could feel Melissa’s breasts pressing against his chest as Nana kissed back for him. Izuku felt his heart speed up as their tongues mingled.


Ohhh, this feels so good…’ He thought as Nana explored the inside of the blondes mouth with his tongue.


I kinda like it too kid…’ Nana thought as Izuku heard himself groaning softly into the girl’s mouth.


Melissa held the kiss for a few moments before pulling away slowly, and Izuku felt himself panting softly for breath. “Um, would it be weird if I asked you to do that again…” Nana asked.


The blonde girl giggled, “No,it wouldn’t, but first,” she said as she reached down to pull off the shirt Izuku had on, baring his chest before she pressed those oh so soft breasts against his bare flesh and kissed him again.


“Mmmmmmmh…” Nana moaned into Melissa’s mouth, Izuku could feel his tongue and hers slipping and sliding against one another as the woman reached out with his hands to hug the girl closer. The two of them fell back onto his bed and he felt the girl pulling at his belt, undoing the buckle then yanking the leather strip off with a loud sound of fabric rubbing against leather. She then undid his pants, and Izuku felt an insane amount of relief without what remained of his pants chafing against his cock!


“Oh that feels so much better.” Nana said for him after Melissa pulled away and straddled his legs after pulling his pants off.


“I’ll bet, it didn’t look comfortable, that’s for sure.” Melissa told her. She then leaned forward and pressed his huge cock between her equally huge tits, but even with their size, much of Izuku’s massive cock remained exposed.


“Oh… Oooooh…” Nana groaned, and Izuku groaned with her at the feel of the smooth warm flesh enveloping his cock. “Yeah, okay, I take back everything I ever said about boob jobs being dumb, this feels amazzzzinnnng…”


Melissa giggled, “Oh, you like that, Nana, right?” she asked, and Nana nodded his head. The blonde girl smirked, “Then you’re gonna love this!” she told her as she leaned her head forward to lick the underside of his cock with her tongue.


“Haaaaahhhh…!” Nana groaned as Izuku felt his cock pulse, and a thick glob of precum came out the tip of his dick. Melissa took her time, slowly licked all around the head of his cock, leaving the glob untouched. She then opened her mouth wide and took the entire tip between her plump pink lips! “Oh god!!!!” Nana moaned, and Izuku was blinded again as she closed his eyes tight at the feel of her nimble tongue lapping at the tip of his cock. Melissa gulped loudly, swallowing his precum as she began rubbing her breasts up and down his cock slowly.


Fuuuuck kid, this… This is so amaaazzzinnng…’ Nana thought at him, ‘Ahhh, it’s… it’s like she’s sucking my clit, but soooo much better! No wonder guys love this so much!! Ahhh, I could get addicted to this so easily…


“Mmmmmh, ah, that feels, so good Melissa… D… Don’t stop…” Nana said aloud in his voice, “He’s loving it too, your mouth feels so wonderful…”


“Mmmmhmmmmph…” Melissa moaned, moving her breasts up and down faster now as she leaned her body forward to take more of his cock into her mouth. Nana groaned again and looked down to watch as Izuku’s cock slipped deeper between Melissa’s lips. Nana then reached her hands out to grab both the blonde girl’s giant tits, squeezing them as Melissa slowly lifted her head up, her lips dragging erotically along his shaft.


“Haaaahhh…” Nana gasped, watching Melissa’s slender throat bulging with the girth of his cock as the blonde girl’s eyes rolled back slowly as she let out a long moan. “Oh my god this is so erotic to watch…” said Nana, “Mmmmmmmmmh, yessss… That feels so good…” she groaned as Melissa let her huge tits fall away from his cock as she focused on deepthroating his dick!


“Guummmph…. Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” Melissa moaned, moving her entire body in a long undulating motion, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth slowly.


“Ahhh… Hahhh…” Nana moaned, “So… So good…!” she said as she gripped the sheets of his bed which looked like the ground.


The blonde woman reached out and grabbed Izuku’s wrists, placing his hands on top of her head. His broken finger stood out awkwardly as Nana gently gripped her head gently. ‘She wants you to move her head at a pace you like more.’ Izuku explained as he felt her confusion. The longer they were like this, the more Izuku could feel Nana’s thoughts, and he assumed the more she could feel his.


