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Sakura loved the beach, the fresh salt air, golden sand, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. She would love to come here for just a family trip one day with Sasuke and Sarada. As it was now, she was here for her Busteez work. A mile long stretch of beach was blocked off from the public, allowing for her and the other girls to strut about naked.


“Mmmmmh, that sun feels nice…” said Tsunade who stood opposite Shizune who stood to Sakura’s right. The three of them emerged from the small changing tents that dotted one area of the beach. She, Shizune, Tsunade, and a number of the other Busteez girls would be working the beach all weekend for the clients who paid to be here.


The idea is related to a recent event in Konoha where a part of the village became the town of “Orgia”, this beach would be another such “Free Use Girls” location. “Free Use” in the meaning that any man could come up to any woman here employed by Busteez and have sex with her openly. Financially speaking, Sakura and everyone else were being WELL paid for this. Her week working as an Orgia slut more than paid off the loan for the house she kinda destroyed when she got a little upset with her daughter. And this weekend alone would easily pay for the new house she and her family occupied.


Sakura leaned back to look at Tsunade and Shizune’s bare asses. Each woman had what looked like a fresh tattoo just above her ass. Sakura remembered Ino calling it a ‘Tramp Stamp’. She was thankful it wasn’t permanent, just a special water and rub proof ink that would fade in a few weeks. Part of the theme for the beach was the girls were divided into groups of certain specialties (indicated by their tramp stamps). In Tsunade’s case, with her gigantic tits, was a Paizuri specialist or tit fucking. Though with those things, she could probably take more than a few normal sized men at once.


Shizune had become quite adept at taking it up her ass, which is why ANAL was written there just above her fat ass. The only one she knew who could do it better was Temari; likely she had the same tattoo herself.


Try as she might, Sakura couldn’t look at her own tattoo, though she already knew what it said. ‘BLOWJOBS’, her own little specialty, it took a lot of work to steal the title of Blowjob Queen from Anko, who could actually unhinge her jaw like a snake and take even Choji’s best expansion with ease.


Stretching her arms out wide, Sakura looked out over the beach. She saw things were already getting started. About a dozen yards away she spotted Rock Lee and Tenten. Sakura tried and failed to stifle a laugh as the pair closed in on them fast.


“Ahhhh~ So GOOD!!! HARDER LEE!! HARDEEEERRRR!!!” Tenten panted as she “ran” on her hands, her legs wrapped around Lee’s waist as she held her hip, pounding his cock in and out of her as they moved across the beach so fast they kicked up a sandy dust cloud behind them.


“Wow…” Shizune gasped.


“I think that move is called the ‘Wheelbarrow'” Tsunade said nonchalantly.


“Well, gotta give him points for inventive training methods.” Sakura said.


“I think he’s still bummed out from that loss at the Fuckfest some years back.” Shizune commented.


Sakura tapped her chin, her memories of that night were still a bit fuzzy, though thinking about how Naruto and the Raikage double plowed her got her pussy damp as she licked her lips. “Oh right, I think he went out in the first round, Hanabi made a crack about his training or something?”


Tsunade nodded, “Yep, he hasn’t participated since. Though I’d been with him a few times after that, he may not have much below the belt, but the boy does have some impressive stamina now.”


The three of them giggled as they continued walking down towards the water’s edge. Sakura smiled when she spotted Choji emerging from the water, already naked and sporting the beginnings of a tan on his usually pale skin. Her smile waned a bit when A, the former Raikage, emerged behind him. He was mostly naked as well, save for a beach towel with a cord that was tied around his neck and shoulder and draped over his left arm to hide the stump of his self-amputated limb.


‘Seriously,’ she thought, ‘I’ll never understand men, he refuses to have a new artificial limb grown for him for the sake of pride, and yet he hides the injury.’


“It’s a man thing dear; don’t bother trying to figure it out.” Tsunade said.


Sakura blushed, “Sorry, I didn’t realize I said that aloud…”


“You didn’t.” Tsunade said with a grin, “But your face is easy to read when it comes to A.” she told her, “Still upset with him calling us “whores”? Honestly Sakura, that was years ago, it was all in good fun. And besides, he WASN’T wrong!” She said as she gazed at Sakura’s tattoo.


“Hmmph,” Sakura huffed, “It’s the principal of the matter! He didn’t have to say such a thing.”


Tsunade giggled “Loosen up! you’re the only gal at Busteez that doesn’t allow that kind of dirty talk on the job. It scares our clients when you give them that death glare when they slip up!” she gave Sakura a slap on her big, firm ass. “As your teacher, I can tell you that dirty talk enhances the experience. Let the next guy you fuck after this call you everything they can think of. You’ll love it!”


Tsunade took off with a light jog, her massive tits bouncing with every step as she waved her arm at the pair. “A-san, Choji-kuun!!!” she called.


