Busteez Fuck and Feed

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The Agency was loud as per usual as Izuku walked in from the front entryway. Tiger was bouncing the entrance again, keeping out the common riffraff that had been trying to get in as of late. In the few weeks since the grand opening, Izuku had become something of a regular. Not because he wanted sex, though that was a nice perk, but because his mother worked the bar and kitchen most nights. And her cooking had only improved with the full restaurant kitchen Midnight provided her with.


The meals at the dorms were good, but he liked his mother’s “home cooked” meals better. As did Ochaco, though she wasn’t with him tonight. Must be rough for girls, having regular health issues every few weeks.


“Hihi Izukuuuu, welcome back, nyah!!!” said Pixie-Bob as she bounced up to him. She was dressed in her usual agency outfit of a blue thong with a cat’s tail butt plug, matching pasties that didn’t really cover the nipples of her massive tits, and oversized cat paw boots and gloves. New though was a white collar with a spherical bell hanging off the front. It barely jingled with her motions as she draped her arms over his shoulders and pressed those big tits against his back.


“Uh, um, hi…” he began, but the blonde gave him a sharp look, “Uh, hihi Ryuko!” he corrected. She insisted he use that overly cutesy greeting with her as well as call her by name. He still hadn’t booked any sessions with her, so he didn’t understand why she wanted to be so friendly, not that he really minded. She was still a member of a famous Hero Team.


She kissed his cheek, “Come by for some of Inko’s cooking again?” she asked as she walked with him towards the bar area, “I don’t blame you, her cooking reminds me of my mom’s too!”


“Oh? I’ll be sure to tell her.” he said, trying to keep the conversation light even as he felt her rubbing her tits against his back more as she hugged herself against him and made a soft purring noise.


“Want some company with your dinner, nyah?” she asked sweetly, “I’m free tonight,” she said, then leaned in close, “You can eat off my belly if you want…” she whispered.


“I uhh… That’s, that’s okay I…” Izuku stammered before he felt Pixie-Bob pulling away.


“Beat it kitty cat, go be in heat somewhere else.” said Mitsuki Bakugo as she yanked the other blonde off him and pushed her away.


“Rawr, you always hog all the big ones Mitsuki-chan!!!” Pixie-Bob growled, baring the claws out of her gloves.


“Then hit on my son, he needs a girlfriend anyway, might cool his head a bit.” Mitsuki said, staring down the other woman with her deep red eyes.


“Nyah… No fair…” Pixie-Bob mewled as she backed down, her tail drooping slightly as she wandered off.


“I swear that girl is always in heat.” said Mitsuki as she moved over to Izuku and smiled, “Sorry about that.”


“No, it’s…” he trailed off when he saw the older womans outfit, his eyes going wide.


“Heheh, you like it? They finally delivered it today.” Mitsuki said as she spun around for him. She was dressed in a lavender colored jacket that she wore over a three sizes too small white tank top shirt that left most of the undersides of her breasts exposed. The words MEGA MILF on the front, with MEGA over the MILF. For a bottom Mitsuki had on a leather micro-skirt under which she wore a bright red thong with a crotch and bit deep into the folds of her pussy. A pair of white thigh high stockings covered her legs and the look was finished with a pair of fuck me pump heels that matched the color of her panties.


Izuku gulped, “It’s… Ahhh… It’s really…” he began, then finished quietly, “Hot.”


“Oh such a good boy!!!!” Mitsuki gushed, hugging him close and pressing his face into her tits. “Come on, I bet you’re hungry. Inko’s working the kitchen as usual, and I think she’s making that curry over rice dish tonight.” she told him as she walked him towards the bar, her arm around his shoulder, keeping his head pressed against her right tit.


“Inko-chaaaan, guess who’s here!?” Mitsuki called back, using an overly sweet voice. She helped Izuku onto one of the stools lining the bar and stood behind him as his mother came out.


“Hi Izuku, how was school today?” she asked him as she dried her hands on a dishrag.


