Busteez the Movie Prologue: Casting Call

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Haaaahhh, I wanna squeeze some tits…” Iwabe sighed as he lay out on the grass.


“Ehhhh?? where did that come from?” Boruto asked, sitting next to his tan skinned friend. He, Iwabe, Denki, and Metal Lee were all sitting atop a grassy hill overlooking Konoha. The three had just come back from a recent C-Rank mission and ran into Boruto as he was leaving Kaguya’s apartment.


“Huh, sorry, I was thinking aloud.” Iwabe said with a mild blush as he sat up. “Still, would be nice, eh?”


Denki and Metal both nodded one, then blushed deeply, “I… Iwa… Iwabe-san, you shouldn’t say such things out loud, people will think you’re a pervert!”


Iwabe waved his hand dismissively, “If you ask me, people would think I’m even stranger if I didn’t have such thoughts at my age!”


“St… Still, you’re lucky none of the girls are around, they’d probably beat the hell out of you for saying that…” Denki said nervously.


“Idiot, this isn’t some dumb manga or light novel, girls don’t over react that much in reality!” Iwabe shot back.


Boruto nodded, “Girl’s I’ve been with wouldn’t anyway…” he muttered before taking a sip of the drink he’d bought from the bending machine outside a public bathroom a few yards away.


“WHAT!?” three voices yelled in unison.


Boruto choked on his drink a bit when he realized his slip of the tongue.


“Boruto-san, you’ve been with a girl, like that?” Metal asked.


“No, he said ‘girl’s’, plural, more than one!” Denki exclaimed.


“Just how many!?” Iwabe asked as the three of them closed in on him like a pack of jackals.


“Well… I… Uh… Umm…”


“Boruto…” the three of them spoke in unison again.


“Spill.” said Denki.


“Just how far have you gone…” Metal continued.


“With how many girls?” completed Iwabe.


Boruto let out a frustrated sigh. He mentally kicked himself for not having realized this would happen sooner or later. “You really wanna know?” he asked.


“Yes!” all three spoke in unison again.


“Fine, I’ll tell you everything dattebasa!”



Several minutes later, Boruto stood over the three stunned young men, all of them having fallen on their asses as he laid out everything: Hanabi, Kaguya, Temari, Sakura, Kushina, Sarada, Ino, Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, Tenten, Karui, Mei, and even his mother Hinata! When he finished, he looked down at all of them, Metal Lee’s head was smoking slightly, his eyes rolling in their sockets. Denki wasn’t any better, his face was beat red.


Only Iwabe seemed to have all his faculties intact as she prostrated himself before Boruto, bowing with his head to the grass.


“Boruto-sama, teach me!” he said, looking up at him, his eyes completely serious.


“Pl… Please, raise your head dattebasa…” Boruto stuttered, “Besides, I don’t really have anything to teach, everything kinda just, happened…”


“Seriously?” Denki asked, “You didn’t use any seduction techniques?”


“If anything they all seduced him.” said a voice from a nearby tree. Boruto followed the voice to see Mitsuki sitting on a branch with that same odd smile on his face.


“Mitsuki, how long have you been there?” asked Boruto.


“Since you began telling these three about your sexual conquests.” he answered simply.


“Eheheh, I wouldn’t call them conquests dattebasa…” Boruto scratches his head with a closed eyed grin.


“I would,” said Iwabe, “Seriously, it’s like something out of a porno movie!!!”


“Mmmmmh, a movie…” Boruto echoed, then snapped his fingers as he had a flash of inspiration, “That’s it! You guys wanna get with some girls, then I have the perfect plan! That is, if Denki can help a bit.”


“Help out how?” Denki asked.


“Well, every movie needs a producer dattebasa!” Boruto said as he began detailing his idea.


“Producer?” Denki echoed.


“Someone with the money and connections to help make the movie.” Boruto explained. “We’d need to rent spaces for scenes, camera equipment, and pay the women for their time, things like that.”


“Heh, that should be easy,” Iwabe said, “You can finally use your dad’s money for something useful.”


Denki touched his thumb and index fingers to his chin in thought, “Yeah, yeah! I could do that. I doubt he’d mind either, my dad keeps pestering me to use my family name to get more done now.”


