Busteez Plus Ultra VR Bangroom

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“Izuku…. Izuku…. IZUKU….” a voice called to him from nowhere. Izuku opened his eyes to find himself floating naked in an endless white void. No matter where he looked, everything was white; there was no sense of distance, no sense of gravity or even air pressure.


“Huh, what!? W… w… Where am I!?” he asked as he felt panic threatening to take him.


“Relax, kid!” said the voice he heard calling out to him. He heard footsteps behind him and whirled around to look. Gravity then began working again and he fell flat on his face onto a surface, even though everything was still white, he couldn’t see a floor, but at least he could feel one, which granted him a sense of direction again as he looked to the source of the voice. It was a woman, she was dressed in a dark blue hero outfit with a long white cape. Her black hair pulled up in a messy ponytail reminiscent of his mother’s hair, she was really fit too, Izuku thought he might be able to grate cheese on those abs!


“We finally meet!” the woman said with a grin as she gave him a two fingered salute. “I am the one who gave Toshinori One for All… My name is Nana Shimura.”


“Huh, wha…? Whaaaaah!!!!” Izuku gasped as he looked the woman up and down before moving to try and hide his naked body, his cheeks burning hot as he blushed.


“Chill out kid,” Nana said, “Get too excited and this conversation might end abruptly.”


“But, why, how, um, are you a ghost?” Izuku asked, feeling his embarrassment fade against his curiosity.


Nana tapped a finger to her chin, “Lemme see, want those answered in order?”


Izuku nodded.


“Okay, because I wanted to talk to you, and because for the first time your mind is quiet enough to hear us, and no, I guess you can call me an echo of the original Nana. I’m the part of her will left inside One for All.” she explained. “By the way, don’t bother trying to hide that thing, your hands aren’t nearly big enough. If you got it, just flaunt it kid.” she said, pointing to his cock as he tried in vain to hide it with his hands.


Sighing, Izuku stood up straight and let his hands fall to his sides. Nana licked her lips as she openly stared for a moment, “Not bad, Toshinori never got that big.”


“Um, Shimura-sama…” Izuku said.


“Call me Nana, I’m technically living inside you, so I think that’s as close as two people can get.” she told him with a smile.


“Um, Nana-san, I still don’t understand, what’s going on?”


She chuckled, “Still slow on the uptake huh kid?” she asked, “Lemme see, you know how One for All is passed from one holder to the next right?”


Izuku nodded.


“Well, with each new holder, a trace of the last holder is left behind. You saw us once, last year when you were up against that mind washing kid. Your mind quieted enough for us to help you out a bit.”


“I remember! I saw eight shadows looking at me.” Izuku said.


“Yep, that was us. Your connection to One for All is also stronger now, allowing me to talk to you like this.” Nana explained.


“Yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Izuku agreed.


“Well, to be more specific, that little threesome with that Momo girl and one of your teachers, and your little Zero G girlfriend, whenever you triggered One for All during sex. It strengthened your quirk and boosted your connection by leaps and bounds. Far more than you would have through your regular training. It’s a much faster way to cultivate One for All’s power. I’m not surprised Toshinori never told you about the sex part, until recently, I don’t think you could have handled knowing that. But now, I think you should train your quirk through this method, if you do well, you will be able to wield One for All with greater proficiency. Plus I think we might be able to talk whenever you like. But you still need to be careful and make sure the girl you’re with can handle you using your quirk on them. You don’t want to leave their asses and pussies sore and gaping for weeks on end!” she told him with a wink while sticking her tongue out.


“Seriously!?” Izuku asked. “Could I talk to the other holders as well? I’d love to hear their stories about how they used One for All!”


Nana laughed, “I don’t know kid, this is a little new for me too. But maybe. For now I…” she stopped mid sentence.


“Nana-san, is everything okay?” Izuku asked, then gasped as Nana’s body began to dissolve slowly, from her feet and working it’s way up.


“Hmm… Looks like our time is up for the moment. I think this means you’re waking up kid.” she told him. “Before I go, just a friendly warning, your little threesome with the Frog Princess and Zero-G girl. It’s in the honeymoon phase right now, and everything looks great. But relationships like that rarely last and take A LOT of work to maintain. If you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or get your own hurt, you’ll have to choose one eventually. Personally I like the frog princess, but that’s just me.” she told him with a smile.


“Huh!?” Izuku gasped as he snapped awake. His vision was blurred badly and his entire body felt heavy as he tried to move. He also felt hot, unusually hot. As the fogginess of sleep cleared away he remembered recent events and looked down to the two heads resting comfortably on his chest.


“Mmmmh, kero kero kero, mmmmh, kero kero kero…” Tsuyu snored softly as she snuggled closer.


