Busteez the Movie: Deals with Damsels

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Sitting in the main bar area of Busteez once more, Boruto Uzumaki sat below the stage alongside Iwabe Yuino, Wasabi Izuno, and Mitsuki. Sumire was with Metal lee and Denki still, finalizing the designs for the costumes for both the main and support characters. Once all the auditions for casting was finished, all that would be left was taking measurements and a lot of sewing. Sumire seemed to be having a lot of fun, making some of the concepts herself and modeling them. Boruto didn’t take her for having so much skill in sewing, an unexpected boon for this little project.


“Come on out whenever you’re ready ladies!” Boruto called out.


“This is gonna be awesome.” Iwabe said with glee as his eyes widen, ready to take in the scene.


“Boys,” Wasabi giggled, “It’s SO obvious you’re a virgin Iwabe-kun.”


The mocha skinned youth glared daggers at the girl as the curtain at the back of the stage fluttered from movement. Boruto turned to Wasabi before Iwabe could begin yelling at her and said, “Not after this movie, he’s going to get all the best parts, maybe you’ll even be his first Wasabi-san.”


The brunette turned and looked Iwabe up and down with a mild smirk, “Meh, could be worse, I hear Shikadai’s dad has a pencil dick.”


That comment dispelled Iwabe’s ire, “Huh, where’d you hear that?”


“Sarada’s been introducing us and Sumi-chan to the Busteez employee’s,” Wasabi said then looked to Boruto, “Specifically all the one’s you’ve been nailing. Sumire asked Temari-san “why?”. We both understood why she worked here at the club, but we didn’t understand why she’d cheat with you for free and she explained it as…” Wasabi began.


“As I love my husband and still do, but his pencil dick doesn’t do it for me.” completed Temari as she, Kushina, and Tenten walked out from behind the curtain.


“Hihi Boruto-kuuuun!” Kushina said with a wave as she walked behind the blonde woman.


“Hello.” said Tenten as she brought up the rear. All three were in the Busteez standard uniform of a black bikini with their names printed on the tops. And once again they were all several sizes too small. Tenten’s tits were already spilling out the bottom of her top even! Boruto heard Iwabe made a soft groan, probably his first time seeing a huge busteez tits outside a magazine or video.


Boruto waved back to Kushina, “Hi gran…” he began to say, but stopped mid-word when the redhead gave him a dangerous glare, “Uh, Ku-chan!” Her glare vanished instantly and was replaced by a sweet smile.


“Ku-chan?” Wasabi echoed with a cheeky grin.


“Do I LOOK like a grandmother with this body?” Kushina asked her as she walked up to the edge of the stage, turning around to show off her ass and giving it a firm slap.


“It’s… Kind of a long story and I think some of the details are still classified.” Boruto said when Wasabi’s grin turned to a look of confusion.


“O…kay…” said Wasabi, thankfully letting the matter drop.


The trio of women came up to the edge of the stage and did a turnaround for the four of them, showing off how their bottoms all rode up their sexy asses. “Very nice ladies. Now, did you read the segment of the script you were given?” asked Mitsuki.


They all nodded, and Mitsuki looked down at the clipboard in his hand, “Alright, Ms. Kushina…”


“Call me Kushina, or Ku-chan.” the redhead interrupted in a sweet tone of voice, though the look on her face was anything but sweet. What was it with women and their ages? Boruto remembered Tsunade was just as touchy about it, the only one she let call her Oba-san was his father, anyone else risked her legendary punch.


“Ku-chan,” Mitsuki continued, “Please follow the role of the school’s principal, Tenten, you’ll be the science teacher who is turning in the head of the Disciplinary Committee whom you’ll portray Mrs. Nara.”


All three women nodded and shifted positions on the stage, Temari got down on her knees in front of Kushina while Tenten stood off to one side, “Again Ms. Musuchi? Honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do with you.” Kushina began as she looked down at Temari with her arms crossed under her fat tits.


“I’m sorry Principal Chijo, I just couldn’t resist.” Temari replied. Everyone but Mitsuki winced, Temari was completely monotone, and it was painful to hear as she looked up at Kushina.


“We all wanna fuck some of the students here, but you’re being far too reckless about it!” Kushina said, “You’re lucky it was Ms. Fotze here who found you and that boy and not one of the other faculty. Do you have any idea the hell it would bring down on all of us if word of this got out?!”


