Busteez Nude Walk: Horny Housewife Edition

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The early afternoon sun hung high in the air as Hinata Uzumaki and Tsunade walked naked together along the sidewalk. A group of young men cheered as they walked by. Tsunade turned and waved to them, making sure that her huge tits wobbled from side to side. This only made the men cheer louder, one whistled and Hinata only blushed more at all the attention.


The two of them were nearly to the end of their route through the village. With only one other stop along the way for some sunscreen and water.


“I don’t know why you’re acting so embarrassed,” Tsunade said to her as they resumed their walk, “I’ve seen you dance on stage. And last night you masturbated in front of a huge crowd!”


“It’s different when I’m on stage is all…” Hinata said, “With all the lights, and the music, I lose myself in the moment.”


“Uh-huh,” Tsunade said with a nod, “Is that why you’re using that jutsu I taught you to look like your teenage self, albeit with a bigger ass?” she asked before giving Hinata’s wide butt a spank.


“EEP!!!” Hinata squeaked.


Tsunade laughed, “You’re really cute when you act all shy, you know that?” she said with a grin. “And I know it’s just an act.”


Hinata pouted, “Fine, but this is still kinda embarrassing. Even if it is for a good cause.”


“The Land of Waves took a lot of damage from that Tsunami recently” Tsunade said. “Even as Hokage, Naruto can only offer so much in funds to help rebuild. Now, if the Daimyo were to get involved, that’d be a different story.” Tsunade said as they walked down the sidewalk, the blonde woman shaking her hips erotically with every step, “This ‘Nude Walk Fundraiser’ was a great idea on his part. All we have to do is walk as far as the donors paid for without any clothes on. No different from working the club, we’re just outdoors.”


Hinata looked down at the ground at the mention of her husband and nodded, unable to argue with her point as she and Tsunade rounded a corner and stopped in front of another crowd of men. She put up a shy front again, covering her nipples and putting a hand in front of her shaved pussy, though having so many men watching her, cheering and whistling was starting to turn her on, she could already feel her pussy getting hot, and not from the ambient temperature. She licked her lips at the visible bulges in many of the men’s pants and moved her hand away from her crotch just a bit.


“Wooooo, show it baby!!!!” yelled one man.


“Show us them titties!” said another.


Still putting up her timid front, Hinata moved her arm, letting her illusionary shrunken tits hang free to much cheering and applause. She jiggled her chest, smiling as the crowd of men cheered before she and Tsunade moved on again.


They reached their final break point on their route a few minutes later. Sakura was waiting for them in a sexy nurse outfit with no panties in a skirt so short the folds of her pussy were totally visible. She’d set up a small area loaded with a table, water, sunscreen, and even a partition so the two of them could sit down for a few moments without anyone leering at them. Hinata watched wide-eyed as Tsunade downed a full liter of water in one go as she sat back in a folding lawn chair.


“Ahhh! I needed that,” Tsunade gasped, and then turned to look at Hinata, leaning her elbow on the armrest of her chair, “So, what’s going on between you and Naruto?” she asked.


“Hmmm? Trouble in paradise?” Sakura piped up as she applied a fresh coat of sunscreen to Hinata’s back.


“Did you two have a fight or something?” Tsunade asked as she opened up a second bottle of water.


“Huh, oh no! Nothing like that, it’s just…” Hinata sighed, “Naruto and I haven’t really gotten intimate since he became Hokage… Not even at the club or bathhouse…”


“Oh is that all?” Tsunade said with a chuckle, “He did just officially take over as Hokage recently. I’m sure he’s just worn out from backlogged paperwork.”


Sakura nodded as she knelt behind Hinata, her hands on her rounded ass, rubbing in the lotion a bit more thoroughly than she needed too. “I thought for a second you were gonna say he’s found another woman or something.” she said.


“That’s not what I’m worried about… I’m HORNY!!! I haven’t had a decent fuck in months! Those pervs that visit the club may as well have pencils between their legs, I hardly feel a thing!” Hinata yelled in a comical fashion, her fists clenched at her sides as she looked up at the sky, “Haaaaahhh! you two should both know, Naruto’s so big, just about everything else is tiny by comparison…” she said, trailing off when she looked down at the other two women, “What?” she asked, confused when she saw the shocked expression on their faces.


“Bwaahahahahaha…!!!” Tsunade burst laughing, “Jeez, you quiet ones…” she giggled, holding her sides, “Ooohhoo, it’s like something out of Jiraiya’s book… Haaahh…” she gasped, wiping tears from her eyes and trying to get her mirth under control.


“If it’s really that bad Hinata-san, I can have MY husband pay you a visit next time he’s in town.” Sakura said as she reached over to the small table she had set up and retrieved a magic marker.