Next to her, Ochaco cooed quietly in her sleep as she hugged her naked body against his. Izuku smiled at both of them as he managed to free his right arm from under Tsuyu and ran his crooked fingers through her soft green hair.


“THE SUNRISE IS HERE!!! THE SUNRISE IS HERE!!! THE SUNRISE IS HERE!!!!” blared his alarm as it rolled over to six a.m.






Tsuyu and Ochaco snapped away, the former leaping out of his bed and sticking to the ceiling as the latter fell out of the small bed and thumped loudly onto the floor.


“Sorry, sorry!” Izuku said to both of them as his hand slapped the top of his alarm, depressing the All Might figurehead and stopping the alarm. “You two okay?”


“That’s a really strange alarm Izuku, kero.” Tsuyu said as she got down from the ceiling and began to rub her eyes. She then stretched her body, popping a couple of joints quietly in the process. Izuku couldn’t help but look at how her expanded tits bounced with her motions as she stood naked at the foot of his bed.


“Uhnnn, five more minutes would have been nice. I was having a really nice dream.” Ochaco said as Izuku offered a hand to help her up. She took it and he pulled her to her feet where she then proceeded to wrap her arms around him and press her naked body against his before kissing him deeply and knocking him back onto the bed.


“Last night was great.” she purred like a kitten.


“Yeah it was,” Tsuyu agreed, climbing back into bed with the two of them and cuddling up to Izuku’s right shoulder. “We need to do that again, and soon kero!”


“Ahehe…” Izuku chuckled nervously.


Tsuyu kissed him gently on the lips then pressed her cheek against his. “Mmmmh, what time is it?” she asked.


“A little after six now.” Izuku told her.


“SIX!?” Ochaco and Tsuyu exclaimed together.


“kero!” Tsuyu gulped.


“Class will start in a couple hours and we need to get back to our rooms!” Ochaco said.


“Everyone will already be getting up kero, can we make it without getting caught?” asked Tsuyu.


“I got that covered!” Ochaco said as she moved over to the balcony door and slid it open. “I can float us up to the upper floors. Sunrise hasn’t hit this side of the building yet, so it should still be dark enough to hide us!”


“Good idea.” Tsuyu agreed, “Though I can get us there a little faster, you make us weightless, then I’ll use my tongue to pull us up faster!”


“Tsu that’s great!” Ochaco agreed.


“Wait, what’s wrong?” Izuku asked.


“We didn’t bring any clothes down with us.” Tsuyu told him.


“Wait, huh!?” he gasped, his eyes wide.


Both girls grinned at him before moving in close to kiss both his cheeks. “See you at breakfast Deku!”


“Ah, uh, yeah…” Izuku said as he watched them move out onto the balcony. Ochaco touched Tsuyu’s face with both hands, her fingertips flashing a brief pink light before she moved to grab her own breasts and repeating the use of her quirk. Tsuyu then pulled the other girl close, their naked bodies pressing together. Izuku couldn’t deny how erotic is looked as he felt his cock stiffening at the sight.


“Save it for tonight Izuku.” Tsuyu said with a wink.


Ochaco giggled and hugged herself against Tsuyu more, “I didn’t take you for being into that Deku, I’m surprised!”


“Wait, I uh, that is…”


The brunette giggled again, “Just teasing, see you in a bit. I’m all ready Tsu.”


“kero!” Tsuyu said, opening her mouth wide and shooting her tongue out. In a blink both girls were gone just before the first few rays of sunrise began to illuminate his balcony.


Sighing to himself, Izuku went to take a shower, making sure the water was straight cold at first to take care of his erection before switching over to the hot spray. He thought back to his encounter with Nana inside his own head.


‘Was it just a dream?’ he wondered to himself.


{Nope, just remember what I said kid!} he heard Nana’s voice in his mind.


“WAH!!! Nana-san, you can talk to me when I’m awake too!?”


Nana laughed, but it sounded farther away now, {Just for this moment I think, it feels like screaming at the top of my lungs, so I think this will be it for a stretch. Try and build One for All up more like I said if you wanna chat again, otherwise I…} her voice faded completely before she finished speaking.


Sighing in relief that he wasn’t going crazy, Izuku brushed his teeth and put on a little deodorant before heading back into his room to get dressed.



Izuku sat down to breakfast with the rest of his class after getting dressed. Today they were served an American style meal of scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes or waffles. Izuku went with waffles himself. He much preferred how the square shaped holes help capture the syrup compared to how pancakes just absorbed it and turned to mush. The usual chatter picked up quickly as everyone began eating together.


Across from where he sat, Izuku quickly spotted Kacchan with Mina in his lap, the pink skinned girl giggling happily as she held up a fork with a few slices of pancakes speared on one end. “Here you go Katsuki, say ‘ahhhhh’.” Mina told him.


“Dammit I can feed myself Mina!” Kacchan snapped, and while his mouth was open, Mina pushed the fork into his mouth.


