Boruto’s Sexcation Chapter 3

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The early afternoon sky was a beautiful crystalline blue with only a smattering of clouds drifting along quietly as Hinata Uzumaki waded naked out into the cool waters of the river. Walking along next to her were her best friends Sakura Uchiha and Tenten. The other two women were likewise naked as they moved farther away from the small beach along the riverbank. Rough-hewn cliffs could be seen a short ways south, capped with forests and thick plant life climbing down the sides.


“So, where did you hear about this place again?” Sakura asked Tenten as she brought her hands down against her own naked ass, making a pair of loud spanks that made the baby fat of her rump ripple slightly.


“From a weapon merchant in Takumi village. Said this place was really popular for skinny dipping and nude sunbathing before an earthquake about ten years ago cut it off from the regular paths. The travel and merchant boats don’t pass by here because the river bottom is too shallow clear to the other bank.” Tenten explained.


They were a short ways south of Takumi village; most of their group was still there. Temari, Kaguya, Hanabi, and Ino were still in the small village mostly for sight-seeing, though Hinata remembered Temari wanting to try some of the local curry dishes.


“I guess that’s fine, but, I’m still not so sure about bringing Boruto and Sarada along…” Hinata said with a blush as she hugged one arm against her breasts and looked back to shore where Boruto was standing naked, and setting up a large beach umbrella and laying out the beach towels. Sarada was with him, the young girl just as naked, having brought down the heavy cooler from the tops of the cliffs.


“You really need to loosen up girl. Is this the same woman that sent me to her boyfriend as a birthday gift?” Tenten asked teasingly.


“That’s different!” Hinata argued, but even she could tell her argument was pitiful at best.


Sakura and Tenten both giggled as they dipped themselves in the clear cool water. Hinata did the same and swam a quick lap to the other rockier riverbank and back. She then stood up in the water and shook out her long hair. Lately she’d been using a transformation jutsu to go back and forth between the long hair she wore as a teenager and her current bob cut style. She finally understood why Tsunade did the same, though in Tsunade’s case it was more out of denial of her age than vanity.


She smiled as she waded over to Sakura and Tenten who were splashing at one another like kids near the shoreline. Sneaking up behind Sakura, she nodded at Tenten before reaching out and wrapping her arms around the pink haired womans slim waist, mashing her tits into Sakura’s back before falling backwards into the water, pulling Sakura down with her.


“WAHH!!!” Sakura shouted in surprise as she went under and came up sputtering. Tenten and Hinata both giggled at her as Sakura gave both of them a playful splash.


“So,” asked Tenten as she sat back in the water until only her breasts were above the surface, “What’s the plan after this?”


Sakura shrugged, “I’m taking Sarada back to Takumi Village for another couple of nights before we start back. There are a few things I’d like to see. You’re all finished with that business in Tanigakure, right Hinata?” she said, looking to the dark haired woman.


Hinata nodded, “Yes, the elders agreed to building a Busteez here in the Land of Rivers, we’ll be handling construction and personnel at first, once they’ve gather enough of their own women to employ there we’ll be just in a supporting role, and a share of the gross profits will go back to Konoha.”


“Guess that means some of us might be spending a little more time in this country soon.” Tenten added.


“Just for a few weeks, room and board are already factored in with that.” Hinata assured her.


“Eh, this place is nice, I’ll volunteer if I can free up a couple weeks at the hospital.” said Sakura.


“Yeah, I’m sure that legendary mouth of your will be in high demand.” Tenten teased. Sakura did still hold the title of Best Blowjob at the Busteez back in Konoha after all.


“You’re just jealous!” Sakura said and splashed the brunette again.


“Speaking of jealous… I’m more jealous of that right now.” said Tenten as she pointed back to shore.


Hinata turned her head towards where she pointed and gasped at the sight that greeted her. There, lying on the beach towel under the huge umbrella was her son with Sarada on top of him in a full sixty-nine position!


“Oh, how ’bout that?” said Sakura, “It’s so nice to find a guy willing to eat pussy like that.”


“Oh my…” Hinata said as she covered her mouth with one hand and watched as the dark haired girl deepthroated her son. Her nose pressing against his large balls for several seconds before lifting back up, then sliding back down again.


“Yeah, that’s the way to do it Sarada, deepthroat that beast!” Sakura cheered her daughter.


