Busteez the Movie Arc: Day 0

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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At first, the image on the screen was a static-y mess with only the red little dot indicating that the recording was active. “Okay, okay, I think I got it!” Denki told everyone as the image cleared. The boy smiled at the fact that the equipment was working smoothly, as he panned the camera across the entire school gym, that was filled almost entirely with filming equipment. The place definitely looked like a studio for a fancy movie production!


“Woooo!” Hanabi cheered as she hung her arms around Boruto, holding him close while he struggled to get away like a nervous puppy. The brown haired Hyuga was dressed in a sexier version of the usual yukata she wore, with the top much more open, exposing her shoulders and A LOT of her cleavage! Boruto looked almost uncomfortable as she hugged his head into that pillowy soft valley, almost. To their right stood Sumire, hands clasped together in front of her as she tried not to look directly into the camera, a soft blush spreading over her face. She was dressed in her school uniform even though no one here had attended school in some time. Denki figured she just enjoyed the style of clothes. To their left was Kaguya, dressed in her usual white flowing Kimono. Like Hanabi, she wore it with her shoulders and cleavage exposed as she leaned in close to the young blonde. Her expression reminded Denki of a cat cornering a mouse in a back alley, just about to pounce on its prey.


“About time.” said Sarada as she sat off to one side of the room with her mother Sakura and friend Wasabi. The dark haired girl wore a new outfit somewhat modeled after what she used to wear. Only now her natural tits were no longer being confined and her midriff was bare. Her shorts were now a pair of low riders that Denki knew was to show off the Uchiha Clan symbol now tattooed just above the crack of her shapely ass!


Her mother was dressed in a simple outfit of a red top with a pair of tightly fitting low-rider blue jeans. Wasabi wore her usual ninja clothes, though they were a little dirty. But that wasn’t surprising since her team had only gotten back from their last mission that morning. She hadn’t had a chance to change at all as she came to help Denki set up for this little party directly after delivering her report to the Hokage.


“Agreed.” said Kurotsuchi as she came into view and claimed an empty seat for herself, cup of hot tea in hand. “This had best not be a regular problem when we get started on the full filming. I will not be doing hundreds of takes of the same scene, even YOU can’t afford that.” The Tsuchikage was dressed in her regular Cheongsam dress with the one long sleeve. She sat with her long slender legs crossed in front of her as she sipped her tea and gave the camera a smile.


Sakura giggled, “Look who’s the diva all of a sudden.”


Kurotsuchi laughed and playfully stuck her tongue out at the pink haired woman as Denki moved around the room. The video image was as clear as his own eye, the only thing to give away that he was looking through a camera lens was the red dot with REC flashing next to it superimposed on his vision.


“Well, it’s the first full cast gathering before we start filming.” Denki said into a tiny microphone clipped to the collar of his shirt. “I wanted to get a bit of raw footage to maybe add to the DVD if everything goes well.”


“Oh, like those extra features thing on some movies?” asked Hinata Uzumaki as she came into view. Dressed in a pair of tan cargo shorts and a white top over which she wore a purple jacket, the dark haired woman was truly rocking the MILF look. She stood by the large buffet table to one side of the room next to A, the former Raikage. The latter was currently chowing down on a large steak hamburger while the Mrs. Hokage filled a plate with some of the steamed vegetables and a small grilled fish. Things between the two were nearly a complete 180 from what Denki had seen on the footage from before.


A was almost respectful to Hinata, though the two had only exchanged a friendly hello when they met earlier. The former Raikage wore his usual dusty yellow robes and a pair of geta shoes that clacked loudly on the concrete floor of the school studio room they were using to have this party inside.


“Yeah,” said Denki, “Just like that. Show the viewer’s how everyone gets along when the film cameras aren’t rolling, stuff like that.”


“How fun!” Hinata said as she speared a small carrot with a plastic fork and brought it up to her lips where she then proceeded to lick the tip suggestively while looking at the camera. The dark haired MILF swirled her tongue around the little orange carrot before opening her mouth wide and taking the entire thing into her mouth with a soft noise.