Sakura contemplated her words then chuckled. ‘The next guy huh….’she thought. She and Shizune followed after the blonde as Tsunade reached the pair and linked arms with A, pulling the beefy limb between her massive tits. Her forwardness had an immediate response from the dark skinned man, his thick cock swelling instantly. Tsunade giggled and traced her fingers along the length of the man’s cock.


“Oh my, is that for me?” she asked.


The former Raikage only chuckled as Tsunade began rubbing her naked body against him. Next to him, Choji’s cock was also standing at attention, already tweaked by his expansion technique, easily as long as A’s, but nearly double the thickness! Sakura felt her jaw ache in a good way as she pictured her mouth wrapping around that thing.


“Oooo, two big boys all for little old me?” she asked, touching a finger to her lips, trying to look bashful. Sakura would have giggled at the absurdity of it had Choji not simply offered a curt hello then turned away from the blonde and rushed passed her excitedly towards Shizune and herself.


Sakura raised an eyebrow at the quick scene. She didn’t have time to ponder it as Choji closed the distance and wrapped his arms around both Shizune and herself. Playing her part, Sakura turned into his embrace, rubbing her naked tits against his side. Shizune did the same and the three of them headed back to dry shore.


Once they were a few yards away from the water’s edge, Sakura smiled at Choji as she got down on her knees, his massive cock right in her face. She licked her lips as she gripped it in both hands, loving the solid feel of it as she lifted it up. Then she slowly brushed her tongue along the underside while holding his palm fruit sized balls in her hands.


“So,” she said as she moved to lick one side of his cock, enjoying the salty ocean taste left on it from his swim. “What’s going on with the Raikage?”


“Hmmm?” Choji asked, groaning softly as Sakura licked the other side of his dick while Shizune nibbled at his ear while moving his hand between her legs so he could feel how wet she was. “Oh, he just wanted to ask how my wife and daughter were doing.” he answered.


“Ahhh,” Sakura said, working her jaw muscles a bit, opening and closing her mouth several times and moving her jaw from side to side. “And how is Chocho? I haven’t seen her in a while.” she said before opening her mouth wide and taking his entire length down her throat in one smooth motion. She felt her neck stretching around his girth, letting out a moan of pleasure as it moved down her esophagus and nearly all the way to her stomach!


“Hhhhooooooh…” Choji shuddered, and Sakura could only imagine the goofy look on his face as she deepthroated his dick like it was nothing! She moved her head back and forth twice before he could answer, “She… is fine, Karuiii… Too…” he groaned.


“Mmmmph, datsh, guud…” Sakura slurred around his cock, loving the way it felt it her mouth. She moved her left hand down between her legs, stroking her clit as she rolled her hips against the air. It would be so nice if she got to suck something like this more often. Sasuke was off on another long term mission, Kakashi was nearly impotent, and Naruto was always so busy. Though there was ONE other huge dick in Konoha, one she discovered rather recently. She giggled to herself, moving her head back and forth faster, her lips making lewd slurping sounds along his cock as he shuddered and groaned in pleasure. ‘Hmmm, maybe I’ll pay him a visit at home later…’ she thoughts as she lifted her head free and moaned in open lust as she let his cock rub all over her face.


“Mmmmmh, Shizune-san, your turn.” she said with a smile as she gave Choji’s cock another long lick.


“Thank you Sakura-san…” Shizune said with a wide smile as she pulled away from Choji, moving to kneel on all fours, her ass in the air, “Mmmmmh, hurry Choji-sama, stuff that big beautiful cock inside my ass!” she cooed, and Sakura suppressed a laugh, Shizune wasn’t as good with slut talk as Tsunade or herself, but she was getting better. She knelt next to Choji, gripping his cock and guiding it inside Shizune’s twitching asshole.


“AAAAAHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she squealed as her asshole was spread wide. Sakura smiled as she watched Choji’s cock vanish inside her friends’ ass. “AHHHIIII!!!!! SO BIG!!! SO BIIGGG!!! SO BIIGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!” Shizune screamed, rocking her entire body back and forth as Choji began thrusting into her with a grunt.


“Heh, I like the tattoo.” he commented as he pounded into her over and over, making her big ass jiggle with every impact.


“Thaaa… Thaaaaahhhiiiiiink youuuuuuuu…” Shizune moaned, leaning on her elbows now and panting for every breath. Sakura grinned and leaned down next to her, Shizune’s face was right out of a bad adult comic, her eyes crossed, tongue lolling from her lips and tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.


“Shizune-san you’re a bigger slut than I am.” Sakura said as she lifted the womans head up and pressed her mouth to Shizune’s lips. She made sure Choji got a good view of their tongue mingling as he began pounding into Shizune even harder. The pink haired woman then glanced off in the distance just in time to see Tsunade getting a face full of thick cum from A’s huge dick as she let her tits fall away from his length. The blonde woman let out a low lewd moan as she used a single finger to squeegee the thick white fluid into her mouth where she leaned her head back and swallowed, her throat bobbing just slightly.


