Busting One For All Over Breasts

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Stirring from a rather comfortable sleep, Izuku Midoriya shifted slightly on the soft mattress. The first thing he felt was a wet squishing sensation all around his body. The sheets of the bed clung to him like a second skin as he blinked his eyes open slowly. The room he found himself inside was unfamiliar, white walls with plain landscape artwork hung on them. The entire room smelled of fresh paint and plaster mixed with the scent of sex and sweat.


“Mmmmmmh, kero kero…” he heard a soft voice cooing as someone shifted under the covers with him. He felt a warm mass snuggle closer, a pair of slender arms around his waist hugging him closer.


Oh, right, I’m at the Busteez Hero Agency’s love hotel.’ Izuku thought to himself as the fog of sleep cleared from his mind. It came back to him in a rush, the other night at the agency, as he tried to explain to Tsuyu why he was taking Momo to the dance. Midnight coming up to them and helping smooth things over a bit before sending them over to ‘christen’ one of the new rooms in the hotel.


He let Tsuyu pick the room, and she took him to the top floor penthouse room. A rather large bedroom with all kinds of little comforts. Everything from a sex swing to a full body massaging bed. The bath in the room was as big as a family sized pool! The floors were a deep red carpet, as were the satin sheets of the bed where he lay. He spotted his clothes scattered about the room as he gently sat up. Tsuyu made a plaintive croaking noise and hugged herself against him harder, not wanting to wake up it seemed. He reached a hand down and stroked her dark green hair and she cooed happily, leaning her head into his touch.


“Kero kero…”


Izuku smiled at her and continued stroking her hair gently as he looked at an alarm clock sitting on the nightstand, barely after six a.m. The sun was only beginning to rise outside, what he could see of the city skyline was only just turning from a dark blue to a pale orange.


He gave serious thought to just snuggling back against the naked green haired girl in bed with him, but the squishy wet sensation against his skin made him think otherwise. The mucus like substance was rapidly beginning to cool as he moved around. Tsu was still embarrassed by that little aspect of her quirk, how whenever she came really hard, her body would secrete her poison mucus so hard it would squirt out and cover her entire body and everything nearby. She had originally told him it stung on contact, though he didn’t really feel anything other than a mild tingle, so he didn’t really mind it at all. He reached out with his dry hand and gently shook her.


“Tsu, Tsu, it’s morning, wake up.” he whispered to her softly.


“Kerooo…” she whimpered, snuggling closer again, “Just five more minutes, kero…”


Izuku smiled and moved to lay on his side facing her. Leaning in close, he kissed her lips ever so lightly. “Kero…” Tsuyu cooed, hugging him close and pushing her tongue into his mouth. Izuku gagged in surprise as he felt her long tongue sliding down his throat suddenly. He’d come to expect this from her as he hugged her back, the sheets making rude squishing sounds around them as she laced her legs with his and held him tight.


“Morning.” he said when she finally broke the kiss.


“Mmmmmmh, morning…” she said sleepily. She then blinked her big dark eyes as she felt the sheets squishing around them. “Oh, sorry…”


“Don’t worry about it.” he told her honestly as he hugged her tightly, kissing her again.


Tsuyu kissed him back gently as they held one another for a long moment before finally getting out of the bed. He peeled the sticky sheets away from his body and tossed them on top of the bed with a wet ‘plop’. Tsuyu meanwhile walked naked over to the bath in the room and began filling it with fresh hot water as Izuku picked up a pamphlet from the nightstand. On it was a list of breakfast menu dishes. “Tsu, you hungry?” he asked.


“Starving, kero.” she called back as she swirled the water of the half full bath with one hand. Picking up the phone, Izuku pressed the button for room service, he figured the worst case they could just grab something when they got back to the dorms if no one answered.


“Yell-ow!? Hey, I didn’t think anyone was in the hotel yet!” answered a familiar voice.


“Hagakure, is that you?” Izuku asked.


“Oh come on Izuku, you’ve cummed inside me before, you can call me Toru!” Toru replied cheerfully, “Anyway, what’s up?”


“Oh, Tsu and I are in the prime penthouse room, we spent the night and were wondering if we could get something for breakfast.” Izuku told her.


“Sure, I can toss something together, oh, hang on, your mom’s still here. Inko, Inkoooo!!!” he heard Toru call on the other end of the line. He then heard her explaining the situation to her quickly.


“Oh, that’s not a problem, but can you take it over, I’m not familiar with the hotel layout yet.” he heard his mother say, “I don’t want it getting cold before I can find my way there.”


“Sure!” Toru said before turning her voice back to Izuku, “What would you two like?”


“Hang on,” Izuku said as he lowered the phone, “Tsu, anything you’d like for breakfast?”


“Pancakes with strawberry jam!” she said back to him.


“Oh that does sound yummy!” he heard Toru reply.


“Yeah, two of that, plus some eggs, and some orange juice and coffee please.” Izuku said back to her.


“No problem, I’ll bring it right up!” Toru said before hanging up.


Izuku hung up the phone and stood up to stretch slowly. His entire body felt slick and sticky, but otherwise well rested. He felt something warm and soft pressing against his back as Tsu hopped over from the bath to wrap her arms around him, pressing her naked body against his own as she rested her chin against his shoulder.


“Breakfast will be up soon.” he told her.


“Good, kero.” she said as she rubbed her hands up and down his bare chest as she leaned her head up and gently closed her lips around his earlobe, “Come take a bath with me.” she cooed.


