Boruto Sexcation Finale

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Wow it’s hot!” complained Ino as their group walked along a long land bridge lined with palm trees. Boruto looked up at the sky, the sun had only risen a couple hours ago, but it was easily over eighty degrees outside. Summer’s in Konoha were just as bad, but usually not this early in the morning.


“It’s not much farther now,” his mother said, “The hotel guide said this island won’t be crowded very much right now, so we’ll have it all to ourselves.”


“Wooo, skinny dipping!!!” Sakura said with a grin.


“Mom…” Sarada said with a blush.


“Sounds fun to me!” said Hanabi, “And I know YOU’D love the view.” she said to Boruto as she hugged him from behind, making sure that her big tits rested neatly on his head. His aunt was dressed in a lightweight kimono that was a pale blue color to help make it cooler in the sun. She left the top open more than she needed to show off her shapely tits and deep cleavage.


Boruto said nothing, but felt his cheeks turning red at the thought. It was the last day of their trip in the Land of Rivers, tomorrow their entire group would be heading back to Konoha. Boruto looked around, feeling Hanabi’s tits bouncing softly on top of his head. Ino, Sakura, Sarada, Hanabi, Hinata, Tenten, Temari, Tsunade, and Kaguya, in all nine women, and on their trip he’d had sex with all of them at least once. He now knew how the main characters in harem light novels felt. ‘Though, it’s not so bad,‘ he thought to himself as he looked over at Sarada, already clad in a red and black bikini that nicely showed off her Uchiha Clan tattoo, something she’d just had put on during this trip. It was ‘tramp stamped’ as her mother put it, just above her curvy ass.


He liked it, made Sarada seem more fun than she usually was. He also enjoyed the sight of her uncompressed tits bouncing up and down as she walked alongside her mother who was in a tight fitting pink sling suit that was more string than bathing attire.


“Onee-chan?” he asked Hanabi, looking up and having his eyes covered by the underside of her boobs for his trouble.


“Hmm?” she asked sweetly.


“How did you all hear about this place?” he asked.


Hanabi smiled and leaned on him some more, letting her breasts spill around the sides of his head and move to sit on his shoulders. “Well, the whole point of this trip was to see about opening a Busteez franchise here. Well, for most of us, the rest just wanted an excuse to travel a bit.” she explained.


“Hey!” Kaguya, Tenten, and Temari complained.


Hanabi stuck her tongue out at the women and turned back to Boruto, “Officially, we’re scouting this island as a possible spot for the club location. Unofficially,” she lowered her voice to a whisper, “We wanted a place where we could all have a little fun…” she told him as she reached her hands down to his waist and slipped one inside the band of his shorts, “With you.” she told him while pressing her tits around his head.


“Gheep!!” he gulped when he felt her hand groping the base of his dick gently before she pulled back.


“You should relax more.” she teased as she lifted herself up and away.


“Honestly speaking, I think this little island might be a perfect spot.” said Tsunade, “It’s a bit of a walk, but a proper road can be added later. And the level of privacy it allows more than makes up for it.”


“That is true, the one in the Land of Waves has a beach, but it’s also part of the town, so it’s harder to do outdoor activities there.” said Kaguya.


“Oh yeah,” said Sakura, “I remember that, that’s the first time you went with those giant tits!” she said with a snicker.


“Even the divine can use some improvement to draw in new followers.” Kaguya said in a haughty tone.


The gathered woman all giggled, “I don’t know, I rather like having them like this.” said Tsunade as she reached her hands out to heft her inhumanly large tits. She and his mother both had used that expansion technique to give themselves tits as big as their entire torso’s!


“It’s fun!” Hinata agreed, giving her own jugs a squeeze. Boruto gulped as he tried not to look directly, and failed.


“Getting turned on by your own mother, pervert!” Sarada chided him as she gripped the outline of his cock through his trunks.


“Hey, that hurts dattebasa!!!” he shouted back, “What about you!? You and your mom do things all the time!”