“I can help direct,” Mitsuki offered, “I even have something that can be used as a base for a script.”


“Oh, what’s that?!” Iwabe asked with a hint of eagerness.


Mitsuki reached into the folds of his kimono and pulled out a small paperback book. The title read: Make-out Paradise “School Daze”.


“That my dad’s latest book?” Boruto asked, a less than enthused look on his face.


“They sold out in less than an hour. Doesn’t that mean it’s good?” Mitsuki asked, tilting his head to one side.


It was true that his father’s book, a sequel to his mentor Jiraiya’s book, was a hit, but it left a bad taste in Boruto’s mouth to think of using it as a base for a movie. Mitsuki handed him the book and Boruto stuffed it into his pocket, “I’ll look at it later,” he said then looked to Denki and Iwabe, “So, what do you guys think? Wanna do this?”


“I’M IN!!” Iwabe said with a grin.


“Me too!” said Denki.


Metal Lee didn’t reply as he sat still dazed on the ground, his eyes spinning in their sockets, “So many…” he muttered.



Walking around the dressing room, Sarada Uchiha could barely contain her excitement, rocking back and forth on her heels as she looked up at the locker with her name printed on the front of it. It was finally official, she was working at Busteez! She was currently only doing Waitressing and Stage Stripteases for now, but in a couple years, she could work the V.I.P. sessions with clients.


The dressing room smelled of a mix of perfumes and sweat, and had various clothes strewn about, but she didn’t care if it was a little cluttered, she was achieving one of her personal goals! Her mother sat in one of the plush if worn reclining chairs, drink in hand and sweat covering her naked body. She’d just finished her stage dance and was relaxing with a cool glass of water with sliced lemons in it.


“Congrats on getting in Sarada-chan.” Hanabi said as she stripped naked, “I was several years older before they let me work somewhere other than the DJ booth.”


“Yeah? I made a very convincing argument to the Lord Seventh and he approved my application.” Sarada said back.


“Argument?” Hanabi echoed and looked over to Sakura. The pink haired woman held her fist up to her face and pressed her tongue against one cheek. Hanabi’s eyes went wide.


“Mom!” Sarada protested, feeling her face flushing red.


“It’s fine, I was there too. Was actually really fun.” Sakura said, taking a long sip of her drink, draining half the glass.


Hanabi only shook her head and giggled as she began dressing herself in a shrine maiden outfit. She was nearly finished when the dressing room door opened and Karui walked in holding a sheet of paper in one hand.


“Hey Karui, you’re not working tonight are you?” Sakura asked.


“Nah, I’m just putting up this flyer for Boruto.” replied Karui as she moved over to one wall in the dressing room and tacked the flyer to the surface.


“Boruto? What’s he putting a flyer in here for?” Sakura asked as she got up from the chair.


“See for yourself.” Karui told her, stepping back from the wall. Sarada and her mother both moved to stand in front of the flyer.


“What, a movie?” Sarada asked as she read the contents. It was a casting call for an adult movie. Girls casted would receive full VIP pay for the scenes they worked, plus a small share of the sales when completed.


“I wonder what it’s gonna be about?” Sakura asked as she shifted her weight and rested a hand on her hip.


“Thinking of trying out?” Sarada asked her mother.


“Aren’t you?” the pink haired woman shot back with a grin.


“Maybe,” Sarada said with a smirk as she looked at the flyer again, “Just what are you up to Boruto?” she thought to herself.



“Okay, we got three cameras, two mounted and one high definition hand held. Film won’t be an issue since it’s all digital, but I sprung for triple redundant back-ups.” Denki explained as he pointed to the screen of his laptop computer. The display showed a list of receipts and expense reports.


“Triple what?” Boruto asked.


“Triple redundant, means that there will be back-ups, of back-ups, of back-ups in case of any computer glitches.” Denki told him, “It’s actually better than using actual film, since that stuff take up a lot of physical space. Whereas digital copies can all be stored in one of these…” he held up a small thumb drive.


“That sounds great,” Iwabe said as he took a bite of his sandwich as he pretended to understand what Denki was talking about.


“I’ve got the first draft of the script here,” said Mitsuki as he set down a rolled up scroll. Boruto was initially against using his father’s work for anything, but the more he read the actual book, the more he could see how useful it’d be as the basis for their little movie. Though it still irritated him to admit his father had talent for anything.


