Busteez Bathtime Bang

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Nestled just outside the residential district where mostly singles lived, Sakura sat quietly behind the counter of the Busteez Bathhouse. It was the middle of the week, so she assumed that was why it was much quieter than usual. She’d only ever done a handful of shifts here, so the pink haired woman really didn’t have a good feel for the weekly routine.


She was certain of one thing though, she was BORED! She wished she was still at the new club, at least there she’d either be dancing or working the DJ booth.


The night was already halfway finished, and she hadn’t had a single client to tend to. And now she was feeling so horny, she was ready to start masturbating right there at the greeting desk! She smirked at that realization, thinking that might actually pull in a few customers. She was seriously beginning to consider it when the door chime jingled. Sakura gasped as she saw Naruto, A, and Kakashi enter.


“Na… Naruto!” Sakura exclaimed, feeling her heart beat a little faster as she tried to keep her eyes above his waist. She then gasped sharply as she remembered she was on duty and straightened. Bowing to the trio, “Welcome to Busteez Public Baths, how can I make your evening more enjoyable?”


“Oh hey Sakura-chan, I didn’t know you were on duty tonight.” Naruto said, waving to her with his ever bandaged artificial hand.


A vein swelled in the pink haired girls forehead, “Um, just how often do you come here?” she asked.


The blonde gave her a wide grin, “Oh not too often, two, sometimes three nights a week, whenever I’m not staying with Hinata since her house has its own bath. This place is only a few blocks from my apartment. And I’ve been coming here since before Kakashi-sensei bought it as an extension of the club.”


“Ahem.” Kakashi coughed interruptingly.


Sakura straightened again and smiled at the three of them, “Will you gentlemen be wanting the basic or Special Service baths this evening?”


“Special Service.” the three said in unison and completely matter-o-factly.


“Wonderful, our Special Services girls tonight are Lady Tsunade, Shizune, and of course myself.” Sakura said, looking to Naruto and licking her lips sensually.


The Raikage took off his hat and headed to the door on Sakura’s left, originally it was the Women’s Bath area, but now it was Special Services, while the Men’s area was a basic bath now with mixed bathing. Needless to say it wasn’t as popular. “Tsunade’s mine, you two can flip a coin on the other two for all I care.” he said, and then Sakura heard him mutter under his breath, “Woman’s the only one who can take all of me without fainting and that other one screams too much…”


The vein on Sakura’s head throbbed again, ‘That happened ONE time,’ she thought, though she didn’t really want to serve him anyway. Sakura still didn’t forgive him for calling her a whore way back when she first serviced his entourage, true as it might be. Kakashi handed her his V.I.P. pass as he walked by, telling her to place tonight on his account before following the Raikage. She guessed the three of them were unwinding after some kind of meeting. Kakashi was really grooming Naruto to take his place as the seventh Hokage, having him attend all the boring meetings and everything. She was so happy for him.


Sakura smiled as she did a quick bit of paperwork before hopping down from the greeting desk. She wrapped her arms around Naruto’s arm, “I guess that means you get me all to yourself.” she said cheerfully, thinking inwardly, ‘Oh hell yeah!! that dicks all mine tonight!!! no Hinata to get in the way!!!’


Naruto smiled at her as they walked back to the Special Services room together. She heard more customers coming and then saw someone take her place at the greeting desk as the partition curtain closed behind them. “So,” she probed, “Kage meeting, or mission, or…?”


“Kage meeting for a joint mission.” Naruto told her, “Nothing serious, but some bandits have been attacking trade routes in the lands of Fire and Lightning, and witness reports have started showing that they might both be the same group.”


Sakura nodded, pretty basic stuff, but hey, it was his dream. They entered the changing area together, and Sakura spotted Shizune and Tsunade, both stark naked and already “servicing” the other two men, helping them out of their clothes as they rubbed up against them like cats in heat. Sakura gulped as she saw Tsunade pull the Raikage’s cock out of his pants, rubbing it against her face as she gingerly fondled his balls. The dark skinned man groaned in pleasure as Tsunade then took his entire length down her skilled throat, her neck bulging slightly from his thickness.