“Sakura, you knew about this?!” Hinata asked, her voice higher than she meant as she continued to watch as Sarada bobbed her head up and down slowly. Even from this distance she could see the younger girl’s throat swelling with her son’s length as she took it down her throat.


“Who do you think taught her how to deepthroat something like that?” Sakura said proudly.


Hinata’s mouth opened and closed several times, but she couldn’t think of what to say. She knew her son was sexually active ever since Sakura’s little “House Call” a few weeks back. ‘More like a Booty Call,’ she thought to herself. She was rather upset at first and had confronted Sakura about it the next day.


“What’s the big deal?” Sakura had asked her.


“It’s just,” Hinata had said, “He’s so young and…”


“Psssh…” Sakura said waving her hand. “Puberty hits hard and fast Hinata, you know that. Besides, it’s good for him to relieve all that stress. And also, isn’t it better that he be with women like me who are STD free, know how to please a man, and can teach him how to best please a woman?”


“It’s just that I…” Hinata had trailed off, the argument sounding stupid in her own head.


Sakura moved to drape an arm around Hinata, snapping her back to the present, “I caught Sarada trying to seduce him a while back and doing a rather sloppy job of it to boot. So I taught her how to do things properly, and Boruto is a great sexual training partner for her as well, especially if she wants to work in the Club someday.”


“But does she love him?” Hinata asked.


“Yeah, but I don’t even think Ibiki Morino on his best day could get her to admit that aloud.” Sakura said with a snicker.


“Mmmmmmh, wow, she’s really swallowing that huge thing deep!” Tenten said, “I could only go a little over halfway myself.”


“You too Tenten!?” Hinata gasped. The brunette gave Hinata a cheeky grin and held up a hand with two fingers extended in a ‘V’ formation.


Hinata shook her head, “Just how many, no wait, I don’t think I wanna know…” she said with a sigh as she turned to look at Sarada and her son again. The dark haired woman watched as Sarada slowly lifted her head all the way off Boruto’s cock, her opal colored eyes going wide.


“Put’s that idiot to shame huh?” Sakura asked with a chuckle as they watched Sarada slowly lick the length of Boruto’s cock from the base to the tip.


“No… It… It can’t be…” Hinata gasped as she took in the sight of her son’s enormous cock.


“Recognize him now?” Sakura asked with a smile, “You know, we did try and stop you from bidding so much that night.”


Hinata’s lip trembled as she remembered that night at Busteez. It was ladies night, and Sakura and her sister Hanabi had taken her to the Glory Hole bidding war. Hinata only went along for laughs, until the big presentation of the night was the biggest cock she’d ever seen! Hanabi and Sakura had tried to dissuade her, but she won the bidding in the end and delighted in putting on a show for everyone as she sucked and fucked herself on that giant dick!


Now, here was that same huge cock, attached to her own son! She felt her face flushing a deep red as she watched Sarada move to straddle Boruto in a reverse cowgirl position, her belly stretching visibly around his huge length as he slid inside her easily.


“Woooo, that’s my girl!!!!” Sakura cheered, then turned to look at her with a grin, “Come on, you’d had enough time to freak, let’s go join the party.” she said and helped Hinata back to her feet. The two of them walked with Tenten back to the shore where Hinata heard Sarada’s panting moans.


“Hahh hahhh, ahhaa, yes, more, so deeeeep…” the dark haired girl moaned as she rocked herself up and down, plunging Boruto’s cock into herself over and over.


“Ahhha… Sarada, so tight dattebasa!” she heard her son groan as his hands held onto her hips.


“Mmmmmmh, you know you love my tight little pussy best!” Sarada teased, “Mmmmmh fuck I feel so fuuuullll…”


Hinata panted softly as she and the other two women moved to kneel next to the fornicating pair. The wind shifted and Hinata gasped at the heady smell of sex that washed over her. All doubts left her mind as she recalled the scent of the cock poking out of the wall that night. The dark haired woman didn’t know which was worse, that she’d had sex with her son in front of dozens of other women, most of whom she knew personally, or that that same scent was turning her on again!


“Mmmmmmh, you’re doing great Sarada-chan.” Sakura said, crawling closer on all fours, shaking her big ass with every motion.


“Ahhaaa… ahhhh… Tha… Thanks mom…!” Sarada moaned as the pink haired woman moved in even closer, pressing her mouth to her daughters. Hinata panted softly at the sight of their tongue slipping against one another’s in a lewd kiss. She slowly brought a hand to her own mouth, tracing her fingers over her own lips as she watched. She then turned to look at Boruto, finding herself locking eyes with her son as Sarada continued bouncing her body up and down on his cock.