“That’s different.” Sarada said matter-o-factly, “That’s all part of my Busteez training. I’ll be expected to satisfy female clients as well as men, won’t I?”


“Yep!” answered all the women at once, then giggled together except Kaguya who didn’t seem to get the joke.


The island itself was pretty plain, yellow sandy beaches, not overly dense forested areas deeper inland. There was even a really large clearing a few dozen meters into the forest where the club itself could be built.


“Flooding might be an issue during the rainy season though,” his mother mused as she stood in the middle of the clearing. Hinata was dressed in a tight fitting black bikini that struggled to stay on as the straps dug into the soft flesh of her top. The thong bottoms showed off her pale white sexy ass as she walked around the clearly taking mental notes.


“Oh, that won’t be a problem, there’s a dam a few miles up that keeps the water in check since there are settlements farther south of here.” Tsunade informed her.


“Ah, good to know.” Hinata said.


Boruto only half listened to them as he looked out at the beach. Ino, Tenten, and Temari were spreading out a large blanket on one patch of sand, though it might have been more accurate to call it a sail as it was big enough for all ten of them to sit on comfortably.


To the right of that trio, Sakura and Sarada were building a firepit where they would cook the lunch the group had brought along with them. He watched as Sarada used the Uchiha signature flame jutsu to ignite the firewood once her mother finished laying it out inside the pit.


Sarada made three quick seals with her hands, “Fire Style: FIREBALL JUTSU!!!” she recited before blowing a breath of pure red and orange fire into the pit. The wood inside caught quickly and Sarada grinned over at him.


“Okay! Skinny dipping!” Sakura cheered, shrugging out of her sling suit with practiced ease and running for the water’s edge. Boruto felt himself smile at the sight of Sakura’s naked body. Her skin was a pale cream color, with perfectly pink nipples capping tits as big as her head. They bounced enticingly as she ran into the water and splashed about.


“Come on everyone, it’s our last day, let’s enjoy it!” she called back to the other girls.


“Heh, what the hell…” Temari said with a shrug as she stripped out of the dark blue one-piece she had been wearing. Boruto blinked in surprise when he saw her pussy was completely hairless now, freshly shaven without a hint of stubble. The older blonde took her time to neatly fold her suit and place it on the beach blanket before walking out to join Sakura.


“Hey, wait for me!” Hanabi shouted, stripping out of her kimono as quickly as she could, leaving it in a messy pile next to the blanket. As she headed out for the water, she turned and struck a pose for Boruto, holding her arms up, hands behind her head and swaying her heavy tits from side to side as she winked at him. She then turned and headed into the water with the other two.


“Nah, I think I’ll try for an allover tan for now.” said Ino as she stripped next, neatly collecting her clothes in a pile next to her as she lay back on the blanket. Her big soft tits heaved up and down with her even breathing as she closed her eyes and began basking in the late morning sun.


“Sadly, I do not tan. I’ve tried.” Kaguya said, already out of her clothes and sitting next to Ino, “Though I hear you should apply this regularly so as not to burn.” she told Ino, holding up a brown plastic bottle with SPF 50 written on the side.


“Hey, Kaguya-san!” Hanabi called out from her spot in the water, “Don’t use that cheap stuff! Boruto-kuuun, look in my bag, there’s a ceramic jar with a cork stopper in it!”


Happy to have something to distract him from the rapidly building display of naked female bodies, Boruto did as asked. He found the jar in question and uncorked it. The familiar smell of the Hyuga family ointment greeted him. The stuff was good for everything, treating wounds, massaging bodies, and apparently preventing sunburns.


“Got it!” he called back as he carried the jar over to Kaguya.


“My thanks, Lord Boruto.” she said as she accepted the jar.


“Wanna help put some on my back?” Ino asked, “But maybe, you’d like to do my front first?” she asked suggestively as she eyed the now painful bulge in his swim trunks. His cock as painfully hard, snaking down one legs, more than half of it sticking out from the hem of the left leg.


