Busteez the Movie: Casting (Arc) Finished

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“So after today we’ll be settling on castings?” Sarada asked as she, Mitsuki, and Boruto stepped off the train and left the station. The three of them had met for a quick breakfast at a local restaurant before leaving for the club.


Boruto nodded, “Yeah, we’ve already settled on a few roles so far, cross off a few obvious names as well.”


“What about the logistics?” Sarada asked, “Sets, cameras, props, and such?”


“All finalized and ready to go. The film will be a production of Kaminarimon Co.” Mitsuki said, “The last of the props were dropped off at the school the other day.”


“This is all coming together so smoothly. I have to admit, you two are doing a great job.” Sarada gives a genuinely cheerful smile at Boruto which caused him to blush slightly.


“Hanabi Onee-chan was able to help us as well; we have access to a couple themed rooms at Busteez Love Hotel.” Boruto told her.


“Oh, which ones?” Sarada asked as they turned a corner and began walking up to the Busteez club building.


“Singles apartments mainly… I hope Iwabe and Denki checked to see if we can fit the entire production crew and cast in there.”


“Once we have all the roles set up, we can start filming next week.” Mitsuki said.


“Oh, that’s good, the schools out for some holidays then, we’ll have more time to use the rooms.” said Boruto.


“I just hope you boys are up to it.” said Sarada.


“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean dattebasa!?” Boruto challenged with a glare.


“Just something mom told me, about how most men get really sleepy and tired after one round.” Sarada explained, “We aren’t gonna get every scene finished with just one take you know, and then there’s filming things from different angles, and something called ‘pop shots’. Really it’s a little unnerving how much Wasabi knows about porn.”


“A pop shot is when the guy cums on cue all over the girls face, breasts, ass, back, etcetera, etcetera…” Mitsuki said


“…Really?” Sarada asked with an unamused expression.


The pale skinned youth shrugged, “Just something Wasabi told me.”


“Oh, when was this?” Sarada asked.


“Yesterday, after you left, I stayed behind to talk with Sumire and the others, it came up in conversation.” he explained.


Sarada decided to leave it at that, she didn’t really care about porno trivia anyway, though she was still surprised that it was one of Wasabi’s hobbies. Shrugging to herself, she looked ahead as the club filled her field of view. Waiting outside for them was Wasabi, Sumire, Iwabe, Denki, and Metal Lee. Sarada had her doubts about Metal’s involvement, he was so self-conscious about others seeing him, how did he expect to have sex on camera?


“Hey everyone, been waiting long?” Boruto asked.


“Nah, we got here just a few minutes ago.” Iwabe said as he pushed himself away from the wall he was leaning against. “Last auditions today right?”


“That’s correct,” said Mitsuki, “Today we’ll be viewing Ms. Hanabi, Lady Kaguya, and Boruto’s mother, Hinata.”


“You really okay with that Boruto-san?” Denki asked.


“It’s fine dattebasa, remember what I told you when we started all this?”


“Oh, right…”


“Hmmm, what’d you tell them?” Wasabi asked, blinking her eyes in confusion.


Sarada smirked and was about to explain when Iwabe leaned over and whispered into her ear. Sarada couldn’t hear what was being said, but the way Wasabi’s eyes went wide made her laugh.


“You’ve seen me with my mom, so I don’t think it’s a big deal honestly.” Sarada said as she walked passed Wasabi, “Come on, let’s finish this last audition so we can get to the real work.” she said nonchalantly as she pushed the door to the club open and held it for everyone as they went inside. Sarada then followed in last and wrinkled her nose a bit as the smell of alcohol and tobacco that always seemed to fill the air inside. Her mother told her once that the club was cleaned weekly with odor eliminators, but she’d yet to notice if they made any difference. She followed everyone into the main club area; the now familiar sight of the stage filled her view as she spotted todays auditioners.


Hinata, Kaguya, and Hanabi all stood in front of the stage dressed in casual clothes. A plain white sundress for Hinata, her sister in her usual yukata, and Kaguya in a full kimono with long heavy sleeves that covered her hands.


“Oh, this is a bigger audience than I expected.” said Hanabi with a hint of cheer in her voice.


“Denki and Metal missed almost all of the others, didn’t seem fair to finish the auditions without them.” Boruto explained.


“Is that gonna be a problem?” Sarada asked.


“Nah, I like a big audience.” Hanabi said with a wink.


