Charity Calender Shinobi


“You know, when I got brought back to life… this isn’t exactly what I pictured myself doing,” Kushina muttered in a very soft voice, but the sharp ears of her companion were able to make it out.


Fuu snorted very quietly as she adjusted her position, feeling her already present blush deepen. “And you think I did?” she replied, her voice just as quiet. “I knew there was a reason I didn’t go out getting drunk… you know, besides all the people trying to kill me or turn me into a living weapon.”


“Looking great, ladies!” the photographer called out to them, still snapping away, getting pictures of them from all kinds of angles. He was, however, careful to keep things just this side of decency.


Since he was photographing two very good looking women who were embracing each other while only wearing tiny bikini tops, this was harder than it sounded.


“Just a few more and we’ll be done. Thanks again for volunteering for the photoshoot; I know we’ll make a lot of money for the charity! So many children will have homes after this!” Kushina was proud of his son for doing all he could to help rebuild the Leaf village after the 4th Ninja War, but maybe Jiraiya might have influenced him too much with these ideas.


Kushina and Fuu did their best to keep smiling, even as they felt like crawling into a hole from mortification. They hadn’t exactly volunteered; rather, they had gotten very, very drunk as part of the celebration for being alive again and ended up signing up then.


They had very few memories of that night, but since both were proud women, and it was for a charity, they decided to go along with it. After all, how bad could it be?


You would think they would have known better than to tempt fate like that…


So that’s how they found themselves in the middle of a field, half naked, in a very intimate embrace, while having pictures taken of them to be plastered across the world.


They were never going to hear the end of this, they both knew it.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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