“Mmmmmmh, yeaahh…” Nana groaned as she gently began pumping Melissa’s head up and down, and the blonde girl let out a happy gagging moan in response.


GUUPH, GUPH, GUPH, GUPH, GUPH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH!!!!” Melissa gagged loudly around his cock as Nana quickly figured out how to move with her and began fucking the girls face hard. Long lines of drool stretched away from her lips, as Melissa’s eyes turned almost white as her eyes rolled back. Her moans made her throat vibrate around his cock as Izuku could feel himself about to cum!


“Ahhh… I, I feel… Oh my god this is incrediblllle… AHHHH!” Nana moaned as she shoved his cock all the way into her mouth, his balls pressing against her chin as he began cumming hard! Lines of thick white cum shot out of Melissa’s mouth as the girl let out a long gagging moan of sheer pleasure!


Nana fell back onto his bed again, gasping for breath as Melissa pulled away slowly. She coughed only a little as she pulled her head free and gasped for breath. Her pretty face was covered in a mix of cum and drool that was dripping off her chin and onto her beautiful tits.


“W… Wowww…” Nana panted, “I’ll never complain about a man’s desire again…” she said with a weak laugh.


Melissa wiped her mouth with her forearm and laughed, “That’s good, because it looks like we’re not done yet.” she told Nana as her eyes darted down to Izuku’s still rock hard erection!


WHAT!? OH COME ON KID!!!!” Nana shouted.


It usually takes two, unless I’m using One for All like you said…’ Izuku thought meekly.


Melissa giggled as she got off of the bed and moved to take off her panties. Nana’s eyes focused on the crotch and Izuku saw how soaked it was as Melissa tossed them over by her dress. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you get rid of it.” she told her as she climbed back into bed.


Wow she smells nice…’ Izuku thought.


“Izuku says you smell good.” Nana said for him.


Nana!!! I didn’t mean to say that out loud!!!’ he thought at her.


“Why thank you Deku!” Melissa said with a smile as she pressed her now naked body to his. Her skin was so soft, smooth, and warm, Izuku could feel his cock throbbing in response to the feel of it against him. The blonde girl then kissed him again, and Nana returned the kiss in kind for him. Their tongue’s mingled, slipping and sliding against each other as both of them tried to suck the other’s tongue into their mouth.


“Mmmmmmh…” Nana and Melissa cooed together, and Nana reached his hand out to grab a handful of her big soft tit. She gently kneaded the soft pliant mound and moved her hand around to grip as much as she could.


“Hmmm, you know, this does feel pretty nice in the hand, so I think I get why men like boobs so much now.” Nana said.


Melissa giggled, “This must really be quite the unique experience for you Nana.”


“Yeah, I’ll say.” Nana replied.


“Well, then make sure you pay close attention to this then.” Melissa said as she raised her hips up high as she grabbed Izuku’s cock. She then guided it into her own pussy and let out a slow moan as it slid into her sopping wet hole.


“Oh! Oooooooh…” Nana groaned, “Oh god… Oh my go~d…” Nana moaned, “This… Ahhh, it feels so, so good… I can’t even describe it!” she moaned in his voice.


Melissa chuckled and slowly took his entire length inside herself, her abdomen tenting outward as his cock stretched out her womb! “Ahhhh…” the blonde girl gasped, “So thiiiiick, mmmmmmh… I’m so full… So very full inside… Ah, Deku… Your cock feels so good…!” she moaned softly as Izuku felt her round ass settle on top of his balls as she took every inch inside. She then moved her hips in a slow circular motion, stirring his dick around inside her. The phallic shaped lump in her belly moved along with her and Nana groaned again in pleasure.


“Wa… Wait…” Nana said softly, still groaning, “I… I should move, burn out this kid’s stamina a bit more.”


“Okay.” Melissa agreed as she leaned herself down, and Izuku relished the feel of her bare tits pressing against his chest, the way her stiff, bright pink nipples pushed against his skin as the blonde kissed him again as she rolled the two of them over, placing his body on top of hers for a moment. When Nana leaned up again, Melissa switched to lay on all fours, presenting her ass to him enticingly. Slowly, Nana moved his body to slide his cock back inside Melissa’s pussy with a soft wet noise as his massive cock slid into her.


