Busteez to Your Door

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting in his office, Naruto Uzumaki looked over his seemingly endless paperwork. Piles and piles nearly as tall as himself filled the entire office! How did the old man, Tsunade, and Kakashi-sensei keep it all so low? When he was a kid, it was never this bad. One pile was all mission reports, the pages in white were completed missions, so those were low priority, red pages were unfinished or failed missions, thankfully there were never more than one or two of those. And yellow pages were ongoing mission updates.


The pile to the right of the room was what he thought are mundane reports on construction projects, permit requests, and regular day to day updates.


On his desk was a mix of both, the most recently arrived reports requiring his immediate attention. Sighing, Naruto leaned back in his desk, he needed a vacation, but his last trip out with Hinata had caused a huge pile-up. He doubted he’d be home for at least a week! Ruffling his blonde hair with both hands, Naruto let out a groan of frustration.




“It’s open!” Naruto called, quickly composing himself, and grabbing a handful of papers to make himself look busy.


The door opened with a click and a barely discernible squeak. The hinge squeaked on purpose, no matter how carefully anyone opened it. It was a small, but effective countermeasure against someone sneaking up on him.


“Nanadaime-sama.” said a woman’s voice as she entered. Naruto looked up from the papers in his hand to see Temari Nara walking into his office. She was dressed in a short light gray, just shy of white robe that came down just a little passed her creamy thighs. If one tried hard enough, they could see her underwear beneath, or in Temari’s case, the lack of it.


“Oh, Temari-san, Shikamaru isn’t here.” Naruto told her as he straightened in his chair and tried hard not to look between the blonde womans legs. “I heard you made the main cast of Boruto’s movie, congratulations. How is that going by the way?”


Temari nodded, “Thank you, and well, we’ve gotten a couple of scenes filmed already. Sarada and Sakura will be doing one tomorrow I think. Also, I’m not here to see my husband.”


Naruto blinked, “Huh, then why…?” he began, but stopped short as Temari opened her robe, exposing her naked body beneath. Creamy smooth skin, big soft looking breasts capped with bright pink nipples that stiffened in the cool air of his office. Her pussy was perfectly shaven, without even a hint of stubble.


“You called for a girl from the club, Hanabi sent me.” she explained matter-o-factly.


Naruto gulped, remembering his brief chat with Hanabi that morning. She’d asked if there was anything she could do to help ease his workload; he had said “I don’t know, maybe send a girl from the club by this afternoon.”


It was meant to be a joke!


Now, as he stared at Temari naked sexy body, he couldn’t send her away, that would be embarrassing for both of them! Coughing into his synthetic hand to clear his throat, Naruto stood up, “Not in here,” he told her, “Might knock over a pile or two, I have a better spot.”


The blonde man walked over to one wall in his office and placed a hand against it, “You never saw this, that’s an order as Hokage.” he told her as he sent his chakra into the wall. The surface rippled like it was made of water then opened into an oval shaped door, revealing a dimly lit tunnel.


“Wow, what’s that?” Temari asked, genuinely surprised.


“Escape hatch, for getting out of the building quickly and discreetly.” Naruto explained. “Kakashi-sensei had it installed by Sasuke. I’m not sure how exactly the door part works, something to do with the Rinnegan, but it reacts to chakra and opens, then after about a minute or so, closes back without a trace.”


“Handy.” Temari said, walking naked behind him as he entered.


“So, tell me more about Boruto’s project.” said Naruto, his voice echoing in the tight space that wound through the walls of the building. There was a slight downward slope to the hall, letting the two of them move from floor to floor without taking the stairs.


“I’m mostly familiar with my sections of the script; I’m the principal of an academy where a Rogue Ninja is hiding out as the school nurse. She’s using forbidden Jutsu to collect a special kind of Chakra or something like that. It can only be collected during sexual encounters from what I understand. Kurotsuchi is another ninja hunting Sakura’s character and is hiding herself as the school sex Ed teacher. At least that’s the jist of it, there are other plot points, but they don’t have anything to do with my character so I didn’t really read them in detail.”


“Actually sounds interesting.” Naruto said, genuinely intrigued. He wanted to help Boruto to try and make up for so much lost time, missed birthdays, and other examples of being a shitty father as Boruto had put it. He greased a few wheels for his son, forcing through permits and cashing in a few favors to remove all the roadblocks that would have stopped his film before it even started. The Konoha council was not pleased with him.