There was something so very wrong with her asking that here, but he smiled all the same, genuinely happy to see his mother. “The usual, though the next sports fest is a couple months away, I’m really looking forward to that.”


“Heh! I’m sure you’ll do way better this year.” Mitsuki said as she leaned against his back and moved a hand to stroke the still throbbing bulge going down one pant leg, “Just don’t get this hurt ‘kay?” she whispered hotly into his ear before licking the edge softly, making him shudder at the feel of her tongue against his skin.


“Well, just gimme a few more minutes and I’ll have a nice dinner ready for you.” Inko said with a smile. “Mitsuki, can you take him to one of the tables? Happy hour will be starting soon and the bar is gonna get really crowded.”


Mitsuki nodded to his mother, “I know just the one.”


“Uh, this really isn’t necessary,” Izuku tried to say as Mitsuki escorted him through the Agency’s main floor. She took him down a short flight of steps to the area surrounding the main stage. In this area there were a number of table each with their own dancers pole and all with a clear to very good view of the main stage where he spotted Mt. Lady doing a new dance routine where she grinded her bare pussy against the bright silver pole, her face in a lewd expression as she panted, her breasts heaving with her motions. The crowd around the stage was eating it up, tossing high denomination bills all over the place.


“I know the crowd loves it, but I hate when she does that dance,” Mitsuki said, “We need to sanitize the pole between sets when she does that number.”


“Oh really,” Izuku said with a nervous chuckle, “That does sound inconvenient.”


Mitsuki nodded and led him to one of the booths where she gently pushed him into the soft padded seat. She then stood in front of him, her hands on her outer thighs as she began slowly dancing for him. He gulped and looked around rapidly, if Kacchan was here, it’d be bad! He only saw Kamui Woods and Death Arms at another booth, booth cheering Mt. Lady on as she continued her erotic dance routine. His eyes glanced past Mitsuki and spotted a couple of odd posters. One posted a list of sex acts followed by costs; the other looked like it was placed up more recently. It showed a big dick with a discount written over it, and at the bottom crudely written in purple and pink magic marker ‘Monster Cocks Fuck Free!’


When he glanced back to Mitsuki, she pulled up her top, exposing her huge tits, barely contained by a red bikini top. Holding her top up with her teeth, she reached behind herself and produced a long string of condoms. Smiling at Izuku, Mitsuki promptly tossed the condoms into a nearby trash can as she undid her bikini top, exposing those huge tits completely!


“Ahhha… Mi… Mitsuki-san…” he began, only to cause her to lose her micro-skirt and bikini bottoms just as quickly. Izuku grit his teeth at the feel of his cock straining against his pant leg and tried to look elsewhere, but no matter where he looked there was naked female flesh on open display!


“Yu really need to learn to relax Izuku dear,” Mitsuki purred as she dropped to her knees and smiled up at him, “This is a place for men like you to indulge in their, baser needs…” she told him as she began kissing her way along the swell in his pant leg.


“And women like me…” she added in a husky voice, “Mmmmmh, we just looove helping men like you indulge in those needs…” she breathed as she deftly undid his belt and pants.


“Grub’s on, gero!” said a welcome voice as Tsuyu walked into view on his right.


Izuku was intensely happy to see her, until he felt his nose starting to bleed slightly at the green haired girls outfit, or lack thereof! All Tsuyu had on was a small white waist apron that didn’t even cover her clean shaven pussy. She had her tits expanded to their limit, and without even pasties to cover her cherry blossom pink nipples. She held a steaming plate of rice and curry with what looked like a pork cutlet on it as well in her right hand. In the left she had a silver cup with the Busteez Logo printed on the side. Given the majority of customers with super strength, most of the cups in the Agency were made of a toughed steel alloy that was hard to crush if someone got too excited.


“Oh, uhhh, hi Tsu, I didn’t know you were working today…”


“I came right after class, though I won’t be here a full shift.” Tsuyu explained as she sat down, “I brought out your dinner because your mom’s busy with happy hour.”