Nana moaned as she began to move, but it was awkward, she moved his hips in the wrong way, as though she were still in her own body. ‘Ahhh, this feels so weird…’ she thought, her voice moaning inside his head, ‘Why… Why does it feel so good!? I can barely think!


“Here Nana, let me…” Melissa said, reaching her hand back to grab his butt, “I’m guessing you’ve never been on the giving end of a man’s cock.”


“Ahh…ah… D… Duh…!” Nana panted, “Have you?”


“Kinda,” Melissa confessed with a blush, “There’s a girl here at UA I’ve experimented with a bit. She’s quite good at making fun little toys for the girls at Busteez to use with female customers.”


Huh!?’ Izuku thought, ‘Hatsume!?


“That crazy girl with the pink hair?” Nana asked him aloud.


Melissa giggled, “Yeah, Mei’s a character, but I think because of her I can help you.” she told Nana. “Hmmmmmmh, god you’re big Deku…” Melissa said, then spoke to Nana again, “Move like this.” she told her and pressed her hand against his ass, showing Nana the correct motion to use for this position. “It feels straaaange… At first… Mmmmmh, yeah, like that…” Melissa moaned as Nana picked up on things quickly.


“Ohhhh…” Nana groaned, “Yeah, this feels soooo much better! I was trying to move like I did with my husband before.”


Melissa giggled, “Sorry, just, hearing Deku’s voice say that!” she said between moans and laughter.


“Yeah, sorry kid!” Nana apologized.


We can never tell anyone about this…’ Izuku thought through the pleasure of feeling his cock sliding in and out of Melissa’s tight pussy.


Not a soul.’ Nana thought back at him with her own voice. “Mmmmmh, ohhh, yeah, this feels so great!” she then groaned aloud.


“Mmmmmh, yeah it does…” Melissa moaned as she rolled her hips in time with his, stirring his cock around inside her more. “N… Now, grab my hips, hmmmmmmm….” she moaned, “Lift my ass up and hold on tight… Ahhhh, yesssss. Just like thaaaat…” she moaned as Nana did as told.


“Oh, I know this position.” Nana said, “I think I got this now. Hey kid, pay attention, next lesson on One for All!” she said as Izuku felt her calling on their quirk again. The red lines cracked all over his body as he felt the power slowly build inside from one to ten percent like before. Nana manipulated it so easily, he could tell exactly what percentage she was using as she began slowly moving her hips. Beneath him, Melissa grabbed a pillow out of nowhere and covered her face with it.


MMMMMMMMMHMMMMMMMMM!” Melissa moaned through the pillow as her pussy sprayed around his cock instantly.


“Oh, you like that blondie?” Nana asked, “Then, how about, THIS!” she said with his voice as she pulled his cock back until just the tip was inside the girl, then slammed his length all the way inside, making Melissa’s big tits bounce and jiggle erotically, “Annnd THIS!!!!” Nana said as she repeated the motion, “Annnnd, THIIIIS!!!!” she howled and moaned as she began swinging his hips at high speed. “‘OOOOOH FUUUUCK!!!’” Nana and Izuku groaned as his cock became a blur of motion. The loud SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP of his balls against the girls creamy thighs was the only thing he could hear along with their combined moaning.


Ahhhh, kid, this feels so good!!!! I… I Can’t stop!!! Don’t wanna stoooop!’ Nana thought at him as Izuku listened to himself groaning as his cock kept slamming into Melissa, her belly stretching up and down with his thick length as the girl screamed in pleasure into his pillow! Her pussy clenched around his cock, spraying hot heady smelling juices every time Nana buried his dick inside her.


DEKUUUUU…!” Melissa moaned through his pillow, her voice still loud even with the big wad of memory foam muffling the sound.


Ahhhh, Melissa… This feels so good!’ Izuku thought, and Nana repeated his words to her.


MMMMMPH!!!” Melissa moaned through his pillow again, pressing it against her face more as she screamed, “Haaa… Harder…. Haaaarderrrrr!!!”


“Heh, you know some very kinky girls kid.” Nana said as she pushed One for All up to twelve percent. “OH YESSSSS…!” she groaned as the pleasure washed over them both like a wave. Arcs of green energy sparked over his body and through his cock as Melissa let go of the pillow and gripped the sheet of his bed tightly.




