Chapter 0: The Beginning

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Ugh, stop fidgeting Hinata!” Sakura chided the dark haired young woman as they ascended the stairs.


“Are you sure this dress is okay?” Hinata asked, “I mean, my whole butt is hanging out…”


“It’s fine, trust me, we’ll knock their cocks off!” Sakura assured her as she again took a look at Hinata’s tits as they bounced up and down with her every step.


She pouted quietly as she looked at Hinata’s outfit, a sexy red dress that was barely held onto her body by all her curves. And as she stated before, it was REALLY open back, her whole ass was visible as well as the fact she wasn’t wearing any panties.


Tsunade wasn’t a daring, but her outfit was several decades too young for her for those that knew her actual age. Thinking of Tsunade, Sakura turned to look at the blonde as they brought up the rear of their procession. She chewed her lower lip as she looked at those gigantic breasts, barely held in place by her top! ‘It’s okay, it’s okay…’ she thought, ‘This is just an introduction. Besides, out of everyone here, I STILL have the best ass!


She slapped her hand against her shapely big butt, straining to stay inside the shorts she had on. A few weeks ago, Anko had told them about her new side job working at a sex club called Busteez. On the surface it was basically like any other strip club. But for the V.I.P. members, paying extraordinary sums could live out their most perverted fantasies with the dancers. All of the girls were VERY well paid, and any one of them could turn down servicing a client should they choose.


Tsunade wanted to sign on first, and Sakura followed not long after. She and Sasuke’s relationship was open after all, and as a woman, Sakura had needs as well! Getting Hinata to join them had been tricky, though Sakura still didn’t know how her teacher had talked the dark haired young woman into coming with them.


As they neared the door to the office Tsunade spoke up, “Alright girls, remember the pose we practiced.” she said as she knocked. When it opened the three women all stood in the pose they had practiced as Tsunade spoke up, “Hello sir, we’re here to apply for the open positions at Busteez, here for your personal inspection!”


All of their jaws then dropped as they found Kakashi standing on the other end of the door. Even with half his face covered, you could always tell he was grinning from ear to ear. He was dressed in a long gray bathrobe and sandals and his typical scarf covering half his face.


“Ladies, please come in.” he said, stepping aside for them.


“Kakashi-sensei, wha…why…? I thought we were meeting the manager…” Sakura stammered, blushing bright red at wearing such a provocative outfit in front of her old teacher.


“You are, I’m the manager the Busteez, now, we should get started.” he told them as he moved over to a large couch set to one side of the office. Untying his robe, he sat down; exposing the biggest cock Sakura had ever seen before!


“We’ll start with your oral skills; I’ve taken a special stamina medicine, so each of you can see if you can make me cum. I’ll give more consideration if any of you can deepthroat me.” he explained.


Tsunade nodded, stripping off her top and kneeling down between Kakashi’s legs, mashing her giant tits around the man’s huge cock before she easily took the top half down her throat. “Ma…Master!!?” Sakura said with a gasp, even as her pussy started getting damp as she watched the blonde begin bobbing her head up and down.


“Mmmmmh, very impressive Tsunade…” Kakashi groaned, and then turned to both girls. “Well, while you two wait your turns, start making out, a lot of the customers are gonna want to watch some girl-on-girl action.”


Hinata and Sakura looked at one another nervously. “O…okay!” Sakura said, steeling her resolve as she stripped off her own top and grabbed Hinata. The dark haired girl gasped as the other covered her mouth with her own and grabbed her exposed ass in both hands. She was determined to get this job, and she wasn’t gonna let a little thing like having her old teacher watching deter her!


She felt Hinata stiffen in her arms for a moment before the dark haired girl moaned softly and relaxed. She gently pushed her tongue past her lips, tasting her and drawing her tongue back into her own mouth.


“Mmmmmmh…” Hinata purred and moved to wrap her own arms around Sakura’s waist. Sakura giggled softly and traced the fingers of one hand between Hinata’s shapely asscheeks. With her other hand she reached up and tugged down the top half of her dress, exposing those huge tits and pressing them against her own!


“Ahhh… Mmmmmh… Sakura…” Hinata panted as their lips smacked against one another.


“Mmmmmh, your tits are so big and soft…” Sakura whispered back as she rubbed her own chest against the other girls.


“Nhooo, dohn’t shay thingsh like that… It’sh embarrashing…” Hinata slurred around her tongue.