The older woman then stood up, pressing her lips to A’s as he reached his right hand down and grabbed her leg. Sakura had no idea Tsunade could be so limber with those giant tits of hers as she nearly did a full standing splits, her knee hooking around the Raikage’s elbow as he stuffed his still hard cock inside her pussy in a single thrust!


“A-samaaaaaaa!” Tsunade moaned, bucking her hips into his thrusts, her own wide sexy ass rippled with their movements. While all the girls had their specialties marked on their backs like menus, there was no rule saying they couldn’t do other things, a loophole Tsunade was exploiting to her own delight. Sakura watched with open jealousy as her mentor’s eyes rolled back and she let out a loud moan.


“YESSS!!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!! OH SO GOOOOOOD!!!! HARDER!! HARDEEERRR!!!” she heard Tsunade cry as A pounded into her. Sakura grinned and counted back from three on one hand.


“AAHHHHAAAAAAA!!!! TOO MUUUUCH!!! AHHH!!! I’M DYING!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!! I’M GONNA DIE!!! I’M GONNA DIIIIIIE!!!!” she screamed, though the look of her face was anything but fearful.


“Hmmm, you always say that, Tsunade-HIME,” A said, the ‘Princess’ portion said with a more mocking tone, “But the way you’re moving your body says otherwise!” he said as he lifted his right arm, spinning Tsunade like a top on his cock, rolling her around so that she was facing away from him. Sakura then gasped as he moved his other arm out from under the towel, revealing a gold bandaged wrapped artificial arm, which he used with his good arm, to grab Tsunade by her legs and lift her up like a ragdoll with her back to his chest.


Sakura watched wide-eyed as the Raikage held Tsunade aloft, his cock slamming into her over and over, making her stomach tent slightly when it went all the way inside her. Tsunade could only moan as she hung cross-eyed in his arms, her huge tits bouncing in nearly hypnotic alternating circles. Her mouth was open in a silent scream of pleasure as her tongue hung from her lips as she panted like a bitch in heat.


Chewing her lower lip, Sakura watched as Tsunade was bounced up and down on the Raikage’s huge dick. She admitted she was a bit jealous, Choji was hung like a horse when he wanted, but A, Sasuke, Naruto, and her little discovery, they all had it on their own. She forced herself to look away from Tsunade, turning her attention back to Shizune. Breaking the kiss just as Choji pulled his huge dick from her ass. Liquid warmth splashed against Sakura’s face as Choji came hard. His cum soaking the pink haired womans face, Shizune’s hair and her back. Sakura let out a low moan as she rubbed the thick load into her skin. An added bonus to being a master of blowjobs, she found out the old myth about a man’s cum was true, she hadn’t needed to use any skin cream since before Sarada was born.


“Ahhhh, that was great ladies, who wants a smoothie, my treat.” Choji said as he stood up again, leaving Shizune lying in the sand, her ass in the air with her asshole gaping wide. Sakura raised her eyebrows and moved to kneel beside her. Holding her hand out, it started to glow a vibrant green. “That should ease the soreness for the next couple of weeks!” she said with a smile.


“You okay Shizune-san?” she asked, withdrawing her hand.


“Ahhhh…hiiiiii…” was the dark haired womans only reply.


“She’s good, now, what was this about a smoothie?” Sakura asked as she got up.


“I know a good place that’s in the rented area of the beach. Should still be open.” Choji said, draping his arm around her as they started walking up the beach, leaving Shizune behind.


“So what’s going on between you and Tsunade-sama?” Sakura asked as they walked.


“Hmm? Oh that, it’s nothing, just a little payback for something she said a ways back. I’m not really mad, but I think I’ll let her stew on it a little longer.” Choji said.


“Really? What’d she say?” Sakura asked, genuinely curious now.


“Oh right, you were passed out drunk by then,” he said, and then told her about that weekend at the beach not long after she started working at Busteez. Sakura burst out laughing at his impression of Shizune’s drunk speak. She did remember drinking after that first little five-some on the beach. And passing out after her fourth shot of something called tequila, a drink she’d never touch again, stuff gave her the worst hangover she’d ever had.


“I’m sure she’s sorry.” she told him.


“I know she is, but like I said, let her stew on it a bit longer, then I’ll let her have a taste. Though I’m not sure how much I should let her have. Hinata nearly got addicted a while back. Things changed after she got back from that second honeymoon with Naruto though, so that was a relief.”


Sakura nodded, she remembered, for a bit, Hinata was double booking appointments at the club. Then after that mess with the Hotdogging Challenge and the Raikage, Hinata dialed back her work at the club, more than likely needing time to recover from the orgasmic trauma he’d given her. Sakura was ashamed to admit it, but she wondered how all that must’ve felt. Though it seemed A was reluctant to use those Suzu-something techniques on anyone in the time since then.


“Sakura-san?” Choji asked, bringing the pink haired woman back to the present.


“Oh, sorry, spaced out for a bit there. Come on, let’s grab that smoothie!”


“Now you’re talking!” Choji agreed.

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