“Mmmmmmmh,” Kaguya purred softly as she pressed her naked breasts against Boruto’s back, he could feel her stiff nipples poking him as she wrapped her arms around his waist, “That cannot be comfortable Lord Boruto, please, allow me…” she breathed into his ear softly as she tugged his shorts down, allowing his dick to spring free and swell to its full mast.


Lying on the blanket in front of him, Ino licked her lips slowly as his dick cast its shadow over her face. “Mmm…” she cooed, rolling over onto her side and pushing herself up slightly, “Want some help with that?” she asked.


“No need!” said his mother as she appeared to his right.


“We’ll take care of this!” said Tsunade on his left. Both women appeared as if from nowhere, their hands grabbing his cock as they gently pulled him away from Kaguya.


“Hmmmmm…” Kaguya pouted, but both Hinata and Tsunade fixed the ivory skinned woman with a look that made her back off.


“Come along honey.” Hinata said.


“We’ll make you feel all better.” said Tsunade.


“Wha… Hey… HEY! Mom, Tsunade-san, wait, where are you, ahhhaaa!!!” Boruto stammered as the two women finished tugging off his shorts and carried his naked body away from the other pair of women.


“Awww, I wanted first dibs…!” whined Ino.


“Well, she is the boy’s mother, only right she be first in line.” Kaguya said.


“You know that sounds weird right?” Ino asked dryly.


Boruto only put up a minor struggle as Tsunade and his mother led him away from the picnic site. Both of them casually ditched their bikinis along the way, sandwiching him between their naked bodies as they took him back to the land bridge that connected the small island to the mainland.


“Mmmmh, such a nice view.” Hinata said.


“Agreed.” said Tsunade, but she wasn’t looking out across the bridge as she pressed her gigantic tits against him while gazing down at his throbbing dick.


“Ahh, mom, Tsunade-san, why are we over here?” he asked, gritting his teeth as both women pressed and rubbed themselves against him. They both smelled so good, and the sight of their massive naked tits was making it hard for him to think. When they left the hotel this morning he practically fainted at the sight of them in the lobby. Now, here they were, alone, on a deserted island, and completely naked!


“Well, your aunt told us you like big boobs.” Hinata explained.


“So we decided,” continued Tsunade.


“To give you a treat,” Hinata picked up again.


“For giving us such a nice getaway!” they said together as they moved in front of him and mashed their tits together around his cock.


“Haaaahhh…!” Boruto groaned at the feel of their soft warm funbags squishing around his cock! Their nipples were huge and stiff, rubbing against him in all the right spots as he gasped for breath.


Both women smiled at him as they continued moving their tits back and forth along his cock. He groaned in pleasure at the feel of their soft tits against his rock hard cock. Tsunade giggled and looked over at Hinata, his mother nodded back at the blonde and the two of them moved their bodies faster now.


“So Boruto, how do you like our big soft boobs?” Hinata asked him.


“Hinata and I made them this big just for you!” Tsunade added.


“Ahhhaaa… You two, this feels…”


“Mmmmmmh, I can feel your cock throbbing between us,” Hinata said.


“I think that means he likes it!” Tsunade said with a chuckle.


“What man wouldn’t love having two giant breasted women rubbing their boobs all over his big giant cock?” Hinata asked her back with a giggle.


“None I can think of.” Tsunade agreed as the two of them pressed their breasts against him even harder. Boruto groaned loudly, wanting to savor this warm soft feel as long as he could as he continued kneading their soft tits in his hands.


“Don’t try and fight it Boruto, just let yourself go…” Tsunade whispered to him in a husky voice. He then looked down at the two of them as they leaned in closer to each other, pressing their lips together in a lewd kiss. He gulped at the sight of their tongues dancing in one another’s mouths as his cock twitched between their pressed tits. Both women gasped and smiled at him as they continued pumping their milk jugs up and down his huge length. Thick, white, hot streams of cum shot out the other side of their tits, splattering into dark muddy globs on the sand of the land bridge, only to be quickly absorbed into the dirt and vanish as if they were never there.