“I’ll say,” said Tsunade as she walked over to the buffet, “I rather enjoy those extras they put in, will you be saving those… What are they called, the bad takes where everyone ends up laughing and goofing off?” The former Hokage was dressed in a white and gold version of her regular clothes.


“Oh, you mean Blooper reels!” Wasabi spoke up.


“Yeah those, they’re hilarious!” Tsunade said with a smile.


Farther to the right of the buffet, Temari, Mei, and Anko all sat together chatting and enjoying various dishes from the table. Anko was eating the dango while Temari had something that looked rather spicy. Mei was eating one of the small pudding plates as she laughed at something Anko said. Temari wore a white top and dark blue jeans worn low enough to show off the black thong she had on underneath while the other women were dressed in the white studio robes Denki had gotten for the ladies to wear between takes. They had only arrived this morning and Temari, Mei, and Anko were all so enthralled by the Sunagakure cotton that they wanted to try them on right away.


A small crash to Denki’s left made him turn the camera in that direction in time to see Iwabe lifting himself off of the floor with a bashful expression. “Hey, you okay kid?” asked Mirai Sarutobi as she moved away from the table to help him up. Denki was surprised by how pretty Mirai looked in regular clothes. He had only ever seen the Chunin girl in her combat gear, but now she was dressed in a formfitting one piece dress colored a deep rich red color. It went well with her red eyes and short dark hair.


“I’m fine, just my pride hurts…” Iwabe groaned as he got up with Mirai’s aide, his hands quickly moving to cover the tent in his shorts when the girl’s impressive bust pressed into his shoulders.


Denki tried not to smile at how Iwabe blushed when Mirai chuckled at his erection, poorly hidden by the cargo pants the youth had on. She then leaned in and whispered to him, “Looking forward to working with you.” she said, then blow a soft breath into his ear. Which only made him stumble again, his blush deepening.


The sound of metal on glass drew Denki’s and everyone else’s attention over to Mitsuki who stood in front of where they had placed much of the lighting equipment. The Albino youth was nearly invisible against the white reflective screen he stood in front of, only his clothes and yellow eyes visible.


“Thank you for coming everyone, I thought it be best for everyone to be acquainted with one another before we began filming.” he said.


“Ho… Hold on,” said Temari, “You mind taking two steps to your right, the way you blend in to the screen is a little distracting.”


“Oh, my apologies.” Mitsuki said, moving to his right and becoming much more visible.


“Thanks.” Temari said.


Mitsuki only nodded, “As you know, we will begin filming the day after tomorrow, everything has been scheduled with the school and the Hokage has granted us all the permits we will need for scenes done off the campus.”


Everyone offered a brief applause for a moment before Mitsuki continued, “I trust everyone has reviewed the script?” he asked, everyone around the room nodded, “Very good, as some of you know, Metal Lee has already withdrawn from the actual filming.”


“Performance anxiety.” quipped Sarada.


“Hehe, something you never have trouble with…” said a proud Sakura with a nudge to Sarada’s left tit. This caused the girl to blush.


“Indeed,” Mitsuki nodded, “So as per earlier arrangements, Boruto will be taking over his role. I trust no one has any objections?”


No one said anything as Mitsuki scanned the room. “Very good, if anyone has any questions, complaints, and or suggestions, please voice them now.”


The sound of a metal chair scraping across a concrete floor drew everyone’s attention as Sakura stood, “Well, I just wanna point out something I’m sure everyone has already noticed,” she said before gesturing to her daughter, “My daughter Sarada’s breasts are obviously far larger than previously seen in public.”


“MOM!!!!” Sarada yelled, moving one arm to hug her huge tits against herself.


“I just wanted to say that’s not the expansion jutsu the Akimichi’s shared; it’s all her natural size. I’m the one that had her hide them with a special sealing jutsu written into the bindings she normally wore. Though now with her officially working in the club I won’t be forcing her to use them anymore.”