“Oh, ummmmh… Tha… thanks…” Izuku stammered as Mitsuki managed to free his cock and began slowly licking his balls as her small hands caressed his length.


“Gero, gero…” Tsuyu giggled, “I think I should feed you, you might make a mess in your current state.”


Izuku was hardly in a position to argue as Mitsuki ignored Tsuyu completely, moving to wrap her naked tits around his cock as she kissed and licked the tip. He looked down just in time to see her ruby painted lips wrapping around the wide tip and taking the entire head of his cock into her warm wet mouth.


“Mmmmmmmmph…” Mitsuki cooed happily.


Meanwhile, Tsuyu sat down next to him, sliding in close as she sat the plate and cup down on one of the tiny tables in the booth. Instead of a full table for those seated here, the booths here all sported smaller tables affixed to the bottom of the seat where trays, plates and glasses could be set, but not get in the way of the girls servicing the clients. Tsuyu used a spoon to scoop up a small bite of food, she blew on it gently before leaning in and offering the spoon to him.


“Say ahhh…” she said, her face blushing slightly.


“Hmmhmm… Sho cewt…” Mitsuki slurred as she began taking more of his cock into her mouth, her lips making a lewd slurping noise every time she pulled her head back up. The feeling of his cock sliding down her tight wet throat made it hard to focus his thoughts as Izuku just opened his mouth wide for Tsuyu. She gently placed the spoon in his mouth and he closed his lips around it before she pulled it back. The curry was the sweet and spicy kind, not the make you breathe fire kind. A minor relief.


“Mmmmh… It’sh good…” Izuku said as he chewed slowly.


“Really!?” Tsuyu asked excitedly.


He finished chewing and swallowing before replying, “Yeah,” he said with a nod, “It’s like what mom usually makes, but a little different, but it tastes great.”


Tsuyu gave him a smile as she got another bite ready, “I… I’m really glad you like it. Here, try some more.” she said quietly.


“Hang on, Tsu, you’re really red right now, are you-u o-okay?” he asked her as Mitsuki took more of his cock into her mouth, her throat bulging as his length slipped down her tight throat.


“I’m f… Fine… I’m just… Glad you like it…” she said, looking away slightly.


“Tsu, did you cook this?” he asked, putting two and two together.


She gave a weak nod, “I’ve been taking lessons from your mom, her food is really popular, and I wanted to help her out a little in the kitchen and…” she trailed off as she offered up another spoonful to him.


Beneath them, Mitsuki giggled around his cock, though it sounded like a gurgling noise as she moved her head back and forth faster now, her lips dragging along his cock. He tried not to think about it as he accepted the spoon-fed meal. Tsu’s cooking really did taste like his mothers, though just slightly different, more flavorful. He groaned softly as he swallowed down one bite as Mitsuki lifted her head free to rub his cock against her face, looking up at him with lustful eyes as she licked the underside of his cock.


“Midoriya,” Tsuyu said, drawing his attention back to her, she tapped the side of her own mouth, “You’ve got… You know, nevermind. Gero!” she said, lashing out with her tongue and gently dabbing the left corner of his mouth, drawing her tongue back in with a tiny bit of rice on the tip. She then briefly chewed the tiny bit of food and swallowed.


Izuku tried to speak, but his words stuck in his throat as Mitsuki took his cock back into her warm wet mouth, “Mmmmmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” she moaned around his length as she slurped and sucked as loudly as she could while being sure to press her tongue against the underside of his cock.


“Hmmm, she’s really good at that, gero.” Tsuyu said as she glanced down at the blonde.


“Yes…” Izuku groaned in agreement, leaning his head back as she began bobbing her head faster again. Tsuyu took that moment to move to straddle his lap, her naked pussy rubbing against the base of his cock and her tits filling his field of view.