“Oh yeah, that’s it…” A groaned, grabbing Tsunade’s twin tails like a pair of handle bars and forcing her to keep his length down her throat. Tsunade made a gurgled choking noise, but Sakura knew she was just putting on a show.


She led Naruto over to one of the unoccupied benches, spying Shizune along the way. She felt a wave of pity for her friend and colleague, Kakashi sensei was rapidly becoming one of the most difficult men to please, his cock barely half erect in her hands as she helped him out of his clothes.


Sitting Naruto down on the bench, Sakura smiled and made a show of stripping off the bathrobe she wore, turning her back to him as it slid off, exposing her creamy white skin. She could almost hear his pants getting tighter as she let the robe fall below her rounded ass, made even sexier by the black string thong she was wearing.


“Um, Sakura…” Naruto asked.


“Hmmm…?” Sakura replied, shaking her ass slowly for him as she let the robe fall to the floor with a soft sound.


“Did your tits get smaller?”


Whirling around, Sakura suddenly smashed her fist against Naruto’s head, knocking him back and off the bench. The vein in her forehead pulsed visibly as she shook her fist at him, “For your information,” she said through clenched teeth, “I’m practicing an expansion technique that lets me redistribute my body mass. It’s a bit like Choji’s technique, but slightly different.”


“Oh, okay…” Naruto said weakly, moving to sit on the bench again, a golf ball sized knot on the side of his head, “That explains why your ass is so much bigger now.” Sakura raised her fist again and Naruto waved his hands, “Hold on, I like it, I like it!!!” he told her.


Sakura smiled sweetly at him and crouched down, helping him out of his clothes quickly, then neatly folding them and depositing them in one of the baskets. She licked her lips again at the sight of his throbbing erection, her pussy already steaming against the fabric of her thong. How long had it been? She lost count of the weeks since she’d last felt this huge thing stirring her up inside.


She slowly licked his dick from the base of its underside to the tip, loving the way he groaned as she did so. Once at the tip, Sakura opened her mouth wide, her jaw already aching slightly as she took the top few inches into her mouth. She made herself drool excessively, lubricating her lips to take more into her mouth.


“Oooohhh… dattebayo…” Naruto groaned, leaning back on the bench as Sakura worked. The pink haired girl bobbed her head up and down several times, loving every second of this.


“AHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!” she heard Shizune squeal her unique sound of shock in the other part of the room. Sakura smiled around Naruto’s cock, ‘Guess she finally got sensei warmed up.’ she thought.


“Ahhhaaah…” Sakura gasped as she pulled her mouth off his cock, threads of drool connecting her lips to his length for several seconds, “Mmmmmmmh, I can’t wait anymore, Narutooooo, I want this in me noooow.” she whined, while it was a cheap line she used on other customers all the time, she actually meant it now. Though no force on Earth would make her admit that out loud.


She stood and helped Naruto to his feet. She then began to slip off her thong but Naruto grabbed her wrist, “Leave them on; they make that ass look sexier!”


Sakura grinned at that and led Naruto into the first bathing area. Two of the shower spigots were already going, pouring hot water down on Shizune and Tsunade as they leaned against the wall.


“Oh… Oh… Oh… HAAAARDEEER… AHHHAAAA! YES!! STICK IT IN DEEPER! OH FUUUUCK I’M GOING TO COOOME!!!!!” Tsunade moaned deep in her throat as the Raikage pounded into her asshole from behind. Her giant tits hung like cow udders, spilling to either side of her wide hips as the Raikage’s meat rod slammed into her mercilessly.


Next to her, Shizune was in the same position, Kakashi’s cock pounding into her cunt as she leaned against the wall cross-eyed. Her big tits swinging back and forth with her old teachers thrusts. Sakura frowned when she saw Kakashi was STILL wearing his face mask, keeping his nose, mouth and neck covered! A quick glance back to Naruto showed the same comical look of disappointment on his face.