“MOM!!! THAT’S ENOUGH!!!!” Sarada screamed, her face as red as her top, she then moved over to the buffet table and grabbed one of the bottles of water, downing nearly the entire thing in one go.


Everyone laughed as Denki panned the camera around. He stopped on Hanabi again as she and Boruto moved over to the buffet. The dark haired young woman filled a bowl with some marinated potatoes, and a plate with a grilled fish and green beans.


“Here you go Boruto, say ahhhhh…!” Hanabi said as she held up a bite of potatoes for him.


“Onee-chan…” Boruto said, his cheeks flushing pink. Hanabi giggled and continued holding up the bite for him as she leaned herself against his back, her breasts spilling out over his shoulders, exposing her bright pink nipples that quickly hardened in the cool air.


“Oops!” Hanabi said, grinning in a way that left no doubt she’d done that on purpose.


“If the potatoes aren’t to your liking Lord Boruto, try this…” Kaguya said, holding up a spoonful of the ice-cream she’d scoops from a small bowl.


“Kaguya-mama…” Boruto said nervously as the two bites of food ere held up to his face.


“How does it go? Say ahhh…?” Kaguya prompted with a smile on her ruby lips. Denki then zoomed in on the annoyed expression on Hanabi’s face as she tried to stare Kaguya down.


“Hey,” said Wasabi, and Denki moved the camera over to her just as she spoke again, “I’m looking over the script and why does Kurotsuchi have so many scenes?”


“Because I’m the main draw for the film! So obviously I need to be in the most scenes. But don’t worry, I don’t mind working with girls either.” said the dark haired Tsuchikage with a confident smirk.


“Neither do I, but counting my scene with you I’m only on screen twice really, I was hoping to work with Boruto too!” said Wasabi, looking disappointed.


“Oh?” Kurotsuchi asked, “Well, I’m sure we can make some arrangements along those lines. We might need one or two transitional scenes here and there. What do you think Mitsuki?” Kurotsuchi asked the albino.


“Easily arranged, there are a couple of half-finished scenes detailed on the pink pages of the script, if you have ideas on how to fill them in, please let me know.” he said. Denki panned back to Wasabi as she rapidly flipped through her copy of the script and began reading intently.




“Lady Hinata, that is most unfair!”


Hearing the voices of Kaguya and Hanabi again, Denki looked back to see Boruto sitting slightly uncomfortably in Hinata’s lap, a hamburger in his hand as he chewed on a bite he’d just taken. “A mother knows what her son likes.” Hinata said with a mildly smug expression towards the two, her arms around his waist as she hugged him close. Denki chuckled and made sure to do a close-up of both Kaguya and Hanabi, both women were glaring daggers at Hinata while smiling back at them with just a hint of smugness.


The dark haired youth then moved over to Mirai as she stood with Iwabe. The two were looking over a section of the script as he approached, “What’s a butterfly position?” Iwabe asked.


“That’s when the man holds up the girl from behind by her legs, holding them spread open in front of them.” explained Temari as she came over, “I’ve done it before, and it’s fun.”


“Temari Obaasan,” Mirai said with a smile.


“Just Temari please.” Temari said with a visible wince. “How’ve you been Mirai-chan? I haven’t seen you around the Nara Clan compound since you made Chunin. Shikadai misses you.”


“Busy, Nanadaime-sama has had me doing a lot of missions until now.”


Temari nodded, “I heard.” she said as she eyed the dark haired girls figure up and down.


Mirai didn’t miss the way Temari looked at her and blushed softly, “Wh… What is it?” she asked.


“Nothing, was hard to tell when I saw you in your combat gear, but I see someone got a visit from the titty fairy!” Temari said, reaching out to grab the other girls left tit in her right hand, “Mmmmh, very nice, good weight and softness.”


“EEK!!” Mirai squeaked like a mouse as Temari grabbed both breasts and hefted them in her hands, flicking her thumbs over her nipples just beneath the red fabric. “O… Obaasan!!!”