“What, ah, no, that’s okay, thanks… your husband should spend his time home with Sarada-chan not me” Hinata said, “Um, Sakura-san, what are you…?” Hinata asked as she felt the pink haired woman writing on her ass with the marker.


“Oh, just having a little fun…” Sakura said with an impish grin. Hinata gave her a doubtful expression, but didn’t stop her as she more or less figured out what her friend was writing by feeling how the marker was moving.


“Ho…?” Tsunade said as she leaned over in her chair, “Not bad, can you do me next?” she asked.


“Sure, what do you want it to say?”


“Cum Dumpster.” Tsunade said with a wide grin.


Sakura raised her eyebrows, but did as the blonde asked once she’d finished writing ‘Horny Bitch’ on Hinata’s ass. Hinata downed a liter and a half of fresh water before she and Tsunade set out again. She could see the more developed part of the village now as they moved through the residential area in the last leg of their walk. They’d only come across a couple of men and a few women now. Hinata blushed, keenly aware of what was written on her ass as she and Tsunade walked along the sidewalk.


“Hey ladies!” said a friendly and familiar voice. Hinata smiled as Choji walked up to them, a bag of BBQ pork flavored chips in his hand, “Wohooo, looking good!” he said, giving them a thumbs up with his free hand.


“Thanks.” Hinata said, moving to strike a pose for her friend.


Next to her, Tsunade grinned, “Hmmm, hey Choji-kuuuun…” she said in a cutesy tone, walking up to the plump man and leaning against his arm, “Shizune-chan told me a fun story about a weekend she spent with you at the beach.” she said, touching a finger to her lips with one hand while the other traced up and down his arm. “She said you can make your dick as big as you want, is that true?”


Choji was visibly nervous, Hinata didn’t blame him, something about Tsunade trying to be cute and girly just wasn’t right. Choji fidgeted slightly, but nodded, and Tsunade grinned, “I have a fun idea, we still need some more money for the fundraiser, if you were to donate a bit more, you can fuck Hinata and me in that alley over there.” she said, gesturing to a small alley between two of the houses on their right.


Now Hinata blushed for real, “L… Lady Tsunade! We can’t, not outside the club…” she began, but Tsunade gave her a lecherous smile.


“Weren’t you the one screaming how horny you were just a few minutes ago? No one has to know, the walls around the houses there are pretty thick, and behind that dumpster will give us plenty of cover. Besides, I’ve always wanted to do it someplace dirty like this…” she said in a husky tone as she leaned against Choji more, hugging his arm between her heavy tits.


“Oh, is that you Hinata-san?” Choji asked, confused about her younger appearance.


Hinata gulped and looked down at the ground, then sighed, crossing her arms she said, “It’d have to be the same as a double booking at the club.”


“Easy.” Choji said. Tsunade laughed and pulled on his arm, leading him behind the large green dumpster in the alley, Hinata followed. Once out of view, Tsunade expertly undid the man’s belt and pulled down his pants. Hinata felt a swell of pity for Karui when she saw his wholly average penis; on its best day it would barely measure from her wrist to the tip of her middle finger.


Choji formed a quick series of hand seals, “How big?” he asked, completely serious.


Feeling doubtful, Hinata said without hesitation, “BIG, big enough to make an elephant jealous!” she told him.


The man grinned, “Super Expansion Jutsu!” he said, and a plume of smoke burst from his crotch. When it cleared Hinata felt her pussy drooling at the huge thing that greeted her! She immediately formed her own hand seal, dispersing her disguise and returning to her adult self; her tits ballooning out bigger than her head, her long hair becoming a short bob as she dropped to her knees and wrapped her tits around that huge, hard, cock!


“Wow, you really are horny!” Tsunade said with a giggle.


Hinata shot her a dark look as she rubbed her tits up and down Choji’s monster dick. Just looking at it was making her dizzy as she imagined this thing stuffing her pussy! She moaned as she licked at the underside of the tip, no way she’d fit this into her mouth without learning to unhinge her jaw.


Next to her, Tsunade knelt down and busied herself with massaging Choji’s thick balls while Hinata kissed and licked the tip all over as she continued rubbing her tits up and down the length. The smell was beginning to make her dizzy with desire as her pussy throbbed almost painfully. She nodded to herself as she let go of Choji’s cock and got up, leaning herself against the dumpster and presenting her ass to him.


“Ahhhnn, I can’t take it anymore!” she moaned, reaching her hands back to spread the lips of her dripping cunt wide, “Stuff that huge thing in me now!” she told him her tone almost pleading. She looked back at Choji, watching the way he grinned as Tsunade guided his cock to her pussy. Everything in Hinata’s vision went double as her eyes crossed when she felt just a few inches of Choji’s cock pushing inside her. The dark haired woman let out a low moan as her pussy gushed like a fountain, her entire body shaking in beautiful orgasm.