HMMMPH HMMMPH HMMMPH!!!” Nana grunted with every thrust before she pushed his cock all the way into Melissa just as Izuku’s cum began pouring into her like a flood! The young woman’s belly swelled instantly, her womb completely filled with just a single spurt, then another, and another, and another! The blonde pulled the pillow away from her face, and Izuku worried Nana might have broken her from the look of utter ecstasy on her face.




The rude sound was Izuku’s cum rapidly squirting out around his cock as his erection finally began to recede. Without the sheer thickness of his cock to hold the cum inside, it quickly drained from Melissa completely soaking the area around them. Izuku knew he should have felt bad about having made such a mess on some of his favorite sheets, but he couldn’t make himself care as a wave of relief washed over him.


“Ah heh… Heh heh heh…” Melissa giggled, her face still in full ahegao.


“Hey girl, you still with us?” Nana asked.


In response Melissa held up a hand and snapped her fingers twice. A tiny spherical device floated up and out of a pocket on her dress on the floor. It looked like something Izuku had seen Mei working on last year, only smaller. The device floated over to hover over Melissa as she held her hands in a double peace gesture. There was a tiny flash.


“Um, is that a camera?” Nana asked.


“Uh huh…” Melissa nodded, “Jusht, nheed a mhinute…” she panted, her words badly slurred.


Nana got off the bed and stretched. Izuku felt several joints popping in his back at Nana’s moved, “Wow, you need to start working on your flexibility kid.” she said aloud.


“Actually…. You’re still thinking with a woman’s body.” Melissa said as she sat up, “Izuku’s joints are a little different.” she told Nana, her voice sounding clearer now.


“Maybe, but it still wouldn’t hurt.” Nana said, then winced at the pain in Izuku’s broken pinky finger, “Speaking of hurt, let’s go see Chi-chi after we get cleaned up.”



MMMMMMMMHWA!” Recovery Girl said as she finished kissing Izuku’s hand and her lips pulled back to her face a couple feet away.


“Ahhh, that feels so much better,” Nana said as she took the split off of his finger and flexed his pinky several times, “Thank’s Chi-chi!”


“Ah, I swear, if you hadn’t explained everything to me, I’d knock you upside your head again for calling me that!” Recovery Girl said as she shook her cane at him. “I still can barely believe you’re still conscious and alive inside One for All Nana.”


Melissa had come with Izuku and Nana to the nurses office where they found Recovery Girl doing her regular paperwork. Thankfully no one else was there when Nana immediately called her by that nickname, which got Izuku a solid smack to his skull from her cane! She then sat down in one of the spare seats and listened quietly while Nana explained everything again.


“Well, I wouldn’t say we’re all ‘alive’ in here.” Nana said in his voice as she tapped a finger to Izuku’s forehead, “But yeah, we’re all conscious. I remember everything about my life, the good and the bad. And my death.”


“Amazing.” Recovery Girl said, “The scientist in me is just fascinated by all of this,” she said, “But the nurse in me worries that this means one of you might try and forcibly take control of Izuku or any other future holders.”


“Nah, this is a unique situation.” Nana said. “I think Daigoro might have influenced the kid slightly at his bachelor party, but even doing that was a massive undertaking. He looked like a ghost even from our point of view for a while after that.”


Huh!?’ Izuku thought inside his mind.


“Remember when you went a little nuts with the Camera Hog girl at your party?” Nana asked aloud, “That was him, he got a liiittle fed up with how much you were holding back. But like I said, he faded a little for a good while after that. Asserting even a little control over the current holder must be incredibly taxing. None of the others have ever tried, and after that, I don’t think they ever will.”


Oh, um, SORRY!’ Izuku called out in his mind. But there was no reply.


“Then, what would you call Deku’s current state?” Melissa asked, finally speaking up.


“Well, I happened to be checking in on him when we got hit by that Locking-In Quirk. Most of the time, the previous holders live inside a memory of our own. I guess you could call it a kind of Heaven. When we want, we can look through the eyes of the current holder, feel their senses, see surface memories, but not much else. Communicating directly with Izuku has always been difficult, at first I needed his mind to be quiet enough to hear me. And even then it was like screaming at the top of my lungs.” Nana explained through him.


So that’s why you never replied.’ Izuku thought at her.


