Carnal Desires at the Carnival

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The common area of the Heights Alliance dormitory was unusually quiet Izuku noticed. The days classes were over, and the sun would be setting in another hour or so. Though this was rapidly becoming the norm with more and more students doing Work Studies with pro-agencies. More than half his class was staying out for days at a time as the agencies where they were doing said studies began doing more investigations and even a few Stake-outs! Iida had been gone all week, Kaminari and Kirishima left yesterday and wouldn’t be back until the beginning of next week.


Izuku had to admit, the quiet was somewhat welcome as he sat between Ochaco and Tsuyu on the couch. Ochaco to his right, Tsuyu to his left, both girls resting the heads on his shoulders as they watched TV with Momo and Kyoka. It was less of a secret now that he was with both of them at once and the glares he was getting from some of the other boys in his class was beginning to worry him.


“So, how did the testing go?” Kyoka asked.


Both Momo and himself stiffened, the two of them had spent nearly the entire day at the hospital the other day. The doctors took blood samples and did a variety of other tests. They had met with several patients as well, recent recipients of the new organs Momo had made with her enhanced Creation quirk. After swallowing Izuku’s cum, Momo’s quirk gets a boost in potency, allowing her to create living organic tissue. It was a total accident that they discovered this ‘Quirk Symbiosis’ as it was called. While on a class trip to an island, after Ochaco had gotten upset with him after learning how many of the other girls in class he’d been with intimately, Momo had taken him out to try and cheer him up. One thing led to another and it ended with her having a belly full of his sperm.


After that, she’d gotten hurt in an accident, but her injuries healed almost instantly thanks to her knowledge of her own body structure. Things got a little more wild after that, when Momo began experimenting with her new quirk and caught the attention of the teachers. Which led to a crazy night on board the ship they used to get to the island!


But what really brought about the current mess the two of them faced was when they got back. Momo began studying her quirk at a hospital, when a little girl suddenly came to the ER in desperate need of a heart because her own was failing due to a medical condition she’d been born with. Momo rushed back to the school and burst into class, demanding that he ‘cum quick’ as she had put it.


Newly refueled, Momo had created a brand new heart for the girl and given it to the EMT’s that followed her. Thankfully they transplanted it in time, saving her life. While all of that was great, the aftermath of it was now complicating the lives of nearly everyone in the room.


About a week ago, men from the hospital came to UA with an offer for Momo and himself. To be different kinds of heroes and save who knows how many lives! By dropping out of UA, and enrolling in a special course run by a company closely associated with the hospital itself. Oh, and getting married in the process!


The company would see to their continuing basic education, courses like English, History, and other basic high school classes, but their Hero work would now be focused on using their combined Quirk to mass produce organs for those in need of transplants. As it turned out, the organs Momo could make were not only universally transplantable, but they also fully assimilated to the host tissue, meaning there would be no need for immunosuppressive drugs afterwards. It was truly a Holy Grail of organ transplant medicine!


However, the way the two of them made it work, with Momo ingestion his seminal fluids, that created a different problem. While how it worked wasn’t exactly advertised, the Hospital felt it best for the two of them to get married to make it look better to the public at large should that fact come to light. A husband and wife whose intimacy could save so many lives, it would make for good PR if nothing else.


The Company and Hospital were still running tests to confirm everything they had learned to date, but if everything came out the way they were hoping, they had asked Momo and Izuku to drop out of UA, get married, and go to the school made just for them. Izuku didn’t want to, not really, but the offer was a package deal. Both of them had to go, or neither of them could, and if he decided to stay, then he could be denying Momo the chance to save so many lives, and that was what being a Hero was all about!


“Well, they said we’re compatible.” said Momo, breaking Izuku out of his thoughts.


“Huh, what do you mean compatible?” Kyoka asked as she sat up in her seat. She and Momo were sharing the loveseat across from the couch where Izuku sat with Ochaco and Tsuyu. The purple haired girl had rested her head against Momo’s chest gently as she hugged herself against the other girl. Momo lightly stroking her head until she sat up.


“They said our blood types and genetics were a good match for healthy children.” Izuku said, looking down at his lap.


“Yeah, it’s a test they do a lot these days for couples about to get hitched.” said Kacchan casually. When everyone turned to look at him awkwardly, he glared back, “WHAT!? I KNOW STUFF!!!”


“Bakugo is right, blood tests before marriage were already common before quirks, but after they are almost required by law.” said Momo.


“Huh, why?” Ochaco asked.


“To see if a couple’s quirks might clash.” Momo told her. “It’s rare, but not unheard of.”


“Oh,” said Ochaco dejectedly, then she looked up at Izuku, “And you two are a… A good match?”


“Just genetically, kero.” Tsuyu said, “It’s not like that means anything other than that.”


“But, but it means they’d be good together and…” Ochaco said softly, but Izuku cut her off with a soft kiss to her lips. He felt some of the tension melt out of her.


“It doesn’t mean my feelings for her are different.” he whispered, “Or for you.”


“Awwwwww, that so adorable!” Mina gushed from her seat in Kacchan’s lap.


“Tch, get a room!” Kacchan hissed.


“Kero, maybe we will.” Tsuyu said as she got up then helped Ochaco to her feet next, the two of them then pulled Izuku to his feet and linked their arms with his. “Come on, let’s go out and have some fun tonight.”


“Yeah!” Ochaco agreed as the two of them pulled him along. Izuku knew better by now than to try and disagree with the two of them as they walked outside. The early night air was cool and refreshing as the three of them walked arm in arm together down the sidewalk.


“Where should we go?” Izuku asked them. He’d just gotten paid from his work study this week, so nothing was really off limits.


“Hey, isn’t tonight the start of that little Carnival on the boardwalk near the Agency?” Tsuyu asked.


“Hey yeah!” Ochaco said with a smile, “There’s gonna be all kinds of fun stuff there. Midnight-sensei said she was gonna have some actual rides and stuff there like a regular carnival.”


“Well, let’s go there then.” Izuku said.


“Sounds good to me, kero.” Tsuyu agreed.


“Me too, but we should get changed first.” Ochaco said, “If we’re gonna go to a Busteez Carnival,”


“We should dress the part, kero!” Tsuyu finished for her.



Izuku gulped loudly when Tsuyu and Ochaco came back down from their rooms.


“Sorry we took so long, kero. Ochaco was feeling a bit embarrassed.” Tsuyu said. And Izuku could see why. Both girls were dressed in some of the sexiest outfits he’d ever seen! Tsuyu wore a topless bikini number not unlike one she had worn on the island, though this time without the long stockings, and the pasties covering her nipples were simple circles instead of little hearts. Unsurprising since she was matching her breast size to Ochaco’s. She also had put on dark colored makeup, black lipstick and matching eyeliner, along with a deep black nailpolish on her manicured fingernails.