Boruto fell back on his naked ass, panting softly as he looked at the pair.


“There, doesn’t that feel better?” Tsunade asked, “I hope you saved some stamina though, because there are a lot more ladies waiting their turn.” she told him with a grin.


“Huh!?” Boruto asked his eyes wide.


“Don’t worry, you can use this!” the blonde told him as she held out something wrapped in a bundle of cloth. It was about the size of his palm and felt a little heavy. When he unwrapped it he gasped in surprise.


“But this is…!” he began.


“It’s the ninja tool you used to cheat during the Chunin exams, we know, but I think in this situation it might be helpful.” Hinata told him.


“I already loaded it with a bunch of Kage Bunshin scrolls.” Tsunade said, “I even helped the man that developed this little toy make a bit of an improvement.”


Boruto and Hinata both blinked.


“Oh, I didn’t tell you? It’s not that big a deal, just the clones will last a bit longer is all, and won’t go ‘poof’ right after cumming anymore.” she explained, “Trade-off being they can only manifest for a max of forty-five minutes give or take.”


“Awesome!” Boruto said as he strapped the ninja tool to his wrist. The loading dial spun automatically as it self-loaded. He then made his way back to the area where the picnic had been set up. Everyone had discarded their swimwear now; Sakura and Kaguya were busy applying some of the Hyuga clan ointment to Sarada and Ino.


Temari was sitting by the small firepit they had set up earlier, only now there was a makeshift grill set up over the flames and a medium sized silver colored pot suspended over the flames. When the wind shifted, he detected the distinct scent of curry coming from the cooking vessel.


Tenten and Hanabi were having a kunai throwing contest at a target set against a tree. He could tell Hanabi was bored from her facial expression, but Tenten looked positively thrilled as she tossed another three blades at once, forming a perfect triangle around the bull’s-eye.


Looking up from where she lay on her stomach, Sarada asked, “Have fun perv? I hope you saved some strength for the rest of us, I still need more DP practice after all!”


Her mother responded to Sarada’s comment by pressing her thumb against her tattoo. The dark haired girl flinched in pain, “Be nice,” she chided, “And you’ll have to wait your turn like the rest of us.”


“Nah!” Boruto said, drawing the attention of all the women, “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL AT ONCE!” he yelled as he triggered the ninja-tool on his wrist.




With gray plumes of smoke, Boruto grinned as he manifested eleven shadow clones. All of them as naked as himself.


“Oh my…” Kaguya said, looking up from her work on Temari’s back.


“You said it!” Sakura replied with a grin. “I’ll take five, you all can split the rest!”


“MOM!?” Sarada shouted.


“Just kidding… Mostly.” Sakura said, sticking her tongue out impishly.


The dozen Boruto’s spread out after they appeared. One moved to stand with every woman, with the exception of Sarada and Sakura. The former getting three and the latter two.


“Impressive my lord.” Kaguya said as Boruto moved over to her. He liked the way she smiled at him as he took her hand and led her away from Ino. Her ivory skin practically gleamed in the sun as the two of them found their own spot on the huge blanket. Kaguya purred when the young blonde reached his hands up to grab her big soft tits. The purr tuned to a moan as he wrapped his lips around one dull pink nipple, sucking it into his mouth as her hands reached for his cock, fingers tracing the underside of him as she licked her lips like a hungry predator just before its meal.


“Thanks…” He murmured around her nipple, loving the feel of it in his mouth. Kaguya smelled so nice, like cherry blossoms in the spring, and her skin was so smooth and soft, he loved the way it felt against his own body as she moved both of them to lay down on top of the blanket. He smiled up at the ivory beauty as she moved to straddle his waist with his dick rubbing against her pussy. He could feel the heat of her cunt against the sensitive skin. Her juices dripped down over his length as Kaguya began rubbing herself back and forth.