“Here, just look at me.” she told him as she continued serving his meal while grinding herself against him. It was so strange, being spoon fed by Tsuyu as she rubbed herself against his cock, and at the same time Mitsuki was sucking his dick expertly. At some point Tsuyu had moved his hands to her waist. Her skin was warm and soft, it felt nice to touch as his hands instinctively moved to grope her rounded ass cheeks.


“Gero…” Tsuyu gulped quietly as she finished serving his meal and pulled his face into her huge tits. She smelled nice, a forest-y scent that filled his nose as Mitsuki continued moving her head back and forth. He inhaled deeply as he squeezed her soft ass again, closing his eyes and letting himself get lost in the moment. For a moment, he was back on that beach, naked with her as they snuggled together for warmth under a starry sky.


“Gero… Gerrroooo…” Tsuyu moaned, and Izuku snapped back to the present.


“Mmmmmmmh, I love this feeling Midoriya…. Don’t stop gerooo…” Tsuyu moaned as he looked down to see his cock buried deep inside her now. In the distance, he spotted Mitsuki walking away, a sly smile on her face as she gave him a tiny wave.


‘When did we…?’ he began to think, but lost the thought when Tsuyu bucked her hips against him, stirring his cock inside her pussy and making her already distended belly stretch even more! Her pussy felt so nice, so warm, and wet, and tight, and soft all at once. When he looked up at her she pressed her face down against his, their lips met and he felt her tongue sliding down his throat. He knew from experience that he needed to relax when she did that.


Closing his eyes again, Izuku kissed her back as best he could. Though a tiny part of him felt like he was cheating on Ochaco. Even as her words echoed in his mind, ‘Anything with other girls’ is fine so long as it’s in the Agency or at an Agency function, I’m okay with it then.‘ she had told him.


Besides, he’d been with Tsuyu plenty of times before Ochaco snuck him into her room. ‘Why shouldn’t I enjoy this…?‘ he asked himself as he began moving his hips with hers, loving the way she moaned into his mouth. Her arms wrapped around him, hugging him tight as she rocked her hips faster.


“Mmmmmmmh, Midoriyaaaaa… Don’t stop… Mmmmmh, make me cum gerooooo… Make me cum on your big hard coooock…” she moaned.


“Mmmmmmh… Suu-shan…” he slurred around her tongue as he moved his scarred hand up to grab her breast. His fingers sank deep into the soft squishy flesh, her big pink nipple poking out between his fingers.


“Geerrooo… Gerrroooo…” Tsuyu moaned, and he felt her pussy tightening around his cock as liquid warmth washed over his lap. The heady scent of her juices filled his senses as he pushed his cock all the way into her as he began cumming hard.


“GEROOOOO…!” she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and hugging herself against him tight. Izuku could hear his cum filling her womb as her stomach swelled slightly.


“Mmmmmh, so fuuuulll gero…” Tsu moaned, her voice sounding dazed as she pulled her tongue back slowly. She stayed on top of his for a long while before gently lifting herself free. Both of them instantly regretted it as her gaping pussy instantly spilled his cum back onto his lap.


The two of them were silent for a moment, but Izuku laughed, “I guess I should expect that to happen more often now huh?” he asked as he rubbed the back of his head.


Tsuyu apologized and told him to wait there. Apparently Busteez had planned for this exact scenario! And kept a supply of fresh men’s clothes on hand. She returned a few moments later with a fresh pair of blue jeans with the Busteez logo going down the right leg as well as some basic black boxers.


“Guess I should go change, thanks Tsu.” he told her as he got up after closing his cum soaked pants as best he could. “Oh and, you should try cooking at the dorms too, if we had food like yours, I wouldn’t have to come here as much for a nice meal.”


She gulped, “‘Kaay…” she said, sounding strangely nervous. He put it up to her being embarrassed about having made a mess on his clothes, though that was as much his own fault as hers. More so even.



