Busteez Bi-Monthly Raikage Romp

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Reclining back in their chairs in the V.I.P. balcony overlooking the city, Tsunade moaned softly as she mashed her massive tits around the Raikage’s cock. She could still hardly believe she’d fit this huge thing inside her as the huge length slipped up and down between her massive tits. A groaned in pleasure as he watched her approvingly. Tsunade felt her pink painted lips quivering as she fought the desire to take that massive dick into her mouth. Their orders were very specific, tits only, they weren’t allowed to use anything else to make Raikage and his brother Bee cum. The two brothers were regulars at the Konoha Busteez now, coming here at least twice a month or more. Their very first visit at Busteez was too memorable to be a one-time arrangement.


Thinking of Bee, Tsunade turned to Samui who knelt next to her. The blonde was still fairly new to working here (having only been hired two weeks ago), but she’d adapted quite well, her gigantic tits fit nicely around Bee’s much thicker rod as she rocked her body up and down.


“Hot damn Samui, dem tig ole bitties feel so good… Ahhh…” Bee tried to rap, poorly. The Raikage’s younger brother then let out a low moan as Samui began moving her body differently, rubbing her tits up and down the Jinchuuriki’s torso. The bikini top struggled and failed to hold in the other blondes’ enormous chest, a fat pink nipple slipping free as she moaned in her own lust.


“Bee-sama, don’t talk…” Samui said, still moaning as she used her forearms to hold her tits around the other man’s dick.


“Mmmmmmmhuhhh…” was all he replied with.


“Hmm, wish I knew it was that easy to shut him up, I’d have opened a Busteez in the Hidden Cloud ages ago.” said the Raikage as he looked back down at Tsunade, licking his lips as he watched her eyeing his cock hungrily.


He stroked at the hairs of his dirty blonde beard, “You want that, don’t you Tsunade? You were a feared Hokage once, now, you’re just a cock hungry slut with giant cow tits.”


She couldn’t deny it, she loved working here, love having so many men ogle and desire her. It turned her on so much. If it wasn’t for the crucial need of her arms to hold her tits in place, she’d be fingering herself furiously right this instant. Even now she felt her juices running down her thighs as her tongue tried to reach out and take just a taste…


“Hmmmmpphh!!!!” Tsunade moaned, gagging slightly as A grabbed her hair by the pony tails and stuffed her face onto his cock and deep down her throat. The custom top with the holes for her nipples that she wore couldn’t handle the sudden shift in position, tearing along her cleavage with a loud riiip! Tsunade’s unnaturally large tits spilled out and around the Raikage’s hips as his cock sank into her throat. The blonde womans brown eyes rolled back in their sockets as she felt herself cumming from the blowjob alone.


“Hmmmmmmmh, yes, that’s it Tsunade, use those throat muscles, milk my cock for all you’re worth!” Raikage groaned as he furiously face fucked her.


Tsunade couldn’t reply, all she could do was moan and gag around the huge cock as the tip reached almost down to her stomach. Next to her, Samui gasped as her face was suddenly bathed in Bee’s thick cum. Tsunade felt a pang of jealousy at the sight. Bee must have been saving it all up since his last visit, as his spunk was thick like yogurt on the blondes face as she moaned relishly, rubbing his cock all over her face, smearing his fluids everywhere.


“Bee-sama…” Samui moaned, “Samui wants to have sex so badly now…”


Talking in the third person was a good tactic; it turned on a lot of customers to think the girls had lost their minds with lust. Not that it was far from the truth very often. Tsunade bobbed her head up and down as she watched Samui stand up, stripping off her bikini, top and bottom, before mounting Bee’s cock slowly. Tsunade didn’t know if it was to relish it, or if she was genuinely afraid it wouldn’t fit. Either way, it was clear the other blonde loved every second of this as she managed to get every inch inside with a loud moan. Bee buried himself inside her while playing with Samui’s giant tits as she bounced up and down on his lap; and Tsunade directed her focus back on the Raikage.


“Mmmmph!!!…mmmph!!!…mmmph!!!…” she moaned, making many lewd slurping noises as she deep throated the man’s length over and over until she felt his cum pouring right down her throat; which was stretched and expanded to accommodate the man’s enormous girth.


‘God I love this job!’ Tsunade thought as she came to another orgasm with the Raikage.


Later, when the brothers left, Tsunade emerged from the showers to find Samui and Tenten tying themselves up in ribbons.


“What’s all this?” she asked.


“Oh, Hinata’s still out on a mission, and Naruto will be coming back from his today. So she asked Samui and I to give him a birthday gift on her behalf.” explained Tenten as she checked her make-up in a mirror before helping Samui apply some of her own.


“Really Samui??? you’re going to serve Naruto after Bee?” she asked.


“It’s good training for my work here.” Samui replied matter-o-factly with a confident smirk.

Story by Sailor Io

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7 months ago

muy buena estan las tetas de tsunade y samui, tienes talento bro sigue asi