“Huh, so that’s all it takes to quiet him down.” said Kaminari.


“WHAT DID YOU SAY BOLTS FOR BRAINS!?” Kacchan instantly snapped at him with a mouth full of food.


“Oh calm down and eat Katsuki!” Mina shushed him as she snuggled in close. She then held up her phone, “Say Cheeeeeese!” she said before taking a selfie with him.


“Everyone, please calm down!” Iida said as he slammed his fiss on the table.


“Uhn, so noisy…” said Jiro as she and Momo came down from the upper floors.


“Morning everyone.” Momo said, looking as if she had just stepped out of a school uniform catalogue.


“Morning.” several students called out together.


“Hey Jiro, you got a package this morning.” Mineta said, “I signed for it and left it in the common area.”


The dark haired girl instantly perked up, “It came!?” she asked before running towards the common area.


“What came?” Izuku asked aloud towards Mineta.


“Don’t look at me, looked heavy though.” Mineta said.


Several moments later, Jiro returned carrying a large box the size of a large beach cooler. Izuku watched as she set it on the table and tore into the packaging.


“What’d you get Kyoka?” Momo asked.


“Something I ordered after my debut at the agency when everyone liked my songs so much!” Jiro said with a giddy smile. She then pulled out what looked like a large keyboard with a multitude of dials and switches on it along with the keys.


“What’s that?” Kaminari asked.


“The latest model full Orchestral Synthesizer! With this I can mimic any instrument made so I can write my songs to any kind of music!” Jiro said as she set it down on the table and turned the device on, “I asked Hatsume over at tech support to make a little modification for me as well.” she said, lowering one of her earphone jacks down to plug into a port built into the surface. Jiro closed her eyes and concentrated. Then, without her touching any of the dials or controls a soft melody began to play, a gentle lilting tune that was both happy and sad at the same time!


“Wow, that’s beautiful Kyoka!” Momo said.


The music stopped and Jiro opened her eyes, “I’ve been trying to get that right for months now! I just couldn’t manage it with any of the instruments in my room.”


“Hey, did someone bring a stereo down here?” asked Ochaco as she and Tsuyu came down from the upper floors and into the dinning room. Both girls prepared their own plates before sitting down on either side of Izuku. He felt his cheeks flush as they did, but the heat left his cheeks after a moment when he realized no one was staring at them.


Jiro showed them her new synthesizer and gave another quick demo, “Ahhhh, i’m gonna have fun writing my songs with this!” she said with a happy grin.


“I like your music Kyoka!” Ochaco said as she moved a hand to rest on Izuku’s thigh, her hand rubbing up and down the outline of his cock through his pant leg.


“Me too, kero!” said Tsuyu, “Think you can make me a song good for lap dancing?” she asked, moving to sit in Izuku’s lap. The green haired youth felt himself blushing again as Tsuyu began grinding her hips against him. “The stuff Midnight has is okay, but I would love to have something more original.”


“I’ll see what I can do!” Jiro said, still smiling.


“Hey Tsu, maybe we can come up with a routine together?” Ochaco suggested.


“I like that idea, kero!” Tsuyu agreed.


“Ugh, you and your damn harem…” Kacchan grumbled.


“Jealous much?” Ochaco said, hugging herself against Izuku and sticking her tongue out at Kacchan.


“AS IF PINK CHEEKS!” the hot headed blonde yelled as she leaned his head up and kissed Mina hard. The pink haired girl jolted in surprise, but soon melted into the kiss with him before wrapping her arms around his neck and cuddling closer to him.


“Oiy, save the measuring for when your dicks are out boys!” Momo said.


“YAOMOMO!?” Jiro gasped, her ear jacks flailing about wildly.


“Oh, did I say that out loud?” Momo said with a blush.



After breakfast, everyone went to classes, during English class, he got an email. Opening his inbox on his laptop, Izuku pulled up the message. He was surprised to see it was from Melissa, the American girl he met last year at I-Expo.






Izuku smiled and closed his inbox, she didn’t give an exact date on when she’d arrive, but he was looking forward to her visit anyway. There was a soft chime as a new email arrived and Izuku clicked his inbox open again. It was from Mina. He turned in her direction to see her grinning and giving him a tiny wave. A sudden burning sensation on his scalp drew his attention over to Katchan who was glaring daggers at him.


“Tch…” Katchan said, turning his attention back to their teacher as he continued the lesson on English.


Turning back to his laptop, Izuku opened the new email and saw there was a copy sent to Mineta as well.






Without really thinking about it, Izuku replied with a 😀 and heard Mina let out a happy yelp!


“Yo, Ms. Ashido babe, you got a request to phone in?” asked Present Mic.


“Whoop!” Mina said, covering her mouth, “Sorry, just got some good news is all.”