“I do as well.” added Kaguya.


“I don’t mind,” Hinata said, “Though, I haven’t seen a script for us to audition yet.”


“Oh, I got that right here mom,” Boruto said, shrugging off the backpack he had on and reaching inside to pull out a scroll.


“Good, come on, you can explain what’s what while we change.” said Kaguya, reaching out and grabbing his arm before dragging him along with her towards the back of the room.


“Hey, Ka… Kaguya-mama…!” Boruto protested with a blush on his face, “I know the way…”


“Oh, so it’s Kaguya-mama?” Hinata asked with a smirk.


The ivory skinned goddess smiled with her ruby colored lips as she looked back at Hinata. Sarada watched as they vanished through the door to the V.I.P. hall that also connected to the dressing room. The dark haired girl shook her head, “Mom wasn’t kidding,” she muttered.


“Huh, about what?” Sumire asked, finally speaking up.


“Oh, nothing, she just told me once that Kaguya was doing this whole ‘cougar’ thing with him.” she explained.


“Well, she does put off a heavy MILF vibe.” Iwabe said, “Well, honestly, all of them do.”


“Big difference between a MILF and cougar,” Wasabi said.


“Huh?” asked Denki, “What’s the difference?”


“MILF means ‘Mother I’d Like to Fuck’, which pertains specifically a woman who’s a mother. While a cougar is any older woman who’s interested in a partner that is at minimum twenty or so years younger than herself.” she explained.


“Where do you learn this stuff?!” Iwabe asked.


Wasabi shrugged and answered simply, “It’s my hobby. But as far as Kaguya goes, she’s DEFINATELY a cougar, not a MILF.”


“Wasabi-san, you have a strange hobby…” Metal said.


“Some people collect stamps, some build models, some train to a ridiculous level, I study porn.” she told him as she moved toward the bar, “Do you think they restocked those sodas they had in here before?”


“Club soda’s should be in the mini-fridge at the far end of the bar from what I remember dattebayo.” said a voice that made Sarada’s eyes go wide. She turned and gasped sharply as she saw the Seventh Hokage walk in with Kurotsuchi. He waved at everyone with his synthetic hand as he looked around.


“L… Lord Seventh! This is a surprise, what brings you here?” Sarada yelled, her voice a little higher than she meant it to be. Her heart still pounds wildly in her chest with excitement every time she sees him, here he was, the personification of Ninja perfection, standing not ten feet from her. She would openly admit she was jealous that Boruto had such an amazing father. Her own father was completely absent for most of her life, and barely ever home even now. When she thought about it, she’d almost spent more time with him than she had with her own father during that time they went looking for him, the regular reports she made after finishing a mission with her team. And most recently, during her interview for her job at Busteez. Her heart pounded a little faster when she remembered how it felt to service the Hokage like a proper Busteez girl. She now knew where Boruto got his massive size from, he even beat out his father in the size department, though she’d never tell him, he’d be too smug about something like that.


“Kurotsuchi told me about your little project.” Naruto said, “I admit, I was more than a little surprised dattebayo, but I’ll give my blessing on it. Especially since the idea of making a movie with the Club girls has been an idea that’s floated across my desk more than a few times.”


“Really?” Wasabi asked, “How come you never made one then?”


“Funding issues mainly.” Naruto admitted, “The vast majority of the profits go to paying the girls. The rest goes to paying the bills and other operating costs, and being a Hokage means I couldn’t split up my time any further to manage such a huge project” The blonde then thought for a moment, “Also, the club isn’t as profitable as it used to be. If we made a movie, it would be a huge gamble. If the sales are low, it’d be a huge loss for the club.”


“I guess that makes sense.” said Sarada.


“So,” Naruto said as he moved over to one of the tables and took a seat. Kurotsuchi moved to sit next to him, “What’s the story idea?”


Mitsuki stepped in to explain, “A school where students study to be in the sex industry. We based it somewhat off of a graphic novel series.”


“What series?” Naruto asked.


“Wasabi-san, do you still have that copy I gave you the other day?” Kurotsuchi asked.


“Oh yeah, hang on a sec.” Wasabi said, moving to rummage through a backpack she had brought in with her. She pulled out a thin magazine and handed it to Kurotsuchi.


“I read most of the first rough drafts of the script and it reminded me of this series I saw in the store. So I bought a few issues and gave it to them to refine their movie with.” Kurotsuchi explained as she handed the comic to him.


