Buttjob Battle Round #2

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Shaking her wide ass as she sauntered up onto the stage, Anko held her arms up high and waved her tits for the crowd. Cheers erupted as her favorite song began to play. She then turned and brought her hands down hard on the cheeks of her ass, loving the loud smack they made and how her ass jiggled enticingly. She was grateful to the Akimichi clan for sharing their technique with all the Busteez girls. Anko loved using it to augment her proportions regularly; though having to put on so much weight was a bit of an annoyance. But, there was the added benefit of no one recognizing her as one of the teachers at the academy, so it was worth the added pounds when she wasn’t on stage.


Hinata’s little Hotdogging Competition idea was a huge success, every night for the last three days there were challengers willing to pay the big bucks for a shot at a free V.I.P. night. She smirked inwardly at the fact that the entry fee for the contest was nearly the same price as a V.I.P. night. Men were so easy.


“And we have our first challenger of the night!” Hanabi’s voice boomed over the speakers, “After a devastating loss at the ass of my big sister, Fourth Raikage A has returned to redeem himself by challenging our current champion, Anko!!!”


Cheers erupted from the crowd as A walked up onto the stage, already shirtless and undoing the belt around his waist. Anko gave him a teasing smirk, striking another pose and shaking her huge ass so it wobbled for the crowd.


“Think you have a better shot with me Raikage-sama?” she asked, “I helped teach Hinata how to twerk you know.”


“I won’t lose tonight.” A said, his voice full of resolve as he yanks away his belt, the loose pants he wore falling down around his ankles, revealing his already three quarters hard dick. Anko licked her lips, eager to feel that huge thing between her asscheeks.


“We’ll see about that, you really think you can hold it in with this beauty!?” she asked, spanking her ass again and making the crowd cheer even more. She gestured to Hanabi and the brunette nodded and tapped away at the controls in front of her. Anko then dropped into a perfect splits, her fat ass wobbling like a jello mold. Men and women alike in the crowd cheered as the music began and A moved to straddle her back. “Mmmmh, yeah, grip it hard!!!” Anko moaned as he grabbed her ass tight, his fingers sinking easily into the soft flesh. She leaned forward on her equally huge tits, using them as a cushion on the cool stage floor as he pulled the cheeks of her ass apart. She then felt something warm and slightly viscous pouring down between her asscheeks. She looked back and giggled as she saw A pouring what she guessed was some lube from under the bar over her.


Her suspicions were quickly confirmed when she felt the fluid getting warmer as it spread over her skin. She felt her face flushing red as it poured down over her ass and pussy. She was instantly soaking wet, that stuff always got her going so well, she really wanted to ask what was in it, just never managed to get around it. The former Raikage then wedged his cock between the cheeks of her ass and Anko moaned; feeling the heat from his dick made her even hornier as he quickly matched the tempo of the song playing.


“Annnd we’re off everyone! For all the first timers, the rules are simple, a challenger has to hot dog the girl’s ass in time with the beat of the song, if he can manage to go the entire length of the song WITHOUT blowing his load, he wins. All songs are a required five minute minimum with a high tempo. So far, we haven’t had a single winner; will the Raikage break that losing streak tonight? Let’s watch!” Hanabi announced.


Anko smiled and moaned, loving the feel of A’s cock slipping back and forth between the huge cheeks of her ass. She could feel him rubbing against her asshole and the folds of her pussy with every thrust. All around them, the crowd cheered and shouted. Anko loved the attention as she grabbed her own tits, licking her nipples until they were stiff and hard as she felt her ass rippling with every smack of the Raikage’s hips against her ass!


“Hmmmmmm, that feels great, keep going!!!” Anko moaned, and then wrapped her mouth around her left nipple, sucking it roughly for the crowd as people began tossing their money on stage. The song picked up the beat, and the Raikage matched it pulse for pulse. The feeling of the underside of his cock sliding back and forth along her asshole was driving the dark haired woman crazy.