She gave him another smiled and rubbed her naked tits against his chest as she backed the two of them to the third shower faucet. The water came out at the perfect temperature, Sakura was instantly soaked as Naruto whirled her around, hooking a finger in the crotch of her thong and pulling it aside. Sakura’s green eyes crossed as she felt the biggest, thickest cock in the village spear her pussy.


“HMMMMMHH!!! SOOOOO THIIIICK!!!” Sakura moaned, rocking her hips back against Naruto, loving the feel of his dick moving back and forth inside her.


“Hmmm, now this is a fine sight, three bitches in heat lined up against the wall like this!” said the Raikage as he brought his hand down on Tsunade’s round ass, making it jiggle like jell-o. The blonde woman let out another low moan, her tits flopping against the tiled wall of the shower.




“AHHHIIIII!!!!!!” Shizune screamed with her, the dark haired womans knees shaking as Kakashi slammed her flush against the wall, his cock balls deep inside her.


Not about to be outdone by the older women, Sakura moaned louder, bucking her wide ass back against the blonde man, “YEAH HARDER NARUTO!!! FUCK ME HARDER!! YESSSSS!!! MAAKE MEE CUUUMMM!!!” she moaned.


“AHHHA!!! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!!!! SO GOOD RAIKAGE-SAMA!!! FUCK MY WHORE ASS MORE!!!!!!” Tsunade screamed, her tongue lolling from her lips as she panted hard.


“AHHIIIIII!! SEVENTH-SAMA!! MY ASS!! AHHIII!!! My ass feels so good!!!! AHHHIIIIIIII!!!!” Shizune moaned as she chewed on her lower lip.


Pursing her lips, Sakura leaned into Naruto more, “HAAAAHHHH!!! YES!! YEEES!!! YEEESSSS!!! SOO FUCKING BIG!!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH NARUTOOOO!!! YES! I’M SUCH A SLUT!!! GIVE IT TO ME!! FUCK!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK MEEEE!!!!!” Sakura moaned as she pressed her face against the wall tiles, smirking at Tsunade and Shizune, ‘Beat that,’ she thought at the two other women.


The three women went on like that for several minutes, each screaming in orgasm in louder more degrading ways before their respective partners all came inside them. Sakura chewed her lower lip as she felt Naruto’s cum flooding her cunt, she’d never get tired of that sensation as she lost count of her orgasms.


With the shower fuck finished, the three women quickly went to work actually washing their men and themselves. Sakura then took Naruto to the main bath, a gigantic tub full of near scalding water. She and Naruto took one corner where he sat on a shelf just a bit below the water’s surface. Sakura straddled his lap, cooing happily as she took his cock back inside herself. Shizune and Tsunade each took another area of the large tub. The pink haired woman paid little attention to them as she held onto his shoulders.


“Mmmmmmh, this is great…” Naruto groaned.


“I’m glad.” Sakura said, placing a hot towel over Naruto’s forehead as she slowly rode his cock


“Can I ask you something, Sakura?”




“I’ve been wondering for awhile, where’d you even pick up such slutty talk anyways?” he asked.


Sakura giggled and moved her hips in a swirling motion, loving the way it made him groan again, “From Make-out Paradise,” she answered, “Kakashi-sensei gave all everyone copies and told us to study the story.”


“Oooooh…” Naruto said, though Sakura realized it wasn’t because he understood her answer, but because he was cumming inside her again. She giggled and leaned in close, her tits pressing against his chest.


“Mmmmmh, that good huh?” she purred. “Better than Hinata?” When he didn’t respond she clenched her inner muscles tight, making him flinch and groan, “WELL!?” she pressed.


“Yes, YES! BETTEEERRR!!!!” Naruto groaned more in pain than anything else.


Sakura softened her expression and rocked herself on top of him, “You’re so sweet.” she giggled.

Story by Sailor Io

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6 months ago

so i saw the first post on the front page just now so is there a reason chapter 0 was reuploaded?