Capturing the Captains Lust

“I hope you had a good time today, Hikifune-san,” Hanataro told his companion, not nearly as nervous as he was at the start of the day. When told that he was going to be showing one of the Zero Squad members around the vacation town, he had come very close to fainting due to pure nerves. Why him? Why not a captain, or at least a lieutenant? He wasn’t given time to protest though; Hikifune-san was very eager to explore and had practically dragged him out the door.


It had ended up being a lot more fun then anticipated, as shown by Hikifune-san beaming at him. “It was great, Hanataro-kun! I had no idea humans had come so far! It’s been ages since I lasted visited them; so many new foods to try…” She gazed into the distance, absently wiping away some drool from her mouth as she imagined all the delicious new dishes and deserts out there, just waiting to be eaten.


Sweat droping at the sight, Hanataro nonetheless smiled. “I’m glad to hear. All of you in the Zero Squad have worked so hard for so long; you deserve a chance to relax and have some fun,” he told her sincerely.


“Aww, you’re so sweet!” Hikifune proclaimed, pulling him into a hug that buried his head between her big boobs. It felt very nice for both of them, and thanks to the various sexual antics and activities he had experienced while on vacation, Hanataro didn’t blush all that much. He was slowly getting used to be around incredibly sexy women; it was hard to stay flustered after so many rounds of sex of all kinds.


The lights strung between the palm trees came on, and the two of them admired the sight of the ocean, reflecting the light of the moon and the city as waves rumbled softly. It was a beautiful sight.


“Hanataro-kun? I want you to fuck me, right here and now. And then I want to continue fucking until morning.”


His experiences once again serving him well, Hanataro looked up to see Hikifune-san regarding him with a very familiar look. “That sounds amazing,” he replied, only a slight blush on his cheeks.


Giggling, Hikifune took a step back from him, the better to strip off her clothes. “Thanks; I’ve heard that a lot of the others with us have done this, and I want to try it. Plus,” she licked her lips as she she looked him up and down, “I want to know if the rumors I’ve heard about you are true.”


That got him blushing harder, but it was with a degree of pride that Hanataro dropped his shorts, finally letting his erection swing free. His smile widened as Hikifune-san’s eyes widened until the whites showed all around.


“Not exaggerated at all,” she murmured, once she was able to stop from gaping at his cock. She had heard the phrase ‘hung like a horse’ before, but this was her first time seeing one that actually qualified. If anything, Hanataro might make the horse feel inadequate.


Collecting herself, she gave him a challenging look, smirking. “But do you know how to use it?” She hoped he did. The thought of being fucked by a dick that large, that he knew how to handle, almost had her cumming on the spot.


Before this vacation, Hanataro would have been reduced to a blushing, stuttering mess by this point, if he hadn’t passed out entirely. Now though? His confidence was much higher, and he felt more free to have fun. So, he did what seemed natural.


Hikifune gasped as he grabbed her and spun her around. “Wait, wha-” she started to say; she cut herself off with a loud squeal as Hanataro lowered her, his huge cock plowing into her pussy like a train. It felt incredible, the pleasure blasting through Hikifune’s mind like a knife through a freshly baked cake. Mouth dropping open and face erupting in a blush, she hung there, overwhelmed.


“Did you like that, Hikifune-san?”


A low moan of bliss was Hantaro’s only answer, making him wonder how long it had been since she’d had any kind of sex. Was the Zero Squad really that busy? Well, he could fix that. “If you liked that, then you’ll love this!”


Taking a firmer grip on her legs, he began to bounce her up and down, fucking her harder and faster with each passing moment. Her tits jiggling and wobbling wildly, Hikifune was soon squealing and shrieking with pleasure. There were no words, just pure sounds of a someone having their brains fucked out. Was this what she had been missing out on? She wanted more, more, more!


When she came, her scream almost deafened Hanataro, but he couldn’t stop now; with a loud gasp, he shot his load into her tight pussy. There was so much of it, some of it shot out and covered his dick and her thighs. He didn’t have time to think about. Still impaled on his cock, Hikifune twisted around in his lap and kissed him, her tongue thrusting into his mouth. “More,” she panted when she pulled back. “I want you to fuck me all night!”


That was more than fine with Hanataro; as she slid off his lap to clean his cock, he resolved to make sure that all her appetites would be satisfied before the night was done.


He just hoped that he could keep up…

(Story by User: S22132)

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