“Busteez Slut University…” Naruto read aloud, “By Yama Nakasai. Jeez Sai, for being such a good artist, you’re not all that creative when it comes to a fake name to publish under.”


“Sai, wait, Inojin’s dad?!” Sarada said with a gasp. She had completely missed it.


“I worked with Sai for quite a while when I was younger, long enough to recognize his drawing style at a glance.” he explained.


“I already spoke with the publisher, so long as we put the artists name in the credits and cut in for 1% of sales they don’t mind us making a movie based on it.” Kurotsuchi said.


“Just 1%? that’s generous of him” Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.


“I played the Kage card.” she said with a grin.


“Ah,” Naruto said as he flipped through a few pages of the manga, “Some pretty steamy stuff.”


“Think it’ll do well?” Sarada asked nervously and sheepishly.


He gave her a smile, “Yeah, I do, and I gotta admit, I’m impressed with all of you, this is really ambitious.”


Sarada struggled to keep herself from grinning too widely, “Well, should we get started?”


“Please do.”


“Okay, we’re ready out here ladies!” Sarada called out. Then, knowing Boruto, she added, “Oh, and Lord Seventh is here, so do your best!” At the edge of her hearing she heard something getting knocked over from behind the curtain. She snickered to herself as she sat next to Naruto when the curtain fluttered as Hinata, Hanabi, and Kaguya came strolling out. Kaguya took the lead, strutting confidently, her huge tits bouncing and wide hips swaying with her every step.


“Always a pleasure, Milord Seventh.” she said, licking her naturally ruby red lips slowly as she came to the edge of the stage, holding her arms over her head and thrusting her tits out so that her uniform bikini top strained to contain them.


“Kaguya-san.” Naruto said with a nod.


Following close behind was Hanabi, a soft blush on her cheeks as she moved to stand next to Kaguya. Sarada couldn’t help but wonder how she could stand the way her bottoms dug into her pussy like they were. She’d tried that style once; it was nearly as painful as when she gave her virginity to Boruto, only the pain never ebbed. The dark haired girl did like the bashful facade that Hanabi was putting on, if she didn’t know better, Sarada would swear that she was nervous.


Bringing up the rear of the procession was Hinata, Sarada blinked, why was she so nervous? The older woman was practically shaking like a leaf as she hugged her huge tits together. Unlike Hanabi, Sarada didn’t think it was an act.


“H… Hello dear…” Hinata stammered slightly with a wave of her hand.


Naruto blew a whistle, “Looking good Hinata-chan!” he cheered, making the short haired woman blush even deeper.


The three women did a walk around on the stand, striking various sexy poses. Sarada rather liked it when Kaguya moved to lie on her side, showing off her smooth ass and the way her bottoms rode up between its cheeks.


Sitting at a nearby table, Wasabi blew a whistle directed at Hanabi, “Yeah Sensei!!!! Take it off!!!!”


Hanabi giggled and waved to Sumire and Wasabi before shedding her top and doing a little dance that made her heavy tits sway from side to side. Sarada couldn’t help but laugh as Metal Lee instantly got a heavy nosebleed and fell over, passed out. Denki and Iwabe blushed and moved their hands to their laps.


Next to Naruto, Kurotsuchi giggled, “Virgins.” she said.


Naruto chuckled with her, “Yeah, I remember those times.”


Hanabi finished teasing the boys and put her top back on before moving to the edge of the stage facing the table where Sarada sat with Kurotsuchi and the Hokage. Kurotuschi stood and gave a polite clap, “Looking great ladies, did you have enough time to look over the new scripts we provided?”


“Yep, no problemo!” said Hanabi, flashing a V with her fingers, “I really like where you’re going with it too, so steamy!”


“I admit, I rather enjoyed the plot as well Lady Kurotsuchi.” said Kaguya.


“I, I’ve got it down…” Hinata said.


“Okay, great, we don’t have a complete set made for this scene, but you can use your imaginations, please play out the house scene with the mother and her two daughters.” said Kurotsuchi, “Hinata, Hanabi, you’ll be the sisters, Kaguya, the mother.”


“Easy peasy!” Hanabi said with a grin.


“Alright…” said Hinata.


“Understood.” Kaguya said with a nod.