Tsuyu watched as Midoriya left for one of the bathrooms to change, her heart still racing inside her chest. “He liked my cooking, gero…” she said to herself as she took a moment to clean the mess in the booth. She had been really surprised when Mitsuki moved her to push Midoriya’s cock inside her, but she didn’t reject the idea either. The booth cleaned, Tsuyu went back to the kitchen carrying the empty plate and cup.


Midoriya’s mother Inko was still at the bar serving drinks. She waved at Tsuyu as the green haired girl walked past. Tsuyu nodded back to her and went into the kitchen where she deposited the dishes in the sink.


“Have fun?” asked a voice. Tsuyu turned to see Mitsuki standing behind her, freshly redressed as MegaMilf. What a stupid name, but she’d heard far worse. Many of Bakugo’s original super hero names came to mind; maybe he got that from her?


“Yeah, thanks for that.” she answered honestly.


The blonde shrugged, “You’ve been eyeing him for a while now, figured I’d give you a little help since the opportunity was so ripe. You have a really cute ass by the way.”


“Gero!” Tsuyu gulped, feeling her face heat up, “Am I really that obvious…?” she asked dejectedly.


“Only to other women. That poor boy you’ve got your eyes on is totally clueless and will likely remain that way unless you tell him.”


Tsuyu hung her head, “I, I can’t…” she said, “He’s with Uraraka-chan now and…” she trailed off when she felt Mitsuki’s hand on her shoulder.


“Did he put a ring on her?” Mitsuki asked plainly. Tsuyu shook her head, “Then what’s the problem. Trust me when I say good men are very hard to come by, you find one, you gotta fight tooth and nail to get him!” she told her, pumping the fist of her free hand.


“I’ll tell you what, take off early,” Mitsuki told her as she began ushering her towards the dressing room, “He probably hasn’t left yet, so why don’t you walk back with him, get close, hold hands, or be even bolder. I’ve seen your taste in swimwear, so that shouldn’t be an issue for you!” she said before pushing her into the women’s dressing room and slamming the door shut. A less than subtle way of saying she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.


Sighing softly, Tsuyu began to get dressed in her regular school uniform which is what she came to work in. She didn’t see what her taste in swimsuits had to do with anything; she wore them because she thought they were cute. Though she did enjoy the way some of the boys looked at her in them, even pervy Mineta. Once dressed, she headed out for the main entrance just in time to catch Midoriya.


“Midoriya!” she called out to him as he ascended the stairs towards the exit. She hopped once, closing the distance and landing next to him. “I was… Gero…” she stalled, her words catching in her throat as he made eye contact and her heart began racing again.


“Tsu?” he asked, “Is something wrong?”




“Silly me,” Mitsuki said as she appeared from seemingly nowhere, “I promised to give Tsuyu a ride back, but I forgot about a pre-booked session with Endeavor.” she told him, and then looked towards the back of the Agency main floor. Tsuyu followed her gaze and spotted the Number One (by default) hero standing there, his head and shoulders in flames as usual. Tsuyu didn’t know he was even here; he normally liked to make his presence known.


Mitsuki waved to him and he gave a casual wave back to her.


“So do you mind making the trip back with her? I’d hate to send this cute little froggy out on her own at night.” Mitsuki said.


“Gero!” Tsuyu croaked softly.


“Sure I don’t mind,” Midoriya answered with a smile, “I was gonna grab a bus back to UA, that okay with you Tsu?” She nodded quietly and glanced back up at Mitsuki who grinned and gave her a discreet thumbs up before patting her ass as she sent her out the door with Midoriya.


The walk to the bus stop was quiet; Tsu felt her heart trying to leap out of her chest as she reached her hand several times to try and take Midoriya’s, but every time she just pulled her hand back. ‘What’s wrong with me…?‘ she wondered to herself as she looked over at Midoriya. She blinked twice when she saw he was blushing bright red.


“Midoriya, are you okay?” she asked him.


“Hmm! Oh, yeah, I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine, it’s not like I feel awkward about anything, honest!” she said in a rush.