“Hey now, that’s all good, but try not to break my beat again.” he forgave her this time. Mina only nodded then did a fist pump when he turned around to continue the lesson.



The outside of the Busteez Hero Agency had become a familiar sight to Izuku as he walked there from the bus stop a short ways away from the large block-like building. The parking lot was only sparsely populated as it was still early in the week. On weekends a person couldn’t fit a one yen coin here. He recognized a few vehicles, the one belonging to Death Arms was here, as was the Motorcycle used by Kamui Woods.


Walking up to the main entrance he smiled at Ragdoll as she was watching the entrance today. She might have lost her powers to All for One, but she found working here to be more fulfilling than office lady work.


“Hi Deku, welcome back!” she said, calling him by his Hero name.


“Ragdoll-san, how have you been?” he asked, stopping at the door to talk to her.


“I’ve been great! How are your classes coming along?” she asked him.


“Going well, I’m getting better hold over my quirk all the time, in fact I just discovered a way to develop it even more thanks to some, um, inner searching.” he half-lied.


“Well that’s great! I had to do a lot of soul searching myself after, you know…” she let that hang for a moment, “But it can be a big help when you gotta make life decisions.”


He nodded and she asked, “So, any plans for tonight’s visit, or just dropping by to see Inko?”


“Oh, mom’s on tonight?” Izuku asked.


“Yeah, she’s been working extra shifts! Her food is a massive hit with a lot of Heroes, especially Endeavor-sama. You haven’t experienced this yet, but the busiest heroes don’t get to eat good old fashioned ‘Home Cooked’ meals all that often, and Inko’s cooking is just that! Even I’ve come here on my off days just to get a taste of that!”


“Wow, Endeavor likes mom’s cooking, I never expected that!” Izuku said, honestly surprised.


“Yeah, and get this, he’s actually NICE to her!” Ragdoll said, “None of that guff bordering on rude attitude!”


“Huh!?” Izuku said, “I never thought he was rude.”


Ragdoll giggled, “Fanboys.” she said while shaking her head.


Rubbing the back of his head and smiling, Izuku bade farewell to Ragdoll before going inside the club. The setting inside was now familiar to him, first was the thrumming music that he practically felt in his bones. Next was the burgundy carpeted floors and the walls that were a mixture of pinks, oranges, and fuschia colors depending on what color lights were playing over them. He’d only seen the true colors of the walls a couple times when he was here during non-business hours. That color being an almost painful bleach white.


Up on stage was Mandalay, already down to only a pair of lace thong panties, a kitty-tail buttplug, her paw gloves, and that cat ears headset she was so well known for.


{Hi there Deku! Good to see you.} he heard her voice in his head. She’d taken to calling him by his official Hero name as she gripped the dancers pole on the main stage and wiggled her ass back and forth, shaking her buttplug tail around for the crowd. Izuku gulped slightly, taking in the sight of her heavy tits swaying from side to side, her nipples looking almost painfully erect.


He gave her a wave to acknowledge that he’d heard her telepathic message as he made his way through the club. He spotted a handful of what were now regulars here. Deatharms was at his usual spot, sitting in a booth surrounded by several lesser known heroines, and one big name.


Ms. Joke sat on his lap dressed only in a pair of stockings and high heels along with the bandana she regularly wore. She was laughing at something as she poured Deatharms another drink.


By the bar Izuku spotted Endeavor, the flames on his body were always hard to miss. He sat on one of the stools and was eating a plate of grilled fish quietly, an almost content look on his face. Ragdoll wasn’t kidding about him enjoying his mother’s cooking!


Speaking of Inko, he spotted his mother moving back and forth along the bar. She waved once when she noticed him, but quickly had to vanish into the kitchen. Izuku decided to speak with her later as he looked around for Mina.


The pink heroine in training messaged Izuku one more time during class, saying she’d be here to meet him after school, how she got here ahead of him he could never figure out. Maybe Midnight had a teleporter in her employ? It didn’t really matter though as he spotted Mineta already over by the entry to the VIP floors.


“Midoriya!! Hurry up already!!!” he called out to him, jumping up and down and waving his arms to get Izuku’s attention, “Mina’s already got the room ready! Let’s go, let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go!” he yelled, panting and drooling slightly before wiping his mouth with one sleeve.


Moving over to the entry at a light jog, Izuku nodded in greeting to Mineta who was now wringing his hands excitedly. “This is gonna be so awesome!!!” he said, still breathing heavily.


“Calm down Mineta,” Izuku said.


“Calm down, CALM DOWN!? One of the hottest babes in class just called US for a double stuff, how can you NOT be excited by that!?” said Mineta.


“Well, I uh…” Izuku said, trying and failing to come up with a good excuse.


“Oh whatever, come on already!” said Mineta as he grabbed Izuku’s wrist and dragged him along up to the floor where the VR room was located. Mina was outside waiting for them already in her full costume and grinning widely.


