Breaking in a Hokage

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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Pulse pounding music blared from the speakers, making the very air vibrate as A walked up onto the stage. Money fluttered about the air, small denomination notes only. Added together they likely wouldn’t pay for a lap dance in Busteez, they were only for the aesthetic, a bit of garnish for tonight’s event.




HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!!” the crowds cheer wildly as Tsunade walked out from back stage, wearing only a single white silk robe so sheer that NOTHING was left to the imagination, greater still, the robe was so short her pussy was clearly visible for all to see. Tsunade smiled at A, a soft smirk before she untied the sash at her waist and let the robe fall away from her glorious naked flesh.


All around the room, men and women alike cheered and whistled at the sight of the naked blonde. She slowly sauntered down the length of the stage, swinging her hips erotically with her every step as the music began to change.


A stood his ground as she approached, staring down at her with a smirk of his own. He’d lost count of how many times this bitch had taken his cock! How many times she begged for mercy as he made her cum over and over, so many times she thought she’d die from pleasure!


Once she stood in front of him, Tsunade reached her hands out, grabbing the robe A wore and pulling it wide open, exposing his own naked body, half erect cock slowly throbbing to full mast. She then pressed her naked tits to his chest as she pulled him close and grabbed the back of his head. His eyes went wide for a moment as she kissed him hard, her tongue invading his mouth for several heartbeats before she pulled back.


“For luck, you’ll need it!” Tsunade said as she turned around and brought both hands down on her fat ass, making the cheeks jiggle like jell-o molds.


“ALRIGHT, LET’S DO THIS!!!!” Tsunade called out to the crowd, raising her arms up high and shaking her tits, showing off the thin layer of body glitter that dusted her skin.


The audience all roared back their approval! “HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!! HOTDOG!!!


Tsunade then dropped into a perfect splits, but A saw her wince, “You’re getting too old to move like that.” he said so only she would hear.


“Shut up and fuck my ass you old coot!” she shot back at him.


“OKAY FOLKS, HERE, WE, GOOOOOO!!!!!!” Hanabi yelled as she slammed her hand down on a button in front of her, shifting the music as A moved to straddle Tsunade’s back, his cock falling neatly between the rounded cheeks of her ass! He grabbed those soft mounds, his fingers sinking deep into them as he began pumping his dick between them in time with the music. He let out a low groan, her ass was warm and soft, and felt nice wrapped around his throbbing erection.


“Hmmm, that all you got?” Tsunade asked less than a minute into the song, “How you gonna teach Hinata a lesson with just those moves?”


Heard about that huh?” he asked as he moved faster, her butt rippling with every wet smack of his pelvis against her.


“Oh it’s all we’ve talked about the last couple nights. Hmmmmmmh… We’ve even taken bets on if you’ll pull this off or not.” Tsunade said, moaning softly as his cock rubbed against her asshole and cunt repeatedly.


“Oh, is that so? Well who did you pick to win?!” he asked as the tempo of the music changed, getting faster and louder. He groaned softly, loving the feel of Tsunade’s soft sexy ass wrapped around his dick. He looked around the room and found Hinata watching him from the bar again, her Byakugan was clearly triggered and he knew she could read lips with them. He grinned at her and moved to hold Tsunade’s ass around his cock with one hand, raising the other high and bringing it down on her butt with a loud slap!


“OOOOOHHH!” Tsunade moaned, her pussy gushing hard, adding further lubricant to his motions, “Mmmmmmh, do that again!” she moaned as she began rocking her hips, moving her ass against his thrusts.


“Mmmmh, so you wanna be spanked huh?” he asked with a grin, “Tell me, who did you bet to win?”


“Unnnnnh, I… I can’t tell you that…” Tsunade whimpered as a section of her ass began turning cheery red from that first slap.


“Tell me!” A commanded, bringing his hand down harder on her other asscheek.


“AAHHHHHAAAA!!!!” Tsunade moaned, panting hard as she came again. His cock slipped back and forth between her cheeks easily now, making his groan again as the music tempo changed once more.


“Tell me, or I’ll stop.” he threatened.


“No, please! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, just spank my ass again, harder!!!!”


“So, tell me!!!” A said, bringing his hand down on her ass again, loving the way she moaned like the fat tittied whore that she was.