“I wear more than this on nights I work at the agency is all…” Ochaco said. Her outfit consisted of a pair of pink and black booty shorts that showed off her ENTIRE booty, and the front didn’t leave much to the imagination either, the crotch was barely more than a tiny strip of fabric that was already digging between the lips of her pussy. Her top was a matching pink and black t-shirt, though it was four sizes too small, leaving much of the undersides of her breasts exposed! The only thing keeping it from fully exposing her tits were her stiff nipples holding the front in place.


“Hey, you’re the one that wanted to dress the part, kero!” Tsuyu teased. “And besides, that outfit was in your drawer.”


Ochaco blushed and covered her face, “I’m sorry, I had Yaomomo design a version of my hero costume for the Agency, and this is what she came up with.”


“I still think it looks great Uraraka!!!” Momo called from over in the common area.


“I think it looks sexy!!!” Mina said, “Don’t you think so Katsuki?!”


“Yeah whatever.” Kacchan said.


“You didn’t even look!” Mina yelled at him then grabbed his head and turned it at an unnatural angle to make him look. His red eyes went wide and a bit of blood shot out of both nostrils when he took in the sight of the two girls. “That’s more like it!” Mina said cheerfully.


“HEY, ARE YOU TRYING TO BREAK MY NECK RACCOON EYES!?!?!?!” Kacchan shouted as he turned back at her, his neck making an ugly popping sound.


“I love you too sweetie.” Mina giggled before pressing her lips against his.


“You guys have fun! Do everything I would!” Mina called over to them while waving her arm.


“You guys wanna come too?” Ochaco asked.


“Nah,” Momo said, “I’ll be getting my fill of it this weekend, I’m scheduled to work a booth tomorrow, so I wanna get some rest tonight.”


“Same here.” said Kyoka.


“Carnivals are lame.” Kacchan said with a dismissive wave of his hand.


“I’m staying with my man tonight too.” Mina said as she cuddled into Kacchan’s lap some more, “But thanks for the invite, you three have fun!”



“So, your mom is for the marriage, kero?” asked Tsuyu as the three of them sat on the bus together.


“Yeah, she called me last night, apparently Mineta told her all about this whole marriage thing.” Izuku said. He then sighed, “I meant to tell her about it myself, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.”


“Endeavor sure has has been keeping you busy lately,” Ochaco said, “I’ve forgotten to call home twice this month already at my own Work Study. So I can understand that.”


Izuku nodded, Endeavor had been doing an investigation into several threats being quietly made to the city. At first glance they were little more than the wannabe extremist ramblings that turned out to be nothing more than that, ramblings. But recently a few threats were acted on. An attack on a subway line, and a bus terminal were the two most recent. Local heroes put a stop to each incident quickly, so they barely made the local news of the areas where they took place. But behind the scenes, there were threats made at least two days before each attack. The Heroes and Police were keeping that part quiet so as not to panic the public, but Endeavor had said something that was making him worry.


“Once is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times is Enemy Action.” he had told Izuku, Kacchan, and Todoroki. After the bus station attack, Endeavor had stepped up his investigation, not wanting a third incident to have a chance to happen.


“So um, what did she say?” Ochaco asked quietly.


“Well, it was pretty much how I expected her to react…” Izuku said sheepishly as he flashed back to that phone call.




It took Izuku the better part of an hour to explain nothing was decided yet. There were still all kinds of tests to do, the doctors wanted Momo to make every kind of transplantable organ, then they needed to find people on the transplant list willing to participate in the study. (The few that had received them so far where in life or death situations with little to lose at the time) Then after the surgeries, they needed to be monitored for signs of rejection. A process that would take a couple of months at the very least.


When he eventually got his mother calmed down, he told her that he would wait for everything to be confirmed before making a final choice. He neglected to mention how much he didn’t want to do it, or how much he was worried Momo might want to say yes. It was after all a package deal, if one said yes but the other didn’t then neither of them could take the offer.


Izuku sighed, once again feeling the pressure of the whole situation.


Ochaco clapped her hands together, snapping him out of his thoughts, “Okay, enough about this whole marriage thing!” she said, “We came out to have fun tonight, so let’s do that!”


“Kero!” Tsuyu agreed and Izuku smiled, feeling better just seeing the two girls he cared about smiling at him.


The bus arrived at their stop and the three of them got off together. The sun was only just beginning to set over the horizon, making the skyline of the city one big silhouette. Ahead of them, the beach seemed to go on forever, the white sands sparkled in the setting sunlight. Since the Agency opened, the city had become much more vigilant about keeping the beach cleaned up. It was a good thing too, since Izuku didn’t have enough free time to keep it clean himself anymore. However, he cherished the memories he had of All Might’s training.


The Busteez Hero Agency was visible from the bus stop, but it was still a bit of a walk away, though that wasn’t where the trio was headed. Instead, directly ahead of them, set up along the boardwalk pier and around it was a full blown carnival! The Ferris Wheel was the most noticeable attraction, though there was also a simple roller coaster, and a high rise and drop ride, Izuku couldn’t recall the actual name for it, but it was a pretty simple ride that lifted the carnival goers high into the air, then dropped them back down in a free fall that lasted several seconds, then repeated several times before the ride ended.


Naturally there were other attractions, booths serving food and snacks of every manner, as well as games where one could win prizes. And last, but not least, the heroines of Bustez Hero Agency were all walking about in sexier versions of their normal hero costumes!


“Oh wow, when did Cow Lady start working here!?” Izuku asked when he saw the famous American heroine. “She was just a rookie when All Might made his debut, now, she is one of the most well known Heroines in the United States! Her quirk gives her all the powers of a cow, giving her great strength among… Other things…” he trailed off as he tried and failed not to stare are her massive tits. “After having children, Cow Lady’s breasts began producing milk as they grew to a massive size, but after that, they never returned to normal. Her breast milk is one of the most popular brands sold on the market for the vegan crowd. Since it comes from a person and not an animal, they declared it okay to drink!”


Next to him, Ochaco and Tsuyu both snickered, “If you weren’t such a fanboy I might be jealous that you know that Deku!” Ochaco said as she hugged herself against his right arm.


“Oh, if you want big boobs, I can deliver there, kero!” Tsuyu said, making her breasts swell suddenly until they were several times bigger than her head!


“Tsu! Your pasties!” Ochaco yelped as the two disks popped off as her nipples became too big to be covered by them.


