Busteez Birthday Special!

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Walking up the steps to his apartment, Naruto Uzumaki yawned tiredly. He’d just gotten back from his last mission and he was utterly exhausted. He hated escort missions, even high priority ones, especially when nothing happened. After the 4th Shinobi World War, he garnered a reputation as being one of the most powerful ninjas alive. If there was even a hint of him being somewhere important, most enemies made sure to avoid him out of fear.


Worse than that though was Hinata was off on a mission of her own, so the two of them couldn’t even celebrate his birthday together! This was a shame because Hinata gave the best blowjobs. Just thinking of his girlfriend’s huge tits wrapped around his cock while she deepthroated the top half of his fat dick got him hard.


Walking down the hallway, he came to the door to his tiny apartment. He had thought of going down to Busteez, but even his position as next in line for Hokage wouldn’t get him passed the waiting line for Sakura who must be shaking her ass all over the stage by now.


Sighing, Naruto unlocked his door and walked in. He flipped the light switch next to the door and felt instantly dizzy as all the blood in his head rushed out his nose at the sight that greeted him.


“Happy Birthday from Busteez, Naruto-kun!” said Tenten and Samui as they stood in the middle of his living room. Both of them were buck naked save for some intricately wrapped ribbon around their sexy bodies. Samui leaned forward, showing off her heavy tits trussed up so tightly the ribbon dug deep into the mounds of soft flesh.


Next to her, Tenten wiggled her big ass equally trussed up like a holiday ham. Both women wore heavy make-up and looked that only served to enhance their sexiness as they jiggled amd shook themselves for him.


“Hinata-chan felt bad for missing your birthday.” Tenten explained.


“So she asked us to drop by and help you celebrate properly.” continued Samui.


“Do you like your presents?” asked Tenten, turning around to give Naruto a better view of her enormous ass.


“Feel free to unwrap us right away.” Samui added, moving to kneel down in front of the blonde man. She caressed the outline of his cock through his pant leg, “Mmmmmh, your girlfriend wasn’t joking around…” she purred as she deftly undid his pants, taking out his throbbing erection and rubbing her face against it like a cat in heat.


“Samui, we agreed I’d go first!” Tenten whined, “It’s no fair, you seducing him with those things!”


Samui ignored the brunette as she lifted her ribbon-bounded tits and slipped them around Naruto’s cock through the wrappings. Naruto let out a low groan as the tip of his dick peeked out from between the top of Samui’s huge knockers. He watched with a grin as she parted her yellow painted lips and took the top few inches of his erection into her warm and welcoming mouth.


Still pouting, Tenten came up beside Naruto, taking his hand in hers; she guided it to the bow holding her ribbon together. He smiled and pulled it loose, watching in delight as the red and green strip fell away from the girls’ naked flesh. He gave her soft tit a squeeze before moving to grip her fat ass with a loud spank.


“Mmmmmh!!!” Tenten squeaked, pressing her ass into his hand as she gave him a sloppy lewd kiss, their tongues slipping and sliding against one another’s.


“Don’t worry Tenten,” he said, finally finding his voice again, “I’ll fuck you first.” he told her before groaning as Samui bobbed her head up and down on his length as she kept the majority of it sandwitched between her big tits.


Hinata was such a good girlfriend; he’d have to thank her properly when she came back from her mission. But for now, he wanted to enjoy his present. “I hope you girls can handle me, because I can go all night!”


“Yay!” Samui and Tenten cheered.

Story by Sailor Io

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