Bounded by the Navigator

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of One Piece stories)
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Nico Robin’s entire body shook in ecstasy as an orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. Her green haired partner roared like a wild beast as he pumped gallon after gallon of his white cock milk into her tight ass.


Her entire body went slack as Zoro pulled his still erect cock out of her. She let her head rest against the cold cobblestone, her mighty behind still high in the air.


With shaking legs, he backed a few steps away and admired the result of his hard work.


Hot cum dripped out of the archeologist’s ass and ran down her meaty thighs and down onto the ground. A thin thread of his sperm was still connecting it with the swordsman’s mighty meat sword! The dark haired girl’s feet shivered as if she had a seizure and if it wasn’t for the happy smile on her face and the drool running out of her open mouth, he would have taken her to Chopper immediately!


She gave him a weak thumbs up gesture as she took a moment and rested on her heavy tits that were pressed against the stone beneath. An elderly looking woman with silver hair opened the window of an apartment above them to see what that ruckus was.


When she saw the two of them naked in the middle of the empty alley, she shut the windows almost instantly. Robin managed to hear her mumbling something about “…kids these days…”


Unbeknownst to the two lovebirds, they were watched by a second person. A blonde haired girl stood out of their line of sight, hidden behind some drying shirts that looked like they were made for giants.


Finally, I found them!



“Can you do that for me?” the tone in her voice made the question sound more like an order.


The woman asking was sitting on her snake Salome as if it was a throne. The tail of the spotted snake was coiled around one of her smoothly shaven legs and grinded against her equally shaven pussy ever so slightly.


The scantly clad girl, dressed only in a bikini top and a way too short miniskirt made out of leopard skin, bowed down even further than she already was “It will be done, Hebihime-sama!”


A barely noticeable smile appeared on the Kuja Pirate captain’s face. Rumor on the Island of Women stated that the Empress was plagued with some kind of illness during the last few days. Nightmares deprived her of her sleep at night and random sneezes during the day made it pretty hard for the dark haired girl to govern the island.


At first everybody assumed that it had to be Luffy, who was thinking about the Pirate Empress but as time went on and the nightmares continued, it became clear that it was something different.


“Someone is trying to stand between me and my dear Luffy!” Hancock said more to herself but still loud enough for her subordinate to hear “I hope it’s not that girl! I thought that I made it pretty clear that Luffy is off-limits!”


As her captain continued her monologue, Marguerite rose to her feet again and left the throne room, since she knew what to do and because her captain didn’t seem to care about her anymore.


She knew where to go and what to do: Go to the island where her captain saw one of the Straw Hat Pirates and follow the leads there to wherever they might have gone and to make sure that NOTHING stood between Boa Hancock and Luffy!


After a heartfelt goodbye from her fellow Kuja Pirate crewmates, the enormous Aphelandra gave her a final hug, burying the much smaller woman between the warm folds of her tit. Marguerite went on her way to hunt down the Straw Hat Pirates.


With a Log Pose on her wrist and a Yuda Serpent to pull her boat and making sure that the Sea Kings that roamed the Calm Belt wouldn’t attack her, she began her mission! Her first goal was the island where Hancock thought that she made sure that Nami wouldn’t go against her.


To say that Marguerite experienced a culture shock was the understatement of the century. It was the first time for her to see men that weren’t Luffy, his friends or marines. She ended up finding two very nice looking boys, who showed her around.


After the Yuda Serpent picked up the next scent, she went on. On an island with lots of pandas, she had to take a small break because the smell of another species disrupted the snakes sensitive sense of smell. Next on her list was Sphinx, the homeland of the former Yonko Whitebeard, where she met Marco.


The blonde doctor confirmed her worries: Nami was indeed looking for revenge and went to great lengths to get it! He even told her where she most likely went next, IF she was daring enough


Following his lead, the young huntress found the tropical island fairly quickly. From there on the track lead to the Kamabakka Queendom. She met the famous ‘Miracle Person’, who met Hancock during the war and got told where the Log Pose would point next and where the next stop for the Straw Hats would be.





Robin rose to her feet and gave her crewmate a challenging look “Ready for Round 2? My pussy is still craving your rock hard monster cock!” She turned around and spread her aforementioned pussy open with two fingers, letting her partner get a good look at her soaking wet privates.