“The poor girl, cumming just from you putting it in…” Tsunade teased.


“Nah, I get that a lot.” Choji said with a grin as he pushed deeper, Hinata could feel her abdomen distending from the length and thickness as her pussy was stretched to the absolute limit!


“AHHHH FUUUUUCK!!!” she gasped, drooling now as she felt his massive balls smacking against her clit as he sank all the way inside. “YESSSS!! MORE!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK MY HOLE!!!” she tried to moan as quietly as she could but it was proving impossible with the huge rush of pleasure she was feeling with every massive inch invading her small pussy. She really wanted to scream in pleasure, but she hadn’t yet lost all sense of where she was. Choji chuckled and began thrusting into her. Hinata’s right hand moved to cover her lips to stifle her moans as her entire body seized with pleasure! She bucked back and forth against the side of the dumpster, her pussy bursting like a water balloon as she instantly lost count of her orgasms. Every motion of the man’s cock was making her cum; she could almost feel the veins throbbing along the shaft as she panted for breath.


By reflex, her Byakugan triggered, letting her see everything around her. She drooled onto her hand as she saw Tsunade squatting between them, her tongue licking at Choji’s huge balls as she thumbed Hinata’s clit. The blonde would occasionally lean her head up to lick her clit, making the dark haired milf cum even harder. Her hand gripped the edge of the dumpster tighter as she watched her stomach rise and fall with every in and out motion of the brown haired man’s monster cock.


“MMMMMHMMMMMHHHHH!!!…” Hinata moaned, barely able to think anymore as her knees shook. She was about to buckle entirely when a pair of inhumanly large hands grabbed her wide hips, Choji then held her like a life sized fuck doll, pounding into her harder with a wet sucking noise as Hinata panted harder.


“Oh FUCK!!!! SO GOOD!!!! MORE!!!! POUND MY SLUTTY BITCH PUSSY!!!!” she panted, completely lost in bliss as all her marital frustrations were released, “Fuck… cum… pussy… fuck… cum…” she babbled, no longer able to string words into a sentence.


Choji only chuckled, pumping her body back and forth on his cock like a living onahole. Hinata’s vision blurred slightly, then went white as her entire body went rigid with pleasure! When things cleared, she felt an emptiness inside as she found herself on the ground, leaning against the dumpster, a huge puddle of cum between her legs and her pussy gaping so wide she easily could have fit her fist inside herself and not touched the walls!


Across from her, Tsunade was on her knees, trying to keep Choji from pulling his pants back up, “WAIT!! What about my turn!?” she whined.


“Sorry, I’m good.” Choji said as he zipped his fly closed.


“WHY!? I know you can keep going!!! I wanna feel that thing inside me too!!!” Tsunade pleaded.


“Forget it,” Choji said. “I heard what you said about me when you had Shizune sub for you a few years ago. I booked you for that weekend, but you sent your assistant instead because of, oh how did she put it, my ‘pencil dick’.”


Tsunade turned pale and gulped, “Um, when… when did you hear that?” she chuckled nervously.


“That night, after we went at it on the beach for a couple hours. I treated the girls to some drinks at a nearby beach bar and grill. Shizune had something called a Mai tai, and was plastered after one drink. Lemme see, how did she put it,” Choji said as she tapped his chin in thought before speaking in a convincing impersonation of Shizune’s voice, “‘I’hm ghlad dat bish push me onto thish job. You todally ain’t ghot no penshil dick, that thing ish a beasht, besht I ever had…’ Or something like that. Girl really can’t hold her liquor.”


He finished latching his belt and pulled a huge wad of bills from one pocket. He tossed it on Hinata, the bills rained down on her sexually satisfied body, “My added donation.” he said then gave them a curt wave, “See you ladies! we’ll do this again soon!” he told them as he walked out of the alley and out of sight.


Tsunade brought her fist down on the pavement, the surface cracking in a spider web pattern around her for several feet, “DAMNIT SHIZUNE!!” she grumbled, “Had I known about that jutsu I’d have been there in a heartbeat!”


“La… ‘Nade…” Hinata mumbled her voice still weak.


Tsunade’s ire melted from her face, replaced by a mild amusement, “You’re cute when you get all slutty, you know that?” she asked as she moved to help the mother of two to her feet, “Come on, Temari lives close by, we’ll get you cleaned up there and meet Sakura at the finish line.”


“O…kay…” Hinata panted softly, still barely able to think straight, but looking forward to the next time she saw Choji.

(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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