“Ahha, mom! This… This isn’t… exactly what it looks like…” Boruto said quietly. Rather than angry, Hinata was impressed, most regular men would lose their erection instantly in this situation, but Boruto’s showed no signs of that what so ever. In spite of everything, Hinata found herself smiling.


“Ara ara, you shouldn’t be just lying there like that Boruto!” she chided, “Thrust your hips against hers, you gotta make your partner feel good too!” She then looked up for a moment to see Sakura and Tenten both smiling at her. Hinata then looked back down at him, “Well, start moving!” she told him.


“Ye… Yeah!” Boruto replied as he began thrusting his hips, ramming his cock up into Sarada’s cunt. Hinata panted again as she watched that huge thing slamming into the girl, tenting her belly every time it pushed all the way inside. She then moaned as Sakura moved behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist and moving a hand to grab one heavy tit.


“You’re such a bad mother…” she said, though her tone held no insult.


“So are you…” Hinata moaned as she tilted her head back as Sakura leaned her head over her shoulder. Their mouths connected and Hinata moaned as the pink haired woman sucked on her tongue. She felt Sakura’s hand sliding down her stomach and pelvis and moaned into the other womans mouth as she slipped her fingers between the dripping folds of her pussy.


Ahhh, my son is watching me… He’s watching me with another woman while fucking a girl…‘ Hinata thought to herself as she rolled her hips against Sakura’s fingers. “Mmmmmmmhh…” she moaned into Sakura’s mouth as the pink haired woman moved her digits faster, ‘Ahhh, this is turning me on so muuuch…‘ she thought as she moaned again.


“Ahhaaahh, this… feels… sooo goooood!!!” Sarada moaned as she and Boruto found their rhythm. Hinata could only moan with her at the feel of Sakura’s fingers delving in and out of her. The dark haired woman watched Sarada’s belly tenting up over and over as Boruto’s massive erection plunged into her relentlessly, making the girls huge tits wobble like huge jell-o molds, her bright pink nipples swollen and hard with raw arousal.


“Ahhh, Sarada, you… Ahhhh… Dattebasaaaaa…” Boruto groaned as a surge of thick white fluids seeped out around his cock from inside Sarada. Hinata could almost hear his cum splashing inside the younger girl.


Hinata smiled, ‘Just like his father,‘ she thought when she saw him keep going even after cumming inside the girl. His hands then reached up to grab the girls giant tits, kneading them roughly like mounds of dough before grabbing her nipples and twisting them hard!


“Oooooohhh FUUUUCK!!! I’m cumming, I’M CUMMMMMMMMING!!!!!” Sarada moaned, her pussy gushing like over ripe fruit as she arched her back in pleasure. Boruto released her tits from his grip, moving his hands to her hips to hold her steady as she came. Hinata broke the kiss with Sakura and licked her lips at the expression on Sarada’s face. Eyes rolled back, tongue lolling from her lips, her enormous tits heaving with her shuddery, panting, breaths. A flush of pride went through her knowing her son had driven Sarada to such ecstasy.


The dark haired girl then collapsed on top of Boruto, making him grunt softly as his hands moved up to grope her tits again, squeezing them gently this time. “Your son loves tits…” Sakura whispered in her ear then began nibbling the edge.


“Okay, my turn!” Tenten said cheerfully as she crawled over to where Boruto and Sarada lay. She helped Sarada lift herself off Boruto, laying her back on another towel next to them. Hinata then watched as Tenten licked his still rock hard cock clean before she moved to straddle Boruto in the regular cowgirl position! Guiding his huge length inside herself with one hand and letting out a long low moan of pleasure.


“MMMMMMMMMHHH….. YEEEEEESSSSSS……” Tenten moaned as he slipped inside her with a wet squishing sound. Hinata moaned with her, Sakura’s fingers still playing with her pussy as she pinched her nipple with the other hand.


“Mmmmmh, Boruuuto… Same applies heeeere; you have to move your hips with Tenten…” Hinata moaned as Sakura brought her to a tiny orgasm, her pussy spraying hot juices all over the pink haired womans fingers.


