Boruto’s Sexcation Chapter

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The early afternoon sun hung high in the sky as Boruto stepped barefoot onto the concrete outside the men’s changing area. He instantly regretted it and hopped back into the shaded area. How could the ground get so hot if it was painted white? Next to the entrance where the lockers were kept was a small vending machine. The image on one side showed a foot stepping down on what he guessed was supposed to be the sun. He read the description, it was for some kind of foot cream to temper the heat and avoid athlete’s foot. It was only five ryo for a single bottle, so he went back to his locker and retrieved some change to buy a single tube.


The stuff smelled like old leather, and was the same color, but it worked. After rubbing it into the soles of his feet, the hot sidewalk was tolerable now. He stepped out again and looked around the corner of the small gray building just in time to see two beautiful women walking out from the women’s side of the changing area.


Sakura Uchiha and Ino Yamanaka smiled and waved when they spotted him. Boruto gulped; thankfully he was wearing swim trunks that went past his knees rather than the speedo Sakura had offered him. It have made it very uncomfortable, as well as embarrassing for him to wear. Both women wore swimsuits that were at least two sizes too small. Sakura’s especially, since her huge tits looked as if there were gonna pop out of her golden top any moment.


Ino’s wasn’t much better; her pink bikini top was strapless, making it look as if her tits would spill out if she breathed too hard. It took the youth all of one second to understand that was the point. Really, were their husbands THAT bad in the sack lately?


As he drew in, he noticed the bottoms of their bare feet were stained a dark color, seems they discovered the weird foot cream as well. Still, he supposed it was better than wearing sandals that would have to be removed as they got into line at each slide.


“Ahhh, this sun feels great,” said Ino as she stretched her arms out wide and turned her face up at the sky with her pale blue eyes closed.


Boruto nodded, “I still feel bad about leaving Sarada back at the hotel.” he said.


“Can’t be helped,” Sakura said, “It’s a womans curse. But she’ll be fine by tomorrow I’m sure, we’ll come back then just to be fair.”


He, Sakura, Ino, Sarada, and several other women from the village were in the Land of Rivers on a ‘Mission’ he supposed it counted as, though the majority of their group likely just wanted to take a short vacation. His mother and aunt were among the group, both of them were currently fulfilling their actual assignment which was to meet with the leader of Tanigakure and speak with him about opening a Busteez here in the Land of Rivers. Meanwhile, Sakura, Sarada, Ino, and he were stopping at a new water park built around one of the larger rivers in the country. The place had only been open for a year, and already was really famous for all the huge slides, most of them with a ride time of over five minutes!


The remainder of their envoy was already in Takumi Village where they were thinking of building the club. The plan was to meet up there in a couple days and settle on a site if things went well in Tanigakure before finally heading home. In all, everything should take about a week, maybe two.


His group had arrived at the park just the other evening, and it was too late to really try and enjoy everything it had to offer. To make things worse, Sarada had started her monthly cycle just before they left Konoha. He shuddered, she was hard enough to deal with when she was in a good mood, but the last couple nights on their way here… Boruto pushed the memories away and looked up at Sakura, gulping again at the way her tits were barely contained in her bikini.


“Hmmm, see anything you like?” Sakura asked, leaning down and making those huge things bounce in their confines as she pressed them into his shoulder. “If you’re good, I’ll let you rub some lotion on me later…” she purred.


“Jeez billboard brow, could you be any less discreet?” Ino asked with a roll of her eyes.


“Shut-up Ino-pig, I haven’t had anything good in over a month now, don’t ruin this for me!” Sakura hissed back at the blonde.


“So uh,” Boruto spoke up with an awkward chuckle, trying to cool things down before the two were at each other’s throats, “What should we do first?”


The three of them walked over to a map of the park. The place was huge, nearly the size of a modern village. This wasn’t surprising since the place had its own hotel. The bigger slides with the long ride times were all located in the northern district; it would be a long walk to head there. Though there was a cable gondola available. One look at the station though ruled that out for now as the line was easily more than a thirty minute wait in the sun. They were currently in the western district, where many wave pools, lagoons, and other more laid back attractions were located. The three of them decided to wait for the line at the gondola’s to die down a bit and headed for one of the lagoons.


“Wow, there’s almost no one here…” Ino observed as they found one of the smaller lagoon pools. The area was set up like a tropical island, with natural rock formations and palm trees around a pool of crystal clear water. There were a few lounge chairs around the pool sitting next to some tables with large shading umbrellas. Boruto looked around and noticed Ino was right, aside from a single employee changing out a trash can liner, there weren’t any people around.


“Guess everyone’s headed for the slides.” said Sakura.