“Um, no offense Mitsuki, but that’ll be trouble to copy for the girls.” Boruto said. The four of them were at a restaurant in one of Konoha’s newer districts. They’d been meeting here after missions for nearly a month now, making plans. The young blonde felt kinda bad that Denki was doing most of the work right now, but his friend seemed excited to be the one of most use in things currently. Though Boruto shuddered to think of how much ryo Denki had spent on all of this so far.


“Not a problem,” Mitsuki said as he pulled the cap off one end of the bar the scroll was coiled around, revealing a USB port underneath. “The latest in ninja tech, anything written on the paper can instantly be transferred to a computer.”


“Where’d you get that?” Boruto asked, his eyes wide with surprise.


“We got it for him.” said a new voice. “Or rather, she did.”


The four turned to see Sarada Uchiha, Wasabi Izuno, and Sumire Kakei walking up to their table. Sarada wore a slightly smug expression as she approached, while Sumire looked a little embarrassed, glancing down at the floor constantly. Wasabi only smiled and took a bite from a hamburger she’d purchased from the counter. Sarada gestured to Sumire who blushed and looked down at the floor again.


“Hey Sarada,” Boruto said, “What brings you here?”


“You’re flyer.” Sarada answered simply, “Mom and I are both trying out for parts.” she explained, and then looked to Sumire and Wasabi, “And when I told them about it, these two wanted in on this project as well.”


“Where’s Namida?” asked Denki with a slight blush.


“Saving her virginity…” Wasabi said around a bite of her burger, she swallowed before she continued, “Hard to believe anyone still has that attitude these days.” she told him. “Sumire and I want in on this, I’m hoping if all goes well I can land a job at the club like Sarada here.”


Iwabe choked a bit on his drink, “You’re working at the club already?” he asked.


Sarada puffed out her flat chest proudly, “Just goes to show how amazing my skills are! I am a future Hokage afterall…” Her expression darkened when she saw the doubtful look on the dark skinned youth’s face. She then reached a hand under the qipao top she had on, several of the bands wrapped around her chest beneath were undone.


Both Iwabe and Denki gasped and went wide eyed as Sarada’s tits ballooned out, straining against her top, the zipper coming undone slightly to show off her ample cleavage. “You didn’t know? to avoid getting unnecessary attention, my mother had me wrap my chest to keep me from standing out too much” The dark haired girl smirked at the looks on their faces as she moved to sit next to Boruto while Wasabi sat next to Denki and Sumire pulled over a chair from a nearby table and sat at the edge of the table.


“So,” Sarada continued, “When you gonna start they tryouts?”


“This week,” Boruto answered honestly, “We have several key parts that need filling.”


Mitsuki nodded, “There’s the female lead student, the school nurse, the principal, and a couple others.” he explained.


“Female student lead?” Wasabi echoed, “This a school story?”


Denki nodded, “A private university that teaches every grade from elementary to college. Naturally the elementary part is just background details; no actual students will be seen.”


“Makes sense.” Sarada nodded, reaching over to snatch some fries from Boruto’s tray. She munched them down before he had a chance to complain, “Got anyone in mind for the female lead?”


“I voted for Kurotsuchi, though she doesn’t work at Busteez…” Iwabe said.


“Uh… Ummmm… I ah wa wa…” Sumire spoke up. Everyone turned to look at her and she blushed even more. “The Tsuchikage is coming by the lab tomorrow, I um, I can ask her…”


“Hang on,” Wasabi spoke up, “Would she even be interested in something like this?”


“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Boruto said, “She nearly won a bidding match at the Busteez ladies night not too long ago. Winners of that put on a show on stage with the anonymous dick that won.”


Wasabi blinked, “Hmm, how do you know that?”


Boruto began blushing bright red but thankfully Sarada stepped in, “Both his mom and aunt work there, I’d be more surprised if he didn’t know about it.” she said. Wasabi let it drop at that much to Boruto’s relief.


“Oh, and just so you know, I’ll be pulling the male lead.” Iwabe said proudly.


“Oh, think you can hack it?” Sarada asked dryly with a less than amused expression on her face.


“You wanna find out!?” Iwabe shot back with a glare.