“It is,” Temari said, “We’ve finished filming several scenes already.”


“Such as?” Naruto pressed as they passed a door that led back into the building.


“Mostly a couple one-on-one scenes, a threesome scene with all the girl students, and the two female teachers on one male student scene with Boruto, Hinata, and Hanabi. A and Tsunade’s scene in the biology lab… Maybe a half dozen others I wasn’t there to see myself. I think they are filming the orgy scene tonight with both male’s students and several teachers.” Temari listed for him.


“I see,” Naruto said, raising an eyebrow only for a moment when she listened to the scene Boruto had shot with Hinata and Hanabi. The Hyuga Clan wasn’t a stranger to incest, neither was the Uzumaki clan for that matter according to Karin. After Boruto was born, Hinata’s father came to him to speak about the possibility of Boruto being the father of a child within the clan if he manifested the Byakugan. And before the 4th war, Hinata was set to marry Neji if she wasn’t able to find a husband the main family approved of. Naruto tried not to think of it as taboo but as more training for Boruto. Undercover missions required the ability to act well under extreme cases. It would be a good way to see such ability in the finished movie. “How many ‘scenes’ are there?” Naruto asked, doing air quotes with his fingers and putting those thoughts out of his head as they passed another door, this one with a slot that allowed one to look out into the hallway.


“Act’s would be better. It’s a full story, beginning, middle, and ending act. I think the fewest scenes is five in act one, where most of the plot is laid out.” she told him.


Naruto nodded, then thought for a moment, “How is Hinata?” he asked quietly, “Is A treating her well?”


“Hmm? Oh she’s fine! She and A have been completely civil. They don’t have any scenes together, not directly anyway. Her character is interested in the students mainly I think, I’d have to check the script to be sure.”


“No need,” Naruto said, feeling relieved, “I’m glad that she got a part in the end. One of us should be there to support Boruto after all.”


“Yeah,” Temari agreed. “How far does this path go?”


“Circles the entire building several times before moving to a tunnel that lets out in the private park just outside.” Naruto explained just as the slight slope leveled out and became a straight line.


“This way,” he told Temari and led her to the end of the hallway. The path ended in a simple looking door with the Land of Fire’s symbol etched into it at eye level. The knob on the door turned smoothly and Naruto squinted at the bright sunlight that flooded the dimly lit hallway. Naruto had become familiar with the sight that greeted them outside. A well hidden park just outside the Hokage’s office building. Outside himself and staff, no one knew about this place, making it a good place for Naruto to get some fresh air without being bothered by others.


Stepping out into the light, Naruto moved aside for Temari to walk out behind him. Her naked body seemed brighter in the afternoon light as she looked around the private park with a smile. Naruto eyed her naked body, taking in the curves of her tits and ass, enjoying the way her butt bounced slightly with her every step! Shikamaru was a lucky man, not that Hinata was any slouch in comparison though.


Smiling to himself, Naruto walked up behind Temari, pressing his chest against her bare back and reaching his arms around her to grab those melon sized tits! Temari let out a soft sound, leaning back against him, purposefully rubbing her round sexy ass against his groin.


“I was beginning to worry you just wanted some eye candy.” Temari said with a smile.


“Nah,” Naruto told her, “Just a better setting. The trees are positioned to dampen sound around here as well by the way.” he told her.


“Mmmmmh, good to know…” Temari purred as Naruto began fondling her breasts. He loved the softness in them as he kneaded and squeezed, his digits sinking deep into them as he leaned his head in close and took in her scent. A clean, soapy smell like sandalwood and lilac. He then traced the tip of his tongue along the edge of her ear, enjoying the way it made her shiver against him, “Ahhh…” she gasped when he bit her earlobe gently, her body melting back against him.


“Oh fuck that turns me on…!” Temari panted as he nibbled on her ear, “Bite me now…” she hissed at him. Naruto did and Temari let out a loud moan as she rocked her ass back against his crotch again. Her hands came up to cover his, urging him to squeeze her tits harder, “Mmmmmmmh, yeah, just like that…!” she moaned as he moved to trace his tongue down the side of her neck, tasting her.


“Mmmmmh, this was just the diversion I needed…” Naruto told her as he moved one hand down between her creamy smooth thighs. He could feel the heat coming off her cunt before the fingers of his left hand dipped into the moist petals of her pussy. Temari shuddered against him, her legs turning to rubber and forcing him to support her weight as he began dipping them in and out, enjoying the wet squishy sound her pussy made around them.