“Yeah, I still haven’t had the chance to ride that boy in class 3C!” Tenten said, sounding genuinely annoyed as she shook her fists up and down, “I know he’s packing a fire hose downstairs and I haven’t had the old itch scratched in weeks!”


“I’m sorry…” Temari repeated. Her voice still as flat.


Kushina and Tenten looked to one another, “Well, I suppose there is ONE way you can make it up to us…” she said with a grin as she eyed Temari openly. She then moved like she was pulling up a skirt she wasn’t wearing, gripped the edges of her bikini bottoms and pushed them down slowly before kicking them off. They landed on Iwabe’s head and Boruto couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not since his grandmother never broke character and moved to press her foot onto Temari’s shoulder, giving the blonde a clear look at her now naked pussy.


“If you can make us both cum, I’ll let it slide, this time.” she told her.


Temari looked up at Kushina, her eyes locked on the other womans cunt as she reached her hands up to grip her calf. Turning her head, she slowly licked her way up the length of Kushina’s leg and thigh, making the redhead moan softly. Kushina then leaned back against one of the dancing poles as her leg rested on Temari’s shoulder. The blonde then ever so slowly licked and kissed her way to Kushina’s pussy, sliding her tongue over the soft folds slowly while the redhead reached back to grip the pole for support. Next to them, Tenten fondled her own breasts as she watched, tugging and twisting her nipples while she licked her lips.


“Mmmmmmmh, yeah, that’s it…” Kushina groaned as Temari covered her pussy with her mouth.


“Mrs. Nara, please make sure to let everyone see what you are doing.” Mitsuki directed.


Boruto raised an eyebrow, Mitsuki sounded like a real director there just now. He then watched as Temari pulled her mouth away from Kushina’s pussy, showing how her tongue was darting between the puffy pink folds of the other womans cunt as the redhead moaned louder.


Tenten suddenly moved in closer, leaning over to kiss Kushina deeply, their tongue slipping and sliding against one another’s. Both women let out soft sexy moans as they began fondling one another’s breasts. Eventually, they stripped each other’s tops off, pressing their heavy tits together as Temari let out her own moan as she moved to take off Tenten’s bottoms before pushing her face between the brunette’s thighs.


“Ahhhhnnn…” Iwabe groaned as he watched the show, clearly uncomfortable in his seat now.


Boruto wasn’t any better, a visible swell going down one leg of his pants. Wasabi raised her eyebrows at the sight and giggled as she moved to sit between the two boys. Her hands moving to rub the rises in their pants as the show went on.


“Oh my…” Wasabi said to herself, licking her lips softly as she ran her hands up and down on both young men.


Up on stage, the trio of women changed positions, Kushina lay on her back, her legs spread wide as Temari licked the folds of her pussy and flicked her tongue over her swollen clit. At the same time, Tenten straddled Kushina’s head, moaning as the redhead did the same with her.


Mitsuki continued to watch the three of them for another couple of minutes before clapping once. “That’s enough, thank you ladies.” he said.


“Hey!” Iwabe complained, disappointment in his voice.


“I’ve seen what I needed.” Mitsuki said, “We’ll be in touch soon.”


“Thanks.” Kushina said before waving cheerily to Boruto and gathering her clothes before walking backstage again with Temari and Tenten.


“Hey, why’d you make them stop!?” Iwabe shouted at Mitsuki.


“I’d seen everything relevant.” Mitsuki answered simply.


“Calm down, you’ll be having all kinds of fun with them later, right?” Wasabi teased as she got up and stretched. “Mrs. Nara is good at eating pussy, but she can’t act worth a damn.”


“I heard that!” came Temari’s voice.


“I stand by it!” Wasabi called back.


Boruto blinked, for a girl, Wasabi had some balls. Temari didn’t reply again, and at the edge of his hearing he could hear Tenten and Kushina saying something to her, but he couldn’t make it out. He remembered his first time with her, she told him her role playing skills were abysmal, and she wasn’t kidding.


“That Kushina chick though, not bad at all.” Iwabe said.


“Tenten was good as well, though I’m not so sure about the character names.” Wasabi said.


“Name puns are a classic theme in pornography.” said Mitsuki.


“Yeah, for the actors and actresses in the credits, not for the characters they portray.” Wasabi said.


“Oh, is that how it is?” Mitsuki asked, tilting his head.


“How do you know all this?” asked Boruto.


“Everyone needs a hobby.” Wasabi answered with a grin.