“Fine by me, I hate long lines.” Ino added as she headed to the pool and waded into the water. “Mmmmh, water’s just right…” she cooed. Sakura and Boruto followed. Ino was right, the water was cool, but not cold, a perfect counter for the stifling summer heat. Boruto waded into the deeper end of the pool and dipped his head below the surface before swimming in a quick circle. He then swam back to the surface in time to see Sakura and Ino splashing each other and laughing together.


He smiled as Sakura bent down and made a big wave with both hands, thoroughly soaking Ino, her blonde bangs plastered over one eye as she laughed and retaliated with her own splash. It was rather refreshing to see them being so carefree and relaxed as he swam to a point where his feet reached the floor of the pool and stealthily snuck up on Sakura. Ino spotted him and she grinned, splashing Sakura even more to keep her distracted. Dipping his head under water again, Boruto swam up behind Sakura, he took a second to admire her ass and the way it bounced slightly in slow motion under the water before he jumped up and out, grabbing the pink haired woman from behind, his hands grabbing her huge tits and squeezing them tight as he pulled her back into the water with him.


“Wah!!” Sakura gasped as she splashed down into the water. Ino laughed as she and Boruto came back up. Sakura gave him a glare that had no malice behind it before splashing him playfully. “If you wanted to play with my tits, you just had to say so.” she said with a smirk.


“Yeah?” Boruto asked, returning her grin.


“Yeah.” Sakura said confidently, reaching behind her back and tugging something. Part of her golden Bikini top came undone, exposing her pink nipples as she leaned in closer to him. She smiled and leaned in closer, pushing him back against the edge of the pool and burying his face in her cleavage. Boruto raised his hands out of the water, grabbing her tits and squeezing them tightly, though he did it more so he could breathe again as he lifted his face out of her cleavage and took a deep breath. Sakura continued to grin as he groped her more forcefully and moved her own hand under to water, pulling at the elastic waist of his trunks.


“He~llooooo…” cooed Ino as she pushed in beside Sakura, her hands reaching into his trunks and grabbing his already fully erect cock and freeing it from his shorts. “Oh my, is this for me?” she asked with a wide grin. Sakura shot the blonde an irritated look as she pulled his waistband beneath his balls, the top few inches of his cock standing up out of the water.


“Do be a dear and keep a lookout for me will you billboard brow?” Ino asked as she opened her mouth wide and took the first few inches of his cock into her mouth with a low moan.


“Ooohhh…” Boruto groaned at the feel of her hot mouth around his length.


“I-Ino…!” Sakura said, her voice more annoyed than shocked. “Fine!” she said, lifted her head up and pushing Boruto’s face into her left tit. He gasped in surprise, and she used that moment to force her nipple into his mouth. He wrapped his lips around it on instinct, and then closed his eyes as he began sucking the thick nub roughly. He rather enjoyed sucking on a womans tits, something about it was both calming and arousing at the same time as he moved his hands to knead both her tits more.


“Mmmmmh, yeah, like that Borutooooo…” Sakura moaned as he swirled his tongue around her nipple before tugging it with his teeth. He then moved one hand down between her legs and under her bikini bottoms. His fingers slipped along the folds of her pussy, finding her clit and toying with it slowly. The pink haired woman shuddered, her hips bucking against his fingers, making the water slosh and ripple.


At the same time, Ino’s head bobbed up and down slowly, taking his cock deep and deeper down her throat every time until her head began dipping below the surface of the water. He felt her fondling his balls with one hand as she tried to take him all the way into her mouth. Groaning around Sakura’s nipple, he dipped his fingers into the pink haired womans pussy, enjoying the way her walls clenched around his digits as he moved them back and forth.


“Ahhhnnnn, yeah, deeper, stick them in deeper… Oh fuuuck…” Sakura moaned as Ino lifted her head out of the water and gasped for air. She then leaned over and pressed her mouth to Sakura’s.


“Mmmmmh…” both women moaned into one another’s mouths as their tongues mingled. Something about two girls making out like that was just so hot as Boruto watched Ino suck on Sakura’s tongue for several moments before he pulled his hand away from her pussy, moving it instead to move the crotch of her bikini aside. Sakura caught on quickly and moved away from Ino, lifting herself out of the water and positioning herself above Boruto’s cock. Ino giggled as she helped guide his length inside her.


“Nnnnnngh, yesssss, so fucking biiiiig…so much bigger than myyyyy husband….” Sakura moaned as she took his entire length inside her, straddling his lap under the water and rolling her hips against him.