“Oh, whoops!” Tsuyu said with a grin as she reduced her tits back to a slightly more normal size, her nipples again covered by the adhesive disks. “To answer your question, she signed on a couple weeks ago, kero. But tonight is her debut, Midnight-sensei asked us not to say anything to anyone until tonight.”


“Oh, I see, that makes sense.” Izuku said.


As they walked closer, Izuku saw a number of students from UA and other Hero schools moving about. Some had dates while others flirted with the Busteez employees working in the carnival tonight. “So, what should we do first?” Izuku asked.


“Let’s just walk around for now,” Ochaco said as she hugged herself closer again.


“I kinda wanna check out some of the games.” Tsuyu said.


“Okay, we can do both.” Izuku said, linking his arms with both of them as they walked into the carnival grounds. The sounds and lights quickly surrounded the three of them as they walked up to the ticket vendor. Sitting behind a temporary booth was Ms. Jokes, she waved to Izuku and the girls as they approached.


“Heya kiddoes, how’re ya doing tonight?” she asked. She was dressed in a sexier version of her regular outfit, her tank top was several sizes too small, barely holding onto her heavy tits. Recovery Girl really has been using that other aspect of her quick a lot. Which was good since the first time she started using it was something of a minor disaster.


Tsuyu and Ochaco didn’t need to use that trick on themselves since their breasts were already bigger than they appeared thanks to how they used their quirks. Izuku looked at the sign above the booth Ms. Jokes sat in, there was a list of pass prices, all of them fairly high, though the highest naturally involved the full Busteez services here in the carnival. Reaching into his pocket, Izuku began pulling out his wallet when Ms. Jokes waved a hand, “Don’t bother kiddo, you have the Gold card, remember that V.I.P. works here too, so you three just go have fun.” she explained to them.


“Oh wow, thanks Ms. Jokes!” Ochaco said, “And here I thought we would have to hold back!”


“Is that why you just wanted to walk around at first, kero?” Tsuyu asked her.


“Well yeah, even regular carnivals are expensive, I didn’t wanna make Deku spend all his hard earned money on us, so I was gonna cover getting some snacks at least…” Ochaco said with a blush. Izuku knew she was saving every yen she earned both from the Agency AND her work studies, sending all of it back to her parents to help them live a good life. It was her whole reason for coming to UA in the first place.


“It’s no problem Ochaco, Endeavor pays really well, I actually have a bit more in savings than I know what to do with…” Izuku told her with a chuckle.


“Oh Deku, you’re just too generous!!!” Ochaco said, blushing and holding her cheeks. It was rather adorable. Steeling his nerves, he reached out with his now free arm and wrapped it around her slender waist, pulling her close again.


She let out a giggling yelp before he tenderly pressed his lips against hers. “Hmmmm! Mmmmmh…” Ochaco cooed and kissed him back. It was steadily getting easier to show affection with them in public, as he was sure most of the school likely already knew he was with them both, though a few might still be ignorant about it.


“My turn, kero!” Tsuyu said, snatching his head and turning it towards her before kissing him hard and pushing her tongue down his throat.


“Ahhh youth…” Ms. Jokes said as she waved the three of them inside.


The first section of the carnival was like most others, there were snack vendors everywhere! Selling everything from Takoyaki to Ohagi and all kinds of other junk foods. Izuku spotted Taishiro Toyomitsu (A.K.A Fat Gum) in front of the takoyaki stand, Mt. Lady at his side grinning as she hugged her tits against his arm. She was wearing her Busteez version Heroine outfit, which was basically like her regular work one, only the gray sections were far more sheer, leaving nothing to the imagination. Even now the folds of her pussy were plain for all to see, to say nothing about the nipples capping her gigantic breasts. Taishiro was in his healthy form since he was off duty, it was actually an odd sight since Izuku was so used to seeing his obese hero form. He handed a handful of money to the vendor and accepted a tray of the snack.


Mt. Lady quickly snatched the tray away and managed to down half of them before Taishiro could even blink. “You’re such a dear.” she said sweetly to him as she struck a bashful pose that did nothing to hide her exposed bits from anyone looking.


“Deku, I know we’re technically at the Agency, but you don’t have to stare…” Ochaco said with a pouty expression. “Tsu’s an exception, but it makes me jealous when you look at other girls…” she told him with a slightly sad voice.


“Oh, um, sorry…” Izuku said as he looked back at her.


Ochaco smiled, “I’m just teasing.” she told him as she leaned in close to his ear, “If you wanna see boobs, just ask, you know?” she whispered.


‘Ahhhh, her voice sounds so soft and sexy at the same time!’ Izuku thought then shivered as Ochaco licked the edge of his ear gently.


“That goes for me too, kero…” Tsuyu said before gently biting the edge of his other ear.


“Jeez Midoriya, now you’re flaunting them outdoors? Some of us aren’t so lucky you know!?” said a familiar voice. “I begged you to tell me your secret but now I see why you won’t tell me, you wanna hog all the babes to yourself!” Minoru Mineta shouted at them as he stood several paces away.


“Hey Tsu, Uraraka, I have some V.I.P. cards right here, why don’t–?” Mineta began before he suddenly found himself airborne and flying out over the water!


“I’m not in the mood for him right now.” Tsuyu said after retracting her tongue.


Ochaco giggled, “You have a mean streak Tsu, it’s cute.”


“Kero kero!” Tsuyu croaked with a grin as the three of them stopped at a stand telling grilled squid on a stick. It was an easy food to eat while you were walking, though the girls insisted on carrying his for him since neither would relinquish one of his arms.


“Here Izuku, say ‘AHHHH!’” Tsuyu said as she held one of the squids up for him.


“Ahhhh…” Izuku said before biting down on the offered snack. It was good, chewy and salty and just the right amount of crunch with the first bite. They had walked away from the snack vendors and into the first series of gaming booths. Most were pretty standard games like a ring toss, darts on balloons, the strength tester and so forth. Izuku opted to stay away from that last one, since he pretty much demolished it the last time he was at one of these festivals.


“Big brother Deku?” asked a tiny voice. Izuku swallowed his bite of food and looked around, quickly spotting a young girl with silver colored hair and red eyes. She was dressed in a cute little yellow dress with white polka dots all over it. Her most striking feature however was the small brown horn protruding from the right side of her forehead.


“Eri?” Izuku asked, smiling at seeing the girl he’d helped rescue the previous year.


“Oh hi Eri!” Ochaco said cheerfully, breaking away from Izuku to go and kneel down in front of the girl, “How have you been?”


“Good, I’ve been doing lots better lately, so Mr. Zawa is letting me visit the carnival, it’s lots of fun!” she told her.