“Indeed.” said Mitsuki, “Character names aside for now, we still have nine more tryouts over the next three days.”


“Wasabi-san, the next tryout, think you could work with them for the scene?” Boruto asked.


“Sure, do I get one of those sexy Busteez outfits?”


Boruto tapped his chin in thought, “Not sure dattebasa, I can ask Hanabi Onee-chan about that.”


Wasabi smiled and struck a pose, “I’ll look so fucking hot in one.” she said with a grin.


“That, I don’t doubt.” said a new voice from the entryway of the club. Everyone turned to see Kurotsuchi and Sumire walking in as the door closed behind them. The dark haired Tsuchikage smiled as she strode towards the group. She was dressed in a bright red cheongsam dress with a skirt that came down to just an inch or so above her knees. The slit in the side rose well past her hip, exposing the side-tie of her white panties. She smiled mischievously as she and Sumire closed the distance.


“Sumire here tells me you’re all making a movie. And that you wanted me to audition.” she said with that same smile.


Boruto nodded, “We were hoping you could take one of the two female lead roles dattebasa.”


“To be precise, we would like you to play the role of the oversexed teacher who is seducing boys in the school one-by-one.” Mitsuki continued and held out a copy of the script. His arm stretched out like it was made of rubber and handed the bundle of papers to the dark haired woman.


“We were getting ready to wrap things up for the day, but if you wanna audition now…” Iwabe began.


Shaking her head, Kurotsuchi said, “I don’t think that will be necessary.”


Boruto and Mitsuki looked at each other briefly, and the dark haired woman continued, “You boys asked ME, the legendary Tsuchikage, to be in your movie, and I’m willing. I can act too,” she said, touching a hand to her chest, “Not to toot my own horn, but I specialize in seduction tactics, only difference here being that I’m not after something.”


Kurotsuchi then turned to her side, letting the group see her sexy figure, “To top that, no one has seen me naked, well, and lived to tell about it anyway… Factor that in and your movie will be a huge success. Can you imagine what people would pay to see the top ninja of the Earth Country fucking like a whore?”


Mitsuki held his finger to his chin and nodded in agreement, “Her presence alone will steal the show, and she may very well overshadow all the other Busteez girls in the cast.”


She nodded in agreement with Mitsuki as she moved over to the bar and reached a hand behind it, pulling out a bottle of sake, “Also, I have my own reasons for wanting in on this.” she said as she cracked the bottle open with a soft hiss.


“Oh, like what?” Boruto asked.


“Payback.” Kurotsuchi said as she grabbed a glass from the counter and poured the contents of the bottle into it, “This club has been around since before any of you were born, and not ONCE did Kakashi or any of the managers come to ask ME to work here. So like your friend said, if I’m in it, the sales will likely outshine the yearly intake of this place, and make management regret never trying to hire me.” she explained as she took a sip from her glass.


Although Boruto had a hard time following her plan, he admired the way she carried out her tactics with confidence. He had mixed feelings about her not auditioning but it did not matter since she was on board their project. Glass in hand, the dark haired woman then moved over to stand with Boruto, Mitsuki, Iwabe, and Wasabi. Sumire followed her over, having been silent through the entire exchange.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Iwabe said quickly with a blush, holding out his hand, “I’m really looking forward to working with you. Um, should I call you Tsuchikage-sama or Kurotsuchi-san?”


The dark haired woman tapped a finger to her chin, “Hmmm, how about just Kuro-chan?” she asked, “I’m not here as the Tsuchikage afterall.” she said as she took the offered hand and shook it gently.


“Kuro-chan.” Iwabe said with an awkward smile, his face becoming redder by the moment. Boruto fought the urge to roll his eyes, could Iwabe look any more starstruck?


She smiled at the youth then turned to Boruto and Mitsuki, “Oh, about the money you’ve offered. I have something else in mind, instead of that, I want fifteen percent of the gross profits.” Kurotsuchi said, taking a sip from her glass, “Promise me that, and I’m all yours. I’ll do any scene you want, no problem.”


“Hah wah wa…” Sumire stammered, finally speaking up, “B… Bu… But Tsuchikage-sama, that’s a really big gamble, you could end up getting much less than what the other girls who are casted will be paid.”


“Let’s just say I have a really good feeling about all this.” Kurotsuchi said, giving the purple haired girl a smile, then she turned back to Mitsuki and Boruto, “So, tell me more about my role.”


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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