“YOU! I BET ON YOU TO WIN!!!” Tsunade confessed, her pussy gushing almost non-stop now as he spanked her repeatedly, making her ass ripple and jiggle. It was quite the sight, seeing her creamy ass turning pink, then red as he spanked her over and over while he continued thrusting his massive erection between those soft cheeks.


“You made the right bet.” he told her.


“Yesssss…” Tsunade moaned, still moving her hips against him. “I think she’s gotten a big head, she needs to get taken down a peeeeeg…”


“You said it!” he grunted, moving to grab her asscheeks again, squeezing them both tight as he thrusted between them even harder as the music tempos slowed only slightly. He distantly heard Hanabi giving the one minute bet warning, but A couldn’t care less about who bet on this round!


“Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm…” he grunted with every thrust. His pelvis smacking wetly against her ass as Tsunade came over and over.


“OH FUUUUCK, SO GOOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” Tsunade howled in ecstasy, “DON’T STOP WITH THE MUSIC, FUCK MY PUSSY, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!!!!” she screamed as the music pounded to a sudden and abrupt end.


Before Hanabi could announce him as the winner, A roared as he pushed himself up and reached down to grab the blonde womans ankles. In a single swift motion, he pulled her between his legs and into the air. He then released her ankles and grabbed her waist before she fell back onto the stage. Tsunade howled in orgasm as he impaled her pussy on his cock!


Tsunade’s stomach visibly tented as he plunged into her womb and her eyes went wide as she screamed like a wild animal!


“Woah, we’ve never seen a move like that before!” Hanabi said as the crowd cheered and more money began falling all around them as he held onto Tsunade by her ass, bouncing her up and down on his cock as he stood on stage.


“OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Tsunade screamed, her tongue hanging from her lips, her eyes crossed and rolling back in their sockets as her pussy leaked like a faucet.


“Who want to see me break this sluts pussy???!!!” A asked the crowd. The response was wild cheering from everyone as even more money fell.


“Well, this is highly…” Hanabi began, but A shot her his darkest look, “It looks like we have an extra show tonight everyone!!!” she said with a nervous chuckle. No one in the audience seemed to mind at all as he thrusted into Tsunade again and again, he loved the way her stomach stretched around his length as she moaned over and over.


“OH FUCK, SO GOOD, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING SO MUCH I MIGHT DIE!!!! I’M GONNA DIE I’M GONNA DIE, I’M GONNA DIIIEEEE!!!!” Tsunade screamed, though there was only mad pleasure on her face and she panted and drooled while molesting her own tits, squeezing one in each hand as she bounced up and down. She brought one to her lips and sucked on her own nipple as A leaned his head down to suck the other when she offered it to him. He could feel her cunt clenching his dick every time she fell down onto it, followed by a flood of hot juices that dripped off his orange sized nuts.




“You Konoha bitches can never get enough, can you?” A grunted with a laugh, bouncing her up and down faster now, the shluck shluck shluck of his cock sliding in and out of her audible even over the roaring of the audience.


“AHHHAAHHH, SO GOOD… MY PUSSY, MY WOMB, IT’S SO FAR INSIDE MEEEEE… AHHH, I’M CUMMING, CUMMING, CUMMING, SO GOOD, TOO GOOD, I’M GOING CRAZYYYYY!!!” Tsunade screamed as she let go of her tits and let her arms hand limp in the air, A was the only thing holding her up now as she panted and moaned as A rammed all the way inside her before letting out a loud roar as he began cumming inside her.


“Ahhhaaaa… So… So… goood…” Tsunade muttered as she leaned back, her huge tits wobbling with her every panting breath. A not-so-gently let her fall off his cock and onto the stage with a thud. Tsunade lay at his feet, his erection still standing proudly as he scanned the crowd. Hinata was still by the bar, looking towards Tsunade with raised eyebrows.


A held up a hand in a “V” sign. The crowd cheered again, but this wasn’t a V for Victory sign, it was his silent way of telling Hinata, ‘Two more to go.’ “Then that ass is mine bitch…” he whispered, knowing her Byakugan would let her read his lips, “And it won’t be gentle.”


Hinata stood up from her seat at the bar and held up her glass as if saying, “We will see.” before she downed the contents and departed.

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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