“Right mom!” he said as he reached up to grab Tenten’s plump tits, his fingers sinking into the soft flesh as the brunette took his entire length inside. Hinata could see why this was a good thing even more now. Nearly every girl at the club had been with her husband multiple times, they all knew how to take such a huge dick, and it’d be really bad if Boruto injured some inexperienced girl with that huge cock that would make a horse jealous!


Hinata watched as Tenten’s belly stretched visibly around her son’s cock, making the brown haired woman moan as she began rolling her hips slowly, stirring him around inside her. Hinata moaned with her, rocking her hips against Sakura’s fingers harder as she moved her own hand to grip her other breast, squeezing it roughly as Boruto began thrusting his hips with Tenten.


“OHHH YESSSS!! SO BIG!!! SO MUCH BIGGER THAN LORD SEVENTH…!!!” Tenten moaned raising and lowering her hips faster now.










The sounds of their bodies colliding over and over echoed in Hinata’s ears as she watched how Tenten’s pussy was stretched to the limit around her son’s cock. The brown haired woman was already panting and drooling slightly as the two of them moved their bodies together.


“HAAAHHH!!! AAHHHH!!!! HAH!!!” Tenten panted, her body bouncing up and down on top of Boruto, her huge tits jiggling with every motion.


“Ahhh, mmmmh, so warm and soft dattebasa…” Boruto groaned, “Ten-chan, you feel so good inside…”


“Ten-chan? Ahhhaaaaa…” Hinata asked, and then moaned as Sakura made her cum again.


“MMMMMMHHHH… WHAAAAT…. It’s cute…” Tenten panted and moaned.


Hinata only shook her head and giggled as she watched the woman bucking up and down on top of Boruto. Her eyes locked on her sons cock as it plowed in and out of the older womans pussy, the way Tenten’s pink labia clung tightly to the shaft every time she lifted herself up. Hinata licked her lips at the sight and moved her free hand to the one Sakura had between her legs, pushing more of the other womans fingers inside her.


“Mmmmmmmh! Harder Boruto, fuck Tenten harder!!!” Hinata moaned, “Make her cummmmm!!!”


“Right mom!” Boruto agreed, thrusting his hips faster, practically bouncing the older woman up and down atop his body. Tenten’s chocolate brown eyes went wide as she howled in pleasure, her pussy gushing like a burst dam.


“OH FUCK YESSSSS!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!” Tenten howled, her face in a full ahegao now, her eyes crossing as her tongue hung from her lips, a rope of drool flinging from its tip. “OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!” Tenten moaned as her eyes rolled back and she arched backwards in ecstasy.


“Hmmmmmmmmmmmh…” Hinata moaned with her, biting her lower lips as her pussy sprayed all over Sakura’s fingers.


“So good…” Tenten moaned as she fell backwards, Boruto’s cock slipping out of her with a loud wet ‘pop’.


“Looks like I’m up!” said Sakura with a giggle as she pulled away from Hinata. The dark haired woman made a plaintive noise but didn’t try and stop her. She moved a hand to play with her pussy as Sakura helped Tenten move over to a towel lying on Boruto’s opposite side. Hinata moved to kneel next to her sons head, still fingering herself as Sakura finished helping Tenten move to the other towel before getting down on all fours in front of Boruto.


“Mmmmmh, here Boruto, pound my slutty milf pussy!” Sakura said in a husky voice.


“Jeez mom, it still sounds weird to hear you talk like that!” Sarada complained as she sat up on the towel on Boruto’s other side. Her big tits jiggled and bounced and Hinata pouted slightly in jealousy, she was several years older than Sarada before she was even HALF that size! Genetics were cruel.


“I know, but it turns me on!” Sakura said with a wide grin, “Now hurry Boruto-kuuuun, pound me like a bitch in heeeeat!!!!”


Hinata remembered a time when Sakura hated being degraded, how things changed with time. She moved to help Boruto sit up, hugging his head between her own huge tits for a moment, “You’ve already satisfied two women on such a hot day, I’m so proud of you!” she said, hugging him again and squishing her tits around his head.


“Mom!” Boruto whined, “I can’t breave!” he said, and she realized she was smothering him with her tits!


“Oh! Sorry!” she said quickly, pulling away and letting him get up on his knees. She then pushed herself up against his back and reached down to grab his cock.


“M… Mom!?” he yelled again.


“Hush, it’s a mothers duty to help teach her son everything!” she said as she gripped the base of his dick gently, remembering the feel of it from that night in the club. How her hand couldn’t wrap around the entire thickness as she guided him into Sakura. The pink haired woman pried open the lips of her pussy and smiled back at both of them.