“Mmmmmmmh, I’ve been waiting for this all day…” she moaned, lifting her hips up and guiding his thick cock into her soft, wet, hole. Boruto let out a low groan of pleasure, reaching his hands up to grip her soft tits again, loving the feel of her stiff nipples against his palms as his fingers sank deep into the soft flesh.


“Ahhhaaa… Ka… Kaguya-mama…” he groaned.


Kaguya lowered herself all the way onto him, taking his cock all the way into her pussy and moaning loudly, “Yesssss… Ahhhhaaa… SO FULL, YES MY LORD, YESSSSSS…” she moaned as she began rolling her hips, stirring his cock inside her as she leaned down to kiss him deeply, sucking on his tongue almost painfully as he felt her pussy stroking him without her even moving!


“Mmmmmh, yes, call me that again, it turns me on so much…” Kaguya purred into his ear.


“Kaguya…mama…” Boruto groaned, then groaned louder as her pussy clamped around his cock and began stroking him faster.


“Hmmmmmmmmh!!!” Kaguya moaned, moving her body even faster now.


“Haaaahhh, you feel so good inside!” he told her.


Kaguya kissed him again and rocked her body on top of his, moaning in ecstasy into his mouth as he began thrusting his hips against hers.


A little ways over, the Boruto that went over to Ino groaned as he slowly thrusted his huge cock between her heavy tits! The blonde wasted no time when he came over, saying; “Put that fuckstick between my tits now!”


He blinked at first, having never heard her talk like that before. “Lady Tsunade and Hinata snatched you away before we could have any fun, and now I don’t wanna waste any time with foreplay!” she told him as he climbed on top of her waist. His cock fit neatly between her big tits as she mashed them around his length.


“Mmmmmmh, your cock feels like it’s on fire, do all these naked women turn you on that much, or is it just me?” Ino asked with a wink.


“I… Uh…” Boruto stuttered, but the blonde smiled and pressed her big soft tits around his cock harder.


“I’m teasing.” she told him, then looked down at the top foot of his cock that stuck out from her upper cleavage, “God this is so big!” she moaned, “Ahhhh, and this smell… Mmmmmh it turns me on so much!!!” she said as she used both arms to hug her huge tits around his dick. “Faster!” she told him, “Fuck my tits now! Mmmmmmh, I wanna feel your cum all over my face Boruto!!!!”


On the other end of the huge blanket, the Boruto who went over to Tenten groaned as the slender brunette rocked her body back and forth on his cock. Tenten knelt on all fours in front of him, moaning as she took his cock all the way up her asshole!


“HAH HAH HAH!!! OH YESSSS!!! MY BUTT, MY BUUUTTTT!!!! SO FULL, AH BORUTO YOU’RE THE BEEEEST!!!” she screamed, her pussy gushing against his balls every time they smacked against it. “MMMMMMMH, SO BIIIIG, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH!!!!” she howled shamelessly.


He’d only been with the brunette a few times, but each time they did anal she began panting and howling like a depraved nymphomaniac! The baby fat of her heart shaped ass jiggled and rippled like a pudding mold. The fingers of his hands sank deep into the soft pliant flesh as he held on tight.


“MMMMH, SPANK ME BORUTO, SPANK ME FOR BEING SUCH A DIRTY SLUT WHO LOVES BEING FUCKED IN THE ASS!!!!” she begged, turning to look back at him with a look of wanton lust in her big brown eyes, “PLEASE, PUNISH MEEEEE!!!!”


“Ahhh… Ah… Ba… Bad girl!” he said nervously before pulling his left hand away and bringing it back on her ass with a loud slap!


“EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” Tenten squealed as her pussy gushed even harder, “AGAIN, SPANK ME AGAINNNNN!!!”


“Bad girl!” Boruto said more confidently as he spanked her harder, enjoying the way she moaned as she came over and over.