“Ahhhaaa…” Temari gasped, rolling her hips against his hand, her clit a swollen nub that peeked out from under the soft pink hood of her pussy lips. Naruto grinned and began flicking it back and forth with his index finger, then pinched it between it and his thumb.


“FUUUCK!!!!” Temari squealed as her pussy gushed instantly when he tugged on her hard little clit.


“Mmmmmh, I think this pussy wants to be fucked!” he told her as he led her over to a bench about ten paces away. Temari whirled around to face him, weaving a series of hand signs too quick for him to follow before pressing her palms against his chest.


“Wind Style: Wind Scythe Jutsu!” she called before a burst of several concentrated gales lashed over Naruto’s body. There was a soft scraping sound like a blade on a sharpening stone before several lines opened on his clothes. A heartbeat later his clothes fell away from his naked body, reduced to mere scraps of fabric in that single second!


“Huh, nice triiick!” Naruto gasped as Temari shoved him down onto the bench and dropped to her knees in front of him.


“Oh fuck I’ve been looking forward to this!” she gasped, grabbing his half hard cock in both her hands and bringing it to her lips. She kissed and licked her way up the length of his shaft, teasing it to full hardness, “I’ve been getting cockblocked WAY too much the last few days!” she told him before opening her mouth wide and taking his entire length into her mouth in a single motion.


“What do you…? Ohhhh fuck that feels good…” Naruto began, but lost his train of thought at the warm, wet, and hard vacuum of Temari’s mouth! He looked down at her, smiling at the way her lips dragged over his cock as she moved her head up and down.


“MMMPH, MMMPH, MMMPH… YESH… DISH ISH WHAT EY’VE BEEN WHANTINGGGGG…” she slurred, moving her head up and down faster, her lips making loud lewd wet noises, slurping and popping against his cock as her throat stretched around his girth. “SHAKURA AN’ HAWNAWBI HOGGING DAT BIG CAWK ALL TO DEMSHELVESH…” she muttered, long ropes of drool now running down Naruto’s balls as Temari fondled them in one hand.


Naruto had no idea what she was complaining about, her words too slurred by the huge dick in her mouth, but he didn’t care as he savored the feel of her wet sloppy blowjob! He loved the way her lips looked every time she pulled her face back, stretching back over his dick as her tongue pressed against the underside of his cock.


Groaning, the blonde placed his hands on the sides of her head, “Less talking, more face fucking!” he told her before shoving her face down on his cock, burying her nose in his pubic hairs.


“HMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” Temari howled, her throat vibrating deliciously around his cock as her blue eyes rolled back in their sockets. He could hear her pussy praying like a faucet over the grass she knelt over as he began pumping her face up and down. “GUGH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH, GUH…” she gagged slightly, “GUUHMMMMMMMMPH!!!” she moaned again, cumming from having her face treated like an Ona-hole. Naruto noticed the rougher the exterior in most women, they more they enjoyed being dominated and even degraded!


“Yeah, like that Temari?” he asked, “Like having me fuck your dirty mouth cunt!?” he asked her.


“YESH, YESH, YESH!!!!! PHUCK MUH MOUTH PUSSHYYYYYY!!!!! SHOOOO GUUUD!!!!!” she moaned back, offering no resistance as he held onto her head, moving her up and down faster and faster, “FUUGH GUGH GUGH GUGH….!” she moaned, long thick ropes od saliva flinging away from her lips as tears of pleasure ran down her cheeks!


“Heh, you’re making such a lewd face Temari, I like it!” Naruto told her before shoving his cock all the way down her throat again, “Here, have a REWARD!!!!” he groan as he came in her throat, not giving her any choice but to take his load directly into her belly! Naruto held his cock there until every drop had squeezed out, only then did he pull back and let the other blonde breathe again.


Temari coughed hard several times, wiping the drool from her lips and tears out of her eyes before she looked back up at him with her usual stern, annoyed expression, “Little more warning next time!” she chided him, “And you had BETTER not be spent! Bad enough Shikamaru is so average, but I HATE one and done shit!”


“Temari?” Naruto said to her.


“What?” she asked with a pouting expression. Naruto didn’t answer verbally; instead he merely slapped her face with his still throbbing erection, leaving a perfect outline of his cock on her cheek with her own drool.


