Busteez the Movie: Oral Superiority

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting in his usual seat just below the Busteez main dance stage, Boruto Uzumaki sighed as he watched the exchange going on above him.


Things had started out smoothly. Today’s auditioners were Anko Mitarashi, Tsunade, and Shizune. Wasabi was gonna work with them during the scene, but had to cancel at the last minute after Hanabi pulled a few strings for him and got both her and Sumire officially hired for the club. The two of them were at a clothing store owned by Busteez being fitted for their uniform bikinis. When she found out, Wasabi was actually jumping for joy! It was a shame too; today they had even sprung for some props to help with the scene. On a table next to the stage was an assortment of vibrators and dildos. Even a huge double ended dildo that was molded after his father’s penis, at least according to the box it came in. Iwabe was working with Denki on some more prop acquisitions for the school room, meaning Denki needed help moving some heavy furniture around.


“This certainly is interesting.” commented Mitsuki next to him. Boruto couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic as he delivered the line in his usual monotone.


“Yeah, I guess you could say that dattebasa…” Boruto replied.


The trio of women had come out on stage wearing their ill-fitting Busteez Uniform bikinis. Boruto was surprised that Anko wasn’t using that body mass shifting jutsu to give herself a sexier figure. Her huge tits hanging like a pair of wet sandbags that jiggled and swayed with her every step. And her belly showing more than a little bulge. She still looked hot regardless. Tsunade was making herself look in her mid-twenties as usual, her heavy tits already popping out of her top, exposing one soft pink nipple.


The only one whose uniform remotely fit correctly was Shizune, though her bottoms were about two sizes too small, making them dig what he imagined was painfully tight into the folds of her pussy. Mitsuki had all three of them come to the end of the stage and do a sexy turnaround for them.


“Very nice ladies.” said Mitsuki, “I assume you’ve all read the script piece that I gave you earlier?” They nodded, “Very good, please, act out that scene. Lady Tsunade, take the role of the student counselor, Ms. Anko, the superintendent, and Madam Shizune the school secretary.”


“Um, excuse me, but can I be the Counselor?” Anko asked, “I think I’d be better suited to that role as I actually work at a school.”


“True as that may be, you’re just an instructor at the academy, not a counselor.” Tsunade said to Anko, “Students don’t come to you for life advice, they come to you to know what X, Y, and Z equal or something along those lines.” Tsunade said as she puffed out her chest proudly, making her top snap off entirely, exposing her heavy tits completely. From the smug look on the blondes face, she had done that intentionally. “Besides, a body like this, students would line up just to be in the same room with me.”


“Oh don’t try to pretend these fat sweater puppies are better than mine, I’ve seen what you really look like. Think the boys would be lining up to see two egg yolks nailed to a wall?” Anko shot back.


Even Boruto winced at that as a vein visibly throbbed on Tsunade’s forehead, “Th… That’s a low blow even for a snake like you!?”


“Better a snake than an old hag!”


Tsunade turned a shade of purple that Boruto didn’t know a person could turn, her fists clenching tight. Shizune tried to step between the women but they both fixed her with a glare that made her visibly flinch, “E-eeek!” she squealed as she stepped back.


“Hey…” Boruto began but Mitsuki held a hand up.


“Hold on, let’s see how this goes.” the albino said as he watched.


“Doesn’t matter…” Tsunade said in a flat tone, “I’m still far more popular with the boys than you ever were. Just last week I pulled in thirty million ryo. Guess they would rather have someone fit and sexy, instead of all pudgy.”


“Ha! I can still suck cock better than you ever could. I can take both Naruto and the former Raikage with ease, you still choke on both!” Anko shot back.


“You wanna see sucking skills?” Tsunade asked, “I’ll show you sucking skills! Shizune, get over here.” the blonde yelled.


“Y…Yes Tsunade-sama?”


Without a word, Tsunade reached over and ripped off Shizune’s top, making her fat tits spill out with a bounce before using her other hand to grab one breast roughly. The blonde then leaned her head down and wrapped her lips around the other womans nipple. Shizune stiffened at first, then moaned softly as her knees shook.


“Tsu… Tsunade-samaaaaaa….” Shizune moaned, already panting as Tsunade continued sucking the other womans nipple roughly.


“Oh please, anyone can do that!” Anko said as she leaned down and wrapped her lips around Shizune’s other nipple. The dark haired woman let out another shuddery moan as she fell down to her knees. Both women moved with her, taking more of her breasts into their mouths. Anko and Tsunade then relieved Shizune of her bottoms, ripping them off before their hands began fighting to get at her now dripping pussy first.


“Haaahhhh… Please, not so rough… I… I’m gonna… AAHHHHIIIIIIII!!!!!!!” Shizune squealed as her pussy gushed over both women’s hands as she came hard.


The two women then pushed Shizune onto her back, each of them sucking on her heavy tits roughly as Tsunade pushed four fingers inside Shizune’s cunt, making her gush like a bursted balloon, meanwhile Anko began rubbing the wailing womans clit. The two of them glared at one another as they each tried to suck one whole breast in their mouths.


“AHHHHIIIIIIII!!!!! Ahh… Ahhh… AAAAAAHHHHHIIIIII!!!!!!” Shizune moaned as she bucked her hips against the two women’s hands, her brown eyes rolling back in her head as she panted like a bitch in heat.