“She has, her training with helping heal All Might’s old injuries has really helped her gain more control over her quirk.” said another voice. Izuku looked up to see Mirio Togata walking up to them, “Mr. Aizawa thought letting her come here would be alright since she couldn’t be safer surrounded by so many Heroes.”


Izuku nodded and smiled at Eri, “I’m really happy for you Eri, are you having fun here?” he asked her.


Eri nodded enthusiastically, “Yeah! Everyone here is so nice, and the games are really fun, though I’m a little sad the bounce house closed for the night.” she said with a little pout.


“Bounce house?” Tsuyu asked.


“Mt. Lady was leaning over the edge of the pier earlier, they put a tent around her breasts and were using them as a bounce house.” Mirio explained.


“Oh, that would probably be pretty effective.” Tsuyu said with a nod as she knelt next to Eri and offered her some of her own grilled squid.


“Uh-huh, big boobies are fun!” Eri said with a giggle before reaching up to grab Tsuyu’s heavy tits, “Oooo, these are pretty big too!” she said while squeezing them softly.


“Kero!” Tsuyu moaned as the little girl hefted both her breasts like a pair of water balloons, bouncing them up and down in her hands gently.


Ochaco giggled, “Well, one day, I’m sure you’ll have a big pair all your own Eri.” she told the girl with a smile.


“Really big sis?” Eri asked, her red eyes wide.


“Yep, I’m sure of it!” Ochaco said encouragingly, “You’ll be the envy of all the girls!”


“Yeah!!!” Eri said with a giggle.


“Okay Eri,” Mirio said as he held his face in his hand before smiling at her again, “Ready to go ride the carousel now, we have just enough left to go on one ride.”


“Yeah!” said Eri before letting go of Tsuyu’s breasts and moving to give Izuku a hug. He knelt down to hug her back and patted her head gently.


“You go have fun Eri.” he told her, then looked to Mirio, “Get her anything she’d like, tell them to put it on my account please.”


“Will do, you have fun too, try the roller coaster, it’s actually pretty fun.” Mirio suggested before taking Eri by the hand and walking off with her.


Izuku watched until they were out of sight, smiling at seeing how much happier the girl was now.


“She’s really come out of her shell since we saved her… I’m so glad…”


He then turned back to Tsuyu and Ochaco, finding them both smiling at him, “What?” he asked.


“Nothing,” Ochaco said.


“This whole marriage thing aside, you’ll be a good father someday, kero.” Tsuyu said.


“Yeah, the doting kind.” Ochaco said with a giggle, and Tsuyu nodded in agreement.


Izuku felt his cheeks flushing red as he rubbed at the back of his head, “Oh come on you two…” he said with a nervous chuckle. Tsuyu and Ochaco both giggled and moved to link arms with him again as the three of them went further into the carnival. There was a massive line for the ferris wheel, so the three of them didn’t even bother with that one. Their next stop was what Mirio suggested, the roller coaster. Up close it wasn’t anything fancy, just a series of gentle upward slopes followed by steep hills down. Unfortunately, the cart only sat two at a time, so Tsuyu and Ochaco played Rock, Paper, Scissors for who would go first with him. Tsuyu won and the two of them went together on the ride.






The two of them screamed together as they got on and suddenly found themselves moving at ridiculous speeds down the hills. Izuku’s eyes were forced wide open as his lips were peeled back from his teeth as he and Tsuyu held on for dear life! Just as they finally slowed down, the two of them found they were at the top of the next hill. They clung tightly to each other as the cart began shooting down at insanely unsafe speeds!


“So how was it?” Ochaco asked when the cart pulled up to the exit and the safety bar across their laps released them.






Tsuyu and Izuku both jumped out of the cart and kissed the deck flooring at the ride exit. “Who made this thing!” Izuku asked.


The ride operator, a Heroine Izuku wasn’t entirely familiar with pointed to a sign by the arch the led back to the carnival. It depicted a young woman with pink curled hair and yellow eyes with a pair of goggles on her head. A word bubble was placed next to her smiling face, ‘Warning, this ride moves at subsonic speeds, do not ride if you are under this height or if you have eaten in the last ten minutes!’


“Oh, that explains a lot…” Izuku said, recognizing Mei Hatsume’s face almost instantly.


“Yeah, so far only this little girl has wanted to go more than once on this thing…” said the ride operator.


“Yeah, that makes sense.” Izuku said.


“Are you two okay?” Ochaco asked.


“Kero, now I understand how your quirk makes you feel Ochaco…” Tsuyu said as she held onto her stomach.


The chestnut haired girl giggled and wrapped her arms around both their waists, “Come on, I know just the thing to help!” she said cheerfully as she led the two of them away from the roller coaster.


“Huh, body painting?” Izuku said when they reached another booth manned by a woman with messy blue hair. Izuku didn’t know her name, but he had seen her around the agency from time to time doing simple chores. She was also one of the few Busteez employees to NOT have Recovery Girl enhance her body! Her slender figure was all but completely flat chested, not that it was a bad thing, she was attractive in her own way.


“Yeah, this ladies quirk let’s her make temporary tattoos and stuff that look perfect, they only last a couple days though, but she’s a really good artist!” Ochaco explained.


“Yeah, she’s really nice too, though I don’t think she does any pro work, maybe she’s the parent of one of the students?” Tsuyu suggested.


“Well, that doesn’t matter, I already know what I wanna get done!” Ochaco said as they approached the booth. There were a number or available tattoos printed on slips of paper then mounted on displays around the booth itself. The chestnut haired girl grinned as she ran over to one of the displays and pointed to a tattoo that was just two words.


“Fuck Me.”’


It was written in a fine cursive with a little heart over the ‘me’ part. “This one!” she said to the blue haired woman while pointing to the tattoo.


“Whoa you’re serious!?” Izuku asked.


“Well yeah, I think it’s sexy!” Ochaco said with a smile.


“No problem, where you want it?” asked the artist.


“Right here!” Ochaco said, turning around to show her her butt, giving herself a spanking as she did so.


“In that case, I want this one, kero!” Tsuyu said as she selected another styled pair of words, ‘Cum Slut’, “In the same place!”


Izuku’s vision blurred as his eyes spun in their sockets, “Really you two?” Both girls grinned impishly at him as he gave the blue haired woman his card. Ochaco went first, winking at him as she bent over for her.


The woman smiled and went to work, drawing with her finger on Ochaco’s exposed ass. “Heheheh, it tickles!” she giggled.


“Someone’s got a sensitive tushy!” giggled the tattoo artist as she went to work, writing the words ‘Fuck me’ on Ochaco’s exposed rear in well practiced cursive. Everywhere her finger touched left behind a dark pink color trail that that sank into Ochaco’s skin becoming like a tattoo, though the artist said it would vanish within two days or so.