“Just call me Temari!” Temari snapped as she pinched Mirai’s nipples in protest.


Denki grinned, filming the two of them for another moment before following Iwabe over to Sumire who had moved over to the buffet where she picked out one of the hamburgers from the pile of them at one end. The purple haired girl wasn’t watching where she was going and bumped into A as she moved towards the side dishes. The tall blonde haired man turned to look at her with his usual half angry, half stoic expression.


“Hmmmm!?” he growled wordlessly.


“Ooh, AHH! wah wah, ex… excuse me Raikage-sama…!” she stammered nervously.


A’s expression softened to just stoic, “Don’t worry about it.” A said as he loaded up another plate with roast beef.


“Wow, you sure are eating a lot of the red meat A-sama, is that the secret?” Iwabe asked.


“Hmmm, what secret?” A asked around a mouthful of food.


“Um, you know…” Sumire said as she held out her arms as wide as she could. “We watched some of the video of your session with Lady Hinata.”


“Oh that! Well, partly, the added protein helps yes, but his is the main cause.” said A as he reached a hand into his pocket and pulled out a small white bottle that rattled quietly when he shook it. “Once the tests are finished, we think this will dominate the market for male enhancement.”


He then put the bottle back into his pocket, “I’d offer some to you boy, but I gave my word that I wouldn’t share it until the final results were in.”


Iwabe blushed, “Oh, no, that’s okay… I don’t need it.”


“Hmmph, confident, that’s good, it’ll get you far in life.” he said to the youth before looking back to Sumire who flinched under his gaze, “You’re that Juicebox girl from before, you another one of the poptart’s friends?”


“Juicebox…” Sumire echoed, then tilted her head in confusion, “Poptart?” she asked aloud.


A jerked his thumb over to where Sakura, Sarada, and Wasabi sat chatting with one another. “The little Uchiha girl, daughter of the man who gave me this!” A said holding up his artificial hand.


“Oh, Sarada?” Sumire asked, “Yes, she’s a good friend of mine.”


“A skilled girl that one. She was able to get most of me in her mouth. Very impressive.” A said before turning back to his meal. Iwabe and Sumire then went back to getting their own plates before walking off. Denki followed for a few steps but veered away when Tsunade and Wasabi came into view again.


“So Wasabi, what’s with the tail accessory?” the busty blonde asked directly.


“Hmm?” Wasabi blinked her olive green eyes, “Oh this?” she asked, grabbing the fake tail she always wore. “It’s actually to help with my family technique. It’s easier for me to take on the cat-like traits if my clothes match the form my chakra takes on.”


“Ahh, I see. But then, how do you make it move like that when you aren’t fighting?” Tsunade asked.


“Oh, same thing, my chakra is moving it; it’s a part of my training. A habit I never really stopped doing.” she explained.


“Oh so that’s how it’s moving,” said Mei as she joined their conversation, “I honestly thought it was just motorized or something.” said the auburn haired woman as she refreshed Tsunade’s cup with more sake. Both women were already looking a little flushed as they tapped their sipping cups together in a wordless toast before drinking again.


“Oh yeah, I almost forgot,” said Tsunade before speaking up so everyone could hear, “What’s all this I heard about you having some gigantic dick A?”


“Yeah,” said Sarada from where she stood now with her mother and Hinata. “I honestly wanna know who’s bigger now, you or Boruto!” Denki panned over to the dark haired girl, and saw her cheeks were as red as Tsunade’s. ‘When did she get any booze?‘ he thought to himself as Sarada took a stumbling step over to Mitsuki and draped her arm around his shoulder, “Tentacle dick here says Boruto’s bigger, and I wanna know! Hic!”


“He is.” Mitsuki said nonchalantly and Denki heard Boruto groaning off to the side as he zoomed the camera in on Sarada’s pinkened cheeks.


“Heh, someone’s had a little much.” joked Tsunade.


“Little much of what…?” Sarada asked, “I just drank some of the water there.” she said, pointing over to the buffet here several bottles of sake were lined up right next to the water bottles.