“About time!” she said as she began tapping on the controls for the room, “This is gonna be so awesome!” she said excitedly as her fingers practically danced over the controls. He heard a hum as the projectors inside the room powered up. It frightened Izuku to think of what the electric bill for this room alone had to be, it was no wonder it was only used for group sessions!


Mina opened the door for them, and it was a surreal feeling to walk from an indoor hallway near sundown to a high noon outdoor setting. It was like walking through a portal to another part of the world.


“Huh, what is this place?” Izuku asked as he looked around. They were in a canyon of some kind, though Izuku didn’t recognize it. Since there was no canyon he knew of with nearly desert like climate, but was dotted with Sakura trees! The ‘sky’ overhead was a clear blue, only dotted with sparse clouds silently moving along. The rock walls of the valley looked like they had been carved out by some kind of natural disaster long ago. And all along the valley floor, Sakura trees were in full bloom, splashing areas of pink along the otherwise drab landscape.


“WHAT!? You don’t recognize the Valley of Sakura?” Mina asked him with an incredulous look on her face.


“The what?” Izuku asked.


“The Valley of Sakura, from Magical Girl Haruno! It was only like the most popular anime ever! I grew up watching her every Saturday!” Mina said, “This was where her magic came from and where the background went every time she transformed!”


“Oh, uh, okay…” Izuku said, having no idea what she was talking about, though he never did watch much in the way of Magical Girl stuff. Why watch fictional heroes when there were real ones you could follow on TV, like All Might!?


“Hatsume made this using the landscape maps from one of her video games and then adding more details to make it look real. I wanted to be the first one to use it!” Mina said excitedly.


“Oh, Magical Girl Haruno and the Seven Rings?” Mineta asked.


“YES!! I love that game!” said Mina as she bounced up and down on the heels of her feet as she looked around, “This is so awesome, everything is perfect!” she said excitedly.


“I liked that game too when they came out with the alternate costume DLC, some guys online hacked it to give her all kinds of sexy costumes!” Mineta said with a grin.


“Hehe, some of those outfits were pretty great!” Mina agreed.


Izuku blinked as the two grinned at one another and gave each other a thumbs up. ‘Is that how I look when I get excited on hero trivia?’ he wondered to himself.


“Okay, let’s get to it!” Mina said as she grabbed her breasts in her own hands. There was a sizzling sound as she used her quirk to melt away her top, exposing her big soft pink tits with their darker pink nipples. She then grabbed at her crotch with both hands and repeated the action.


“OH YEAH! I LOVE YOUR SLUTTY SIDE MINA!!!” Mineta said as he jumped up and somehow managed to shed his clothes like a snake shedding its skin! He grabbed onto Mina’s waist and wrapped his mouth around her left nipple, sucking it roughly as Mina let out a happy squeal!


“Tsu-chan wasn’t kidding about you having a nice big dick!” Mina said as she grabbed Mineta’s already rock hard dick and stroking it up and down. In a few motions his cock was glistening and slick as she again used her quick, though with a harmless PH this time.


Izuku began taking off his own clothes as he asked, “Mina I’ve been wondering, how do you control the acidity of your quirk?”


Mina blinked her yellow on black eyes, “Hmm? Well, I just do, it’s not something I can put into words really. Though it took a little practice to get it right.” She reached over to pick up Mineta’s discarded shirt and held it balled up in her hand. It then began to smoulder and sizzle before dissolving into so much ash. Next, she moved that same hand back to Mineta’s dick…


“Hey, Mina, hang on a seee… Oh that feels good…” Mineta began to protest, but only moaned as her hand moved up and down his shaft with a well lubricated ease.


“See? It’s easy for me now.” she said.


Izuku nodded and slipped out of his undershorts as Mina laid Mineta on his back, “Ahhhhhmmmph!!!” she moaned, taking his cock into her mouth in a single slow motion, “Mmmmmmph, Kashki’s phicker, but id shtill pheelsh sho guud in muh mouph!” she moaned in lust as she began bobbing her head up and down, her lips making lewd slurping noises as she did so.


Izuku flashed back to their last class trip, when Mina did the same in the bath. Her lips dragging over his cock in much the same way. There was something so erotic about the way Mina’s lips pulled along Mineta’s cock as the tiny man groaned in pleasure.


“Ohhhhh, yeah, Mina, your mouthpussy is so great!!!” Mineta groaned.


Mina only giggled happily as she began bobbing her head up and down faster while lifting her ass high in the air, “Mmmmph, Ishuku, shuv dat bhig cawk up muh assshole…” she said as she began flexing her buttcheeks for him. The pink skin taking on a sudden sheen as she began using her quirk to lube her ass for him. Izuku gulped, still watching as Mina slowly moved her head up and down, her lips making wet SLURP SLURP SLURP noises around Mineta’s dick as her throat swelled every time she took him down deep.