The two of them stopped just outside the station, the only sound being a cricket chirping somewhere nearby. Tsuyu then snickered, followed by a laugh as she reached out and hugged him. “Don’t ever change Midoriya, gero.” she told him with a small smile before she kissed his cheek. She felt him trembling slightly; it was cute how he still got nervous when girls got close, even though the two of them had just had sex not fifteen minutes ago. Even now she could still feel him inside her, his huge cock stretching her to the limit.


“Listen,” she said, steeling her nerves as best she could, “About the other day at the dorm…” she began before thunder suddenly shook the very air.


“Huh, it wasn’t supposed to rain tonight.” said Midoriya.


“I, when I said I was wrong,” she continued, “I meant…” she stopped as the temperature around them dropped like a stone! “Gero…?” she murmured before the first few drops fell from the sky. Midoriya grabbed her waist and pulled her under the cover of the bus stop bench, but that did nothing against the sudden intense cold she felt. Her quirk let her do some amazing things, but it also came with a deathly weakness to cold! She could already feel herself getting drowsy as the rain began pouring down around them.


“Whoa whoa, this isn’t rain, it’s sleet!” she distantly heard Midoriya saying.


“Cold… Gero…” Tsuyu muttered as she felt her eyelids getting heavier by the second, “So sleepy…” Why was this happening!? She was just about to tell him how she felt, why did it have to get so cold all of a sudden?


“Tsu? Tsu! Hang on, don’t go to sleep!” she heard Midoriya yelling. Why was he being so loud? She was so tired, her eyelids felt like they had sandbags tied to them. She felt herself being lifted up as he took her in his arm.


“Heh, princess carry…” she giggled, feeling dizzy and loopy and oh so sleepy.


“Just hang on Tsu!” he told her as icy rain began stinging her face and the exposed areas of her arms. Were they, running? She couldn’t tell, but she did feel her jostling in his arms slightly.


“Gonna miss, the bus…” she murmured. Midoriya said something, but it was hard to hear his voice over the wind howling in her ears.


“Hmm, that’ll do!” Midoriya said. What, did he want to miss the bus? Maybe he wanted to be alone with her more! That wouldn’t be so bad, if only she wasn’t so sleepy. The edges of her vision began to darken as she heard the sound of something breaking. The stinging sensation of the rain on her skin suddenly stopped as her vision darkened, but not from her fading consciousness, but because they were somewhere dark. Midoriya set her down on a hard surface and she turned her head as much as she could, taking in their surroundings. It was still dark, but she could tell the walls were red, and the space itself was small.


“Come on; come on, ah, here!” Midoriya said, and Tsuyu wondered what he was so frustrated about. “Just hand in there Tsu, I’ll get a fire going!” he told her, “Times like this I wish Todoroki-san was here, that’d be a big help.”


“Shoto needs a girlfriend…” Tsuyu muttered, “Momo would make a good match if she didn’t like girls more…” she said aloud.


“Huh?” Midoriya said, blinking in confusion as he looked over at her. He was kneeling in front of something, there was already mostly burned wood stacked in front of him in a ladder pattern, like the kind some shrines used. She distantly recognized it as a shrine fire pit. In his hand she could see a pack of matches. He was already trying to strike one onto the remains of the firewood.


“Heheh… Momo likes Kyoka…” she said, closing her eyes slowly.


“Tsu, don’t fall asleep, TSU!” he shouted.


“Uhhnnn, so loud gero…” Tsuyu said. The room suddenly brightened as Midoriya got the remains of the shrine fire going. The light was dim, but it was warm. Midoriya came in close again and picked her up in his arms. He smelled good, she could still smell his sweat from earlier, feel the heat of his body.


“Mmmmh, warm…” she cooed as she felt him moving her around, but it was so hard to focus now. She just wanted to sleep, sleep sounded so nice, all her worries would just drift away…




“I’m up! Gero!” Tsuyu croaked as she found herself conscious again. The numbing cold was gone, as was the drowsiness that came with it. “Huh, wha… Where?” she asked, still confused.