“Yeeeeah, more, hotdog my fat whore ass you fucking stallion!” Anko moaned as she felt herself cumming already. Thankfully, the girls were allowed to cum as much as they wanted, unlike during the Fuckfest where that was a sign of defeat! She still remembered her night between Naruto and A, she hadn’t lasted anywhere near as long as she thought she was going to, and she was walking around Konoha bow-legged for almost a week!


Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!!” cheered the crowd as they watched.


“Three minutes in folks, there’s still time to place your bets at the bar!!!” Hanabi announced.


“This is nothing, I can go all night!” A roared, pumping his fist in the air.


“Hmmmmmmmh, let’s see about that!” Anko moaned, raising her ass just slightly and letting her hips gyrate with A’s thrusts. She let him do most of the work, and only let her own body move with his momentum. Her ass smacked and slapped against him as they both moaned.


“Mmmmmh, that’s cheating woman!” A groaned.


“Not according to the rules.” Anko giggled, moaned as she felt the underside of his cock pressing hotly against the folds of her dripping pussy. “I can’t make it easy for you after all.” she told him, moving more on her own a bit as the song picked up speed.


“Woooo, look at ’em go folks, I can barely see the Raikage’s cock anymore he’s moving so fast! Less than a minute to go, all bets are final now! Will we finally have our first winner in the Busteez Hotdogging Challenge!?!?” Hanabi cheered from the DJ booth.


Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!! Hotdog!!!” the crowd continued to cheer. Anko’s moans were lost in the roar of the crowd as she came over and over just as the song reached its peak and abruptly ended. She then felt A’s cock throbbing between the cheeks of her ass as he came hard a half second later. His cum sprayed everywhere, like a fire hose trying to put out a wildfire. It landed hot and sticky all over her ass, tits, and somehow even in her hair!


“Amazing, amazing, I don’t believe it!!! We have ourselves a new champion!!!!!” Hanabi cheered, “A, the Fourth Raikage has redeemed himself here tonight and win’s a Free V.I.P. session with one of our girls on a night of his choice! Winning bets can be claimed at the bar.” Hanabi explained as the Raikage climbed off and offered his natural hand to help Anko to her feet.


“Well played,” he said before turning and walking away after collecting his clothes from the stage floor, shaking the loose bills off of them.


“Hmm, I suppose he can be nice when he wants.” Anko said to herself as she waved one last time to the crowd before walking to the back of the stage and then off into the dressing room.



A was able to quickly don his clothes again as he walked over to the bar. A few members of the crowd congratulated him or patted him on the back as he weaved through them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the entry ticket he’d been given when he signed up tonight. He moved to sit on one of the stools and waved the bartender over. He gave his slip to the bartender and the man handed him a form for him to fill out for when he wanted to claim his prize.


“Not bad A-san.” said a voice from behind. A gritted his teeth as he turned to see Hinata Uzumaki sitting three stools away from him. She was dressed in a tiny slip of a dress that did next to nothing to hide her figure, “You couldn’t beat me, so taking on someone else makes sense.” she said with a smirk as she sipped from a glass filled with a golden colored beverage.


“I told you last time to watch your mouth woman, lest I watch it deepthroating my dick and not gently!” he told her as he held up the form, “I’m a man of my word.” he said as he began filling out the form, putting Hinata’s name under the Requested Girl section.


She raised an eyebrow, “You do know the girls can turn down an assignment for any reason right?”


“You seemed far more confident when you were insulting me on stage. I would have thought the Hokage’s Wife would accept defeat and its consequences with honor!” he told her.


“But you DIDN’T beat me, lord Raikage” Hinata pointed out, she then smiled, “I’ll tell you what, compete in this challenge every night, and WIN for a week straight, and I’ll volunteer for every free sessions you win, then you can ‘Discipline‘ me all you want. Think you got what it takes for that?” she asked with a grin before taking another sip. “Oh, and I pick the girls you take on.”


“A challenge…” A said as he folded the form in half and slipped it in his pocket, “Alright, you’re on.”

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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