She was finished in only a few moments and Ochaco smiled as she struck a pose for Izuku, showing off her sexy ass, “Well, what do you think Deku?”


“Ahhh, yeah, it’s really nice Ochaco!” he said nervously.


“My turn, kero!” Tsuyu said as she jumped into, thrusting her ass in the artist womans face, “Can you do it in green?” she asked.


“No problem!” she told her with a grin as she extended her pinky.


‘Huh, I guess her Quirk works by making different colors depending on which finger she draws with?’ he thought as he watched her repeat the process with Tsuyu.


“Kero!” Tsuyu said as she and Ochaco moved to press their hips together, showing off their asses for him. Izuku gulped at the sight, feeling his pants getting tighter already as he eyed their shapely asses.


“Oh, by the way, just a little warning about my quirk, when I write something like that…” the artist began, but Izuku missed the rest as Tsuyu grabbed Ochaco by her waist and used her tongue to grab him before jumping high into the air.


“Whoooa, Tsu, what’s going on!?!?” Izuku yelled when he suddenly found himself airborne.


“The line for the Ferris Wheel was really short right now, kero!” she told them. Izuku turned to look and saw that she was right. When they had come in earlier, the line for it was a lot longer, not that it was the first thing they wanted to go on. Tsuyu landed them just a few paces away from the end of the current line, which only had about six people in front of them.


“Wow, daring tattoo!” said a girls voice.


“I don’t know, it’s a little much don’t you think?” asked another voice. Izuku tried to find the sources in the crowd milling around them, but he couldn’t find whoever he was overhearing.


“I think it’s empowering for both of them, nice choice ladies!” he recognized Midnight’s voice, though he wasn’t sure where she was until he saw Tsuyu and Ochaco waving to her. He followed their gazes to the carousel a short distance away where Midnight was riding on top of a large horse that was in a reared up position. She faded from view, as the ride spun her out of sight, but not before Izuku saw her winking at him with a smile.


The three of them moved through the line quickly, and before long the three of them were moving to sit inside one of the Ferris Wheel baskets. There was room in each one for four people, with two on each side. Tsuyu and Ochaco took one half while Izuku sat alone on the other side. The ride conductor closed the basket door and the three of them began a slow ascent upwards.


“Deku!” Ochaco called once they were a few stories up and out of sight for most of the crowd below. She practically jumped onto him, straddling his lap before covering his mouth with her own! He felt her tongue slip between his lips and into his mouth as she rolled her hips against his lap.


“Oshakooo…” Izuku slurred around her tongue as she sucked on his roughly.


“Hmmmm, I… I don’t know why, but my body’s feeling so hot right now…” she told him as she pressed her chest against his, rubbing her tits against him as she kissed him again. “I can’t… Ahhh, I want you inside me so bad right now Dekuuu…” she whimpered as she reached a hand down between the two of them. Her fingers were unbelievably nimble as she undid the fastenings of his pants and reached inside to grab his already half hard dick.


“Wow Ochaco, and I thought I was kinky!” Tsuyu said, “Hang on, is your tattoo glowing?” Tsuyu said as Ochaco began stroking his cock quickly as she rubbed her crotch against the underside of his length.


“Mmmmmmh, Deku, take me, right here, please, I don’t think I can stand it much longer…” Ochaco panted, her breath almost steaming even in the warm night air. She looked at him with an expression of raw desire in her eyes as he moved his hands to grip her ass tightly. She squealed lightly as she used her hand to grab the crotch of her booty shorts and pulled hard!




The material tore easily, exposing her dripping pussy! He could feel the heat coming off her cunt as she began rubbing her folds against his now fully erect cock that reached up between her tits. “Mmmmmmh, Deku, fuck me! Fuck me nooow…” Ochaco moaned as she hugged herself against him.


“Ochaco…” Izuku said, then looked behind him to see Tsuyu smiling at them both as she moved to press herself up against the other girls back. She reached her hands down to grab Ochaco’s thighs, lifting her up slowly as Izuku gripped the base of his cock in one hand while grabbing Ochaco’s soft breast in the other. Tsuyu then lowered Ochaco down onto his cock, her pussy making a wet squishing sound as his massive thick dick spread the lips of her cunt as wide as they could go.


“OHHH YESSSS….!” Ochaco moaned as her belly distended as his dick moved up inside her. “MMMMMMH, SO FULL!!! DEKU’S COCK IS FILLING ME UUUUP!!!”


“You’re so naughty Ochaco, but I’m not really one to talk, kero!” Tsuyu said as she grabbed the girls other tit in one hand while the other gently traced its fingers along the phallic shaped distention in her abdomen.


“MMMMMMH, SHUUUU…” Ochaco gagged slightly as Tsuyu leaned her head over her left shoulder and extended her long tongue out and into the other girls mouth. Izuku watched as her throat stretched slightly as Tsuyu’s tongue moved down it like she was so fond of doing to him.


“Gugh, guh, guh, guh…” Ochaco gagged lightly, Tsuyu moving her tongue back and forth now as she pulled up the other girls top, exposing her perky tits with their painfully erect nipples. Izuku leaned his head forward, taking her right nipple between his lips as Ochaco began bucking her entire body between the two of them!


“Yesh, yeeeesh… phuck meh!!!! Boph oph ‘ou… PHUUUCK MEEH!!!” she moaned and Izuku groaned in pleasure as he felt her pussy clamping around his cock like a vice! He thrusted his hips with her motions, driving his dick as deep as it would go inside her! Tsu moved closer, pressing her mouth to Ochaco’s, her throat moving in an undulating motion as the frog girls tongue moved in and out of her mouth.


“HMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Ochaco moaned between them, her pussy spraying like a faucet all over his lap as her body tensed up, “DUN’T SHTOPPP, PHUCK MEH MOAR!!!!” she gagged around Tsuyu’s tongue, “SHO GUUUUD!!!” Tsuyu giggled and tore off Ochaco’s top, leaving her naked, save her shoes and stockings. The brown haired girl didn’t seem to care as she bucked and moaned between them, the distention in her belly rising and falling rapidly as Tsuyu helped Izuku bounce her up and down in his lap.