Before long, Shizune passed out completely, her entire body going limp on the stage. Tsunade pulled her fingers free of the other womans pussy with a wet sucking sound. She then licked the juices from her palm and fingers as she glared at Anko. The other woman glared back at her for a long moment before they closed in on one another, their mouths connecting in a lewd kiss. Tsunade pushed Anko onto her back, her huge tits rubbing against the other womans as the two of them pretty much ripped one another’s clothes off. Anko pushed her thigh up between Tsunade’s legs, the blonde grinding her naked pussy against the creamy soft skin as she moaned into her mouth.


As Tsunade humped her crotch against Anko’s thigh, the dark haired woman reached a hand over to grab the thick double ended dildo from the nearby table. She fumbled several times before finally gripping the flesh toned rubber rod firmly and pulling it back onto the stage. She then broke her kiss with Tsunade, holding the dildo up for her to see. “Let’s see just how well you can suck dick!”


“You’re on bitch!” Tsunade said, opening wide for the dildo, her silver painted lips sliding around the thick girth of the rubbery phallus. Anko took the other end into her own mouth and both women groaned as they slowly deepthroated more and more of the dildo; bringing their lips towards one another closer and closer. Boruto gulped as he watched their throats bulge as the two feet of thick rubber vanished into their mouths.


“Impressive!” Mitsuki said as the two women locked lips once again. The two of them held the dildo between their mouths for several long moments before backing out slowly, only to push the length back down their throats. Boruto gulped again, watching the swells in their necks move back and forth as they fought to push the length deeper into the others throat. Tsunade choked several times, but just as it looked like she was about to cough out the rubber dick, a look of determination filled her brown eyes and he continued trying to push for of the thick length down Anko’s throat.


“MMMMPPHH!! MMMMPH!! MMMMPHH!!!!…” Tsunade moaned around the dildo, still grinding herself against Anko’s thigh.


“HMMMMPH!!… MMMMMPH!!!… GMMMMPH!!,” Anko groaned back, moving her leg with Tsunade’s motions. Her eyes widen as Tsunade continued to inch forward with the deepthroating, getting more and more of it in her mouth as Anko slowly backed off.


The erotic show went on for several minutes before the two of them both expelled the dildo from their mouths at the same time. It thumped onto the stage floor, glistening with both women’s saliva. Anko and Tsunade then locked lips again, their tongues seemingly fighting one another for dominance.


The two of them then changed positions several times. Boruto watched in a stunned silence as the two moved into a classic sixty-nine position, each one lapping at the others pussy, occasionally dipping their fingers into one another. It wasn’t until they moved to grind their pussies together that he understood what they were doing. They were trying to see who could make the other cum first to settle their argument! He’d seen this scenario in a few manga before, but he never thought it might actually happen in real life! The young man could feel his cock straining against his pants as Tsunade moved her hips faster, so fast they were almost a blur of motion.


“Whaa… Haaaa, what are you…?” Anko moaned, “Sto… Stop thaaaaaat….!” she moaned again, falling back against the stage as she came hard. Tsunade grinned as she stood up and flashed a finger V over the panting woman.


“And THAT’S why I’m better than you.” she said with a cheeky grin. She then turned to look at Shizune, “You alright Shizune?” she asked.


The younger woman, with swirly eyes, only managed a weak thumbs up before going limp again. Tsunade finally seemed to notice Boruto and Mitsuki again, “Oh crap, the audition!”


“I think we’ve seen all we needed thank you ladies.” said Mitsuki with his usual unnerving grin.


Tsunade moved to help Shizune back to her feet, retrieving their clothes from the stage floor before walking backstage again. Anko meanwhile remained naked as she climbed off the stage and walked over to Mitsuki.


“Anko-sensei?” he asked.


“We never had a chance to talk much at the academy,” Anko said, making no move to hide her naked flesh from the youth.


“Indeed not, was there something you wanted to discuss?” Mitsuki asked.


“Not really, though now that I get a good look at you, I can see a minor resemblance. You really are his child then?”


“Ah, you mean my parent, yes, that is correct.”


“We should get together for dango sometime, I’ll tell you some stories about him if you’re interested.” she offered while licking her lips.


“I would be delighted, however, that won’t affect the casting decisions.” he said back to her. “That said, I was rather impressed by your oral technique, you unhinged your jaw for a moment there, did you not?”


“You noticed eh?” Anko asked with a cheeky grin, “That used to make me queen of blowjobs here, and then Sakura stole the title from me because she figured out how to fully suppress her gag reflex. At least I think that’s how she did it.”


“It is,” Boruto said, “Not sure how she does it though, but she taught Sarada to do the same dattebasa.” he explained as he picked up the clipboard from the table and checked off Tsunade, Anko, and Shizune’s names from the list.


Anko smiled at Boruto’s direction, knowing exactly how he knows those details, she then looked to Mitsuki; “Speaking of Sarada, she told me a few things about you that I’d like to test myself…” she trailed off.


Mitsuki simply smiled his usual smile.


“Hey, why don’t you guys head out now?” Boruto interrupted, reading where the situation was headed, “We can talk later Mitsuki, I need to go meet with Denki and Iwabe anyway.”


Mitsuki nodded, “I don’t have any objections, shall we?” he said to Anko.


“Sure, let’s go.” Anko said, turning towards the door.


“Um, Anko-sensei?” Boruto called out.


“What is it?” she asked back.


“You might wanna get dressed first.” he told her.


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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