“Sure.” Izuku agreed, turning in her embrace so that they were face to face. She instantly covered his mouth with her own as he circled her waist in his arms. He relaxed his throat as her tongue pushed down it again. She really enjoyed doing that, not that he minded as he reached his scarred hand down and gave her bare ass a quick squeeze.


“Kero!” she croaked happily as she pressed herself against him, rubbing her breasts against his chest. She then backed away just slightly, guiding him towards the bath which was now full and frothing over with bubbles that were rainforest scented. The water was blissfully warm as he and Tsuyu waded into the water together. Izuku moved to sit on a bench inside the tub, Tsuyu sat on his lap as she began slowly washing her mucus off of his chest slowly. He reached his scarred hand up out of the water and used it to tuck some of her hair behind her ear gently.


“Mmmmmh,” she cooed happily, leaning her head into his hand happily. Izuku smiled at her and pulled her down into another kiss. She kissed him back gently, grinding her hips against his lap slowly as he reached his other hand through the water to caress her shapely ass.


“I love you, Izuku.” Tsuyu cooed softly when she pulled out of their kiss.


“I love you too, Tsu.” he said back to her.


“Awwwww, you two are so adorable!!!!” said a new voice. Tsuyu and Izuku jumped slightly out of the water and looked around. But no one was there, though there was a covered tray floating in the middle of the room! “You two have come a long way since I found you on the island a while back!


“Hey Toru.” said Tsuyu.


“Hihi!” Toru said as the tray shifted in position slightly. Izuku imagined Toru must have been waving, but he couldn’t tell. When Tsuyu waved back he took that as a confirmation.


“Oh, that’s right, you can see Toru, can’t you Tsu?” he asked.


“Kinda, kero. It has something to do with my quirk, I can see partially into the thermal spectrum when I concentrate.” she explained.


“That’s amazing, I’m kinda jealous actually.” Izuku said.


“Really?” Toru asked, “You wanna see me that much?”


“Well, yeah, who wouldn’t be? I mean, I have a decent idea of your figure from when you wear clothes, but I’m really curious as to what you look like.” Izuku confessed.


“Why didn’t you just say so!?” Toru said as she set the tray down on a table near the tub, becoming completely invisible again. He followed Tsuyu’s gaze to get a rough idea of where she was until the water in the bath formed a hole in it suddenly. He could see by the two distinct curves in the outline that the water came up to her heavy chest. Toru came over to them and Tsuyu slipped out of his lap.


“Huh, what…?” Izuku said as he felt a new weight on his lap as a pair of soft but invisible hands took hold of his face. Izuku gasped when Toru pressed her lips against his own, they were so very soft and smooth against his own as he felt her push her tongue into his mouth.


“Mmmmmph!” he gasped and flailed his arms, splashing water everywhere as the invisible girl explored his mouth with her tongue!


“Mmmmmh, ahh…” Toru gasped when she pulled away, finally breaking the kiss after a long moment. Izuku blinked his green eyes as a hazy outline began to appear in front of him. It was like watching smoke dissipate but in reverse as the lines became more and more distinct until he could see the vague outline of a large breasted girl with shoulder length hair.


A few breaths later, he could see her more completely, Toru was his age, with light colored hair that looked almost like strands of spider silk and and ice blue eyes so light in color they were nearly clear! Her skin was an almost porcelain white, which made sense since sunlight went right through her, or around rather.


“Huh!?” he said with a gasp as Toru smiled meekly.


“Too pale?” she asked.


“No no!” Izuku answered, “I, I was just wondering, how am I seeing you!?”


“It’s complicated, my body has this field that refracts light differently, but I see myself easily enough. If I don’t focus, things I eat or are foreign to my body, like anal beads and seminal fluid, can be seen inside me. When I was little you really didn’t wanna see me eat because of that. However, something in my saliva lets others see through that light refraction field that surrounds my body and see the actual me, for a while.” Toru explained, “At least that’s how Recovery Girl explained it to me.”


“That’s amazing Toru!” Izuku explained, he then looked over at Tsuyu as she tilted her head, “Oh, um, sorry…” he said to her.


“For what?” Tsuyu asked with a blink.


“For kissing someone other than you and Ochaco…” he said.


Tsuyu blinked, then laughed, “Kero, kero, first off, she kissed you Izuku, and second, how many times have we had sex since our first time on that waterslide?” she asked him.


Toru blinked at that and turned to look back at him, “Wait, waterslide, you mean when we were at the USJ again?! WOW, you guys ARE bold!”


“Aheheh…” Izuku chuckled nervously as he thought for a moment, “Um, I’m actually not sure if I’m gonna be honest. I don’t really keep track of those things.” he confessed.


“Ninety-four times in the few months since we first started if you count the times we did it more than once in a day.” Tsuyu told him, “I can tell you the places and times too if you want.” she said with a smug look.


Izuku felt his jaw drop, “N… NINETY-FOUR!?” he stammered.


Tsuyu smiled a little wider, “That’s also counting the threesomes and such, so that makes me the girl you’ve been with the most out of everyone!”


“Wow, I’m jealous Tsu!” said Toru.


{Damn kid, even Toshinori couldn’t manage that in his best year, good job!} said a woman’s voice in the back of his mind.


Nana, are you watching this!?’ he thought as hard as he could, but the dark haired former holder of One for All was silent again as Toru reached a hand up and closed his mouth. Tsuyu giggled and leaned in close, her breasts ballooning outwards as she expanded them with her quirk. She smashed the warm soft mounds around his head tightly for a moment before lowering herself back down into the water and kissing his lips again.