Nana nodded his head, “When you were hit with that Quirk, I actually felt you getting knocked out of the “driver’s seat” to paraphrase it. At first, I didn’t think there was anything I could do, but then, with a little effort,” Nana shrugged and held up his hands.


“I know a little of Locked-in syndrome, coupling that with what you’ve told me of One for All and the previous holders, I think I can understand how this happened.” Recovery Girl said. “You said the villain mentioned his Quirk lasts for two days with its victims?”


“At least, he said.” Nana told her with a nod.


“Well, it stands to reason that by this time Sunday, you will be back to normal Mr. Midoriya, if not, then we’ll just figure things out when we get there.” Recovery Girl said.


“For now, I think we should excuse you from classes for the day.” Melissa said.


“I agree.” said Recovery Girl.


“Nah,” Nana said, “While I don’t lament missing English, this is a great chance to help Izuku learn more control over One for All. I have perfect mastery, and can help him learn to feel how to use it.”


“Hmmm… This is against my better judgement, but you do have a point Nana, I’d rather you learn more control and not need me to restore any more broken bones. Or little Eri for that matter, I heard how she fixed your legs, but it’s still very dangerous for her to use her quirk.” said Recovery Girl as she pulled a slip from a drawer on her desk. “I’ll write you a pass for Midoriya’s missed classes so far, just give this and the after-action report to his teacher.” she said as she scribbled something over the paper. Nana took the slip and placed it in the pocket of Izuku’s school uniform.


“Thanks, Chi-chi,” Nana said.


“And stop calling me that!!! It just sounds wrong coming out of his mouth!” Recovery Girl yelled at them.


“What’s this Chi-chi thing?” Melissa asked. “I think it’s a cute nickname.”


“Oh, back when I knew her, Chiyo here was quiiite the busty beauty. I called her Chi-chi as a little joke at her tits because they were bigger than her hea–mmmph!” Nana explained, but was cut off when the nurse covered Izuku’s mouth with one hand and began banging on the top of his head with her cane.


“Knock it off Nana!!! Oh! Sorry Midoriya, I know you felt that too…” Recovery Girl said, stopping suddenly and letting go.


“Ooooh!” Melissa said, understanding lighting up in her blue eyes, “I get it, Chi-chi, cute!”


“Now don’t you start little miss!” Recovery Girl warned, “You’re not so old I can’t bend you over my knee you know!”


“I don’t know Chi-chi, she might like that.” Nana said.


NANA!!!!” Izuku, Recovery Girl, and Melissa all said together.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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18 days ago

To everyone,
Last year there was an incident on RTenzo’s Discord server. There I accused Enzo of having nothing to do with the MHA story series and taking credit for it anyway. This is not true, Enzo and I had equal parts in the overall plot designs of the series as a whole. His ideas make up a solid half of the story itself, such as the Organic Creation ability, with Deku’s cum as the catalyst. Tsuyu’s feelings for Deku developing, and several others.
The story is not, and never has been 100% my idea, and I am deeply sorry to have misled everyone in that fact.
I want to apologize to you and Enzo for my behavior, and going forward I will do me best to continue to bring you the best stories I am capable of. I hope you will all enjoy reading them as I do writing them.

18 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Yo Sailor, if someone is blackmailing or holding you at gunpoint to say that blink three times fast…
lol just kidding.
It’s really nice to see everyone getting along well again. I’ll definitely be back in the near future to enjoy more art and stories as they’re being posted.
Thanks everybody for the good job and I’ll see y’all in the next one.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
2 days ago

My my my what a amazing chapter! The return of sailor mha and it’s bigger than ever as the artwork is simply just amazing with Melissa’s massive tits and ass! The concept of the story is also new and very very interesting as deku preparing for his date with the frog princess he stops a criminal like the hero he is! Only to get paralyzed by the villain and be saved by nana! Now she is controlling his body and gets into some hot situations! I also love the idea of nana teaching deku how to properly regularly his use of one for all thru is body. A little while later they run into meilssa and some fun and hot sex begin! I truly appreciate the time and love went into this story as nana learns why we guys go while around pretty girls! Some very hot sex happens and it’s amazing! Also thinking about recovery girl in her youth? Oh wow.

1 day ago

Thanks man, but I gotta ask, what knocked half a point off?

7 days ago

im sorry but i cant stop picturing deku’s finger flopping around during sex XD

16 days ago

And we’re back! This is my favorite story on here so it’s nice to see it come back! And this is a great way to start off the the 3rd season. I can’t wait for more!