“AHHHH, SHUUU, I PHEEEL ‘OU’RE TONGUE IN MUH SHTOMACH, IT’SH SHO GUUUUD!!!” Ochaco moaned in ecstasy. “An’ DEHKU’SH CAWK, SHO BHIIIG, SHO HAAAAHRD, I’M CUMMMMING!!!! CUMMING SHO MUUUUSH!!!!!” she moaned around Tsuyu’s tongue as the three of them finally reached the top of the Ferris wheel. The lights of the carnival glittered below them, but Izuku didn’t have time to admire the view as he watched Ochaco cum again and again on top of him! Her brown eyes were completely white as they rolled back in her head, her entire body was turning a flushed pink with so many orgasms hitting her one after the next. He briefly thought of using One for All like he had with Mina before, but he didn’t think the ferris wheel basket could take the intensity of such actions and held himself back as he pushed his cock all the way inside Ochaco just as he came!


“MMMMMMMMH, SHO MUSH CUUUUMM INSHIDE MEEEH!!!!” Ochaco screamed as her entire body seized up again. She then instantly went slack, like a puppet with its strings suddenly cut. Tsuyu gently pulled her tongue back and Ochaco leaned her body against Deku as she panted hard.


“You okay Ochaco?” Tsuyu asked. The panting girl only gave a weak ‘thumbs up’ motion before the ride began moving again and they began to descend. Thankfully, they stopped for a couple minutes as the next basket reached the top, giving the couple in there the view the three of them had just missed.


“Oh crap!” Ochaco said after she recovered and the three of them began moving down again.


“What?” Izuku asked.


“My clothes are gone!” Ochaco told him.


“Oh, right, I think they went over the sides earlier.” Izuku said as he realized his girlfriend was about to exit the ride naked.


“Ochaco, are you okay to use your quirk?” Tsuyu asked.


“Yeah, why?” she replied.


“Just make us weightless, I got an idea.” Tsuyu said.


“Okay,” Ochaco said as she touched both of them, then herself, the tips of her fingers glowing softly for a moment. Tsuyu then wrapped her arms around Ochaco and himself, lifting them easily since the only thing giving them weight was their clothes.


“This’ll be easier now, KE~RO!!!” Tsuyu said before opening her mouth wide and lashing out with her tongue. Izuku had only ever seen her extend it to its full length a couple of times. It really was amazing as she sent it out over forty meters to the satellite antenna of a building that was close to where the ferris wheel had been set up. He remembered her telling him once that the longer she extended her tongue out, the harder it was to pull any weight other than herself, that explained why she wanted the three of them to be weightless. With no weight, the strain on her tongue wouldn’t be an issue for such a long extension.


The trio shot out of the basket and zoomed towards the roof of the building. Tsuyu retracted her tongue fully and Izuku triggered his Full Cowling at 10%, “Ochaco, release us now, I’ll catch us!” he told her.


“Got it!” Ochaco said, bringing her fingertips together as he pulled both girls into his arms, arcs of green electricity sparking around his body as red lines of energy cracked over his skin. “Release!” said Ochaco, and suddenly Izuku felt the pull of gravity again as he reoriented the three of them so let himself take the full brunt of their landing. His shoes scraped across the dense foam insulation of the roof as they landed. Their momentum carrying them to the edge of the roof where he then jumped over the edge and rebounded his way down the wall between the building and its neighboring structure until they finally landed safely in the alley below.


The walls were covered in graffiti wherever they weren’t falling apart, and the ground was littered with trash. Broken bottles and crushed beer cans were dotted all about, as were a few open condom wrappers, all in all a pretty gross spot to land, but safe from prying eyes.


Setting the girls down, Izuku looked around to make sure no one was looking, “Okay, the Agency isn’t far, I think I can get us to the service entrance without anyone…” he began to explain. He planned to take Ochaco and Tsuyu to the side entrance to Busteez, there they could get in and Ochaco could get some spare clothes from the employee locker room before they headed back out again. That was his plan anyway, but he stopped short when Tsuyu grabbed hold of his arm.


“Keroooo… Izukuuuu, my body… Ahhh, I think…” Tsuyu moaned as she gripped his arm in both hands and leaned herself against him, her knees knocking together as she panted softly.


“Tsu, the writing on your bottom, it’s glowing!” Ochaco said.


“Yeah, yours did too on the ferris wheel! Ahhh kero kero kero!!!! Is this what you felt, Ochaco… Ahhhhmmmm… It’s making me crazy! Izuku, please, take me, right here!!! I want you inside me right NOW!!!” Tsuyu said, looking up at him with open lust shimmering in her dark colored eyes.


“Just hang on Tsu,” Ochaco began, then gasped when Tsuyu dropped to her knees, grabbing Izuku’s still hard cock in both her hands before kissing it all over, her lipstick leaving black kiss marks all over the throbbing shaft.


“KE~RO!” she croaked as she opened her mouth wide and took his entire cock down her throat!


“Oh wow, even I’d have trouble doing that…” Ochaco said as she moved to lean against Izuku, pressing her naked body against his left side as she watched Tsuyu moving her head back and forth. Her throat bulged visibly with the girl on his cock as she let out long low moaned as she took his entire length between her black painted lips, “Still, it’s kinda hot…” she said as she continued to watch.


Izuku closed his eyes and tried not to think about who might find them as he groaned softly. He moved a hand to grab Ochaco’s bare ass, enjoying the way she yelped lightly, then cooed and pressed herself against him more. Their lips found one anothers and he gently sucked on her tongue as his fingers made their way between her thighs. Her pussy was still gaping slightly from earlier, allowing him to fit four of his digits into her pussy with ease.


“KE~RO! KE~RO! KE~RO! KE~RO!” Tsuyu croaked repeatedly as she bobbed her head up and down, ropes of drool hung off of her lips as she reached a hand down to rip away the thong bottoms she wore. Izuku heard her slipping her fingers into her own pussy, the overflowing juices making all kinds of wet, lewd, slipping noises as she worked them in and out of herself.


“Mmmmmmh, don’t stop…” Ochaco purred as she wrapped her leg around his backside, humping her crotch against his hip gently as she held their kiss.


“KE~RO! KE~RO! KE~RO!” Tsuyu continued before lifted her head back with a gasp, “Ahhhhh, it’s not enough, I want more!!!” she moaned and moved to lean herself against the wall beneath an old broken air conditioner unit. She stuck her ass out to him and wiggled it from side to side. Ochaco moved to stand next to her and smiled as she leaned down to spread the cheeks of her sexy ass wide for Izuku.


“Do it Deku!” she encouraged him, before kissing Tsuyu’s ass gently as Izuku lined his cock up with the green haired girls asshole.


KEEEEEROOOOOOOO!!!!” Tsuyu howled as Izuku slipped his cock up her ass with ease. Tsuyu’s saliva was like a super lubricant, letting his massive erection push deep inside her with almost no friction!


“Tsu! Are you okay!?” Ochaco asked before he could.