The dark haired girl smirked, “You couldn’t satisfy me.” she said, moving a hand to rest on Boruto’s thigh under the table. Her smile deepened as she felt the thickness of his dick beneath the fabric and began rubbing her hand up and down slowly. Boruto gulped slightly, but showed no other outward reaction other than a slight blush and the occasional deep breaths.


“What did you say?!” Iwabe yelled, slamming his hands on the table and sitting up.


“Umm, ahh… Wil–Will you be doing any scenes, Boruto-san?” Sumire asked shyly, her face turning red from the thought.


“Hmm, maybe, why?” Boruto asked.


“Ahhwah wa wa… Um, no reason, just curious…” she stammered, her face glowing red.


“Hey,” Wasabi said, “How about locations? Won’t it be really expensive to build sets from scratch?”


“I’m working on that now.” Denki said, “I’ve already sent out some requests to a couple actual schools, seeing if we can get use of them during the weekends when there won’t be anyone there.”


As if on cue, Denki’s computer beeped once and he turned his attention to the screen. Everyone watched as he tapped away at the keyboard for a moment. He then smiled as he read the text that he brought up on the screen. “Good news, the principal of Konoha High has agreed to let us use some of the unused classrooms after school hours all week long, we just need to make sure we clean up afterwards.”


“That’s great!” Boruto said, “What about the gym, auditorium, bathroom, locker rooms and such?”


“Weekends only, and we need to be certain to clean up after. Especially if we use the nurse’s office.” Denki said as he looked over the email again.


“We should go check it out today, maybe get started laying out some of the classrooms.”


“Sounds good to me.” Sarada said, her hand still stroking his dick through his pantleg. “Maybe we should have a practice run, see how the acoustics are. Being the only girl here with full experience, I’ll volunteer.”


After a moment of silence, Sarada then blinked as everyone except Boruto and Mitsuki began turning red “….What?”



The classroom was about as basic as one could get, an empty twenty by twenty foot space with a black board on one end and windows to the side. It wasn’t like the classes at the academy with the stadium seating, but there were desks stacked at one end of the room. The floors were tiled and the air was cold. Boruto knew they’d need to get a teacher’s desk, but other than that, it looked good.


Wasabi moved to grab one of the desks and set it on the floor. She then sat on the edge of the surface and rocked her hips back and forth, “Mmmm, not bad, though it might make a nasty scraping noise if things get too wild.”


“Eh? H… How do you know that Wasabi-san?” Sumire asked with a blush.


“I’ve seen a couple similar themed porn movies before, mostly girl on girl stuff.” Wasabi answered as she looked around. Boruto and everyone all looked at the brunette with dumbstruck expressions, well, everyone but Sarada.


“Oh, you like girls Wasabi?” Sarada asked.


“I go either way.” she answered casually with a catty grin.


Sarada smirked and walked over to the brown haired girl, grabbing her hips and pulling her close before pressing her mouth to the other girls. Wasabi’s olive green eyes went wide for a second before slowly closing as she wrapped her arms around Sarada’s waist and kissed back. Boruto gulped as he felt his pants getting tight as the two girls made a show of sliding their tongues into each other’s mouths.


“Ah wa wa wa… Wha… What are you two doing!?” Sumire babbled, her face beat red as Sarada broke the kiss and moved to nibble on Wasabi’s slender neck. The brown haired girl made a purring sound as Sarada slipped a hand under her hoodie to grab her breast while the other moved to grab her curvy ass.


“Making a movie.” Wasabi answered with a moan as she opened her hoodie vest, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the fishnet shirt she wore beneath. Her rosy pink nipples were already hard and stood out between the holes in the mesh.


“Nice…” Iwabe said with an approving nod as he watched the two girls. Boruto agreed as he adjusted his pants for comfort.


Sarada giggled and kissed her way back up Wasabi’s neck to her lips. The girls moaned into one another’s mouths again and Sarada moved her hand to push down the other girl’s shorts. Boruto heard Sumire gasp as Wasabi’s shorts fell down to her ankles. The body mesh she wore underneath had a huge hole in the crotch, giving everyone an unobstructed view of her hairless pussy, already dripping down her thighs. Sarada then pushed Wasabi onto the desk again and began kissing and licking her way down her sexy body.