Sarada moved to sit back down and watched as the three of them moved into position. Kaguya made like she was cutting vegetables on a counter while Hanabi moved to the back of the stage. Hinata stood a few feet away from Kaguya, watching her with mild disinterest.


“I’m home!” Hanabi announced as she came running up the stage.


“Welcome home dear, did you get that test score back today?” Hinata asked.


“Lady Hinata, that was my line.” Kaguya whispered to the dark haired woman as she continued chopping invisible carrots. She then repeated the line again, “Welcome home dear, did you get that test score back today?”


Sarada blinked, Kaguya’s voice was completely different, higher, more like modern femininity, without all the old time inflections she normally used. It was kind of surreal to hear.


“Yeah, I got it…” Hanabi said, sounding more than a little dejected.


Setting her imaginary knife aside, Kaguya let out a long sigh, “Please tell me you at least passed.” she said in that same soprano voice while still sounding motherly.


“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” Hanabi shot back.


“It means I want you to get into a good college next year. The BSU only takes people with top grades AND good skills. I was fortunate to get married right out of high school and didn’t need to worry about a good Slut College.”


“Wow, Kaguya is really selling it!” Naruto whispered.


“No kidding, I had no idea…” Sarada agreed.


“Mom, there’s no need…” Hinata began.


“Yeah mom, a B is still passing; it’s not my fault that they use such long dildos for oral testing.” Hanabi said, “Even big sis only got a B in Oral!”


“That’s because she prefers women!” Hinata said.


Sarada winced as Hinata recited Kaguya’s line again. The dark haired woman covered her mouth and Kaguya continued without repeating the line, “You had top grades last semester in both Bedroom and Threesome courses. You’ve been getting lazy in your sexual studies and it makes your mother worry.”


“Mother please, c…calm down.” Hinata, now more nervous from all her blunders, said, reciting the correct line finally.


“No,” Kaguya said, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy you found a woman you love and will be married next month, but I want your sister to get into the Busteez Slut University, they have the highest direct hire rate after graduation, and nearly all of their female graduates are married with children a year after that.”


“Oh, so that’s what it’s about, you want grandchildren.” Hanabi said, crossing her arms.


“Well of course I do!” Kaguya said, then let out a heavy sigh, “We’re out of Miso, I’ll go to the store and get some.” she said as she walked down the stage, passed Hanabi and into the backstage area, leaving the scene.



Stepping down from the stage, Kaguya let out a soft sigh, her part in the scene they picked was finished. From what she read in the script, her role did have bigger parts to play later on though. She continued on towards the dressing room and blinked her opal eyes when she spotted Young Lord Boruto gritting his teeth as he watched from the shadows.


“Young Lord?” she asked, then cleared her throat as her voice was still annoyingly high pitched, “Ahem, Young Lord Boruto, is everything alright?” she asked.


“Grrr, what’s HE doing here?! is he planning to shut everything down!? I wouldn’t put it pass him…” Boruto muttered.


Kaguya frowned; earlier Hanabi had to calm Boruto down when they overheard Sarada greeting the Hokage. The method she chose was to kiss the youth rather passionately. For a moment she thought he might pass out from how hard Hanabi has kissed him. But it was enough, the action had left him so stunned that they went out and began the audition. Honestly she didn’t understand the odd schism between the father and son, but she wanted things to continue going smoothly for now.


Moving to stand next to him, Kaguya smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder, pulling him away from the curtain and hugging his head between her enormous tits. “Truly Young Lord, you shouldn’t let it bother you that your father is here. You heard him, Lady Kurotsuchi spoke of this endeavor and he came to see things for himself. And from what I’ve heard, he approves of everything.”


“Yeah, I know I just…” Boruto began, but Kaguya cut him off by leaning down and pressing her lips against his. He stiffened in surprise, but she smiled to herself as she felt him relaxing slightly. In her time at Busteez, Kaguya learned quite well how to help make a man relax when he was stressed and angry for no apparent reason.


“Here,” she said in a husky tone, “Let me help you relax…” she told him as she pushed him farther into the dressing room, away from the stairs leading onto the stage. Pushing Boruto onto an old couch that sat behind the vanities where all the girls applied their make-up, she knelt in front of him, making sure that her tits rested on his lap.


“I should go out there and tell him to stay out of this!” he growled


Kaguya responded by undoing her top, letting her tits spill out over his lap, pinning him to the couch. “No Young Lord,” she said with a smile, “Let the Lady Hinata and her sister finish their audition first.” she told him as she pressed her breasts against his lap a bit more, letting him feel their full weight against his body. She smiled when she felt his cock shifting under his pants.