“I’m next!” Ino declared as she moved to straddle Boruto’s legs, reaching around Sakura and grabbing her tits in both hands. She pressed the huge mounds together, aiming her nipples at Boruto’s face. He then placed his hands on the pink haired womans ass, gripping it tight as he took both her nipples into his mouth. He listened as Sakura moaned louder in pleasure as Ino squeezed her tits as if she were milking her. The young man swirled his tongue around nipples, loving the way they tasted and felt as the pink haired woman bounced on top of him.


He then looked up in time to see Ino leaning over Sakura’s shoulder and kiss her again, their tongue dancing in one another’s mouths as they both moaned. Sakura panted for breath as she drooled slightly, her peridot eyes rolling back in her head, “Ino… Borutoooo… Ahhhnnnn…” she moaned, moving her body faster, making the water slosh and churn even more. He moved his hips with her as best he could, loving the way it made her moan again as he felt her pussy clenching him over and over. Sakura’s body then went tense and Ino broke their kiss and covered her mouth, muffling her orgasmic screams as she convulsed with pleasure.


“Keep it down Billboard Brow; we’re not at the hotel here!” Ino whispered harshly.


“Haahh, shut-up… Ino-pig…” Sakura panted weakly, though it was hard to take her seriously with her face in such a lewd expression of pure pleasure. Ino only giggled and kissed her best friend again before helping her lift herself free of his huge erection.


“Oh my, still so hard!” Ino said, though there was more excitement than concern in her voice. She quickly helped Sakura back into her woefully undersized bikini before dragging Boruto to another part of the lagoon pool. Tucked behind what he thought was just a decorative waterfall was a small grotto with just enough room for two adults to sit comfortably in the water.


Boruto followed Ino inside and watched with a smile as she striped out of her bikini, letting her heavy tits finally bounce free of their confines. He grinned as he moved up behind the blonde as she knelt down on all fours and presented her ass to him. His dick, still outside his trunks, throbbed as she reached a single hand between her legs and spread the folds of her pussy wide for him.


“Mmmmmmh, hurry Boruto-kuuuun, I can’t wait anymooore!!!” she pleaded, licking her lips slowly.


Grinning, Boruto waded over to Ino, grabbing her sexy ass and gripping it tight. His finger nearly vanishing into the soft creamy flesh as he pressed the tip of his cock against her pussy. He could feel the heat coming off her cunt as he slowly pushed inside her with a wet noise that was only made louder by the enclosed space of the grotto.


“Oohh fuuuuuck…” Ino moaned, instantly rocking her hips back against Boruto, stuffing his entire length inside her. “So big, oh god, so fucking biiiig… YESSSSS FUCK MEEEEE…” she groaned, her voice echoing off the walls around them as he began pumping his hips, his pelvis smacking wetly against her ass.


“Mmmmmh, you’re so tight today Ino-san…” Boruto grunted, loving the feel of her hot tight cunt clenching around his cock.


“Nhoooo, dhon’t call me thaaaat…” Ino panted and moaned, her tongue lolling from her lips as she spoke. “Call me Ino nee-san…” she moaned as her pussy began gushing around his length already.


The young blonde chuckled; Ino had been pestering him to call her that ever since the first time they had sex. He didn’t understand why it was such a big deal for her, but he didn’t care as he began slamming his cock balls deep inside her, making her big tits sway back and forth as she moaned.


“Ino Nee-san…” he groaned.




“Keep it down in there Ino-pig! People are walking by!” Sakura hissed from outside. “Yeesh, why does she have to be so damned vocal…?” she muttered so only Boruto could hear. Boruto noticed that too, Ino had a tendency to pant, cry and moan constantly, even calling herself degrading names as she came. He figured it got her off, so why complain?


Ino covered her mouth with both hands, but it only barely muffled her moaning as her pale blue eyes rolled back in her head. Boruto reached his hands around her hips for better leverage, groaning as he felt his balls getting tight now. He pushed his cock all the way inside the moaning blonde woman as he came inside her.




Boruto pulled out of her slowly, enjoying the lewd sound Ino made as he withdrew. He then made a face as the last few powerful squirts of cum blasted her face and painted her tits with hot spunk. Ino was silent for a moment. Perhaps she was unprepared for it and it hit her in the eye? He then found his swim trunks and managed to stuff his half hard erection back into them before exiting the grotto only to have his head pulled into Sakura’s tits.


“I hope you still have some energy left for me.” she said sweetly. In response, he reached around and gave her ass a quick squeeze.


“Good boy.” Sakura giggled then looked back to the grotto entrance, “Hey, get back out here Ino-pig, I don’t care if you have to walk bow legged, there’s still a lot of park to see!”


Boruto could tell this was gonna be a fun vacation!


(Short Story by User: SailorIO)

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