“Mmmmmmmaaahh…!” Boruto groaned as he slipped inside Sakura, Hinata giggled at the way her friend moaned as her son penetrated her. ‘What a slut…‘ she thought as she watched Boruto’s cock vanish into the older womans pussy inch by inch, pulling her hand back once he was more than halfway inside.


“Ahhh, no fair! I wanted to do doggy style too! I haven’t had as much practice with that one as I should!” Sarada complained.


“Snooze you lose…” Sakura told her daughter with a wink then moaned as Boruto’s dick slipped even deeper inside her.


“Don’t worry, I have an idea.” Hinata told Sarada then turned to Tenten, “Hey, still got enough strength to help me teach him how to please three girls at once without shadow clones?” she asked.


“Huh? How do I do that!?” Boruto asked.


“I’ll show you.” Hinata promised as she told Tenten to get up on all fours like Sakura, then had Sarada do the same.


“Now, you need to keep thrusting into Sakura, but you’ll need to rely on her to keep things steady…” she explained as she grabbed his wrists and moved his hands to Sarada and Tenten’s pussies. She then quietly triggered her Byakugan, “Now, palms down, use your middle and ring fingers like this.” she explained, placing her hands over his and having him copy her hand gesture. She then pushed their combined digits into the two girls, loving the way both of them cooed and moaned in pleasure. Sakura choose that moment to begin rocking her body back against him. Hinata marveled at the way her pussy clung to his cock, juices glistening on the surface as the heady smell of sex filled her every breath.


Boruto did as told, thrusting against Sakura, making the pink haired woman moan in pleasure as her fat ass rippled with every hot wet smack against his pelvis. He groaned and Hinata bit her lower lip again as his ass rubbed against her own pelvis.


“Now, crook your fingers like this,” she explained, trying to keep her breathing even as she moved her middle and ring fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion usually done with the index fingers. Boruto followed her example and nearly instantly both women began moaning with Sakura. “It’s called the g-spot,” she explained, “Can be a little tricky to find on your own, but do it right and…” she trailed off, pulling her hands back and letting Boruto finger them both on his own.


“OH FUUUCK!! RIGHT THERE!! RIGHT FUUUUUCKING THEEEEEERE!!!!!” Tenten howled, falling on her face with her ass in the air, her pussy gushing over and over again.


“OH FUCK!! BORUTO!! THAT’S SO GOOD!!! DON’T STOP!!! DON’T STOOOOOOOOOP!!!!” Sarada howled in orgasm as she gushed as well.


“Wow…” Boruto said, “Yeah, like I said, it’s tricky to find in most women, I cheated a little with my Byakugan.” Hinata confessed as she wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her breasts into his back. She giggled as the way he groaned at the feel of her nipples poking against his body. Then she watched as he moved all on his own, slamming his cock into Sakura as she rocked her body back against him.




“Good, now be sure and thank him like a proper whore!” Hinata said sternly, though she only smiled and rested her chin on Boruto’s shoulder.


“THANK YOOOUU!!! THAAAAAAANK YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!” Sakura screamed in ecstasy as her pussy gushed every time his cock sank all the way inside her.


After several long moments and well after Hinata lost count of how many times the three women came from Boruto’s efforts; Sakura, Sarada, and Tenten all fell forward, nearly passed out from pleasure. She watched as her son’s cock popped free of Sakura’s cunt, dripping with juices as the pink haired woman lay face down on the towel, her ass in the air.


“I’m… I’m done, you finish him Hinata…” Sakura panted.


“HUH!?” Hinata asked with a blink.


“He… Still hasn’t cum… A second time…” Sarada continued for her mother.


“You can’t leave him like that… Blue balls are a horrid torture… Morino actually came to… The Club… To discuss it as a new… Means of interrogation…” Tenten panted.


Hinata looked down at Boruto, who smiled nervously back at her. She smiled just as nervously, knowing that her relationship with Boruto after this trip would never be the same…

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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2 years ago

Where is boruto sexcation part II i only see part 1 part 3 and finale

2 years ago
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The image that accompany that story has not been posted. I believe it is a Sarada Boruto image. Pretty spicy if I do say so myself!

2 years ago
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Ok could ya reply to this when the story comes out i tgink that would be pretty spicy as well

2 years ago
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Just follow the website buddy, you’ll enjoy the ride.

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Can’t wait to see what’s next.