17 days ago

this is master piece both art and story i give you 100 score.the best thing about this story was nana becaus controlling deku body and i have a suggestion i really like when deku use one for all power but if his dick grow bigger would be so much better i enjoyed thank you

17 days ago
Reply to  ironman

Thank you very much! I’ll see what I can do for that request, it all depends on the image I am provided with.

17 days ago

well damn this is so long XD

17 days ago

I had a looooooong time to work on it. And this was just the first half. The next half is about as long. Then there’ll be the actual date chapter, but I’ll try and keep that one a little shorter.

17 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

i mean it makes sense. you had entire series of time to work on it. 😀 havent read it yet tho. way too long.

17 days ago

Take this as you will. Deku is now aroused by dick for this two day period

17 days ago
Reply to  Jose

Lol, not quite

16 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Nana said she was being turned on by izukus dick tho

16 days ago
Reply to  Jose

In this instance, yes, but there’s a twist next chapter.

15 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh shitt. I’ll stay tuned lol

17 days ago

It would be so dope if someone was able to animate your stories. Maybe the people who make hentai anime. Like a really good animator that would make it so good that you would be surprised that it isn’t an official anime.

18 days ago

Are Melissa and Deku falling in love? Like do they have feelings for each other?

18 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

Yes and no… They’re solidly in the Friends With Benifits zone right now. There are tentative plans for something else with Melissa later, but I haven’t discussed them with Enzo yet. A whole separate arch needs to happen before that.

18 days ago

Being excited for the new season of MHA because…
… Even More cool parts of the manga are going to be adapted to anime, and even more people can enjoy it: X
… More MHA stories by Sailorlo: O (yeeah babyy !!!)

Story and art good as always. Maybe it’s just me but I noticed the cellulite was toned down a bit (or that might be the shading) but I think that was very wise since (unfortunately) not everybody appreciates it. More good Melissa hentai is always a win imo. This chapter was good, and now that I remebered, Deku is dating both Tsuyu AND Uraraka in these stories. That opens so many possibilities to one of my favorite couples, and I’ll be here to read the other new chapters too as they come out.
Godspeed, bros.

18 days ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

Yup, it was Ochaco’s idea too. The next chapter is already finished and up on my patreon. I need to do some quick shorts, but then I hope to have the third one done before next Saturday.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
18 days ago

WOW. Those assets are beyond huge. Pretty unusual to have such a balanced set of tits and ass but it works. What doesn’t work, in my mind, is the large distance between them. the little bit of her back that we see makes it look like she has a much larger one, if it was connected with her lower body. Melissa’s ahegao expression is pretty sexy though. Nice cum version. Nothing special but the one spurting out of her pussy and running down Midoriya’s cock is, as always, appreciated. Now, I really like the makeup version. Melissa’s makeup is certainly a unique shade and unlike anything seen before. And while I like the tattoo on her enormous ass, it’s perhabs just a bit too cursive for mee. The different colors make it stand out and the words used are pretty in character.

I hope it is not too complicated to still get into the story because I haven’t really read the first two seasons of it. What I’ve read in this chapter so far was pretty good and I can certainly see some parallels to the other MHA story from SS22132. It does read itself different and one easily notices the difference between you two. I still hope that Rtenzo allows me to write my own One Piece series, so reading a fanfiction on your level, with such a detailed world, might be good to gather some experience. The start of the season was pretty good as well, with Midoriya managing to defeat a villain with Nana’s help. The whole “Nana now controlls his body-thing” seems a bit weird but does lead to some nice stuff. Namely the sex scene with Melissa, which you can either say was “softcore-futanari” (because Nana was fucking Melissa xd) or a threesome (because Midoriya was part of the fun as well). Whatever the case, great fuck and the chemistry with the three came off pretty good. Funny ending with the Chi-Chi stuff and Recovery Girls reactions towards their antics. I also quite like the technology/hologram part since it allows for a pretty good explanation for the, at times, pretty exotic locations.

Great start for a new season, can’t wait to see more. Nothing special but the cellulite shading was quite nice to see after quite a while without it.