Sakura giggled and gave the other girls ass a slap, making her squeak like a mouse, honestly it was adorable. Her peridot eyes then glanced back to Kakashi and Tsunade. Sakura gulped quietly at the way her master was deepthroating him, her neck visibly bulging around his cock as it slid in and out of her mouth! Kakashi let out a low groan of pleasure as he watched her and Hinata.


“That’s it ladies, keep going… Mmmmh…” he groaned softly while Tsunade fondled his balls in one hand.


MMMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH…” Tsunade moaned around his cock, deepthroating his entire length on every down stroke.


Gulping again at the sight, Sakura turned back to Hinata, kissing her harder, sucking that warm wet tongue back into her mouth. Hinata squirmed against her, letting out a low mewling sound as Sakura hugged their half naked bodies together. She then moved one hand down to grab the plump creamy cheek of her ass, loving how soft, yet firm, it felt in her hand. Hinata clearly hadn’t been neglecting her training!


“Mmmmmmh…” Hinata cooed again as Sakura slipped her hand a little deeper between the thighs of the raven haired girl. She suppressed a giggle when she discovered that Hinata was SOAKING WET! Sakura’s fingers easily slipped inside her. She was almost surprised that Hinata wasn’t a virgin, though part of her wondered if it was Naruto who popped that cherry or not. The two of them had only been dating or just under a year now. Sakura quickly decided it didn’t matter, after all, Sasuke had taken her virginity on their first real date around the same time that Naruto got his head out of his ass and admitted his feelings for Hinata.


OHHHHHH… OOOHHHHHHH, AHHHHHAAAAA…. OHHHH FUUUUUCK!!!!” Sakura heard Tsunade howling. Breaking her kiss with Hinata, she turned to see the blonde woman sitting back on Kakashi’s lap! That huge dick buried inside her pussy, the sheer length of it making a just barely discernible lump on her otherwise flat belly as it slid in and out.


OH FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK SO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!” Tsunade screamed, rocking and rolling her hips in a circular motion as Kakashi leaned back in his seat. The womans massive tits jiggled and wobbled around wildly, her huge nipples looked almost painfully stiff as she pinched and tugged them with her own hands.


“Mmmmmmh, that’s it Tsunade, move your hips just…. Ahhhh Just like that…” Kakashi groaned, leaning his head back and letting out another groan. To Sakura’s shock, his mask slid off his face, exposing the other half of his face. ‘Heh, what Naruto and Sasuke would give to see this!‘ she thought as she took in her old teachers full face. Surprisingly, it was kinda plain, matching the profile given by the cloth that covered it. The only thing that stands out was the birthmark by his mouth.


Turning away from the scene, Sakura readied to kiss Hinata again when she suddenly found herself being tackled to the floor! The already struggling fabric of her shorts finally gave way with a loud echoing ‘RIIIIIP!‘ as the seems on the sides tore away, leaving her bottom half as naked as her top.


“Wah!!!” she gasped as she fell flat on her back. She then looked down just in time to see Hinata grabbing both of her breasts in her hands. Sakura let out a low moan as the dark haired girl wrapped her soft lips around one exposed nipple, swirling her tongue around it like an expert!


“Ahh, Hinataaaaa…” Sakura cooed, feeling herself getting wet now at the feel of the other girl nibbling on her soft pink nipple. Hinata then grabbed the tattered remains of her shorts and tossed them aside like so much trash. The dark haired girl then wormed her way out of her dress kicking it aside before moving up to rub their now naked bodies together.


“Mmmmmh, that’s better.” she said with a giggle as their tits pressed against one another. Sakura was still irritated at how Hinata’s jugs still dwarfed her own, but she didn’t mind admitting they felt very nice rubbing against her. Their lips found one another again and Sakura moaned into the other girls mouth as their tongues wrestled for dominance.


Sakura pushed Hinata down onto her back, kissing her hardert as they rubbed their bodies together. The pink haired girl cooed happily at the soft warm feel of Hinata’s body against her own as her hands explored all over her body.


“Mmmmh, Sakura…” Hinata moaned softly.


Giggling softly, Sakura kissed the dark haired girl again. She was rather enjoying this, showing off her body for Kakashi turned her on even as Tsunade buried his face in her tits. “Hinata, there’s something I’ve always wanted to try.”


“Huh, wh…what?” Hinata asked.


Sakura got up and told the dark haired girl to stay on her back. She then moved to lay back in an opposite position before lacing her legs with Hinata’s. She marveled at how smooth Hinata’s legs were. So long and pale, with the perfect amount of thickness to her thighs. Honestly it made her jealous!


“Move with me.” she told Hinata once she had her cunt pressed against the other girls.