“Who are you taking me for? That idiot cook? I can go all day!” the one eyed pirate retorted annoyed.


An inviting smile on her face, Robin continued “I hope so. But I think that we should invite our spectator to join in as well, don’t you think?”




The dark haired girl looked over her shoulder to where the blonde voyeur stood in hiding “It’s rude to gawk, didn’t your mistress ever tell you that? At least do it in such a way that I don’t catch you watching.”


Sweat began running down the young tribes maiden’s face ‘How did she know that I’m here?!‘ While the thought of joining in on the fun turned her on beyond belief, she also knew that her mission was more important than that!


She turned heels and sprinted into the opposite direction, out of the dark alley and onto a bigger, more open street with lots of townsfolk going about their daily business. A quick glance over her shoulder made her feel safe. No one came out of the alley and after her!


Staying undetected was her main objective and as long as none of the Straw Hats found out that Hancock is keeping an eye on them, everything should be okay.


Not too far from her her, along the paved street, she saw an open shop next to several closed ones with boarded up and broken windows. It was a beauty parlor with a giant, golden scissor and an equally big, silver lipstick crossed together above the entrance.


Without a second thought, she bursted into the shop in search for a hiding spot. A beautiful looking employee with long, red, curly hair walked towards her, slightly nervous because of the sudden entrance “Hello, how can I help you?”


“Just looking for a hiding spot.” the pirate replied matter-of-factly, spying out through one of the huge windows that were on each side of the door, to look for potential pursuers.


The ginger haired woman gave her a weak smile with a single drop of sweat on her forehead “I’m sorry to inform you but you can’t stay here, without also being our customer! And just so you know but we don’t treat animals here!” she said with a nod to the green snake that was wrapped around the blonde’s body.


Marguerite sighed and went along with it. If it wasn’t for the fear of the Straw Hat’s busting in, she would have enjoyed the whole treatment. It felt like ages ago since she had time to relax and to take care of her body.


In the end, she had her hair cut down to it’s normal length again, something that she couldn’t do whilst searching for the crew and had her makeup done to pass the time and make her potential persecutors give up. Cyan wouldn’t have been her first choice but she took what she got!


She paid a small fortune of the money that Gloriosa gave her for the trip and stepped out into the broad daylight… “You look beautiful! Perhaps I should come here with Nami afterwards?”


“Cuatro Fleur!”


Her eyes widened as she was greeted by the Straw Hat’s archeologist. Before she could grab her snake, several arms sprouted on her body and restrained her. A pair of hands grabbed her wrists and prevented her from using her arms. Another pair pressed into the back of her knees, causing her to sink to the ground. Another pair of hands appeared and covered the blonde’s mouth.


“Now, what to do with you?”



Sitting on a chair in an abandoned warehouse with her hands tied behind her back, Marguerite tried to wiggle free once more but to no avail. Aside from a few wooden crates on one end of the giant room, nothing was in it. Sunlight shone threw a pair of windows on the warehouses roof and were the only light source in this otherwise dark building.


Leaning next to the massive gate that marked the only entrance and exit of the place was the green haired swordsman who brought the captive to this remote location. He had his usual grumpy expression and didn’t seemed too pleased with being tasked to guard their prisoner.






Zoro’s one open eye widened as his captain and navigator blasted through one of the many windows above and landed on the ground. Luffy bloated his belly up, securing the orange haired girl a soft landing spot!


“See Nami? That was so much faster than walking!” he proclaimed and stood up after Nami got off of him. With a happy smile on his face, Luffy’s hands raised high in triumph.


YOU IDIOT!!! You could have killed me!” Nami screamed and hit him as hard on the head as she could. Somehow that left the pirate captain with quite the big bump.


The gate was pushed open and Robin stepped inside. Marguerite’s snake was coiled around the black haired woman’s body and didn’t seem to mind that she now had a new owner “I found them.” she said to Zoro and closed the gate behind her again with several arms helping her with it.


“You don’t say?!”


Robin has left him in charge of guarding the blonde spy whilst she searched for Nami, who now walked towards her two other crewmates with a charming smile on her face “Thank you SO much for telling me about our little spy, Robin! I owe you one!”