“I can’t believe he comes here, uninvited, he’s always so busy as the Hokage he never has time for his family, and yet he has the time to come here and mess with MY project!” Boruto hissed.


Slipping her hands under her tits, Kaguya nimbly worked her fingers, undoing his pants and pulling his cock free. The huge length rose up neatly between her tits, it’s scent made her feel hot as she ran her tongue long the shaft.


“Yes Young Lord,” she agreed before opening her mouth wide and taking the tip between her lips.


“He’s just so inconsiderate!” Boruto yelled as he grabbed her horns and shoved his length into her mouth. Kaguya felt her throat bulging as her eyes rolled back and her bikini bottoms were instantly soaked! She never did tell anyone just how sensitive her horns were as Boruto gripped them tightly, pumping her face up and down on his pole.


“AGUUGH!!! GUUHH!! GUUHH!!! GUUUHHHH!!! GUUUH!!” she gagged hard, tears running down her face, moaning as she felt her own juices running down her thighs, ropes of saliva hung from her lips as she gripped the cushions of the couch tightly.


“Why can’t he free up time for us!?” Boruto groaned, moving to stand now, still gripping her horns tightly. Kaguya felt her tits slide from his lap and bounce against her own thighs as she knelt helplessly in front of Boruto.


“I’ve lost count of the birthdays he’s missed, all because his stupid job comes before his family!” he told her, shoving his cock all the way down her throat repeatedly, Kaguya could feel his heavy balls smacking against her face and chest with every thrust as she reached a hand down and gripped her bikini bottoms. With a quick tug, she ripped them open at the crotch and pushed three fingers inside herself as she moaned around his dick.


“MMMMMPPHHH!!! GUH!!! GUH!!! GUUUUUPHHH!!!” Kaguya moaned as Boruto face fucked her, her moans turning to a gurgle as Boruto came in her throat and stomach suddenly. But she knew this wouldn’t be the end as she pushed him away just enough to pull his cock free.


“More!” she gasped for air as she pushed him back onto the couch, climbing up and impaling herself on his cock. His thickness filled her like no man who came to the club could. The white haired goddess allowed herself a single second to savor that feeling before she looked down at Boruto, “Give me more!” she told him with an animalistic lust, her eyes looking more intense with the smeared makeup running down her face due to the tears. Pulling his hands to her tits, she licked her lips as Boruto squeezed them tightly. She then gasped as Boruto suddenly stood, forcing her to wrap her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist for support. His head sank deep into her cleavage as he let go of her tits and grabbed her ass, his hands sinking deep into the pliant flesh as he held her upright and began bouncing her up and down.


“YEEESSSSS!!! POUR ALL OF YOUR ANGER INTO ME YOUNG LORD!!! I WANT ALL OF IT!” she moaned as her weight forced Boruto to take a couple steps forward, crashing her back into one of the vanities, sending lipstick tubes and bottles of nail polish scattering everywhere.


“I… Hate… How… He… Just… Ignores… Me!!!!” Boruto grunted, pounding his length into her pussy with every word. The Vanity behind them thumped loudly ad her body rocked against it again and again. Some of the cosmetic bottles bit into her skin, but she didn’t care as she felt herself cumming repeatedly.


“YES…. LOOOOOORD BORUTO!!!” she moaned at length, her legs still around his waist as he lifted her again and smashed her against the lockers with a metallic bang. The impact loosened her grip enough for him to pull away and duck under one thigh as he rolled her over; the feeling of his cock spinning inside her was dizzying as he pushed her down on her knees and up against the lockers, his hands gripping her hips.


“He’s just,” he began, thrusting into her from behind, “A stupid,” he thrusted again, “Old man!!!” he yelled as he began pounding into her harder, the cold metal of the locker door warping slightly as her tits pressed against it. Kaguya could only moan as she felt herself losing control of everything. Her hips and legs felt numb as Boruto slamming into her harder and harder, voicing all his anger at his father. She could only follow some of it as she lost herself in a sea of pleasure, her pussy gushing over and over as she felt herself shaking with one orgasm after another.


“YEESSSS… FUCK… HARDER…” she moaned, barely about to form her words properly as she panted her face pressing against the cold metal of one locker door. Drool ran down her chin as she panted for every breath.