“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Sumire, with a powerful blush on her face, shrieked as she moved to push the two of them apart. “What’s wrong with you two?1” she asked in a flustered voice. When she saw how everyone was staring at her, she then stammered several times before saying, “Th…th-there aren’t even any cameras set up!”


“Kill joy.” Sarada said with a grin as she helped Wasabi correct her clothes.


“I suppose she has a point though,” Boruto said, though he couldn’t hide the irritation in his voice.


“Why don’t you all check the gym and auditorium?” Mitsuki suggested, “Sarada-san, can you help me finish arranging the desks?”


“Yeah, sure.” Sarada agreed, still sounding annoyed.


Boruto and the others left them and headed for the gym first. It was late afternoon now, so the school was all but empty, with only a few janitors roaming the halls pushing those custodial carts in front of them. As he expected, the gym was a gym, same as any other regular school. The mats were all stored in a large closet off to one side of the room, and both the boys and girls locker rooms were identical. Well, the girl’s locker room was a little neater, with less obvious wear and tear on everything.


“So Wasabi-san, I’m guessing you want to have a full part in the movie?” Boruto asked as they stood in the girls shower room.


“What was your first clue?” Wasabi asked with a cheeky grin. “Sumire does too, though I think she’s still too nervous to say it directly.”


“Eep!” Sumire squealed, blushing from head to toe, “I uh…. Ah wa wah…” she stammered, looking from side to side before staring at the concrete floor, “I… I…”


“Sure.” Boruto said, walking over to the indigo haired girl, “We’ll find a part for you.”


“Re… Really?” Sumire asked, looking up at him, still blushing.


Boruto nodded and smiled as they moved to the auditorium. Though the echoes in there would make it a pain to do any sound editing according to Denki. Thankfully, the movie they were planning so far wouldn’t need them to use it.


The bathrooms and nurses office were both good as well. It was Boruto’s first time actually in a girl’s bathroom, it wasn’t all that different, the only thing that stood out to him was the lack of standing urinals, but he instantly realized how obvious that was and didn’t say anything.


“Let’s head back and check on Sarada and Mitsuki.” Wasabi said as she sat on the edge of one of the beds in the nurse’s office.


“Yeah,” Boruto agreed. The five of them made their way back to the unused section of the school and quickly found the room they had been looking at earlier. The door opened on its own as they approached and Mitsuki walked out, adjusting the ono belt at his waist. When he saw their approach he gave them his usual creepy smile.


“The acoustics for the room won’t be an issue.” he said.


“Hmm, how do you know that?” asked Denki.


Boruto walked past the albino young man and into the room, his blue eyes going wide with shock as he found Sarada lying back on one of the desks, her legs spread wide and panties gone. Her big tits were spilling out of her top and heaving slowly as she took long deep breaths. The look on her face was an actual ahegao, her tongue hanging out with her eyes rolled back in their sockets! The only time he’d ever seen her like that was the first time they fucked!


She didn’t even seem to care when everyone else walked in and gasped collectively at her state.


“Sa… Sarada-chan… Ar… Are you okay…?” Sumire stammered, asking with concern and surprise.


The dark haired girl raised both hands and gave a double V sign; she was the spitting image of a girl from a porno manga. “Now I know why the girls in tentacle stories look like this…” she managed to mutter before falling back on the desk and passing out completely.



With most of the logistical stuff out of the way, it was time to hold the tryouts he’d posted the flyer in the dressing room for. Nearly every girl at Busteez had signed up to audition. This was good, though now they needed to see who could and could not act with any degree of talent. Boruto already knew from experience that every girl could fuck with the best of them, but could they put on a convincing act?


Also in the good news column was Kurotsuchi had agreed to join their cast. From what Sumire reported back, the dark haired woman was not only willing, but eager to join this little project. She was coming by tomorrow to show off what she could do for them.


Sitting on a chair in the Busteez main club area, Boruto looked down at a clipboard in his hand. Since so many girls had applied, he and Mitsuki decided it’d be faster to hold the tryouts in sets of three to speed things up. They would hold them once a day for five days, take notes, and compare them later before deciding on the final castings. The club itself was next to empty, with only himself, Mitsuki, Wasabi, and the girls trying out that day. Iwabe and Denki both wanted to be here as well, but they were both busy helping Sumire and Metal Lee with the final outfit concepts for the student “uniforms”.