“YESSSSSS, KERO KERO KERO!!!!! DON’T STOP, FUCK MY ASSSSS KEROOOOOO!!!!” Tsuyu screamed, her voice echoing in the alleyway as Ochaco stood next to her. Izuku looked at their naked asses and lewd butt tattoos as he groaned at the feeling of Tsuyu’s ass clamping around his cock! “AHHHH, I’M SO FULL INSIDE, IT’S SO BIG, SO THICK KEROOO!!!” Tsuyu moaned as Izuku began slamming his lipstick covered cock back and forth.


“Tsu, ahhh, you’re squeezing so tight…!” Izuku groaned as Tsuyu croaked again and again as he slammed his cock all the way inside her. He looked at how her shadow on the ground distended around the stomach as he stretched her out with his length.


“KERO KERO KEEEROOOO, YES!!! FUCK MY FROG BUTT!!!!!” Tsuyu screamed as he felt a hot spray against his balls as they smacked wetly against her pussy. The baby fat of Tsuyu’s ass rippled every time his pelvis slammed against it, making the frog girl croak and moan even louder!


“Don’t hold back Deku, make her cum hard, it’s the only thing that helped me back there!” Ochaco told him as she knelt next to Tsuyu and took the other girls face in her hands, kissing her hard as Izuku placed his hands on her hips.


“Okay, hang in there Tsu, I’ve only tried this a couple of times, but, I think this’ll help…” Izuku said as he triggered One for All all over his body. Once more arcs of green energy sparked along his body as red lines of power cracked over his skin.


KEEEEEEEERRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” Tsuyu screamed into Ochaco’s mouth as her body began bucking back and forth. The alley was filled with a loud echoing SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK as Izuku’s hips were a blur of motion. Hot juices washed over his cock as Tsuyu’s body took on a glistening sheen. Holding onto her hips became difficult as her mucus began over flowing all over her body.




KEEEEEERRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Tsuyu howled in sheer ecstasy as her body seemed to pour her frog mucus from every pore, it dripped off her body like sweat, making it even easier for Izuku to slam his cock into her again and again. “CUMIN ME IZUKUUUUU, I WANT YOUR CUM UP MY FROGGY ASSS KEEEROOOOOO!!!” Tsuyu screamed in pleasure, just as Izuku slammed his cock balls deep into her ass as he came hard!


“Hey, no fair Deku, you didn’t do that with me earlier…” Ochaco pouted as she stood next to the pair, both hands between her legs as she played with her pussy.


“Well I…” Izuku began, about to explain how he would have were it not for the weak materials of the ferris wheel basket, but suddenly everything got fuzzy, then went black as he promptly passed out. His last conscious memory was the sound of hitting the concrete ground and Ochaco calling his name before everything faded.


Izuku woke up what he learned was almost an hour later inside the Busteez Hero Agency. Tsuyu and Ochaco were sitting by the bed he found himself in, both wearing basic Busteez uniforms now. On the other side of his bed, Recovery Girl stood, staring down at him with a mildly amused expression.


“You’ll be alright now, really you young people, always overdoing everything.” she said, shaking her head as she moved to leave.


“Wait, Recovery Girl, what happened to Deku?” Ochaco asked.


“Oh, nothing to worry about, just went a little too far with his quirk is all, luckily he’s not breaking bones anymore, just over tapping his stamina a bit. A good night’s sleep and he’ll be fine.” she told them.


“Thank you Ma’am.” Tsuyu said.


“It’s no problem, now just get some rest, all of you.” she told them before leaving the room.


“Sorry if I worried you, that didn’t happen last time, so I wasn’t expecting it at all this time.” Izuku said.


“What was that exactly?” Ochaco asked, “I mean, that was amazing, you were really pounding Tsu’s butt, I thought she was gonna go crazy for a second, you should have seen her face!” Ochaco said with a wide grin.


“I felt like I might go crazy for a second there, kero.” Tsuyu added.


“And how come you haven’t done that with me Deku, you can’t save all the cool stuff for Tsu!” Ochaco said, narrowing her eyes at him.


“Hang on! I wasn’t holding out on you, I promise, it’s just something new I learned is all, and I didn’t do it earlier was I didn’t think that basket we were in could take the motions. That’s all, I promise!” he explained in a rush.


Ochaco’s expression changed instantly as she smiled sweetly at him, “Oh right, okay that makes sense, carnival rides can be pretty flimsy.”


Izuku sighed, Nana wasn’t lying, dating two girls at once was complicated!



‘Little did I know, my love life was about to get a lot more complicated!’


Flying over the Pacific Ocean, Tokyo Airlines Flight 544 passed through a sea of clouds quietly as a young woman with long blonde hair flipped through a magazine someone had left in the seat next to hers. She looked up, blinking her bright blue eyes as the intercom pinged.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking, we will be arriving at Haneda Airport in about fifteen minutes, please return to your seats as we may encounter some turbulence as we begin our descent.


In her seat, Melissa Shield closed the magazine and placed it back where she’d found it before looking out the window. “I’m finally here.” she said as she tried to spot the city skyline off in the distance.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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8 months ago

Cellulite, ass tattoos, and thigh highs with an anal pounding. You’ve outdone your self with this Tenzo, a perfect 10/10 and I hope to see more of these two

1 year ago

Melissa Shield for the win, about time we got more good hentai with her and I expect a great pic and a great story to go with it .

1 year ago

So happy to see more of Best girl Tsuyu <3

1 year ago

Well done with the chapter. And this is a hot picture.

Looks like Izuku’s love life is about to get a lot more difficult, especially considering how this chapter turned out. The pacing and editing was well done.

Not to mention that the sex itself was great, as well as who popped up here in cameo form.

Not much else to say this time, other than great work. 😀

P.S: Do be careful with quirk body tattoos, folks at home. They’ll make you super horny right away. XD

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

I’m hoping I can do more hidden cameo’s like that. They’d be little more than shoutouts to other series I like. Though I would like to do a cameo of another character from a series I LOVE! In the form of a Hero who gained fame in Europe after leaving Japan once Aizawa kicked him out of UA, he and his partners would be back in Japan for a short stint. He’d go only by his name.

Naofumi Iwatani, The Shield Hero
Quirk: Shields, he can manifest shields of all kinds, even in mid air, and his defense and endurance are off the charts, but he has little physical strength for attacking.

Aizawa kicked him out after only one day when he showed he has no offensive ability, fearing people would die if he couldn’t take down a villain. Ashamed, he left Japan for Europe, where a hero there saw his potential and helped raise him to become a professional hero. His partners are Raphtalia and Filo, girls he rescued from a villain slave ring.