“Stupid, stupid, stupid old maaan!!!!” Boruto groaned as he slammed his cock all the way into Kaguya, she felt her abdomen stretching from his length as he began cumming deep inside her. Thick liquid warmth filled her insides as she slapped one hand against another locker door.


After several moments, she felt him pulling out as she slid to the floor, her ass still in the air. She could feel his cum seeping out of her gaping pussy as her entire body shook. She could barely think as her Byakugan eyes showed her Boruto falling back and into one of the stools in front of the make-up mirrors. He panted for breath as his erection slowly abated.


Kaguya let out a low groan as she began to gradually recover herself. Her pussy ached, but in a good way as she managed to pick herself up. Outside, she could hear the sisters moaning as they continued their audition. Thanks to her Byakugan, she could see everything going on outside, Sarada seemed distracted, but she figured that might give her enough time to clean herself up before the Audition ended.


She looked back to Boruto and gave a weak smile, “Feeling better, Young lord?” she asked, trying to keep herself upright even as her knees still shook.


Boruto nodded as he collected himself as well, “I do, thanks Kaguya-mama.”




“Hmmph, as IF I’m gonna start popping out grandchildren on command.” Hanabi said, crossing her arms For a moment before walking over to Hinata, “Hey, are you okay big sis?” she asked.


“Yeah, I’m, I’m fine, I just…”


“Hey, hey, hey… It’s okay, mom’s just being mom.” she said in a soothing voice, then smiled, “Hey, why don’t you help me with my cunnilingus studies?” she asked with a cheeky grin.


Hinata smiled back at her little sister and leaned her head down slightly as Hanabi stood on her tiptoes to press her lips against the older womans. Both of them moaned softly as their tongues mingled in one another’s mouths. Hinata reached her hands down to grip Hanabi’s round ass gently, then more firmly, her fingers sinking into the creamy smooth flesh.


Sarada had picked this scene for them specifically since they were sisters and had worked together many times. She’d thought it would help them act it out better, but she didn’t count on Hinata being so nervous with her husband watching.


Up on stage, Hanabi moaned into Hinata’s mouth as she moved her hands down to undo Hinata’s top, letting her huge tits spill free. She gripped both of them; squeezing them roughly and making her nipples tighten.


“Mmmmh, sis…” Hanabi moaned into her sister’s mouth, “You tashte sho nice…” she slurred as Hinata sucked lightly on her tongue.


Hinata’s giggle sounded more than a little fake as she moved her hands up to undo Hanabi’s top as well, letting the black bit of fabric fall to the floor as the two of them pressed their tits together and deepened their kiss for a long moment, making a show of their tongue sliding against one another’s. Hanabi then broke the kiss and licked her way down to her sister’s nipple, wrapping her pink lips around it and sucking roughly, making her older sister moan even louder.


“Ohhhaaa…” Hinata moaned, leaning back against the dance pole as Hanabi kissed her way down her body slowly, grabbing the dental floss that was her bikini bottoms and tugging it down.


“Wow, Hanabi’s really into this…” Naruto muttered as she shifted in his seat slightly, scooting away from the table a ways. Sarada nodded and turned to look at him, gulping at the sight of the throbbing lump running down his pant leg.


“Lord Seventh, that can’t be comfortable.” Sarada said with a sly grin, “May I offer my assistance?”


“Really taking to your new job here huh?” Kurotsuchi asked from her seat.


Sarada grinned a bit wider as she ran her hand up and down the swell in Naruto’s pant leg. Since he didn’t protest, Sarada took that as her cue and deftly slipped her hand under the waistband of his pants. She then gripped the base of his cock and pulled it up and out, careful not to let the tip impact the bottom of the table. Sarada was thankful the Hokage wore such loose clothes today; this would have been a lot harder if he were wearing something like denim.


Kurotsuchi watched her from the corner of her eye for a moment before resuming to watch the show on stage. “Anyone else hear something thumping?” she asked offhand. Sarada didn’t hear anything as she watched out of the corner of her eye as Hanabi laid her sister down on her back before dipping her head between her legs. Hinata’s moan covered Naruto’s groan as her hand moved up and down his length. She chewed her lower lip as she felt his cock throbbing in her hand and squeezed her thighs together as she felt herself getting turned on as she moved her hand a little faster.


“So, how am I doing Lord Seventh?” Sarada asked, making her voice sound a little huskier as she continued sliding her delicate hand up and down.