Izuku returned her kiss gently as Toru moved aside for her. The light haired girl then moved over to where she’d set the food tray down as Tsuyu straddled his lap again and grinded her body against his. Bringing the tray back to the edge of the tub, Toru lifted the top off and hot steam wafted up from underneath, carrying with it the smell of fresh pancakes and coffee.


“Kero!” Tsuyu croaked as she nearly leapt off of Izuku and moved over to stand next to Toru in the massive tub. Izuku had almost forgotten the reason Toru was even there as he heard and felt his stomach grumble lightly.


“Mmmmmh, smells good doesn’t it?” asked Toru.


“Yeah,” Izuku agreed as he moved to join the two naked girls.


“Hey Toru?” Tsuyu asked as they began to eat their breakfast.


“Yeah?” replied the other girl.


“So do you have to focus or anything for your saliva to work, or is it anyone you kiss?” inquired Tsuyu.


“It works on anyone, whaaaaa!!!” Toru yelped as Tsuyu reached out and grabbed her shoulder with one hand and pulled her into a tight liplock! Izuku blinked in surprise as Toru’s crystalline eyes went wide with surprise, but then slowly closed as she kissed the other girl back. He slowly gulped down a bite of pancake as he watched the two girls wrestling tongues for a long moment before Tsuyu finally pulled back. She blinked her dark colored eyes several times then smiled.


“Kero, you’re cuter than I pictured you.” she told her.


Toru blushed and looked away, “Th, thanks…” she said, then blinked again when she looked at Izuku, “Enjoying the show?” she asked with a sly grin.


“I’d say so, kero!” Tsuyu said as her eyes glanced down at the water. Izuku looked down at the surface, most of the bubbles had dissolved, allowing both girls to see his giant erection now peeking out of the water. He gulped and looked back up at the two girls as they slipped back into the water and tackled him onto the bench on one end of the tub.


Both girls smiled at him as Tsuyu leaned in close and kissed him deeply, her lips still tasted of strawberries as she pushed her tongue into his mouth. At the same time, Toru pressed her tits around his cock and kissed the wide tip with her soft pink lips.


“Mmmmmmmh, kerooo…” Tsuyu cooed as she pressed herself in closer, wrapping her arms around his shoulders gently.


“I’m really jealous now Tsu…” Toru said as she slowly kissed and licked her way around the head of his cock, “You can have this big dick anytime you want!”


Tsuyu pulled her tongue back from Izuku’s throat, licking his lips softly before responding, “I’m not greedy, kero.” she told Toru before moving to kneel next to her in the water, “I like sharing.” she added before coiling her long tongue around his cock and slowly stroking it up and down.


Toru giggled happily as she opened her mouth wide, wrapping her lips around the tip of his cock with a soft moan. Izuku groaned at the feel of the two girls took turns sucking his cock. He watched as Tsuyu guided Toru in taking half his length into her mouth, her neck bulging with his girth as she moaned at length. He could feel her throat vibrating around his dick as she dipped her head below the water’s surface.


“Here,” Tsuyu said as she cut up a bit of the pancakes for him and stabbed them with a fork before holding them up for him.


“Tsu, I can… Ahh… Ahhhh…” Izuku began, but then groaned as Toru took his cock even deeper into her mouth. Tsuyu used his open mouth to place the bite of food inside. She then closed his mouth around it with her hand and smiled sweetly at him. The food was pleasantly warm still as he chewed it slowly, savoring the flavor of strawberry and the warm wet feel of Toru’s mouth around his cock.


“Mmmmmmmph, ahhhh, so thiiiick…” Toru moaned when she came up for air, “I love the way it makes my jaw ache…” she told him as Tsuyu took her turn now, opening her mouth wide and deepthroating his dick with ease! Toru then cut him another bite of their breakfast and Izuku relented and let the girls feed him slowly.


Before long the pancakes were all gone and the two girls made a show of pressing his cock between their massive tits as they kissed each other in front of him. He watched as Tsuyu and Toru wrestled their tongues in front of him as they slowly moved their breasts up and down his massive length.


“Mmmmmmh, Tsu…” Toru cooed as she pressed her big soft tits around the base of Izuku’s cock.


“Toru-chan…” Tsuyu replied, her tongue sliding down the other girls throat. Izuku watched, groaning in pleasure at the feel of their combined breasts rubbing up and down his length. The two girls both glancing at him and grinning. Toru then pulled away and made room for Tsuyu to climb on top of him again, his cock sinking into her pussy slowly.


“Keeerrooooo….” Tsuyu moaned happily as she rolled her hips against him, her stomach stretching around his thickness. “This makes ninety-five.” she told him with a smile before kissing him once more. He returned her kiss with equal passion, moving his hands to grab her wide sexy ass as he began moving his hips in time with her own. The water sloshed and churned around them as Tsuyu moaned into his mouth. Toru then pressed her own naked body against Tsuyu’s back, her hands reaching around to grab the other girls tits as she leaned her cute face in to nibble on her ear gently.


“Kerooo, kerrrroooooo…” Tsuyu moaned again, her body bucking harder.


“Shuuu…” Izuku slurred, her tongue making it hard to speak as he thrusted against her harder.


“Harderrr, harder Izukuuuuu…” she moaned as she bounced herself up and down on his cock.


“Mmmmmmh, you make the sexiest moans Tsu! It’s turning me on so much!” Toru said as she pinched Tsuyu’s nipples between her fingers. Izuku broke the kiss as Tsuyu leaned back in his lap, bucking her hips faster the churning water beginning to froth up again around the three of them as Toru lifted Tsuyu’s left tit up and Izuku took her stiff nipple into his mouth.