“Oh thank god…” Midoriya said, sighing in relief. “I was afraid you’d gone into a full hibernation.”


Her mind slowly began to clear, and Tsuyu took in their surroundings. From the look of things, they were in a small shrine, one of those low rent tourist trap kind, complete with a ceremonial fire pit. The fire in the pit was already starting to die, but it still gave off a fair bit of heat in the enclosed space. The walls were all red, and in the low light she caught sight of a painting hung on the wall behind the depression where the fire pit was placed. Outside she could hear the wind howling still, that creepy moaning sound like in a bad horror movie. The sleeting rain splattered loudly against the walls of the shrine. She noticed that the doors were damaged as well; Midoriya must have kicked them in then used a heavy looking chair to brace them shut again.


If she wasn’t mistaken, it was Benzaiten, the goddess of Love and Luck. That would explain why everything was red. She looked around some more and saw something hung near the fire, it was her clothes! Tsuyu looked down at herself; first thing she noticed was that she was wrapped in a dark gray blanket that smelled like the inside of a linen closet. Second was that she was indeed naked!


More than that, Midoriya was naked with her under the blanket, his arms hugging her close. Tsuyu felt her face turning red.


“Please don’t be mad, I needed to get you warmed up as fast as I could. I remembered sharing body heat was best for that. I’m just glad I found this blanket in that cabinet over there.” he told her with a nod to his left. She followed his gaze and saw a small supply cabinet with the door open. There wasn’t much inside aside from a cardboard box she assumed the blanket was stored in, and a more ornate one with “LOVE TEST” etched into the side facing them.


Her finally fully conscious mind put everything together quickly enough. The sudden cold snap had started sending her into hibernation. Not good considering it was dangerous and difficult to wake her once that happened. One of the downsides of her quirk was going into hibernation from the cold. Her human physiology would then begin shutting down from hypothermia soon after. It was a rare condition where ones quirk could clash with their body in ways. But since it was only triggered by the temperature, she never really worried about it much. It wasn’t like how Midoriya’s quirk used to be for him. He was a textbook example of that rare condition since his manifested so late in life.


Midoriya had picked her up and taken her to the nearest shelter he could find. The Agency would have been too far away, and he couldn’t use his quirk to get them there faster as that would have just made things worse in this freezing rain. So he found them this shrine and started the firepit. He then stripped both of them and wrapped their bodies in this blanket to bring her core body heat back up before she could slip into a full hibernation.


“I… I don’t mind, I mean, you’ve seen me naked already a bunch of times!” she said in a rush.


“That’s true but,” he said with a nervous chuckle, “I still didn’t feel right stripping you when you were barely conscious.”


“It’s okay.” she said, turning her body towards him, welcoming the warmth he radiated, “You saved me, thank you.” she said, resting her head on his shoulder.


“You’re welcome.” he said, “That storm came out of nowhere. And sleet, this time of year?”


“It’s a mystery.” she agreed as she moved to wrap her arms around him. He hugged her closer and she snuggled into him, “Gero…” she cooed happily. Midoriya saved her, he’d done so dozens of times, but, somehow this made her feel warm inside, warmer than the heat his body was giving her. Hugging him back, she nuzzled her face against his neck and shoulder.


“Mmmmmh, so warm gero…”


“Are you getting too hot?” he asked. She replied by smacking his forehead with her tongue.


“Please, can we stay like this for a while?” she asked softly.


“Huh, uh… Yeah… It’ll still be a while before our clothes finish drying, to say nothing about the storm outside.” he said as he reached a hand up to rub his forehead.


Tsuyu let herself enjoy his warmth, the firelight flickered as the fire slowly sputtered and crackled. It wouldn’t last much longer, but the shrine was already pretty warm, even if it died, it would be a couple hours after that before the cold seeped back inside. Even then they had this blanket and each other.


“Hey, Midoriya?” she asked after a few minutes.


