Chizurus Succulent Stripper Seduction

Chizuru Honshō had won the lottery of all lottery’s, through a raffle she place her name in, Chizuru had won one of the greatest prizes at Busteez, that prize being the Salt Shaker lineup. The Salt Shaker prize came once a year where one lucky patron gets there very own VIP suite, a large room complete with a bar, a stripper stage, and an upstairs bed room with a king size bed and a massive collection of kinky toys and much, much, more. And each day is spent with a new Busteez girl, each girl is there to serve the clients every desire. It used to be that the winner of the Salt Shaker prize would get one girl an hour, but most men (with a few exceptions) can’t physically handle all the girls in one night, so now there given 10 days with one girl each, and the best part is all the expenses are on the house.


Before Chizuru could settled in, she hyperactively explored the whole VIP sweet. There was a hot tub, a room size closet full of costumes, and side rooms with exotic themes, including a dungeon, a classroom, and nurse’s office among others. A stripper stage next to an open bar, unfortunately Chizuru isn’t’ old enough to drink. She runs up a spiral staircase, to see the king size heart shaped bed with a wall of toys lined up like trophy’s. Chizuru tongue hangs out and she drools like a dog.


“10 days! With 10 girls! 10 busty, voluptuous, sweet smelling, soft smoothed skinned, sexy beautiful girls!!!”


She wipes her mouth, and goes down the stairs and sits at the bar. The door opens and a cart of food is rolled in, Chizuru see’s it’s a cart of sushi, and delicious treats. She had thought it was simply room service, till she looked up at the one pushing the cart, a purple hair beauty with black tattoo marks under her eyes, she has a robe on, but despite the robe being large it did little to hide the voluptuous hourglass figure.


“Hi, I’m Kirio Hikifune, and I will be your dish for the night.”


“….My ….dish?”


Chizuru asked confused, but awestruck by the sexy older woman. Hikifune pulled the sash holding her robe together, and let it fall to the floor; she has only a skin tight leather bra and panties on, with her name on it.


“Yes, I’m going to be your dish tonight, all of your meals will be served on my body, I hope you save room for me, because your dinner won’t be the only thing you eat tonight.”


Hikifune winks and smiles, but she’s very nervous, she’s caught wind of some horror story’s involving the notorious Chizuru Honshō. In the dressing room of Busteez, Chizuru has gained quite a few nicknames, super lesbo, or lesbanator, the women that work at Busteez don’t mind if customers get playful, in fact many girls encourage it, but Chizuru has been known to wear out some of the lovely lady’s. Motorboating, groping, kissing and licking, she’s worst then most of the male clienteles combined.


“My specialty is dinner and a show, except I always give a show first.”


Hikifune claps her hands and the music blares up and fills the room, it’s followed by a loud clacking sound, coming from Hikifune high heels as she steps up on stage. She first razed her arms in the air and start moving her chest back and forth, Chizuru eyes follow mesmerized by the supple breast that sway hypnotically.


“Many guys have trouble hearing anything we say once they feast their eyes on our bodies, they can’t even focus enough to remember our names, so we print it on some of our clothing. Once they have a good look at these tits, they never forget them or the name printed on them.”


Hikifune turns around, her ass is huge, Chizuru can barely stay in her seat. Hikifune bends down in to a lewd stripper squat, jutting out her buns, making Chizuru drool.


“That’s quite the slab of meat you’re serving up, it’s absolutely mouthwatering.”


Chizuru whips her mouth and motions closer, like a coyote finding a steak in the woods. Hikifune looks over her shoulder a little nervous.


“Now, now, your get the full course meal, but first… OHHFFF!!!”


Chizuru face plants directly in to Hikifune’s huge ass, she launched dead center like a dart on a dart board. She bites the leather panties and rips them off with her teeth. Hikifune lies on her stomach trying to recover from the impact, but she has a hard time getting up while Chizuru’s face is buried between her ass cheeks, and the young girls tongue slithering around like a snake.


“Hay, what are you doing!?”


“I’m just warming up my meal. I could eat this all day.”


“AHH! OHH! I’m glad you enjoy eating out, HHAAA! But if you keep this up you’re going to burn the roast!”


“Enough of the food metaphors! I get it, you like to cook! Well do you know what my favorite dish is, TACOS!”




Hikifune kicks Chizuru off her.


“Let’s calm down for a moment, if you’re so impatient we can skip dinner and get started on dessert.”


Hikifune takes a whipped cream can off her cart, she starts decorating her body with cream and fruit, and lies on her back.


“Your treats are served, eat’em up nice and slow.”


Chizuru eyes sparkle, she walks on her hands and knees over to her “plate”. Chizuru slowly bends down and starts at Hikifune feet, and nibbled her way up her leg to the plump thighs. She lingers around Hikifune’s pussy, but reluctantly moved on to lick up the cream on her tummy, her eyes glare when she gazed at the mountain size tits. Chizuru ate the strawberries off the end of each breast, and then spirals her tongue around licking off all the cream. She plays with both breast, sucking both nipples at the same time, Hikifune moans from the stimulation, she can tell this isn’t the first time the young redhead has sucked on immense boobs. Once Chizuru had her fill of tits, she kisses her way down to dine on Hikifunes pussy.


Hikifune’s spine tingles, as Chizuru kisses her inner thighs, she can already feel her pussy getting wetter in anticipation.


“Oh my, normally I like a good hard dicking, us girls at Busteez don’t get nearly as many female clients as we do men, but something about the way yo-!!!! HOOOOLY!!! FUUUUCK!!! I’M?!?!?! I’M CUMMING!!!”


It came so fast it felt almost unprompted, Hikifune came faster and harder than she ever had before. Her thighs clamp together, crushing Chizuru head between them, her back arches and her eyes go cross. Soon another orgasm hits her, this happens again, and again, till she has 6 chain orgasms. Her huge tits bounce around from her chest heaving, she tries caching her breath after cumming so hard.


“WOW! OH MY GOD! WOW! (gasp) I’ve never cum 6 times in a row like that!”


Chizuru looks up from between her legs, her glasses are foggy.


“I call that move the chainsaw, and now I’m going to take you upstairs and show you the sit and spin.”


Chizuru carry’s Hikifune to the bedroom, she lays her down and strips completely naked, before diving in the bed after her. Hikifune is now in for a long night with the crazed lesbian.


(Story by Kringles311)

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