KEROOOOO!!!” Tsuyu moaned.


“Mmmmmmh, make her moan more Izuku!” Toru moaned, licking her lips slowly as she watched. He then felt her free hand gently cupping his balls as Tsuyu bucked back and forth between them.


He nodded and began thrusting his hips harder, groaning as he felt Tsuyu’s pussy clenching tightly around his cock as she began cumming again and again. He sucked on her nipple harder, pulling her entire breast up with his mouth before letting go and covering her lips with his own.


KEROOOOOO!” Tsuyu moaned into his mouth as her entire body shook in pleasure.




The sound of every pore in her body gushing with her mucus echoed in the room as Tsuyu let out a long moan of pure pleasure as Izuku pushed his entire cock inside as he came directly into her womb! They broke their kiss only after a long moment, Tsuyu falling back against Toru as the light haired girl giggled.


Been a while since I’ve seen you do that!” she said with a smile.


“Hah…ah…ahhh…” Tsuyu panted slowly, leaning back against Toru, “S… Sorry, Toru…”


“For what, I still think it’s hot as hell!” Toru told her as she helped Tsuyu lift herself off of him. She then leaned her back on one of the other benches built into the side of the tub. The water was cloudy now with a mix of bodily fluids, but no one seemed to care as Toru stood up and looked back to Izuku. “So, I heard you’re going to the dance with Yaomomo, what’s up with that?”


Izuku blinked, surprised by the sudden change of subject. “Well, it’s complicated…” he said.


“The host company wants him with her for PR reasons.” Tsuyu said weakly.


“Ahhh, okay. Well, Ojiro asked me last night and I said sure. I heard Mineta is going with Melissa, can you believe that!?” she informed the pair.


“Seriously!?” Tsuyu said as she sat up slightly. “Did he book her through the escort page?”


“No! That’s the weird thing. He just asked her and she said yes.” Toru explained.


“Huh, how about that.” said Izuku, “Speaking of the dance, anyone else making dates yet?”


Toru tapped a finger to her chin, “Hmmmm, I only overheard a couple more, like I know Principal Nezu is taking Midnight cause I heard them talking on the phone.” Toru said, “Nejire and Amajiki will be there together as security inside the building.”


“That makes sense, with all the incidents over the last couple of years it would be good to have some pros attending outside of the faculty. After all the teachers are there to help introduce the students to the business partners, and they wouldn’t be able to watch the perimeter as welliftheywerehelpingusnetworkatthetime…” Izuku muttered for several moments, talking faster and faster, before Tsuyu flicked the top of his head with her tongue.


“Still creepy when you do that.” she told him.


“Sorry…” Izuku said as he rubbed at the spot where she’d flicked him. “I wonder if…” he said to himself as he remembered a few days ago while he was at Endeavor’s agency. When he’d passed out after fucking Mina with One for All.



Izuku found himself in a dream-like white void place, standing naked in front of Nana Shimura, the one who had given One for All to All Might.


“Congrats kid.” she told him.


“Huh, for what?” he asked her.


She grinned at him, “You did it, your work with learning greater control of One for All has begun breaking a few seals.”




She nodded, “I don’t have time to give you all the details, but the quick version is this, the quirks of everyone who had One for All in them, well, they kinda came along for the ride to each new user. So you can expect to manifest six new quirks in the future. None of the other holders, including myself, have ever been able to do this. So congrats on that! Oh, bit of warning, a few of these quirks have been in here for a long time, and they’ve gotten stronger alongside One for All, so you might wanna be careful with them at first, good luck!”


“Huh!?” Izuku asked as all of this left him confused. He had so many questions to ask, like what were they? How would they appear and when? But Nana had already begun fading away from his view, “Nana, wait!” he called to her, only to suddenly find himself in his room at the Endeavor agency again with Mina kneeling over him.


“Jeez, don’t scare me like that,” she told him, “You spoiled the mood.”



HEY, IZUKU!!!! Am I invisible again or something?!” asked Toru as she shouted at him.


“Oh, sorry Toru!” Izuku said as his mind snapped back to the present. “And No, I can still see you.”


The light haired girl smiled at him, “Good, cause it’s my turn now!”


HUH!?” Izuku gasped as the girl hopped into his lap and covered his mouth with her own!



The following night…


Walking into the main dressing room for the employees, Yu Takeyama stretched and let out a small yawn. “Ahhhh, what a day…” she said tiredly.


“Busy?” asked the only other girl in the room. Yu turned to look at Momo Yaoyorozu as she sat in front of one of the make-up mirrors. The older woman blinked as she looked at the dark haired girl over. She looked as though she’d been crying, her eyes were puffy and a little red, and her cheeks were still a little wet looking as well.


“No, that’s the problem,” she answered as she came over, “What’s wrong girl? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you look like hell.”


Momo blinked her dark eyes and wiped at her face with a damp looking handkerchief. “Sorry, it’s a long story… I…” she trailed off as she dabbed at her eyes then made a disgusted face before tossing he damp cloth away and pulling another from her arm as though it were a dispenser.


“Gotta say, that must be convenient.” Yu told her as she pulled a make-up chair away from a nearby table and sat down next to Momo, “Now, what’s got you looking such a mess?”


The dark haired girl reached into her pocket and produced a folded bit of paper. She handed it to Yu without a word and began drying her face again. Taking the paper, Yu unfolded it and look at the top, the letterhead told her it was from some hospital, and the content went as such:


To Ms. Yaoyorozu and Mr. Midoriya

I am pleased to inform you that we have completed our testing phase with the replicated transplant organs. There have been to date, no signs of rejection or complication in any of the twelve recipient patients. Biopsies have shown complete assimilation by every patient, even our experts cannot see any difference in the host tissue versus the donated tissue. As such I am again extending the invitation we discussed before. I look forward to a positive reply.