Izuku felt a little conflicted doing this, but Tsu and Ochaco both told him anything that happened in the club was fine. That, and the way Mina kept wantonly shaking her ass from side to side washed away his doubts as he sandwiched his cock between the warm soft cheeks of her ass. He could feel a warm sensation against his dick, but it was only that, Mina really did know what she was doing with her quirk as she began rubbing her ass back and forth, smearing his cock with her lubricating acid.


“Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, dun huld bhack Ishuku, phuck muh assshole!!! Naow…!” Mina begged around Mineta’s cock, “Pownd my shlutty wittle asshole in da Valley uv Shakura’sh…”


“Oooooh, yeah, keep talking like that Mina, it’s so fucking hot!” Mineta said as he reached down to grab her horns, using them like handles as he began pounding his cock into her throat.


MMMMMPPPH!!!! YEEEESH!!!!! PHUCK PHUCK PHUUUUUCK!!!!” Mina howled in pleasure as her eyes became entirely black as they rolled up into their sockets.


“Yeah, I knew your horns had to be sensitive! Take THIS!!!!” said Mineta as he gripped them tighter and began thrusting his cock up into her mouth. Mina bucked between the two of them, her body rocking forward slightly then falling back onto Izuku’s cock. His cock slipping into her well lubed ass with a wet slipping noise! Mina howled again around Mineta’s cock as her entire body began shaking in pleasure!




Izuku groaned in pleasure, Mina’s ass was so very warm, and smooth, and oh-so-TIGHT! He could feel her body clenching around him like a vice as he leaned down over her. Slamming his cock into her again and again, his dick making wet lewd SLAP SMACK SLAP sounds every time his pelvis collided with her ass.


SHO GUUUD, I’M BHEING SHCEWERED BY BHIG DHIIIIICKSH!!!!” Mina slurred around Mineta’s cock, “MOAR, MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!! PHUCK MEEEH… PHUCK MUH HOLESH!!!” she moaned as her entire body shook with one orgasm after the next.


Groaning in pleasure himself, Izuku closed his eyes and allowed himself a moment to enjoy this feeling. {Now’s a good time kid!} said a voice in his head, one he recognized as Nana’s.


Remembering his encounter with the seventh holder of One for All, Izuku nodded internally as he reached down and hooked her elbows under Mina’s knees and pulled her up. She gasped for breath as she suddenly found herself held aloft by Izuku on his knees as he bounced her ass up and down on his cock. Her stomach stretched and tented up and down as he plunged into her belly over and over.


OH FUCK YES YES YES, MOOOORE, FUCK MY ASS IZUKU, MAKE MY ASS YOUR FUCKING COCKSLEEVE!!!!!!” Mina screamed in lust, her tongue hanging off her lips as she openly drooled in pleasure. “AH AH AHHHHHH, I’M CUMMINGGGG!!!!!” Mina screamed in ecstasy.


“HEY! NO FAIR MIDORIYA!!! DON”T HOG HER ALL TO YOURSELF!!!” Mineta protested as he got up and came over to the pair. “FINE! I’ll take the best hole then!” he said as he quickly shoved his thick cock into Mina’s gushing pussy with a wet squishing sound.




“Ohhh yeah, this pussy is da bomb!!!” Mineta shuddered as he plunged his cock into Mina’s pussy again and again. Izuku could feel him inside her, with only Mina’s inner walls keeping them apart. He tried not to think about that as he closed his eyes. Lines of red spread all over his body as green energy crackled around him. Pushing the two of them forward, Mineta grunted as he fell on his back with Mina on top of him. Her huge tits covered his head as she moaned with one orgasm after another.


“Hang on tight, Mina,” Izuku warned her, “I’m about to go…” he said as he grabbed her shapely hips, “PLUS… ULTRAAAAA!!!!” he howled as his cock pulsed inside her, growing thicker and longer as the lines of One for All’s power surged through him.






The sound of flesh against flesh echoed over Mina’s howls as Izuku pounded his cock into her ass relentlessly. He vaguely heard Minata groaning as well as He struggled but managed to keep control as he listened to Mina’s screams of pleasure. Izuku relished the feel of her slick tight ass clenching around him as he slammed into her over and over.


MY ASS! MY ASSSSS!!!! CUMMINGGGGG!!!!” Mina screamed as her entire body seized before Izuku shoved his entire cock into her just as he came hard! “FUCK I CAN FEEL IT FILLING MY STOMACH!!!!!!” Mina moaned.


“RAWWRRRR!!!” Izuku roared in pleasure as he came hard, his cock pulsating inside Mina’s shuddering body. Before he felt his strength cut out like someone flipping a switch before he fell on top of the other two. The green haired youth felt as if he’d just run seven marathons back to back. Every muscle in his body felt like a wet noodle as he panted for breath.