“Uhhh, you’re really gonna do well here dattebayo…” Naruto groaned.


Across from Sarada, Kurotsuchi only grinned as she passively watched while she paid more attention to the show on stage. Feeling emboldened, Sarada licked her lips before she leaned over and opened her mouth wide.


“Sarada-chan, wait, I’m…” Naruto began, trying to slow her but she moved her head even faster before he could stop her.


“Mmmmmph…” she moaned softly as she took the top few inches of his length into her mouth. Naruto wasn’t quite as thick as Boruto, but it still made her jaw ache slightly as she slowly bobbed her head up and down, working to take his length deeper with every down stroke. Every time she raised her head up high enough, she caught a glimpse of the sisters on stage, watching as they moved into a scissoring position, pressing their pussies together and grinding against one another passionately.


On one upstroke, her eyes locked with Hinata’s and she felt a brief moments panic until she triggered her Sharingan and saw that the older woman was, smiling…? Sarada remembered her mother once told her that Hinata was a serious pervert deep down under all that shy exterior she put on. That she often would set Naruto up with other women on a number of occasions. The way Hinata smiled at her now confirmed that and explained a lot as Sarada looked away and began bobbing her head faster. She felt Naruto shudder under her skilled motions and gagged slightly as she felt a hand rest on the back of her head, pushing her down all the way.


Sarada then felt Naruto cumming down her throat and into her stomach; she didn’t even have to swallow as she felt thick liquid warmth filling her belly. She then slowly lifted her head clear, letting out a soft cough as she sat up and reached over to the center of the table and pulled a napkin from the dispenser and quickly cleaned her mouth. Naruto meanwhile pushed his slowly softening cock back into his pants.


Kurotsuchi waited until both of them were presentable before she stood, “That’s enough ladies, I think we’ve seen everything we needed.”


“That was fun to watch, I really think this will be a great movie.” said Naruto, “Whose idea was all this anyway?” he asked, looking over to the table where the other genin sat.


“Mine.” said Boruto as he emerged from the curtain that led back into the dressing room. Kaguya walked out behind him, once again dressed in her regular kimono, and bowed respectfully towards Naruto.


“Boruto!” Naruto exclaimed, standing up so fast he knocked his chair over backwards. Sarada was glad he’d gotten everything resituated before Boruto decided to reveal himself. Why did he stay quiet so long? Normally when it came to his father Boruto was like throwing oil on a fire. Sarada triggered her Sharingan again and took a closer look, smirking to herself when she noted his clothes were more ruffled than before and he had traces of Hanabi’s lipstick on his neck. ‘Ahhh, well, that explains why they dragged him to the back with them earlier.’ she thought, ‘Might also explain why Hinata was screwing up her lines so badly, getting all flustered watching her sister and likely Kaguya messing around with her son. Unless she was in on the party as well…’ though Sarada doubted that.


“Yup!” Boruto said proudly, “I’m the one who brought everyone together to pull this off. We’ve got everything we need now, and it’s gonna be amazing! How do you like that old man, I managed to pull off something you couldn’t!”


Sarada turned to Naruto and was surprised to see him smiling wryly, “Okay, I admit, I’m impressed you put all this together. Though I’m curious as to who introduced you to the Busteez Club?”


“Ummm, that would be me…” Hanabi said quietly, raising her hand.


“Hanabi…?” Naruto asked.


“Think of it as repayment for when you helped me get ready for my full-time work here.” Hanabi said with a wink and a grin.


“You did say you wanted to bring him to the club as a celebration when he reached Chunin.” Hinata spoke up.


“Hinata! Arrgh, that was supposed to be a surprise!” Naruto grumbled.


The smug look on Boruto’s face was replaced by one of surprise, “Huh, really?”


Kurotsuchi quickly stepped in “Well now, if everyone is done, we have a lot to discuss for the final castings.” she said, clapping her hands together and smiling at everyone.


“I suppose you’re right Tsuchikage-sama,” Naruto agreed, then looked back to Boruto, “Boruto, if you really want to impress me, make a movie that beats a nights club profits in its first week.”


“Heh, you’re forgetting I’m starring in it,” Kurotsuchi said, “It’ll easily beat that on the first day!”


Naruto chuckled and bid farewell to his wife before looking to Sarada, “I’m sorry, I tried to warn you.” he said before forming a seal with his hands and vanishing with an audible ‘pop’ and a puff of white smoke.