“Ohh, I know this position!” Hinata said in understanding.


“Always the quiet ones…” Sakura muttered to herself as she and the other girl began rubbing their neatly shaven pussies together. “Mmmmmh… Ahhh… This… Mmmmh, this feel pretty good actually…” Sakura moaned at the sensation of Hinata’s hot pussy rubbing against her own. She could feel the other girls clit flicking and rubbing against her own as she grabbed Hinata’s ankles and used them to grind her pussy against hers even harder.


“Ahhh, Sakura… MMMMH… MORE… MORE DON’T STOP!” Hinata moaned, rolling her hips against Sakura now, her fat tits bouncing back and forth with her motions.


“AHHHH SO GOOD!!! MY PUSSY FEELS SO FULL, HARDERRRR FUCK MEEEE!!!!!” Tsunade screamed across the room, her entire body bouncing up and down on Kakashi’s pole.


“Mmmmmh, you like that Tsunade?” Kakashi asked, “Like being fucked by my dick, my thick dick!?”


YES!!!! I LOVE IT, I LOVE BIG DIIIICKS!!! OH FUCK I’M CUMMING, CUMMINGGGGG!!!! AHHH I’M GONNA DIEEEE… I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIE, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!” Tsunade howled in ecstasy as her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back in pleasure. Kakashi held onto her waist as he jammed his cock all the way inside her. Sakura could actually hear his cum blasting into her womb, a wet squirting sound that echoed in her ears as she moaned in pleasure at how Hinata moved her hips.


“Nmmmmmh!!! Fuck Hinata, where did you learn how to do this!?” Sakura moaned as she felt a small orgasm rocking her entire body.


“Part of my training, it’s the one thing I can do better than Hanabi!” Hinata explained before she began to move her hips differently, making Sakura moan again. The pink haired girl gripped at the floor, moaning in pleasure as she tried to move back against Hinata, but the pleasure was making her weak as she shuddered in bliss.


“Mmmmmh, don’t stop… Ahhhh… YES, MAKE ME CUM!!!!” Sakura moaned before getting her wish, “SHIT, FUCK, I’M CUMMINGGGGGG, HINATA IS MAKING ME CUMMMMMMMM!!!!!” she screamed as her pussy began spraying like a fountain.


Hinata giggled, “You’re quite the gusher Sakura-san.” she said.


Across from them, Kakashi chuckled as he held a nearly unconscious Tsunade in his arms. “You’re all hired, welcome to Busteez!”

Story by Sailor Io

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29 days ago

Very good story, you know how to convey the eroticism of the situation with words <3

29 days ago
Reply to  secret2121


Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
6 months ago

Two chapters on one day?! I think I’m in heaven lol.

I’m always impressed comparing your older stuff with the new ones. In particular this one shows how much you come as an artist. The background looks like it is from the actual Naruto series. If it truly is I don’t know. If not than mad props for you drawing such amazing backgrounds from the beginning. And the ladies in the foreground don’t really seem to mix well with it what leads me to assuming that it is from the original series. But seeing these gorgeaus girls with those sexy marks and in those extravagant outfits makes me wish we get to see them more often on your new artworks as well. I understand that you probably won’t do it (often) cause I assume it is pretty hard work drawing them with your current art style. Maybe. Since I’m no artist on my own it’s hard for me to guess.

Glad to see how it all started with Busteez in the Naruto world. The change midway through the Sakura X Hinata sex scene with who is leading is pretty well done and showing Hinata pushing Sakura to the ground and actually licking on her nipples is as sexy as it can be. And her knowing what scissoring is and Sakura’s reaction is really funny. Experiencing the whole story through Sakura’s eyes is pretty nice. Especcialy her reaction to the assets and outfits of the other two sluts are very Sakura-like. The only downpart is that the sex scene between Tsunade and Kakashi is rather flat.

Overall nothing special with an outdated artwork which shows us just how good you have gotten over the years.

6 months ago

This leaves me excited for what’s to come, my favorite Gal is Tsunade and since it’s being written by Sailorio I’m even more excited to see the stories with her in it. Not to keep rehashing what I’ve already said but I’m glad you’re back Sailorio and hope you’re feeling better

6 months ago
Reply to  Darkmark

Thanks, and this is the very beginning of the long Running Naruto/Boruto Busteez series, it started as a one-shot, but I refined and expanded it to be a real prologue to the series.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Ah okay I understand now, I re-read the busteez stuff all the time so it’s cool to get to read the very beginning, nevertheless I’m excited to read more of your stories because I know you won’t disappoint