Dr. Matsumura, Head Administrator, Shigusa General Hospital


Yu lowered the paper, “Oh, so they finished all the tests then?” she asked.


Momo nodded, “And everyone I made a new organ for is doing fine. Better than fine really.”


“Okay, but, isn’t that a good thing?” Yu asked.


Momo sniffled lightly and nodded, “Yes, but I just… I guess part of me was hoping they were wrong.” she admitted.


Yu Blinked, “Whatcha mean?”


You know about the offer from the Hospital and Medical company right?” she asked. Yu nodded, the whole of Busteez and UA knew about that now. It took more than a week for people to finally stop talking about it and move on to other topics. Yu honestly didn’t care either way, Hero Work was Hero Work, granted no one ever thought blowjobs might save your life, but hey, it was a crazy world!


“Well, I told myself I’d take the offer if everything went alright. But how do I tell Midoriya? He’s in a serious, if complicated, relationship right now. I don’t want to put any pressure on him, make him break up with the girls he loves, all for my sake. That’s no way to start a marriage, we’d just end up hating each other in the end.”


Yu blinked again, “Wait, did you say ‘girls’, as in, more than one?”


Momo giggled, “I did say it was complicated didn’t I?”


And I thought the old lady was kinky with what she was doing to that yandere chick!” Yu said with a laugh. She then placed a hand on Momo’s shoulder, “Just go and talk to him, I only so-so know the kid, mostly from having been on the receiving end of that big dick of his, but I think the two of you can work something out. No need for tears now.” she told her. Momo smiled up at her and nodded.


“Thanks,” she told her, “I’ll do that.”


“Great! Now, let’s get you cleaned up, you still look like hell!” Yu told her as she began grabbing various make-ups from the table. ‘Sweeeet, she marries that kid and I got one less rival here!’ Yu thought to herself smugly as she began helping Momo fix her make-up. ‘Only shame is I might never see her with that big dick of her own again, that was kinda neat!



An hour later, Yu smiled proudly as she strutted about in her Busteez Heroine outfit. It was a much sexier version of her regular costume, this one using a much thinner, all but completely transparent version of the fabric of her street costume. It could even expand like she did using her quirk. A useful feature given she was using her quirk now to give herself a pair of mountainous tits that bounced and jiggled with her ever step! Yu loved the way the boys and even some of the girls eyed her body as she moved by, their stares turned her on as she added a little extra sway to her hips as she moved over to the main floor area. There were more heroes in tonight, that was a good thing she supposed. The men that were broken out of Tartarus hadn’t shown themselves at all in the week since the incident. Whether that was good or bad had yet to be determined.


She didn’t see anyone of particular interest in tonight. Her close friend Kamui Woods was at his usual table, taking his time with a drink as he watched the Shiozaki girl going through her routine on stage. The vine haired girl was really hot, dressed in an Eve from the “Garden of Eden” costume as she danced on stage with a snake hanging off her shoulders. Yu stood by her words from last year, this girl would be great as a sidekick for Kamui Woods, it was like they were made to go together! He would have offered her a work study if his agency wasn’t so new to the scene, or at least that’s what he told Yu a while back after a few beers.


“Ahahaha!!! It’s no trouble at all Mrs. Midoriya!” Yu heard a boisterous laugh from over by the bar. She turned to see All Might in all his glory standing by the bar striking a pose, for all of three seconds before smoke billowed out from him and he returned to his natural skeletal form. She had noticed he’d been better the last few weeks, holding that form for longer and longer periods. Word has it that the little girl being protected by Aizawa and UA had something to do with it, but Nejire had clammed up before telling her all the details.


Curious, Yu went over to the bar where she waved a greeting to All Might, Inko, and Midnight who was standing to the blonde man’s left. “Hey everyone, what’s up?” she asked once she was close enough to be heard over the music playing.


“Oh, hello Yu-san,” said Inko as she came up by the bar, “Mr. All Might has just agreed to take me to the upcoming Dance at UA.”


“Oh?” Yu asked with a raised eyebrow.


“We were discussing the details of the dance,” Midnight spoke up, “And our sweet little Mega Milf #2 here said that she would love to go!” she explained with a smile.


“Oh, Nemu-chan, I haven’t agreed to take that name yet!” Inko squeaked with a blush.


Midnight winked, “Oh I think it suits you just fine and Mitsuki already gave her okay for it!”


“Anyway,” All Might spoke up, “I asked her to be my date to the dance so she could see her son in his Hero Work without some kind of disaster going on.”


“Oh, so Midoriya is wearing his costume to the ball?” Yu asked.


“Yaoyorozu as well, a request from the hosting company.” Midnight told her.


Yu nodded, “Makes sense.” She remembered speaking with her earlier, how she’d been depressed about that letter from the Hospital. She idly wondered how the girl was doing now as she sat down next to All Might, “Inko, can I get a green tea please?” she asked.


“Sure.” said the green haired woman as she ducked beneath the bar. The young blonde then leaned in closer to All Might, letting him get a nice view of how her tits hung in her costume


“Yu, shouldn’t you be doing the rounds of the Agency?” Midnight asked, her tone mildly annoyed.


“But I am,” Yu said with a sly smile, “I’m having a drink with the world’s most famous Hero.” she said as she looked over to All Might. “You may be retired, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are the World’s #1 Hero.”


