Breathtakingly Big Boobs

“Really, Rangiku-san?”


Ichigo raised a hand to hide his smirk; judging by Rukia’s exasperated tone and long-suffering expression, she probably wouldn’t appreciate his amusement.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Rangiku replied in a tone of artful innocence, even as she folded her hands behind her head. This of course lifted her massive breasts even higher, her string bikini straining mightily to hold them in place.


“You just couldn’t resist, could you?” Rukia asked rhetorically, shaking her head as she kept her eyes fixed on Rangiku’s face. “Weren’t they big enough before? You actually asked Urahara to give you even larger boobs?”


“They’re not that much bigger.” When Rangiku shrugged, Ichigo could feel the blush begin to form on his face and quickly looked away, discreetly adjusting his swimming trunks as his erection hardened. The jiggling and wobbling of her tits went on for quite some time; a large number of young men watched her with bated breaths, hoping and praying that her top would finally give out.


“They’re twice as big as they used to be!” Rukia looked ready to face-palm from sheer exasperation. Ichigo was familiar with that expression, having often seen it directed at himself or some of their more eccentric friends… which was almost all of them, come to think about it.


A smirking Rangiku opened her mouth, no doubt to wind Rukia up some more, when she looked past her shorter friend, her mouth dropping open and staying open as she gaped, eyes wide. “…if you’re giving me grief,” she said in a shocked tone, “then I can’t wait to hear what you say to her.”


Exchanging puzzled looks, Ichigo turned with Rukia to see what Rangiku was talking about. It took a moment for the sight to register; when it did… well, Ichigo was sure that if he and Rukia were old timey american cartoon characters, their jaws would literally be on the ground with their eyes bugging out.


“ICHIGO!” Nel yelled happily as she ran towards the small group, her absolutely massive breasts bouncing almost to the ground with each step she took. What could generously be called a swimsuit did very little to support them, and absolutely nothing to conceal them, resulting in a crowd of stunned onlookers.


Too late, Ichigo realized two things. One, Nel wasn’t slowing down.


Two, she was intending on greeting him the way she normally did: a glomp.


Then his vision and his breathing were both blocked out, as Nel’s tackle hug took him to the ground, his head buried between her enormous tits. He could vaguely hear Rukia yelling, Rangiku laughing herself sick, and Nel babbling away at a mile a minute, but the orange-haired substitute was much more concerned with his lack of oxygen.


He was also doing his best not to think about hard his cock was, nor how turned on he was. Nel was wiggling and rubbing against him, and his body was only too happy to show how much it enjoyed it, even as his mind attempted to reboot. Thankfully, Nel soon sat up, freeing his head and allowing him to gasp for breath.


“-and Urahara told Nel that men would get excited seeing her like this and how to handle it! Here, let Nel show you!”


Ichigo was still trying to catch up with what the beautiful verdette was saying, but he didn’t have time; even as she still speaking, Nel slid down his body, grabbed his swimming trunks in both hands, and yanked.


His rock-hard cock sprung up like a jack-in-the-box; Ichigo’s blush hit critical levels as a gasp ran through the crowd. Nel, naturally, either didn’t notice or didn’t care, immediately wrapping her insanely large boobs around his erection before eagerly taking it into her mouth and sucking hard, using her tongue with surprising skill.


Caught totally off-guard, Ichigo’s eyes rolled back as a spike of pleasure hit him like a bullet. Dimly, he was aware of Rangiku rolling around on the ground, laughing so hard she cried, as Rukia screeched for Nel to stop, what did she think she was doing?!


He was going to kill Urahara the next time he saw him-


Ichigo’s body spasmed as Nel began using her hands to caress his balls.


…Probably kill him.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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