Sarada blinked in confusion, then suddenly she felt a sudden pressure in her stomach, “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPP!!!!!!” She belched loudly, a cloud of white smoke rushing out her mouth. She clasped both her hands over her mouth and felt her cheeks getting hot. Everyone turned to look at her wide-eyed while Hinata, Hanabi, and Kaguya all laughed knowingly.


Taking a few moments to collect herself, Sarada coughed into her hand and spoke up, “Well, if you’re done having a laugh at my expense, we’ve all got a lot to talk about.”


“Um, Sarada, what happened…?” Sumire asked.


“Yeah, you belched white smoke.” Wasabi said with a confused look.


“Must’ve been something she ate.” Hanabi said with an impish grin.


“Mmmhmm, she’s gonna be a great Busteez Girl someday.” Hinata said with an approving nod. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to pick Himawari up from my father’s house.”


“Hehe, she probably won’t wanna leave, you know how much pop dotes on her.” Hanabi said as she followed her sister backstage.


“I just hope he didn’t let her eat ice-cream for lunch again…” Hinata said, her voice trailing off after she vanished behind the curtain.


“I shall take my leave as well,” said Kaguya, “Lady Sarada, Lord Boruto, I bid you good day.” she said with a bow towards both of them before leaving out the front. Sarada raised an eyebrow when she saw the pale skinned woman walking rather awkwardly, as if she were bow legged… Narrowing her eyes, she turned back and took another look at Boruto’s somewhat ragged appearance, then sighed to herself as she surmised what had went on backstage. That explained why he didn’t come rushing out and making a scene. Still, good to know that’s all it took to cool his hot head, she’d have to remember that.


“Hey!” Kurotsuchi called after her, but she was already gone, “Well that was rude, she should at least pay some respect to the Tsuchikage!” she muttered with a grumpy expression.


The nine of them moved to one of the larger booths along the wall of the club. Sarada watched as Denki and Sumire spread out a collection of invoices and receipts for the project thus far. The group spent a few minutes going over some of the final details of the sets and props before Boruto set down a clipboard with a list of names.


“Okay, here are the roles we’ve already settled on,” he began, “Sumire and Wasabi are the two regular female students, have we settled on any character names?”


“Sumi,” Sumire said, “It’s simple, and I can respond to it without messing up any lines.”


“Abi,” Wasabi offered, “Same reason.”


Sarada saw Boruto jot some notes on the clipboard, “Kurotsuchi-sama, I have you down as the Sex Ed teacher, she’s never actually named as everyone just calls her sensei.” Kurotsuchi nodded and Boruto continued, “Sarada is the senior student, Kirei I think was the name we settled on.”


“Yup, that’s right.” Sarada said with a smile, the name of her character translated to ‘pretty’, though the idea was actually Cho-cho’s when she let it slip she was looking for female character names.


“Iwabe and Metal, your characters are just regular male students, and won’t be named specifically.” Boruto explained, “That just leaves the School Nurse, the Sex Ed Teacher, the Language Teacher, Biology Teacher, Principal, Vice-Principal, Head of the Discipline Committee, and so on.”


“Well, then,” Kurotsuchi said, “Let’s go over what we thought of everyone’s auditi–”


Before the Tsuchikage could finish her sentence, a slender kunoichi with dark unruly hair rushes onto the stage covered in sweat “Am I…. Am I late??? I know it’s the last day but.. Can I… Can I still audition??” She said while catching her breath.


Four hours later, the final decisions were made, and Sarada taped the paper with the list of selections up on the dressing room wall.



Movie Casting

Male Student (Lead): Iwabe Yuino
Male Student: Metal Lee
Female Student (Lead): Sarada Uchiha
Female Student: Sumire Kakei
Female Student: Wasabi Izuno

Principal: Temari Nara
Vice Principal: Anko Mitarashi
School Counselor: Mirai Sarutobi
School Nurse: Sakura Uchiha
Sex Ed. Teacher: Kurotsuchi
Language Teacher: Kaguya Otsutsuki
Biology Teacher: Tsunade
P.E. Teacher: Hanabi Hyuga
Disciplinarian: Mei Terumi



She added a hand written note to the bottom; ‘Thanks to everyone who auditioned, I wish we had enough roles for everyone! Shooting begins one week from today.



(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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