Busteez Stripdown to Sextown

“What’s the matter?” Ino lightly teased with a smirk. “Is the big bad Cloud kunoichi embarrassed?”


“Shut up!” Samui hissed, her cheeks darkening further. “You’re blushing too!”


Ino nodded, glancing around casually at the crowd gathered at the beach, waiting for the show to start. She was pleased to see she was getting her share of attention, though a higher percentage was focused on her fellow blonde.


Which was fair enough; Samui did have the bigger tits and ass. Ino could have gotten the same, but she was content with the size she had settled for.


“I’m a little embarrassed, yes; after all, even working for Busteez, an outdoor sex show to celebrate our new location isn’t something I’ve done before.” Ino still hadn’t stopped smirking. “But I’m not the one that looks ready to run off. Or…are you enjoying this more than you want to admit?”


The glare Samui shot her told Ino she was right on the money. It also gave Ino an idea.


Grabbing the bustier blonde’s hands, Ino pulled her right up against her body, their tits squashed together and barely covered nipples rubbing against each other. Any protest Samui died; she closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, holding in a groan of pleasure.


“In that case, I’ll take the lead,” Ino whispered to her under the cover of the cheers and catcalls. “And don’t worry,” an evil glint in her eyes, she wiggled slightly, giggling when Samui moaned louder, “I’ll make you feel better than you ever dreamed.”


The faint whimper of need was music to Ino’s ears.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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2 years ago

Good, I love these stories are very good … when do you plan to upload more stories of Ino and / or Anko? would be great