“Whenever you’re ready!” he called out.


The curtain at the back of the stage fluttered as three women walked out onto stage. He knew all of them of course, Sakura, her daughter Sarada, and Ino. They were the first three on the list of applicants. He decided to hold the interviews in the order of signatures so as to not appear to be playing favorites, and they were simply at the top of the list.


The trio of women were all dressed in the Busteez black bikini with their names printed over the tops, though only Sarada’s fit with any measure of accuracy. Both Ino and Sakura’s bikinis were easily six sizes too small. Sakura’s top didn’t even begin to cover her big tits, exposing her fat nipples while the bottoms dug deep into the folds of her pussy. Ino’s breasts looked as though they would pop out the moment she breathed too hard. All three wore heavy make-up, Sakura in deep red lipstick, while Sarada and Ino were wearing different shades of blue. Boruto rather liked how it looked on Sarada, though he’d never say that out loud to her. When Ino saw how Boruto was staring at her tits, she flashed him a V sign with her left hand as the three of them walked up to the end of the stage. They all did a quick turnaround, showing off their sexy asses for them, Sarada even held a condom in one hand as she smiled back at them.


“Very nice ladies.” Mitsuki commented, “As you know, we’re casting for a movie set in a school. Did you have a chance to read over the script pieces I gave you earlier?” he asked.


“Yep!” Sarada answered while her mother and Ino both nodded in affirmation.


“Well, just for now, Sakura-san, can you play the role of the school’s doctor, Ino-san, you are her assistant nurse, and Sarada, you’re the student.” Boruto said as he checked their names off the list on his board.


The three women nodded, and Sakura and Ino made themselves look busy reading non-existent clipboards while Sarada moved a few paces away. “Did that delivery of aspirin ever arrive?” Sakura asked to Ino.


“This afternoon according to the tracking.” Ino replied.


Sakura nodded as Sarada came up to knock on an imaginary door before walking in closer. “Hey, I’m feeling a bit tired, mind if I rest here a bit?” she asked.


“Not at all, want me to take your temperature?” Ino replied.


“That’s okay; I just need to lie down for a bit.”


“Oh, that won’t do,” Sakura said, setting aside the imaginary clipboard and moving in closer. “As I doctor, I’m obligated to make sure you’re okay before I let you lay down.”


“Who wrote this dialogue?” Wasabi whispered to Boruto. From her tone, she was thinking the same as he was that the dialogue was awful!!!


“Mitsuki did, dattebasa.” he answered back with a shrug


Sakura closed in on the dark haired girl, kneeling down slightly and pressing her forehead to Sarada’s. “D… Doctor, what…?” Sarada gasped.


“Just checking your temperature dear, nothing to worry about.” Sakura giggled, “Hmmm, you do feel a bit warm… Okay, lie down and we’ll do a proper exam.”


Sarada moved to lay on top of the stage, with her mother and Ino on either side of her. Sakura pretended to take her pulse while Ino began sliding her hands along one leg, smiling as Sarada squirmed under her touch.


“Oh, someone’s extra sensitive.” she said as she moved her hands to caress her thigh slowly. “Let us know if I hit any tender spots.” she said as she began tracing the edges of her bikini bottoms with one finger. Meanwhile Sakura smiled down at her and reached out to trace a finger along Sarada’s blue painted lips.


“I… I am feeling a bit… Hooot…” Sarada moaned as Ino snuck a finger inside the crotch of her bikini and stroked the edges of her pussy.


“Oh, here, lemme take a look…” Sakura said as she undid the younger girl’s top, letting her tits spill out. She then grabbed her soft mounds, giving them a firm squeeze, “How does that feel?” she asked.


“Mmmmmh, g…good…” Sarada moaned back as Ino relieved her of her Bikini bottoms, smiling as she spread the dark haired girl’s legs apart before leaning her head between her thighs and brushing her tongue over her pussy softly.


“Ahhhaaa…” Sarada moaned genuinely before Sakura covered her mouth with her own. Their tongues moved in one another’s mouths as Ino made a show of sliding her tongue between the puffy wet folds of Sarada’s pussy.