“Oh crap!” said Sakura, lifting up one empty bottle where the label had fallen off. Without that, it was nearly identical to the plastic water bottles in appearance.


“Sho what, I pheel perphectly phine!” Sarada slurred as she hung off Mitsuki now, “Sho come on, whip ’em out already!” she demanded.


Hanabi giggled, “Oh, you’re fun drunk! That’s good to know!”


“Alcohol aside, I kinda wanna know myself.” said Wasabi with a smile.


Boruto and A glanced at one another, “Whatever,” Boruto said from where he sat in Hinata’s lap.


A nodded, “Agreed, not like they won’t be seeing it sooner or later anyway.” he said as he pulled out the bottle and tapped a single pill into his hand. He then popped it into his mouth and crunched it loudly. The two of them then moved over to there the lighting equipment had been gathered. Denki moved into a position where he could fit the two of them into frame as A began stripping down.


“Woooo, yeah, take it off!!!!” cheered Wasabi as Sakura put her fingers in her mouth and blew a long whistle.


“Well, this is a fun change of pace.” said Hanabi, “Men stripping for us!”


“There’s Ladies Night.” said Mei.


“Ladies Night?” echoed Kurotsuchi.


“Betting on cocks through a glory hole is worlds apart from a full show. Right nee-chan?” Hanabi said as Denki panned the camera over to see Hinata beginning to red as her little sister gently elbowed her ribs, “I’m just teasing.” she told her while sticking her tongue out at the older woman.


Another whistle from Sakura drew Denki’s aim back to A just as his pants dropped. “Ahhh wah wah!!! So BIIIIG!!!!!” stammered Sumire as A’s cock quickly swelled to full erection. The huge length nearly touching the ground as it struggled to stand out straight under its own weight.


“Heh… it’s almost as big as you, juicebox!” A said with a grin, causing the timid purple hair girl to back away and hide behind Wasabi.


“HOLY FUCK!!!” Anko said while licking her lips with hunger


“What a meaty mouthful… It’s even bigger in person.” Kurotsuchi said while sitting on her chair with her arms and legs crossed.


“Oh my! that’s something you don’t see everyday!” said Kaguya with visible shock.


“WOW!!! just… Wow…” said Mirai as she held a hand over her heart.


Standing next to A, Boruto crossed his arms, “Heh, not bad, but I still got you beat old man!”


“WHAT!?” A and several of the gathered women all said at once.


“Impossible, there’s no way.” Raikage said, “A dick this big is unmatched.”


In response, the young blonde took off his own clothes, dropping his pants and grunting lightly as he seemed to will his own dick into a hard-on. Denki zoomed in on both of them, though it was easily clear that the Raikage was bigger.


“You idiot, how ish THAT bigger?” Sarada asked, still clearly drunk, “Cockshilla’s got to beat!”


Boruto shrugged, “I’m not fully hard right now, this maybe half, it’s the best I can manage without any serious stimulation.” he stated simply.


“HUH?!?!” all of the women said together.


“Whadduya mean sherioush shtimulation…?” Sarada slurred, “Are you shaying I’m not shexy enough!?!?!” she asked angrily. “Dese are da biggesht natural titsh in Konoha!!! And I…” she stopped midsentence, “I tink I need to lay down now…” she said before falling forward. In a flash Sakura and Mirai were at her side, catching her before she could hit the floor.


“I think that’s enough for you honey.” Sakura said.


“I got her.” said Mirai as she easily lifted Sarada up in her arms and carried her over to one of the chairs to sit her down.


“Really now?” Sakura asked as she turned to grin at Boruto.


“I’m not sure if I’m impressed or insulted Lord Boruto,” said Kaguya, “Impressed that there’s still more, or insulted that my divine beauty wasn’t enough to coax out your full manliness.” she told him as she turned to one side to show off her figure even when in her yukata.


“Yeah, it’s almost like you’re saying we weren’t sexy enough.” Hanabi said with a pouty expression.