Licking her lips, Temari gave him a smile, “That’s more like it!” she said as she jumped up and onto his lap, rubbing the length of his cock against the hot folds of her twat, now puffy, pink, and dripping with need!


Naruto grinned back at her, reaching out to grab her ass in his good hand, lifting her up and aiming his huge dick with his other hand. Temari let out a long low animalistic moan as he speared his cock inside her with a wet squishing sound.




Groaning with her, Naruto moved his hips, bouncing her fat sexy ass up and down on his lap with a wet smack smack smack of flesh against flesh. He then leaned his head forward, taking her tight nipple into his mouth, sucking roughly as she began rotating her hips against him.


“MMMMMMH, FUCK YEAH, FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!!!!” Temari screamed, bucking her hips as he moved from one tit to the other, swirling his tongue around her nipple before biting it and savoring the way her pussy clenched tightly around his dick.


“You got a filthy mouth!” he told her as he lifted his head from her tit, “Someone should punish you!”


“Yeah, you gonna punish me?” Temari asked with a grin, “How?”


“Like THIS!” Naruto said as his entire body began glowing a golden yellow color. Waves of chakra rippling off of him as nine tails of energy emerged from his back, “I used this trick to fuck the Kumo out of my wife!” he told her with a grin before sending the tails of energy into her. With Hinata he had to be gentle, synch his chakra with hers, but not this time. Instead he just shoved his energies into Temari, loving the way her face contorted in pleasure! Eyes crossing, mouth opening wide as her tongue lolled from her lips as she let out a long howl of pure pleasure!


“OH FUCK SHIT FUCKING SHIT FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!” she screamed as her cunt clamped around his cock like a vice while simultaneously gushing like a geyser.


“Yeah, like that, this is what you get for talking like a whore!” Naruto told her as he poured more of his chakra into her, her own skin turning a golden color as he stood up and began bouncing her up and down on his length.


“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” was all Temari could moan as her eyes turned almost completely white, her eyes rolling far back in their sockets as her tits wobbled around in opposing circles. Naruto relished the sight and looked down at the way her stomach distended slightly from his huge cock buried all the way inside her hungry pussy!


“Still talking dirty, bad girl, take THIS!!!” he grunted, slamming into her as deep as he could as all nine tails of chakra coiled around her limbs and torso. He didn’t even need to hold her up anymore as he pounded his cock in and out, making her cum again and again as she gasped and panted for every breath. He loved the feel of her pussy convulsing around his cock with every gushing orgasm as he reached out to grab her tits again, squeezing them roughly and twisting her nipples with his fingers as he groaned in pleasure.


“COCK FUCK PUSSY CUM SHIT FUUUUUCK!!!!” Temari swore at random, no longer able to form a basic sentence as Naruto slammed all the way inside her again, bathing her womb with his hot cum as he moved to catch her before releasing his chakra.


A wave of fatigue washed over him as the glow faded and he fell back onto the bench again. ‘Gotta remember not to do that too often…‘ he mentally reminded himself. After healing Hinata, he spent most of the next day sleeping from sheer exhaustion. Hinata, doting wife she was, spent that day just cuddling next to him until he recovered.


Now, Temari sat in his lap, his cock still deep inside her as she hung limply over him, still panting hard.


“Shit, what… The hell… Was that…?” she asked between breaths.


“New trick Tsunade and I developed mainly to counter the Raikage’s Sexcraft technique.” he told her.


“It works…” she said, “My body… Feels like… Pudding…”


“Yeah, that’ll pass in a while.” he told her.


“That was the most intense, amazing sex I ever had… wow… No one comes close to what we just did!” she chuckled between heavy breaths.


Naruto gave his signature closed eye grin, beaming with pride.


“Okay… Mind if we stay like this until then, I can’t feel my legs right now.” she said when she caught her breath again.


Naruto chuckled; it was the same with Hinata, “Sure. Mind if I ask you something?”


“Not going anywhere.” Temari countered.


“What was that about Sakura and Hanabi?” he asked.


“Hmm?” Temari murmured, “Oh, they were hogging your son’s cock during some of the filming. I’ve been aching for something to fill me all week because of that.” she confessed.


“Huh?” Naruto asked with a blink.


“You DO know your son is big enough to make a Bijuu jealous, don’t you?” Temari asked.


“SAY WHAAAT!?” Naruto yelled in shock.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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