“Oh, wow…” Wasabi said, squeezing her thighs together a bit as she watched. “Sakura and Sarada, I mean they’re… It’s really kinda hot to look at…”


“That just shows their dedication to their work.” Mitsuki commented, as he watched the entire display with that same creepy neutral smile he always wore. Sometimes Boruto thought Mitsuki looked at everything as a joke only he got. “Social norms don’t apply to a dedicated actress.” the albino continued as Sakura moved to suck on her daughters nipple while Sarada moved one hand to grab the pink haired womans tit, circling her finger around the stiff nipple slowly.


“Mmmmmh, ahhh, I’m feeling so much hotter now…” Sarada moaned.


“Mmmm, don’t worry; we’ll take good care of you…” Sakura told her as she alternated between her nipples, sucking each of them roughly before she slipped out of her own bikini bottoms and moved to straddle her daughters head. Sarada moaned in open lust as she grabbed Sakura’s thighs as pushed her face up between them. Boruto couldn’t see from the angle, but he knew Sarada was licking the older womans pussy as Sakura let out a low moan as she grabbed her own tits, kneading them in her hands as she leaned in close to Ino. The blonde lifted her head from between the younger girl’s legs, kissing Sakura lewdly for a long while before moving aside to let the other woman taste Sarada’s now overflowing juices.


She couldn’t hold the position long though, likely due to their height difference, Boruto thought as he looked to his left to see Wasabi had pushed a hand into her shorts to finger herself as she watched the display. He couldn’t blame her, his own pants now had a noticeable bulge running down one leg that was quickly becoming VERY uncomfortable.


“Mmmmmmh, yesssss… Don’t stoooop…” Sarada moaned as Ino took her mother’s place again when the pink haired woman sat up again. Sakura giggled and changed positions to face her daughter as the dark haired girl continued to lap at her hairless pussy slowly. Before long, the three women shed their remaining clothes before they changed positions, Sakura now lay on her back, her daughter straddling her face while Ino stood over them both with Sarada’s face in her crotch. Their moans echoing in the empty club as Ino rocked her hips against the girls face slowly.


“HAAAHHH, Yes! RIGHT THERE! YES….YES…. MMMMMMMHHH!!!” Ino moaned as Sarada licked her to an orgasm.


Clapping his hands together, Mitsuki said, “That will suffice!”


Boruto could have sworn he heard Sarada make a plaintive sound as the three suddenly stopped and got up from the stage. “We’ll discuss what we saw and be in touch. Thank you.”


“That’s it?” Sakura asked.


“Would you like us to try any of the other scenes?” asked Ino.


“No, that won’t be necessary, any more and I’m afraid my colleagues might not be able to take it.” said Mitsuki as he gestured to Boruto and Wasabi. “I believe your skills at inducing arousal are quite high.”


“Wait, that’s why you wanted us here?” Wasabi asked, blushing bright red now.


“Of course,” Mitsuki said with his usual creepy smile, “I needed both a male and female here to observe with me to gauge their reactions.”


“Not so sure that horn dog there would be your best bet for a man’s reactions, he gets a hard-on easily.” Sarada said dryly.


“Hey!” Boruto protested, blushing from embarrassment.


“What, that’s a good thing!” Sakura said with a smile and wink.


“Yeah, less work for us to get you going.” Ino added.


“Hmmm, maybe I should have Iwabe-san or Metal-san observe next time?” Mitsuki mused aloud, tapping his chin in thought.


“H…Hey…!” Boruto protested again, though not as forcefully when he realized the girls were right. But he couldn’t tell if they were praising or teasing him.


The trio of women went back behind the stage curtains to the dressing room. Once they were out of earshot Boruto said, “I think we should cast all three dattebasa!”


“We shouldn’t be so quick,” Mitsuki said, “Remember, there are only so many roles to fill. Sarada, is certain, but the faculty roles? We should see how everyone else does.”


“I suppose you’re right…” Boruto reluctantly agreed, though he had his doubts about Temari as he looked down at the names on the schedule. The woman was a great fuck, but a self-admitted shitty actress.


“Yeah, stop thinking with your dick, even if it is bigger than your brain!” Wasabi teased.


“Hey!” he shot back.


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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