All Might coughed into his fist quietly, “Well, I think Endeavor holds that title now.”


“Meh, in Japan maybe.” Yu said as Inko handed her the tea she asked for. “Face it, the guy still has some personality issues, though he has gotten a bit better lately.”


“Getting to number one is actually not that hard,” All Might said, “Holding it, now that takes commitment.” he told them, “Before I took the spot, the number one hero changed every other week it seemed.”


“Yeah, you’re right, fun times.” Midnight agreed.


“Someone’s showing her age again…” Yu teased.


“Watch it blondie!!!!” Midnight snapped back, “I still draw in twice the dick you do!!!”


“HA!!! As if grandma!!!” Yu said as she leaned in closer to All Might, “Our clients prefer nice, young, TIGHT pussies. Not loose baggy ones.”


“WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY…?” Midnight asked in a halting voice, a vein visibly throbbing on her forehead.


“Oh dear…” said Inko as she began to back away very slowly.


“Now now ladies… There’s no need to get…” All Might began to say, but was cut off when Midnight pulled him closer to herself.


“I’ll have you know I was just about to take All Might up to the VR room for a nice relaxing bath in the Mt. Fuji hot springs simulation.” she told Yu.


“What!?” All Might gasped.


“Shut up…” Midnight hissed at him.


“Reaaally, you sure your loose cooch can satisfy the greatest Hero of our time? I’m sure he’d much prefer someone younger and tighter to take care of his needs….” Yu said as she leaned in close to him, letting her heavy tits press against his chest. She then turned to look up at All Might, “Isn’t that right sir…?” she asked in a sweet voice.


“Well, I uh…” All Might stammered, clearly at a complete loss.


“Oh really, it’s like that huh?” Midnight asked, “Wanna make it interesting then?”


Yu blinked her pink and purple eyes, a grin spreading over her lips, “Interesting huh?”


“Mmmmhmmmm, we’ll go together, let All Might here be the judge, I win and you have to work the VIP request docket for a week, at half price!” Midnight told her.


“Alright, and WHEN I win?” Yu asked.


“You can just do stage work, and be paid full VIP service for that same week.” Midnight told her.


“Deal.” Yu agreed. Midnight’s offer was too good to refuse.


“Hey, don’t I get a say in this!?” All Might protested.


“Of course,” said Midnight.


“You get to be the judge of who has the sexier, more satisfying body.” Yu finished for her as the two of them each linked with one of All Might’s arms before they half carried, half dragged him away from the bar.


“Oh dear oh dear…” Yu heard Inko say before they were out of earshot.


The pair of heroines took All Might to the second floor where the VR room was located. Yu had heard there were three rooms like this in the newly built Love Hotel next door. She’d only been inside a couple times since construction was completed. The place was nice, on a par with other high end love hotels, the room she liked most though was the penthouse room on the top floor, it was bigger than her entire apartment and had all the comforts of home. She’d spend a whole week with a client as his or her personal plaything if it meant staying in THAT room!


Midnight pulled away from All Might when they got to the room, using the pad next to the door to call up the correct simulation. This was gonna be so easy, Yu knew just what men like All Might needed, she couldn’t wait to see the look on Midnight’s face when he declared her the winner.


“Just relax All Might sir, I’ll take good care of you…” she breathed into his ear softly.


“I uh…” All Might began to reply, only to find himself yanked away from Yu’s grasp as Midnight opened the door. Sunlight seemed to pour out from inside the room, flooring the hallway as Yu blinked her eyes against the glare.


Yu was always amazed by how real everything seemed inside this room. It was like something out of a sci-fi show as she followed All Might inside. Suddenly she found herself standing in a hot springs resort, Mt. Fuji in the distance with a steaming pool of water just a few feet in front of them. Large rocks surrounded the pool, with a small break in them to give everyone a perfect view of the volcano and a lake just outside the springs. Yu wasted no time shedding her costume. It was a simple matter of pulling on one zipper cleverly hidden on the back of her suit. The fabric peeled away easily, revealing the flawless skin beneath. The young blonde made sure All Might had a full view of her as she uncovered her naked body for him. She smiled at the way he gulped loudly as she bent down to pull her legs free of the tight fitting high heeled boots she had on. It thrilled her to see the rising tent in the older man’s pants as she slowly stood up straight, thrusting her chest out to make her heavy tits bounce and jiggle for him.


Annoyingly enough, Midnight was wearing her new slutty outfit tonight, allowing her to easily strip naked as well. The two of them glanced at one another, nodded, and fell on All Might like a pair of hyenas, stripping his clothes off in spite of his protests that he could do it himself!


Holy crap!’ Yu thought as they got his pants off and his cock sprung free and stood out like a tree trunk! She thought the Midoriya and Bakugo kids were hung, but damn! Yu licked her lips, ‘This’ll be more fun than I thought!’ she thought to herself as she placed a low stool down on the ground for All Might to sit on as she and Midnight went over to a showerhead built into one wall and doused themselves in warm water.


Giving up on his resistance, All Might poured a bucket of hot water over himself as Yu selected a rather fine smelling soap from a selection of body washes kept in the room for the bath simulations. Midnight agreed on her choice and the two of them poured the sandalwood scented soap over their naked bodies slowly. They pressed their backs together as they made a show of building up the lather all over their smooth flesh.


“Oh yeah, he wants us…” the two of them whispered together before they both got down on their hands and knees and crawled over to him. Yu had seen All Might shirtless once before, just after Busteez first opened. Back then he had some really nasty scarring on the left side of his torso, but now the flesh looked smooth and healthy.