“Hmm?” he replied.


“How… How do you feel about Ochaco?” she asked after a moment’s hesitation. She felt him beginning to tremble as he looked away, his cheeks turning red.


“Well, I… I, uh… Um… I really like her. maybe… even more than that… I don’t know… But I like spending time with her. She’s the first girl I ever felt comfortable talking with.” he explained, his blush fading slightly. “In fact, before I came to UA, I don’t think I ever really spoke to any girls, I’d just get so nervous I’d just stand there and nod like a fool.”


“Um, you kinda still do that sometimes.” she told him, then giggled at the look of defeat on his face. She shifted her weight slightly, loving the feel of his naked body against her own. He really smelled nice, even though they were both sweating slightly.


“And um, what about me?” she asked, looking downward and avoiding his eyes.


“Well, you’re really the first girl I’ve ever been with, and I’d feel comfortable saying you’re one of my best friends. I wouldn’t huddle naked in a shrine with just anyone.” he said, trying to laugh it off.


“Friends, gero…” she whispered to herself. She couldn’t deny it anymore. She was in love with him, but by her own actions she’d stuck herself in the ‘friend zone’. But if she told him now, what would that do? She liked being close to him, she didn’t want to complicate his life. And Ochaco, she was her friend too, it made her heart ache to think of possibly hurting her for her own selfish wants. Tsuyu shook her head inwardly, no she couldn’t do that to either of them.


Something wrong?” he asked.


“No, just trying to shake away the last of that chill.” she lied as she snugged against him again. “Gero…” she cooed as he hugged her tighter, his hands rubbing up and down her bare back slowly.


They stayed like that for she didn’t know how long. The only sounds were the crackle of the dying fire and the wind and rain outside, interrupted only by the occasional burst of thunder.


After a while, Midoriya spoke, “Tsu?”




“So um, what were you gonna say, before, at the bus stop?” he asked her.


She cuddled against him tighter, “Never mind,” she said, silently cursing herself, “Just hold me please, it’ll get colder when the fire goes out.”


He nodded and tightened his arms around her. Tsuyu suddenly wished she had one of those crono-quirks, so she could stop time in this moment forever…



The storm finally dispersed after several hours and the temperature outside rose just as quickly as it had dropped. Tsuyu was reluctant to leave the warm comfort of the blanket, and the warmth of Midoriya’s naked body against her own, but the other students would be worried by now. Midoriya tried several times to call out with his cell, but the signal in this area was terrible. As she got up on her feet, Tsuyu didn’t feel the least bit bashful about him seeing her naked as she recovered her dried clothes from where they had hung near the fire.


She smiled over at him as he looked away respectfully while she got dressed again. Once they were both fully clothed, Tsuyu took some money from her wallet and dropped it into the donation box. At the same time Midoriya wrote a note apologizing for the damage to the doors and then dropped some of his own money into the donation box.


The green haired girl finished folding the blanket and was putting it back when she saw the little love test box. It looked like a game of some kind. The lid of the box had two tiny rings set on top and a slit between them. There were instructions below the slit.


“Are you fated to be together? Test to find out, insert your pink finger into a ring and pull up.”


“Hey Midoriya, check this out.” Tsuyu called over to him as he placed the note under a small statue of the goddess the shrine was built to.


“Hmm, what is it Tsu?” he asked her when he walked over. Tsuyu reached out and grabbed his wrist.


“Just put your pinky in this ring.” she said. He complied and she slid her own into the opposing ring. “Now pull up.”


The two of them both raised their hands together, and a red thread rose up from the slit, connecting the rings together. There was a light snap and a new set of rings replaced the ones they withdrew. Tsuyu felt her heart racing inside her chest, connected, they were connected!!!


“Um, did we win something?” Midoriya asked, blinking his eyes in confusion. Tsuyu felt her cheeks blushing as she stared into his eyes for a brief moment, then smiled.


“Let’s go home, gero.” she told him.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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