Quirk: Tanuki, she has the ears and tail of a raccoon dog, and can cast illusions, everything from making herself invisible to projection false copies of herself. She called Naofumi her master because she loves and respects him. She fights with a long sword.

Quirk: Bird, she can transform into a large bird-like creature at will, and when not changed she has small angel wings on her back. In human form she fights with a pair of clawed gloves

Naofumi HATES Aizawa and won’t even speak to him. When Naofumi’s group meets Aizawa, Raphtalia attacks him, wanting to punish him for trying to crush Naofumi’s dreams. Naofumi gets her to back off, saying Aizawa isn’t worth the waste of energy. Aizawa tries to apologize, Naofumi responds that if he really feels bad for what he did, then he should resign from UA, and retire from being a hero, otherwise his words are just hollow to him.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Very bold! I like it, especially being a Shield Hero fan and all.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

If Enzo will let me, I’ll do it, it’s mainly just for a subplot in the second half of the season, something to do with an idea I have for “Class 13” quirks. Something not talked about publicly very often. The idea is a quirk that is highly lethal, so much the person with it needs to be isolated, or in very rare cases, killed for the sake of public safety. The later option having only been done once in America long ago. A poor kid with a radiation quirk that he couldn’t control.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Shit, that’s pretty dark and tragic.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Idea came from an old X-Men issue, Wolverine was sent by Prof. X to kill this poor mutant kid. Xavier was very torn up about it, but there was no choice. His powers would have made things even worse for mutants, giving politicians all the ammo they needed for mutant genocide. Wolverine was the only one who could get close to the kid, took him out for his first beer and stuff, spent some time talking with him, being a friend. We never saw him kill the kid, just his snitckt sound, and a panel of him walking out of the cave with a tear going down his cheek. It would have been easier if the kid was some monster, but he was just a boy who had really bad luck when it came to powers.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Just curious and a little late to the party if you are interested in adding Sheild Hero characters to My Hero why not just make a separate story line dedicated to Sheild Hero set in their world I am sure there is a reason I am just curious

1 year ago
Reply to  Rubix

You misread the idea. if I can do it, it would be a character based off of Naofumi set to the rules of MHA, not a crossover of any kind.

1 year ago

This is an incredible chapter Sailorlo, there are a few things to talk about. Like threesome date with Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu (note: I don’t know what kind of date involving three people so this closest I could come up with). The idea of Mt. Lady using her breasts as a bounce house interest me. Also the appearance of Eri in this chapter was great too and how she grabbed and played with Tsuyu’s boobs for little. As for the blue haired tattoo artist who did two girls, I know who she is due to the obvious hints and her “quirk”, but won’t say it because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Finally the best part was the sex scenes, including Ochaco torn up her clothes on Izuku while the Ferris wheel ride, though it was ashame that she didn’t to experience Deku going full strength due being in flimsy setting. After that quick escape part to the alley, it was Tsysu turn to get the some the D and it was more intense with Him using his power and Tsuyu letting out in pure ecstasy was amazing. Furthermore, great job with another well-written chapter Sailor and I can’t wait see to what the next one will bring with Melissa Shield arriving in the mix.

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04

Heheh, I think a handful of people will figure out who the tattoo artist is I was having a bit of fun there. For those who cannot wait, there is a pure text wip on my patreon right now for chapter 7.

1 year ago

That is whole lot of ass between Tsuyu and Ochako. That said I love this pic, the girls’ asses look so thicc and spankable, the tattoos look great and the background is very well done especially the graffiti on the wall.

The story is great and well written as usual. The threesome between Izuku, Tsuyu and Ochako was great, the best was Izuku pounding Tsuyu’s ass I would definitely like to see more anal centered pics with the other female characters. The scene with Mineta was funny makes me wonder if Tsuyu is carrying a bit of a grudge because of him surprise banging her ass in a last season chapter.😏 I especially liked the way the Carnival was described I found the mental image of Mount Lady using her tits as an improvised bounce house hilarious.😄 While I don’t care much for the marriage subplot I pretty much expected Inko to be in favor of Izuku’s and Momo’s potential marriage and I’m glad to see I wasn’t wrong.

All in all, excellent work gentlemen.👍

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

Thanks, sorry the story plot isn’t so exciting for you, but things will be getting interesting soon!

1 year ago


In the words of Cooler: “I do sure hope someone picks up that phone because I fucking called it!”

Hasn’t even met the girl. Disregards his current girlfriends, but shoves him straight to marriage, kids, and a life as a semen dispenser. Momo’s be popping replacement organs left and right. How long would that marriage last? Yeah, I’m looking at all the negatives at the moment.

On the other hand, Ochaco and Tsuyu are back! Nice! Izuku unleashes new technique driving Tsuyuy nuts. It’s Super Effective.

1 year ago
Reply to  Kino

LOL, sorry I couldn’t give you the entire conversation, I know some people were looking forward to that, but that bit with the last chapter was just a one off joke. But rest assured, this marriage thing is gonna get more complicated soon. Also, anyone know if there are any official pics of Momo’s mother floating around?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Unfortunately no, there isn’t any pics of Momo’s mother because she is yet to appear in the manga

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Man, this is turning into a harem comedy lol! Though, Izuku has made up his mind with two girls. Momo probably has her own opnion but will her sense of duty take over or will she speak out. Enter stage right: Melissa SHield to complicate thinsg even further. Looking forward to what happens next, Sailor_Io.

1 year ago

Great and fun chapter sailor you did a great job balancing fun and smut and story progression in this chapter and excellent image rtenzo is it just me or are all the images so far in November a lot sexier than the previous month trying to make us fail no nut November(just kidding)

Also have you ever considered doing Jojos bizarre adventure art I think with your level of skill with the images it would turn out really well and for the girls you could use erina,suzie Q,Mariah,trish,Lisa Lisa,jolyne(who in the manga already has a public masturbation panel/scene you could even use some of the stands from part 3 and onwards (just a thought though)

Excellent chapter best of luck with the next one

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack

Just wait until next week! It’s gonna be a big one. Already over nine pages long and I haven’t even gotten to the smut yet!


1 year ago

Pretty fun chapter, was surprised by seeing Eri there. While I personally don’t mind this stuff, I’m not sure if others might feel uncomfortable having her there in that type of setting. Also my memory is hazy, but is the tattoo girl actually someone from the series? Also nice set up with the ending hahahaha.

1 year ago
Reply to  Unskilled

Yeah, I was only slightly hesitant about having her there, but I figured she’s young enough not to really know what’s happening AND they mostly just stuck to games and rides. I had her grab Tsu and doing the bounce house because the little girl that loves boobs is a classic anime gag.