She then turned to Zoro, still with this smile on her lips that made Zoro feel slightly uneasy “And thank you Zoro for turning back up again! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!” her voice cracked at the last part when her fist crushed down onto the swordsman’s head, creating a bump equally in size to the one on Luffy’s head.


OWW!! What was that for?!” Zoro asked and rubbed his maltreated head “And where is the rest? I thought that you wanted to get everyone?”


Robin, to whom the last part was addressed, answered calmly “Usopp is with Chopper and Jinbe in the hotel to protect the remains of our stuff and the ‘Kurosai’ that you two found before you got lost. Sanji, Franky and Brook are still searching for hints of where the ship might be.”


The bump on his head already getting smaller, Luffy stepped forward and looked around in the almost empty room “Why did you want to come here again Robin? Something about someone from Hancock’s crew?”


“Right behind you Luffy.” Zoro pointed out and gestured to the still bound, young pirate who watched the spectacular arrival of the three crewmembers silently.


WOW, Margarine! It’s been so long.” the enthusiastic pirate captain greeted the captive girl “What are you doing here and why are you tied up?”


“I- … Your crew… Hebihime-sama wanted me to…” Marguerite was at a loss of words with Luffy eyeing her from so close. She also couldn’t simply say what the true objective of her mission was. The young Super Rookie wouldn’t take it lightly that Hancock deemed some of his crew a threat, which would lead to a more than sour relationship between them.


What should I do?!


Fortunately, that was when Robin stepped forward and began explaining “Isn’t it clear Luffy? Hancock deeply misses you and wants you to show one of her crew the outside world and how the future Pirate King does things! Maybe you can break her in?!” She said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes and a sly grin on her lips.


Nami moved next to the older woman and leaned against her shoulder, letting her heavy tits press against Robin’s back. She could almost feel the orange haired girl’s nipples poking through the thin fabric of the bikini that covered her absurdly huge breasts.


“Yes Luffy! Wouldn’t it be fun to have her with us for a while? We could show her so much and she can tell us EVERYTHING that goes on at Hancock’s place!” the navigator said, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.


The young captain leaned his head to one side and crossed his arms infront of his chest “I don’t know. That sounds kinda strenuous and not really fun! What’s in it for us?”


Ugh!‘ Nami shook her head silently and moved next to her immature leader to whisper into his ear “I’m certain that Hancock will give you all the meat she has if you take good care of her subordinate and show her a good time!”


Drool began running down his chin and meat replaced his eyes, as he could already smell the feast that would await him “I’M IN!


He sat onto the prisoner’s lap “What should we do first?”


“Isn’t it obvious?” his navigator asked rhetorically and walked next to the two, placing a hand on the dental floss thin string that held together the two patches of her leopard skin bra “With such a big pair of melons, it’s only natural to wonder, where to dive in first?!“


She pulled on the string and just like that, she freed the blonde girls tits. The huge orbs of flesh were easily four times bigger than her head and threatened to push Luffy off of her lap when they suddenly pressed against his chest.


“Aaahhh~” Marguerite squealed in embarrassment and arousal when her body got exposed to the others to leer at. She wouldn’t admit it out loud but being tied up by Robin and now being used by Nami was quite the turn on for her!


“Woohoo!” a characteristic smile appeared on Luffy’s face “They feel amazing Margarine!”


Zoro, who until this moment observed the whole thing quietly, stepped forward “Luffy, I don’t know exactly what’s going on here but it’s obvious that there is something going on between Nami and Hancock! Finding the Sunny is our top priority and we shouldn’t get distracted by–”


He was cut short by a single arm sprouting on his shoulder that covered his mouth.


“Don’t worry!” Robin said and began slendering erotically next to the green haired swordsman, putting emphasis on the motion of her hips while doing so “Marguerite is an excellent tracker! If she was able to find us on this island than she also might be able to help us find either the ship or Giberson ‘The Concealer’. It’s a win-win situation for us!”


Still not looking convinced enough, Zoro was about to say something despite Robin’s hand still covering his mouth, when the dark haired began talking again “I also haven’t forgotten about what you promised me earlier! I’m more than ready for Round 2 but if you’d rather walk through the city without any help, then we can also do that.”