“Mmmmmmmmh… That’s what Mina wants…” Mina said, her voice sounding almost drunk.



“Wow Midoriya, you feeling okay?” Mineta asked as they sat by the bar in the main room of the club. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat so fast!”


“I’m okay…” Izuku said between bites, “Just, really hungry, all of a sudden…” He really was, after recovering from their session in the VR room, Izuku was ravenously hungry, like he hadn’t eaten in days! He remembered the same feeling from whenever he mastered a small bit of One for All, and this he could only guess was a side effect of going to this next level! He’d tried to ask Nana, but this communion with the former holders looked to be one way for the moment.


“Oh my, you certainly are, was it really that big of a work-out?” asked his mother as she brought his third helping of food over.


“I’ll say!” said Mina as before she chugged down a glass of small blue colored drink, “My ass is still sore, I love it!”


“You, don’t say…” Inko said with a nervous smile. “Just be sure to be safe Izuku…”


“Oh it’s fine, it’s fine!!!” Mina said, “Midnight-sensei has us all on this premium birth control.” Mina explained while waving her hand dismissively.


“Yeah, though that might not be enough against my super sperm!” Mineta said smugly as he began taking a long swig of his own drink.


“Oh really…?” Mina asked with a smirk, “I wonder what Katsuki might have to say about that then?”


“GHEEP!!!!” Mineta gasp, spewing his drink out in a fine mist!


“Oh Katsuki, I’m so sorry, we need to break up,” Mina said, clearly faking tears, “I’m having Mineta’s baby thanks to his super sperm, so he’s gonna do the right thing and take care of us…”


Then, using his best impersonation of Ka-chan, Izuku said, “WHAT!!!?? WHERE IS THAT LITTLE PIPSQUEEK I’M GONNA MURDER HIM!!!!”


“GUY’S I WAS KIDDING!!!!! PLEASE DON’T TELL HIM….!!!” Mineta pleaded through tear streaked eyes.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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1 year ago

If he really has to choose perhaps I can spare some advice

Granpa’s words of wisdom: “If you can’t decide between drinking soda or juice just take both”.

1 year ago
Reply to  uNgrATefuldEad

That would be my call.

1 year ago

Yes I’m back from my study days and my favorite stories have return. Amazing story guys. My only question is and I can’t remember if you talked about it before but, can the hardlight room copy people as well? Like say tsuyu and ochaco want to see who can best pleasure Deku but don’t want to use the real one. Could they in theory use the room to have their cumpetition to see who’s the best for Deku? (I know just a crazy idea lol)

1 year ago
Reply to  Princenoctis

Yes it could, however, it would be little more than a doll, the system isn’t advanced enough to allow for dynamic movements of a person, or for mimicry of personality.

1 year ago

What a great way to kick off the new season of MHA, Rtenzo! I like the new artwork of the Alien Queen Mina, including the expression she’s making as huge ass is getting pounded full force by Deku’s power charged cock. the story is well written as always, SailorIo!

1 year ago
Reply to  NamelessR04


1 year ago

Oh man, please more Mineta actually getting some spotlight. He really deserves it.
(Honestly I love the thought of him knocking people up…)

1 year ago
Reply to  anonman

Mineta will be seen fucking others, no idea who, but don’t worry.

1 year ago

Hey just realised this after re-reading the entire series as a recap for this episode in one episode you detailed that Deku’s dick was 3 feet long that would make it 1 metre long I was wandering if this was intention on your part sailoro or if you just didn’t know what 3 feet was in cm but it makes a lot of the blow jobs and sex a lot more unbelievable even quirks are taken into account

Don’t get me wrong I love the series and the direction it has taken so far I wish you the best of luck with future chapters

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack

Anime physics.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

This is a fantasy series, real world physics about cock size do not apply. I take a lot of cues both from the art and series like Inyouchuu.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sailor_Io

Thanks for letting me know and I’ll say it again best of luck with future chapters

1 year ago

Is their a possibility of Izuku and Inko getting it on. Do you do incest. Please 🙏do Izuku and Inko because their was one of Boruto with his mom(Hinata) and his grandmother(kushina) in the Boruto series so why not in the my hero academia because this website is about debachury, stories, and art.

1 year ago

Unlikely, someone would have to commission the pic first I think.

1 year ago

Noooo that’s not my thing, sorry >_<

1 year ago

Bakugou specifically told Izuku to not bang Mina. He did this twice, so why’s Izuku pulling this stunt when he has two girlfriends at the moment?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kino

Because Mina’s a slut. And she called them. Also this is the pic Enzo selected for chapter 1, I work with what I’m given 😛

1 year ago

Well done! I really liked the start of this new story and the picture along with it.