“This is thanks to young Eri,” he told her when he noticed her staring. “I volunteered to help her practice controlling her powers, she’s managed to repair a lot of the damage All for One did to me, I even have a full stomach again.” he said, “But sadly, my full powers can never be restored it seems. I burned them all out in that fight.”


“Aizawa and the other doctors at UA are still trying to figure out why.” Midnight said as she moved to kneel behind All Might. She pressed her massive tits against his back, moving her body up and down slowly to spread the soapy lather around.


“I told them not to worry about it. I’m grateful to Eri for getting me this much of my health back. It’d be selfish to ask for any more.”


“More proof of why you’re the worlds #1 hero.” Yu said as she moved to kneel in front of him, making sure his cock fitted neatly between her tits as she rubbed her bigger tits up and down his naked body.


“Flattering him won’t help you win!” Midnight snapped at her.


“Who’s flattering, I’m just stating the facts.” Yu said as she and Midnight glared daggers at one another.


“Ladies, I really…” All Might began to say.


“You shut it and let us work!” Midnight and Yu said in unison. The two of them continued rubbing their naked bodies against him in every erotic way they could. Yu smiled as she managed to keep herself in front of All Might, giving special attention to his throbbing erection as she rubbed it up and down slowly with her soapy tits. She loved it every time she made him groan softly as she dragged her soft, smooth mountain sized tits over his long thick dick. Were it not for the soap, she’d already be trying to fit all of it down her throat!


Once the two of them had lathered up every inch of him that they could, Yu took the bucket and refilled it with warm water before pressing her body against All Might again. She then pressed her lips to his as she poured the water down over them, rinsing away the fine smelling soap.


“Hey, that’s cheating!” Midnight said.


“He doesn’t seem to mind.” Yu said back to her after breaking the kiss, winking at Midnight impishly.


“Cheeky bitch…” Midnight muttered under her breath as she quickly rinsed herself off before the three of them moved into the hot spring itself.


The water was pleasantly warm, Yu felt some of the tension melting out of her as she, All Might, and Midnight waded into the water. They had All Might lay back on a bench set just a few inches below the water’s surface. Yu and Midnight then moved to stand on either side of All Might as he lay back on the bench. The blonde haired woman licked her lips as she stared down at the man’s gigantic dick. She could hardly wait to feel that huge thing stretching out her pussy!


She looked across All Might’s lap at Midnight as she pressed her massive tits around the base of his dick. All Might let out a low groan of pleasure as the dark haired woman began stroking him up and down slowly with her enhanced knockers.


“Hmmm, at least I don’t need to use the old lady’s quirk to make mine bigger.” Yu said as she placed her own giant tits overtop Midnight’s, almost completely engulfing the man’s cock in pillowy soft titflesh. Only about six inches or so peeked up from the top of Yu’s soft milk tanks.


“Well not all of us can have the perfect quirk for blonde bimbos!” Midnight snapped back as the two of them began moving together, rubbing their tits up and down All Might’s long cock as he leaned back and groaned in pleasure.


“Who are you calling a Bimbo you old hag!? I’m not the one who got skimpy outfits made illegal with her stripper’s taste in costumes!” Yu said back as the two of them began moving their bodies up and down faster, the water sloshing and churning around them.


“Oh that’s rich coming from you, I didn’t even have to special order your costume for the agency, you already had it!” Midnight said.


“It’s a prototype!” Yu said back as the two of them pressed themselves closer together around All Might’s cock. The blonde haired man groaned again as they bounced themselves up and down on it faster now.


“Sure it is…” Midnight said, “You just love the attention you spotlight stealing bimbo!”


“HEY! Just because I’m blonde doesn’t make me a bimbo!!! Our are you just jealous you’d have to get a dye job for color like this!?” Yu told her, reaching a hand up to run her fingers through her hair as All Might groaned again. She hardly even noticed as the older man came all over their breasts as they glared daggers at each other. All Might groaned again as they kept him trapped between their titanic tits, though he sounded more pained now.


“See, you’re making our guest uncomfortable!” Midnight said to her.


“SLUT!!!” Yu shouted at her.


“SKANK!!!!” Midnight retorted.


HAG!!!” Yu replied.


WILL YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY!?” All Might shouted at them as he pulled himself free and got up from the tub, “Your flirting is bad for my health, and I just now got it back!” Yu and Midnight both fell back into the water, stunned expressions on their faces.


All Might got out completely and shifted to his muscle form, “You two act like you hate each other, but you both have more in common than you want to admit. Work it out before you hurt someone! HAW! HAW! HAW!” the former pro advised them, then returned to his slender body in a puff of smoke as he moved to find his clothes, his body now completely dry.


Yu and Midnight both blinked and looked at one another, then back to All Might as he got dressed. They then spoke in unison, “Me!? With HER!? DREAM ON!!!!!

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

Well, this really escalated and spiraled! I expected it and yet I didn’t think it would go THAT far!

In fact the picture itself was a clear giveaway for what was going to happen, especially since the last chapter was only a glimpse of what to expect {Don’t worry, I’ll talk more about it towards the end}. Not to mention that the picture itself is very good.

Anyway, onto the reaction and review, as usual. This was a very unique experience. First, there’s the Izuku, Tsuyu and Toru threesome sequence, including another breakfast in bed scenario. I also liked how Toru had a more sizable role in here this time around, as well as a pretty good idea of what she actually looks like in her non invisible state {I know it’s not her canon appearance obviously, but let’s just roll with it}. I knew she was a freak, but fucking Hell, bro! XD Not to mention how Tsuyu kept track of everything. Over 90 times?! Damn, girl! :O Seriously, that was done quite well.