This seemed to satisfy the one eyed pirate, since his shoulders began to slack and he no longer seemed opposed to having Marguerite as their guest for the time being.


And just like that they began!


Still sitting on Marguerite’s lap, Luffy tossed his red vest away at the exact same moment as a sudden erection teared his shorts apart.


“Aaah! Soo fat and hard!” Marguerite moaned as she felt the hot meat rub at the sensitive skin of her mammaries.


She tried to grab the entrancing cock but soon was reminded that her hands were still tied behind her back together.


“Oh no!” Nami said in false sympathy “It seems that you are unable to lend Luffy a helping hand. What a shame!”


The orangette nibbled on the younger girl’s earlobe and reached with one hand out to stroke her captain’s cock “Well, someone has to take care of that raging boner and if you don’t want to then I guess that I have no other choice than to fill in that role!”


“You could just untie her bondage then she would be free to do it herself and you don’t wouldn’t have to Nami!” Luffy informed her, which caused Nami to sigh in disbelief.


On the other side of the room, Zoro laid on the dirty ground with Robin on top of him in a cowgirl position. His cock was buried deep inside the archeologist’s moist pussy. He used his hands to lift her up on her hips only to SLAM her down again, making his dick dig deeper with every consecutive thrust!


“Yes Zoro! Just like that! Fuck!” her nails scratched the swordsman’s muscular and scarred chest to a point that he almost started bleeding.


Not that he cared about something so trivial! All he could think at the moment was how good his crewmate’s pussy felt and how much he would enjoy bragging about it, when he saw Sanji again.


In the meantime, Nami started playing with her captain’s enormous member. She needed two hands just to reach around it and stroke him slowly up and down with her body.


With her hands occupied, she began to use her mouth on the blonde’s rock hard nipples. Her mouth ached as she had to open it wider than anticipated just to get her lips around the pink nub.


“Mmmmhhh~ Yesss! Suck on my nipples!“ Marguerite moaned in pleasure. The thrill she felt at not being able to do anything, whilst being played with was wilder than any wet dream she ever had before.


“Shishishi!!!” Luffy chuckled, using his left hand to squeeze the Kuja Pirate’s left, unattended boob. His right hand was occupied with removing Nami’s bikini top and jeans without shredding them, knowing full well what she would do to him if anything like that happened.


The orangette bit down onto the stiff nipple in surprise, when Luffy pulled away the last remaining piece of her clothing and began kneading her tits in the same way as he did with Marguerite’s.


“Luphy!! Ahh! Squeesh phem harda!” Nami ordered, her mouth still full with the other woman’s nipple.


She moved her hands faster, to a point that they almost became a blur to the eye. Pre-cum began oozing out of the captain’s erection which served as a lubricant for Nami, making the handjob feel much smoother than before.


Robin’s hands were pressed against the graffiti covered wall as her shorter partner thrusted his cock into her in a standing position.


Lewd noises filled the room whenever Zoro pulled his cock slightly back, before shoving it back into the warm folds of her pussy again.


The archeologist’s juices dripped down onto the dirty floor below and formed a little puddle beneath their feet.


ZORRRO!!! Fuck me with that fat! FUCKING! DEMON COOOCK!!!” her tongue hang out of her open mouth and swung uncontrollably from side to side as she was hit by orgasm after orgasm!


The sound that came from the addressed swordsman in response was a mix of grunts and groans. And for the second time of the day, he released his load into the black haired girl. And for the second time of the day it proved to be too much for her to process!


His white seed began oozing out of her still stuffed pussy as he put her down again. With shaking legs, they turned around when they heard a joyful squeal from the others.


Nami finally decided to free Marguerite of her predicament. The ropes that previously held the young pirate’s hands in place fell to the floor.


Marguerite wasted no time at all and began pressing her tits together around the black haired man’s erection, forcing the orangette to let go of the blonde’s nipple.


“I have dreamt about this for over two years!” the inexperienced girl cooed loudly. She used both her hands to grab her nipples, the one that Nami played with beforehand felt especially sensitive to her touch and began plastering his cock with kisses.


Her lipstick left colorful markings all around the top of his cock “That feels amazing! Hey, I’ll make it more fun to you TOO!” Luffy said.