“How can THAT not be all of it, I mean seriously!?” said Mei, “The first time I thought you were gonna split me in half!”


“You know…” said Tsunade, “He might be right.” the blonde turned to look over to Hinata, “Remember on our last day on vacation a few weeks back Hinata? On that Island? Boruto was bigger than usual.


Denki turned to look at Hinata, the dark haired woman blushing and nodding, “Yes, I think you’re right. I didn’t say anything at the time because I was unsure.” she replied.


“Huh!? Okay, now I GOTTA see it fully up!” said Temari as she out of the clothes she had on, revealing some tight fitting black underwear beneath. She then walked over to Boruto, swinging her hips with every step as A moved out of the camera’s view. From the edge of his vision Denki saw him move to sit down in one of the empty seats, his cock hanging low as he watched.


Standing in front of Boruto, Temari licked her lips at the sight of his cock as she moved her own hand to her left breast, squeezing it softly, “Mmmmmh, I’m gonna enjoy this.” she purred.


“Well you’ll have to wait your turn!” said Sakura as she appeared from nowhere next to Boruto, already completely naked from head to toe! “Denki, make sure you get all of this!” she told the dark haired youth as she hung her thigh over Boruto’s cock and flashed a “V” with her fingers.


“Fuck that’s hot!” Iwabe could be heard saying as Denki tapped a button on his camera. A new indicator popped up on the screen over his eye, a “HD” appeared next to the recording icon as the image on the screen suddenly became a hundred times sharper. The battery indicator also dropped by two bars instantly at the same time.


“THIS is how you get a man up! So pay attention blondie!” Sakura said to Temari as she began grinding the folds of her pussy against Boruto’s cock slowly.


“Cheeky bitch…” Temari muttered as she looked over at Sakura with an openly annoyed expression. Sakura stuck her tongue out at her as she began rubbing her pussy back and forth faster, before long Boruto’s cock was dripping with her cunt nectar, and the young blonde grunt as his cock swelled just a little bigger.


“Heheh, so you just need a little more encouragement eh?” Sakura asked, “I think with all the lovely ladies here we can pull that off.” she told him as she turned to face him, straddling his cock again and pulling his face into her big tits. “Go ahead and suck on them all you like!” she said as she forced her left nipple into his mouth. Denki moved around them for a better shot, blushing as he caught Boruto wrapping his lips around the hard pink nub.


“Oh I’m not missing out on this!” said Wasabi as she quickly began stripping, “Come on Sumi-chan, this is your chance!” she told the lavender haired girl once she was down to just her panties.


“Ahh wah wah! Wait, are you sure this is a good idea?!” Sumire asked alarmingly. Denki turned the camera to see a naked Wasabi tugging at the bottom of Sumire’s top.


“It’s fine, call it rehearsal!” Wasabi told her as she managed to get her out of her top, exposing her off-white bra beneath. the brown haired girl was quick to get that off as well before towing her nervous teammate over to where Sakura was still grinding herself against Boruto’s cock, rolling her hips back and forth and squeezing the top few inches between the buns of her sexy shapely ass!


“Hey, leave room for us!” said Hanabi as she and Hinata made their way over as well.


“This, might prove fun.” said Kaguya as she began slowly undressing.


Denki moved back several paces to fit the growing number of naked women into the frame. Boruto closed his eyes as he sucked on Sakura’s nipple while the pink haired milf stroke his blonde hair slowly. “Hmmhmmhmm, Sarada’s gonna be so mad when she wakes up and see’s what she missed. Luckily we’ll have footage to show her~” the mother said cheekily


“Out of the way billboard brow, my turn!” said Temari, now completely naked as she pulled Boruto’s head away from her tit and pulled it into her own cleavage. She chuckled softly as he gasped in surprise before she pushed her own pink nipple between his lips.


“Some guys get all the luck!” Iwabe could be heard complaining.


“Relax boy, your time will come.” said A’s voice. Denki spared a moment to pan the camera over to them. A sat with his erection still hanging down between his legs. Iwabe sat a couple of seats away, watching the growing spectacle with wide eyes.