“Hmmm, I don’t see her get that way very often.” said Temari as she lay naked beside her Boruto. Unlike many of the others, the dirty blonde haired woman wanted to have a little more foreplay as she let him suck on her nipples while she tenderly stroked his cock with one hand.


Boruto couldn’t really see what she meant, but he could hear Tenten moaning over all the other women. He kept his focus on Temari though, loving how soft and gentle her hand felt on his cock as he tried to pull all of her nipple into his mouth! He slowly brushed his tongue against the stiff nub of flesh, enjoying the way Temari moaned softly as her hand moved faster and faster.


“Mmmmh, keep doing that…” she cooed, pressing her tit against his face more. “You like that?” she asked when Boruto’s cock began twitching in her hand. He nodded and she gave a soft chuckle, “I do this with my husband all the time, but I can grip his entire cock in my hand, unlike now. I still love him, but… Mmmmh, my pussy just aches to be filled right now…” she whimpered as she finally pulled away from him gently. Like Kaguya a little ways away, the blonde took the top position, unlike her; she opted for the reverse cowgirl position, slowly lowering herself onto his cock with a long moan of sheer pleasure.


“Mmmmmmmmh, that’s iiiiiit…” she groaned, “God I love being filled like this!” she said and began bucking her body up and down, using her knees and hips like a spring to move herself. Boruto could only let out a long groan as he looked at her shapely ass! He reached out to grab it tightly, making Temari let out an uncharacteristically girlish moan.


“Ahhh, don’t just lay there like some sex doll, FUCK ME!” she commanded him.


Nodding, Boruto moved his hands up to the woman’s wide hips and held onto them as he began matching her motions, finding rhythm easily and enjoying her more girly moaning as he began slamming up inside her. The loud SLAP SLAP SLAP of their bodies colliding echoed in his ears as Temari gripped her own tits, squeezing them tight in her hands and bringing one breast to her mouth to suck her own nipple!


“MMMMMMMH!!!” Temari howled as her pussy gushed over and over, soaking Boruto’s lap instantly.


“Mmmmmh, Temari-san, you feel so nice inside, it’s like your pussy is sucking my cock into you, dattebasa!” he groaned.


“Nnnmmmmmmmh, flattery will get you everywhere!” she said with a smirk, before moaning again in ecstasy, “Ahhhh, harder, fuck me HARDER!!!!” she screamed, “YEAAAHHH, THAT’S IIIIITTT!!!!” she moaned as he obliged her.


“You know, when we planned this, I didn’t think you’d be able to do enough shadow clones for all of use, good job.” Sarada said as she rested on her knees, she quickly claimed three of the Boruto’s for herself, ostensibly for her ‘training’, but Boruto figured she just wanted to outdo her mother who only managed to grab two of him.


“Well, I kinda cheated,” said one Boruto as he fondled Sarada’s enormous breasts from behind while rubbing his cock between her thighs. The other two knelt to either side of her, groaning softly as Sarada slowly moved her hands up and down their cocks.


“Tsunade gave me that ninja-tool device.” confessed the second Boruto.


“Otherwise four is my limit and even that’s pushing it dattebasa.” finished the third.


“Ugh, I should have figured as much! Your dad can do over a thousand without breaking a sweat, you should do better, or is this big dick the only way you outshine him!” Sarada chided them, grabbing the balls of the two Boruto’s to either side of her and squeezing tightly.


“AAHHHHHH, THAT HURT DATTEBASA!!!” the two screamed in unison.


“Don’t talk at once like that, just one of you can be annoying enough, I don’t wanna hear it in stereo!” she told them.


“Then don’t grab like that,” the Boruto behind her said as he tugged on her nipples, enjoying the way it made her moan. He wouldn’t tell her right now, not after that little stunt, but Boruto liked the way Sarada moaned. It was such a cute sound, and it turned him on as he began humping his cock between her legs a little faster. He could feel her juices running all over his cock as Sarada turned to her left and began sucking the top seven inches of that Boruto’s cock!