And that’s when she became witness to the true wonder of Luffy’s devil fruit: His cock began to get bigger! And thicker! And harder! And girthier! And…


The world around her faded away! Everything felt like a dream as the only thing that was left in her mind was that still growing phallus! ‘is this what sex feels like with men? Is that why Hebihime-sama loves him?


Zoro raised an eyebrow and Robin was already wondering, how the young girl would deal with such a still growing erection. To their surprise, Marguerite pulled off an equally, if not even more impressive, feat! Similar to when a snake tries to devour her prey, the young girl opened her mouth wide and dislocated her jaw, miraculously managing to get the tip of his cock into her mouth in one smooth motion!


The orangette’s eyes widened as the former captive began bobbing her head up and down, giving her captain’s love interest one of the best blowjobs he’s ever received!


“So…” Robin asked when Nami stood next to them “Do you already have a plan about what you will do with her?”


Marguerite’s eyes rolled into back into their holes and her mouth bloated out as Luffy released his load into her. At first she tried her best to gulp it all down but soon gave up after realizing that he wouldn’t stop anytime soon! The bubbly liquid streamed down her chin and spilled onto her massive breasts, coating them in its white color.




A mischievous smile appeared on the orange haired vixen’s face “Oh, I already have a plan in mind! Just wait and see…”

(Story by: Mr. Akrononym)

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24 days ago

That’s some interesting skill Marguerite has. I wonder if all Kujas are able to pull it off…Probably since all of them have snakes (Are all the snakes female too? How does it even work with animals on their island)
And a Zoro, Robin encounter that didn’t end in disaster! Hopefully we will see more of those (it all seems a bit more peaceful when the navigator isn’t fully involved).
I wonder if Nami will use their new “prisoner” in her revenge plan?

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
24 days ago
Reply to  Roden

Yes, Marguerite will play an important role in Nami’s plan. Including Zoro makes sense and since it wasn’t a “get-rich-scheme” from Nami, it was bound to end good XD.

8 days ago
Reply to  Roden

The only real vent animal character I recall is that instead of a “Pandaman” on Amazon lily there was a “Pandawoman”

Last edited 8 days ago by Kielian
24 days ago

Marguerite sure is good for an inexperienced girl! I really like that new characters and the ones that didn’t get much action before are getting introduced to the story line.
I very much enjoyed the Robin and Zoro part! Although it’s a pity it wasn’t a bit longer. Well, the important thing is that Robin was left satisfied.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
24 days ago
Reply to  Terrastel

To be honest, there wasn’t even a Robin X Zoro part when I started writing this chapter XD. Then I remembered that i aluded to this so I worked it in. Marguerite was the main attraction of the chapter and I didn’t want to take that away. There were several complains in the past, when I focused on other characters than the ones in the artworks.

Dr. Pervert
Dr. Pervert
25 days ago

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what Nami’s plan for Hancock is!

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
25 days ago
Reply to  Dr. Pervert

Definitely something devious XD.

25 days ago

Very good story; I’m looking forward to seeing more of Nami’s plan.

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
25 days ago
Reply to  s22132

Thanks! As always I appreciate your support! Next chapter will (potentially) feature the first real step against Hancock, so stay tuned.

25 days ago

great stories and we have luffy again thats good becuase all stories focus on main character but one piece not.and its be good if you make cum inflation in your stories like mha.
i give you 8 score for first story and 7 for second

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
25 days ago
Reply to  ironman

Thanks for the praise. Yeah, I’m actually not the biggest fan of letting only the main character have fun in these stories (like in MHA, Naruto and Bleach) so I try to spice it up. Either by using the other Straw Hats or other characters. If the show gives you so many great characters, you should use them after all.

26 days ago

Of both stories this was the one that I like the most, I feel that Marguerite will have an important role in the dispute between hancock and nami

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
26 days ago
Reply to  Odencstxm

She is definitely a very important character and will have quite the BIG role in the next chapter.

26 days ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

Will luffy also play a big role in the dispute between Hancock and nami because he is the whole reason why it started?

Last edited 26 days ago by Whitis
Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
26 days ago
Reply to  Whitis

Perhaps. I can see Nami doing something potentially foolish that would involve having sex with Luffy. But we will see.