“Oh, not going to join them Princess?” A said to Tsunade as she came over and sat between A and Iwabe.


“Pussy piles are for the young.” she told him as she reached out and grabbed his cock in both hands, “Still I find this very impressive… I’ll want to know more about how those pills work if you’re willing to share. Purely for medical reasons I assure you.” she said with a grin


“Hmmph, I’ll think on it, though maybe you can persuade me…” he said suggestively, reaching over the back of her head and pulling it down towards his cockzilla.


“This is getting interesting.” said Mitsuki as he suddenly appeared next to Denki.


“Wah!!!” Denki yelped, nearly dropping the camera, “Don’t do that! This is expensive!”


“Apologies, but do get as much of this as you can.” Mitsuki told him.


“Yeah,” said Kurotsuchi, still seated near the buffet, “It’ll make for a great addition to the DVD afterwards.”


“You got it!” said Denki as he righted the camera and moved it back over to Boruto, now surrounded by a naked Sakura, Temari, Hanabi, Wasabi, Kaguya, Hinata, and Sumire. The young blonde was nearly invisible amongst the seven naked girls as Kaguya and Hanabi pressed his shoulders between their huge jugs, leaving only his face visible. Kneeling below them was Hinata and Sakura, rubbing their naked bodies against him as he let out a low shuddering groan. Boruto’s hands could be seen grabbing both women’s heavy tits, his fingers sinking deep into the soft flesh as they kissed his bare chest slowly.


In front of Boruto, Temari was now on her knees, rubbing the base of his huge cock between her tits as she gently massaged his balls in her hands. The huge globes of his nuts were nearly the size of cantaloupes as the blonde slowly brushed her tongue along the underside of his cock.


“FUUUUCK!! this is big!!!!” Wasabi said as she and Sumire stood on either side of Temari. The brown haired girl used both hands to grip the upper half of his length, rubbing her fingers up and down slowly. She briefly let go to grab Sumire’s hands, “Come on Sumi-chan, it’s just a cock! It won’t bite you!” she told her as she placed the girls dainty hands on the tip.


“Ahhh… It’s hot…” Sumire gasped as she gripped the wide tip of Boruto’s dick. Wasabi then showed her how to move her hands up and down the exposed area.


“Yeah…” breathed Temari, “Ain’t it great?” she asked as she let out a low breathy moan and began licking the underside of the youth’s cock again. Denki panned down to the blonde woman’s ass, just in time to catch a trickle of juices dripping from between her legs.


“Oh wow, it is getting bigger!” said Sakura as she watched Boruto’s cock swell even more.


“Nice! I KNEW you were holding back Boruto!” said Hanabi with a grin.


“Oh my…” said Kaguya as she licked her ruby colored lips slowly.


“He just needed the right encouragement.” said Hinata with a giggle.


“Ahh… Ah…” groaned Boruto as he leaned into the four naked women rubbing their bodies against him.


“Mmmmh, I think he likes this…” Hanabi said.


“It is fitting for a man of Lord Boruto’s stature to have a proper harem.” said Kaguya.


“Kaguya-mama…!” Boruto groaned.


“It was standard practice in my day,” said the snow skinned woman as she leaned in closer and pressed her lips against his. Denki zoomed in in time to catch the woman’s tongue exploring the inside of his mouth. “And I’d be very happy to be in your harem my lord.” she said after breaking the kiss.


“Not without me you’re not!” protested Hanabi as she kissed him next, her eyes looking up at the camera and she pushed her tongue into his mouth.


“Oh my!!!” gasped Wasabi as Boruto’s cock shot up again, its length twitching in her hands.


“Soooo biiig!” gasped Temari.


“Incredible.” whispered Kurotsuchi as she watched the group, her face visibly flushed, constantly shifting her legs and recrossing them.


“Impossible!” gasped A as he sat up straighter. Tsunade gagged in his lap, half his length down her throat now as she knelt in front of him.