“Mmmmmmhh… That feels good Sarada…” he said with a shuddering groan.


“Mmmmph… Mmmmph… Mmmmph…” Sarada moaned around his cock, her lips making lewd wet noises as she moved her head up and down slowly, “Dun’t tawk, jusht du what I dell ‘ou…” she slurred. “Mmmmmahhh… I’m doing this to be able to work at Busteez better, not because I enjoy it!” she told all three of them. She might have been more convincing were she not blushing from ear to ear. She turned to look at the Boruto behind her, “You, start with my ass, and go SLOWLY; you’re too big for me to take it all at once right now.”


That Boruto nodded, pulling back slowly and repositioning himself. His cock was slick with her juices as Sarada leaned forward for him. As he pressed his cock against her tight little asshole, he saw one of the other Boruto’s headed back towards that clearing from earlier with Hinata out of the corner of his vision. Ignoring them, he looked back down at Sarada, her ass wasn’t as big as many of the other women here, but it still had a beautiful curve to it, not to mention how smooth its creamy surface was as he slowly pushed his dick into her.


“Nnnnnnmmmh…” Sarada winced, “So big… Ahhhh…” she gasped as the tip of his cock went in with a barely audible ‘pop’. Once inside, the rest of him slipped up her ass easily. The dark haired girl let out a loud moan as her stomach distended slightly as she took more and more of his length inside.


“Nnnnmmmmmm… That… That’s it…!” she moaned, turning to the Boruto on her left, “Now you, hahh… My pussy…” she told him.


The other two Boruto’s pulled away as the one to her left repositioned himself. With the help of the one in back, they easily lifted Sarada’s slender, if top heavy, body up. Her dark colored eyes crossed for a moment as the other Boruto’s cock slipped into her pussy with ease.


“Ahhhaaaahhhh… So full, shannarooooo!!!” she squealed lightly, “Mmmmmmmh, I forgot how intense this feeeelssss…” she shuddered, her pussy gushing instantly as she took more than half of each Boruto’s cock inside her body. “Ahhhhh, so good, it feels so good…!” she panted as she reached her arms up to hold onto the Boruto in front of her. “Do… Don’t stop! I’ve taken both before, I can do it again! HMMMMMMMMH!!!!” she moaned as the two Boruto’s pushed all the way into her, her belly stretching around the two of them quite a ways now as her Sharingan triggered and tears began running down her cheeks. Boruto would have worried if not for the goofy grin on her face.


“Ahhhh, two, I’ve got two of you inshide meeeh…” she moaned, her words slurring as she lost herself in pleasure. “Mmmmmmmh, more… I want more, I’m gonna be the besht girl at Bushteez!” she said, looking at the final Boruto with her crossed Sharingan eyes, “You, you too… fuck muh mouth now…” she said haltingly, trying to contain her moaning no doubt.


“Mmmmmmmph!!! Mmmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph, mmmph!” Sakura moaned around Boruto’s cock as two of him plunges their cock into her mouth and pussy! The pink haired woman knelt on all fours between them, bucking her naked body back and forth, her tits hanging from her chest like a pair of udders as her peridot eyes rolled back in ecstasy.


Behind Sakura, the Boruto in her pussy brought his hand down on her wide sexy ass, making the fat ripple out from his hand as she moaned even louder around the cock in her mouth and throat. He smiled as he felt her pussy clenching his cock again in yet another orgasm! Boruto loved fucking Sakura, her panting moans were like music as he spanked her again. Leaning down, Boruto grabbed her big heavy tits, squeezing and kneading them in his hands as he listened to those sexy moans.


Groaning as he pushed his thick cock down her soft throat, the Boruto fucking Sakura’s mouth glanced over just in time to see Sarada taking three of him at once! Her mouth, her ass, and pussy all stuffed full of his huge dick, at the same time! Boruto would be lying if he said he wasn’t impressed. That was pretty advanced for Sarada. The ahegao on her face told the young blonde his teammate was loving every second of it even if she’d likely never admit it aloud.