Right from the start, there’s already some serious foreshadowing heading our way, for the cast and the readers alike. Not only that, The threesome was top notch, as well as it being very detailed and engaging.

Of course there were other things I personally liked about it too. One thing in particular was how Nana was used here, as kind of a guide for Izuku and One for All. Not only that, the morning and breakfast start for some of the students of 1-A, as well as those two messages Izuku had gotten and even how Ragdoll, Ms Joke and even Mandalay were used here too. Very nice work there. Also, I saw that reference for Magical Girl Haruno and Sakura Valley! Really going meta there. 😉

Finally, the end bits. That was pretty silly, even Izuku mimicking Bakugo. Not going to lie. XD I liked that one too.

Overall, I loved the work you put in here. Very nice job! 😀

P.S: Ochako or Tsuyu for Izuku? Hmm… That is the question. Personally I say Ochako, but that’s just me. XD

1 year ago
Reply to  Hiryu

So glad to keep this series going! I know a lot of people were bummed out when it got canceled but we pulled back together for the fans

Lew Hawks
Lew Hawks
1 year ago

What a good story on the part of “Sailorlo”, I am excited that My Hero Academia returns because the anime and manga do not give more. :v
And these stories make me not lose the Illusions xD, also if they are Pretty Good and your Art, Uff A true Work made by the Gods, You are still every time Better Rtenzo 😉

1 year ago
Reply to  Lew Hawks

Thanks, I’m happy to be back to work on this series!

1 year ago

Alright! My Hero Academia is back and the smut is stronger than ever! Plus Ultra!!!!

For real though. The pic is a masterpiece, the angle and the position Mina’s in while she’s taking Izuku’s and Mineta’s huge dicks are great. Seriously that position is one of my favorites you use in your pics, it really shows off Mina’s and other girls’ huge asses to seriously erotic levels. 😄

The story is great and the smut is top notch. The best scene is definitely Mina getting DP’d by Izuku and Mineta also don’t let people discourage you from using characters like Mineta in future pics and stories I enjoy his presence in chapters he’s involved in because he fits in smut stories like this and some folks need to lighten up, put aside their dislike for certain characters and just enjoy the content.

All in all excellent work to both of you.👍

1 year ago
Reply to  ZMaster

Thanks! It was a little tricky figuring out how to make Chapter 1 with this pic, but I think we managed well!

1 year ago

I’m excited and happy to get more my hero Academia stories again, sailorio does a very good job at connecting all these pictures together. Very nice picture of Mina, I think my favorite part in the story was just the bit of her sitting on bakugo’s lap and feeding him. It was just cute and seemed very in character for her. Honestly sometimes with these stories my favorite part isn’t the sex it’s just the characters around it.

1 year ago
Reply to  BioYuGi

Thanks, I think Mina is good for Bakugo personally, her positive energy is a good balance for his negative personality.

1 year ago

It’s finally back yet I’m getting mixed feelings about this start. After all that’s happened before in the last season to get Ochako and Tsuyu to accept each other and be with Izuku at the same time, it basically starts off by saying he’ll have to choose one and leave the other.

And have Izuku banging Mina yet again (seriously, can we please see some of the girls from 1-B already?) for what’ll be another lead up to Bakugou getting pissed off and demanding reparation by having Deku pay ridiculous amounts for whoever he wants next. And if that’s not enough, Mineta’s in it too. I don’t hate or like him, but I’d rather see less of him in the story.

All in all, I’m happy to see it finally back, but it could’ve been better. I’m actually nervous to see what’ll happen between Deku, Ochako, and Tsuyu.

Looking forward to see what comes next. Especially on what’s going on between Endeavor and Inko, lol.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cornelius

I understand your feelings since the unease is intentional. As set up from previous season’s epilogue, Nana’s appearance was meant to be ominous and not a happy happy one. Izuku not only have hero battles to face but as a teenager, he will have relationship conflicts and drama to overcome. Choosing one or the other isn’t all of the outcomes, the other is that the status quo is maintained and they remain a trio. Relationships will be a major theme this season, and another major development will hit in two chapters.

Unfortunately your next set of complaints can’t be helped since my art contains girls from 1-A, Bakugo, and Mineta… and since the stories are written to fit the pictures, avoiding these is not possible. I’ve released some art of Kendo on Patreon tho, and more to come of her if thats what you like.

Thank you for reading the story man and being invested in the characters, I look forward to your thoughts on future chapters

1 year ago
Reply to  Cornelius

I’m glad to be working on the series again, and I agree with a lot of what you said. There will be some drama, but no one will be getting “heartbroken” for lack of a better term. I don’t write that stuff. Namely because I hate it. I hope everyone enjoys this season, there’s gonna be some big story points throughout! If you can’t wait, consider joining my Patreon, certain tiers there get early access to my stories!