“Aguuugh… Heey, warn meh bwefore ‘ou du dat!” she slurred around his cock before lifted her head free and pulling open her top, exposing her own big tits which she then quickly wrapped around his dick. The blonde took a second to look over at Boruto and smirked, “Looks about even now.” she told him.


“I have eyes woman!” A snapped back at her, grabbing the back of her head and forcing it back down on his dick.


“Haaahhh, this is great dattebasa!” Boruto groaned as Hinata and Sakura traded places with Wasabi and Sumire, the two milfs pressing their huge tits around the top of his cock and rubbing his still growing length up and down with them. Above the young blonde, Hanabi and Kaguya pressed their mouths together for the camera, their tongues swirling around one another’s as they both let out low lewd moans.


“Hmmm, that looks good, Wasabi, you and Sumire kiss as well,” said Mitsuki, “Denki, make sure to get a close-up of that!” directed the albino.


“Got it!” Denki replied as Sumire looked over at Wasabi and gulped nervously. The brown haired girl only gave a cheeky grin before reaching out to grab Sumire’s head and pulled her into a deep kiss. A bright blush spread over the other girls face as Wasabi pushed her tongue into her mouth.


“Good, now Sakura, you and Hinata work his cock faster, put your whole bodies into it, Temari, focus more on his balls!” said Mitsuki.


“Kid’s a natural.” commented Kurotsuchi.


“Yeah, I’ll say.” agreed Mirai.


“Hmmm, what do you think, that bigger or about the same?” Kurotsuchi asked.


“Maybe a little bigger, definitely a lot thicker now!” Mirai said.


“Haaahhh… Slo… Slow down…” Boruto groaned as Hinata and Sakura followed Mitsuki’s directions. His face as flushed red as he leaned into Kaguya and Hanabi more, his face completely vanishing between their breasts.


“Yah!” Hinata yelped as Boruto began cumming powerfully hard, like a fire hose or a water jutsu, blasting Sakura and herself backward in thick, gooey cum.


“Cut there!” Mitsuki said, “Boruto, you’ll need to hold out longer than that.”


“You try holding out with seven beautiful women all around you!” Boruto shot back.


“Awww! Thank you!” said all of the girls around him as they pulled back. Denki turned the camera back on as Boruto’s cock came into full view, still standing up straight and coming up to just under his chin! Wasabi placed her hands on the sides of his cock, holding them in place as she backed away before moving over to the Raikage as Tsunade pulled herself away, thick cum running down her chin now. Before the dark skinned man could react she held her hands out at the sides of his cock, showing a clear difference in thickness between the two of them!


“Boruto wins!” Wasabi said, “At full mast he’s definitely bigger!”


“Oh, that isn’t fully erect.” stated Mitsuki matter-of-factly.


“…WHAAAAAAAAAT!?” asked everyone.


“IMPOSSIBLE!!” A said in shock.


“It’s not.” said Boruto, “I’m at about 75% hard, give or take dattebasa.” he told them with a shrug.


“Unbelievable…” said A as he hung his head and he fell back to his seat, “Defeated by a genin…”


“Oh this is gonna be fun!” said Wasabi. “Hey Mrs. Uchiha!” she called over to Sakura.


“Sakura is fine.” the pink haired woman told her and she wiped Boruto’s semen from her face with a towel.


“Yeah okay, you said you had some medicine the other day to help with recovery time?” she asked.


“Yes, believe it or not it’s an old family remedy I found in a scroll left to me by my grandmother. And it’s super effective!”


“Great!” said Wasabi as she pointed a finger at Boruto as his erection remained throbbing in the air, “Hear this Boruto, I’m gonna get you at 100% and take every inch, I swear it!” she said with a wide grin.


“Confidant, I like her.” said Kurotsuchi.


“Well everyone, let’s enjoy the rest of the party, we start filming in two days, so be sure you have your schedules cleared and scripts memorized.” said Mitsuki.


“Yeah!” everyone said with a cheer.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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