18 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Thanks man. And thanks for the kind words of trying to learn from my style. I refined it over the course of roughly 25 years. Mostly through reading a LOT. Though it’s still a great novel, read Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, as early an edition as possible, that’s a great example of what NOT to do as far as paragraph structure goes. The story itself is amazing, but how he has multiple characters speaking in the same paragraph is confusing at times. His later entries fixed that issue.

Going over what little of All Might’s history that has been covered, it stands to reason Nana and Recovery Girl might have known each other. And I see Nana as having been playful and all. As with a nickname that RG hated. I have some big plans coming for RG if I can swing them.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
18 days ago

So beyond happy the MHA Busteez is back ! And kicking off with a grand slam chapter !

Now admittedly, i’m bias with positivity for this chapter since it focuses on two of my top favorite side characters Nana and Melissa.

To start off, if it hasn’t been said before really on board with the plot point of having Nana be a continuous presence with Izuku. Plus having Izuku and Melissa interacting more which is something I’m really glad to see.

Seeing that this will be something that likely will continually build on is a great idea that I hope to see more of and as for the sex, that stays top notch as usual but having Nana take over and tap Melissa is something I never thought would happen but highly welcomed !

Great job Sailor !

Lastly, just so it’s clear that I only come back here solely out of request, respect and support of this great series and even moreso fantastic writer.
Can’t wait for more.

Last edited 18 days ago by Jinchuuriki Jay
18 days ago

Thanks for the support man. Things between Rtenzo and I are resolved now, so you can support my work without the need to speak ill of him.

18 days ago

And allow ME to be clear… If you’re not here on my site to tangentially support my works and only pop up to throw shade, then you don’t need to be here. Whether you accept reality or not, my finger prints is all over this series since the beginning of season 1 and I will continue to help influence/shape it into season 3… Appreciate your support of our story though 👍

14 days ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

Can you do Shigaraki x Nana next?

18 days ago

I hope we’ll see more of mitsuki, I absolutely love the relationship she has with deku!

Last edited 18 days ago by Whitis
18 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

Me too, Mitsuki is so fun.

18 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Is it possible to make an arc where mitsuki decides to spend more time with or go on a trip with deku but it’s actually her deciding it’s time to corrupt deku by taking him ‘under her wing’ and making him partake in some of the most extreme debauchery with her and others so that she can make him more depraved, lustful, horny, and kinky?

18 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

Well, there IS something I’ve been working on… Falls along those lines, slightly, though Mitsuki isn’t one of the women there, I suppose it’s not too late to add her, but who to remove? But maybe Deku can handle ten ladies? What do you think?

17 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Two girls a day, five days a week, resting the other two? Might be able to make it work…

17 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I think deku can handle ten ladies that includes mitsuki and Melissa right. He has the size he just needs the stamina to match. What deku needs is to fuck non stop which doubles training and afterwards the ten ladies are gonna wonder if their gonna be enough to sate deku’s new unstoppable libido.

10 days ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

I think it’d depend on how his quirk effects his cock and/or balls. If he can refill his balls and keep his cock hard using his quirk he’d be slamming pussy non-stop for days. I feel like he holds himself back all the time because he doesn’t want to impose on people, but if he’s in a position when embracing his entire libido can save people I feel like he’d be able to fuck and nut non-stop for days.

17 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

Whitis if you wanna discuss your idea further, email me, can’t make any promises, but I’d like to hear your ideas

18 days ago

This was a really fun chapter. First off it has one of my many Melissa commissions as the picture, and it’s also a heavy Melissa chapter. I think the set up in this chapter was really interesting, the concept of a quirk that just basically puts you on hold is simple but extremely effective as shown here.

Using that to then allow for a semi take over of Deku’s body and give Nana screen time was a nice touch as well. This allows us to really explore her character for a while as well as show us hints of what Deku will be able to do in the future when he gets more mastery of One For All.

The sex scene was really nice as well, it’s a softer more guided session which allows Melissa to be sort of a big sister by teaching someone how to enjoy sex as a man which is different from two lovers learning about each other. I’m very curious how the rest of this storyline is gonna play out, especially the date with Tsuyu later.

Very good job, I liked the plotline and sex scene in this chapter quite a bit.

18 days ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Thanks man. This chapter was a blast to write! Admittedly it was inspired by an old episode of House, just no metal poisoning as the cause. Having Melissa be the first to encounter them in this condition was fun as well.