Also, I liked the quick Nana pop up appearance too, including a little more info about Deku’s present quirk level. Short but informative and to the point.

In addition, this entry also revealed who else will be pairing up for the ball. Nezu with Midnight and Nejire and Amajiki, who would also act as security. In addition to All Might with Inko. Interesting pairings. Plus it also goes a little deeper about the ball itself. Very interesting indeed.

Now onto the second half of the chapter, Yu speaking to Momo about her current relationship problem was a good start, even though she was being very smug as hell as she thought to herself and making her rounds. But the real chaos started the moment she came across All Might, Inko and Nemuri. In a related note, I like how All Might’s health is utilized and explained here too, including utilizing Eri’s quirk for it. Very creative.

Which now leads us to the main event of the chapter and the ending for it. Boy oh boy did this go downhill or what. Haha. Those two trying to one up each other AND roasting each other while placing poor All Might right in the middle of it. Even while they were supposed to get him off in that new VR room, which while they did make him cum, it didn’t quite go all that well as they were far too busy tearing each other apart. But good on him for berating both of them, even in his quick form change and then getting dressed and leaving! Not to mention that he did make a good point. You KNOW you royally fucked up if he tears into you. LOL. Next time ladies, just focus on doing your jobs. XD

I can only wonder what’s in store for the next chapter. Nice work! 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

Hehehe, I got the idea from an episode in the final season of “The Librarians”, where these two arch enemies keep trading barbs with one another, and the guy watching is like, “Oh my god you two are flirting!!!” because neither one has any friends. LOL I thought that dynamic would work well for Midnight and Mt. Lady.

I’ve been wanting to do the whole trick to see Toru for a while now, but didn’t have a chance until this chapter.

You almost gotta feel sorry for All Might here as he became an excuse for them to flirt with each other. As to his health, yeah, I think it would make sense for Eri to practice on older volunteers Learning to gain control of her quirk. In fact, if someone can commission it or if Enzo feels like doing it, I can use the same trick to rewind and get us all a young and sexy Recovery Girl.

BTW, I do plan to have Deku wake up covered in sweat due to a ‘blanket of girls’ all over him, who the girls will be is TBD, but Tsuyu will definately be one, the other two, we’ll see.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago

Your a freaking boss Sailor OI ! Thus far this has literally have been my favorite chapter of this mha season you’ve made. It had almost all my favorite characters and moments in this story from DekuxTsuyu sex along with a return of Toru who I’ve been hoping show up again. To my two favorite girls Midnight and Mt.Lady going at it and the lemons, more Momo (other favorite) and Nana (who’s heavily interesting) it had it all. Love it.

Also wanted to say since I didn’t comment before thanks for giving my boi Mineta a win in having a date with Melissa. Him being my favorite character in all. All in all can’t wait for the dance and happy to see more already posted MHA art getting a story. Hope we get more of these certain characters. Can’t wait for the dance and hope Nana gets an image soon too

1 year ago

I decided to throw Mineta a bone. He can’t keep selling his blood and such to pay for all these services! LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you’ll continue to read them. The feed back helps me keep going.

Jinchuuriki Jay
Jinchuuriki Jay
1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Also my apologies for not pledging in awhile. Dealing with this bs with getting a new bank card and phone almost at the same time made me have to restart everything including pledges

1 year ago

Hoping to see Deku fucking Nejire soon, maybe at the dance party or in another location? Either way hope to see that story arrive soon and good work as always!

1 year ago
Reply to  R-A

Thank you R-A, I have a Nejire pic done just gotta find a spot to fit it

1 year ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

What he said, right now it doesn’t fit the plot, YET! Gimme a little more time. 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Awesome! I knew I can always count on you and Rtenzo for amazing stories. Keep up the great work and good job. Hopefully deku fucking nejire story will arrive sooner.

1 year ago

All Might called it properly, the sexual tension between Mt. Lady and Midnight is blatantly obvious. The sooner they make out, the better things will be – for everyone!

1 year ago

Thank you! I’m glad someone else sees it! It’s like when you’re kids and you pull the hair of the girl you like, that’s what their bickering boils down to.

Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
Combodestroyer( nalu forver)
1 year ago

This was a hell of a story it was INCREDIBLE with just how much is going on in here that idk how to rate it. The story is very very long and I think some parts could be taken out but there were some amazing moments and I didn’t think we get to see all might get lucky! That was a very good bonus. I honestly preferred deku/asui/toru over midnight/ mt lady/ all might. Both sex scenes were actually very very good and the ending was great as well. I have a few questions but overall I really enjoyed this chapter.
Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10
Characters: 7/10
Sex: 8/10
Overall: 7.5

1 year ago

I’m glad you enjoyed the story, it was tricky to do in a few spots. My favorite personally was Tsu and Deku waking up together.

1 year ago

An excellent chapter, I really like it, keep it up.
One question, will we see a little more about Mina? It would be fantastic an image about her doing an Assjob

1 year ago
Reply to  Teto12

All depends on the pics I’m given to work the story around.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Oh, true.
Well, with one more image of Mina, I would be happy haha.
Keep it up bro, your stories are great

1 year ago

Please tell me my favorite pair, Momo and Jirou, will be okay. It’s very rare to see these types of stories with Momojirou as a pair. I just hope those two will stay together, because they are my favorite pairing in Hero Academia.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pacwiz

Just keep reading! Big developments inbound next few chapters.

1 year ago

Just a note, IF & WHEN Toru’s real body is shown, I’ll amend the descriptions to match.