Turning back to the girl’s mother, Boruto grinned down at her, “Mmmmmh, you look so sexy right now Sakura, taking two of me at once!” he told her.


“Shhoooo guuud… Moar… Phuck muh holesh moooaaar…!!! Phill meh up wiph your cuuuummm!!!” Sakura slurred around his cock, her lips making all kinds of wet sloppy noises around his length as he pushed all the way down to her stomach! “MMMMMMMMMPH!!!!” she howled in pleasure around his cock.


“AHHHHH YESSSSS, MORE!!!! MORE, MORE, MOREMOREMORE!!!!! AHHHH I’M GONNA DIE!!!!” Tsunade moaned as she ley beneath Boruto, her legs hooked over his shoulders as he slammed his entire cock into her ass again and again. Her neatly shaven pussy gushed like a fountain every time his balls smacked against her butt, her belly stretching around his cock as her brown eyes crossed in mindless pleasure.


“AHHHAAAA, I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE! I’M GONNA DIE!” she shouted over and over as she came with each utterance. Boruto sometimes wondered way the blonde former Hokage could just shout she was cumming like everyone else?


“Should I stop?” he asked.


“DON’T YOU DARE!!!!!” she shouted at him with a fierce look on her face. That look quickly melted back into an ahegao of ecstasy as he began thrusting his hips even faster, making those gigantic tits she had wobble around in opposing circles.


“AHHHHHH, YES!!! DON’T STOP, DON’T STOOOOOOPP!!!” Tsunade screamed as her hands clawed at the sand beneath them, digging small trenches in the dirt. “AHHHHHHHHHH, SO GOOOD!!!!”


Giggling as she watched the spectacle around them, Hanabi turned to look back up at Boruto as her legs wrapped around his slender waist. “Mmmmmmmh, this has been such a nice trip…” she purred, closing her opal colored eyes as his cock slipped all the way inside her.


“Onee-chan…” Boruto groaned, loving the feel of being inside Hanabi. He’d honestly lost count of how many times the two of them had done it, but he never grew tired of the feel of her moist pussy clenching around his cock. The brown haired young woman lay on her back beneath him, her legs around his waist as he pounded his meter long length inside.


“Mmmmmmh, yes Boruto-kun?” she moaned, her eyes still closed in pleasure.


“I love being with you…” he groaned.


“Awwww, you’re so sweet!” she giggled, “I love it too! Mmmm, you fill me up so good! Ahhh, nee-chan feels so good!” she said as he began thrusting harder. “Mmmh, yes, just like that… Ahhhh… Can you hear it Boruto-kun? My pussy’s making so many wet sloppy noises around your cock!”


He nodded, he heard the sounds, but he FELT them more as he began pumping into her faster. He groaned in pleasure before Hanabi pulled his face to hers in a deep kiss, sucking his tongue back into her mouth as she wrapped her arms around him.


“MMMMMH! YESH, FASHTER, FUCK ME FASHETR BORUTO…!!!” Hanabi moaned into his mouth as she bucked her body back against his thrusts. “MMMMH, SO FULL, YOU’RE FILLING ME UP SO MUCH!!!! I LOVE IIIT!!!!” Hanabi moaned louder, leaning her head back and closing her eyes tightly as she chewed on her lower lip lightly. “YES, YESYESYES, POUND NEE-CHAN’S TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY BORUTO, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUUUUUM… AHHHHH, YESSSSS, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE!!!”


“Onee-chan… Nee-chan… Nee-chan…” Boruto groaned before moving to take her right nipple into his mouth, sucking it roughly as he savored the feel of being inside Hanabi. Her pussy squished and gushed around his cock, soaking the sand beneath them before Hanabi suddenly rolled them over, placing herself on top and leaning back to let him have a better view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Her puffy pink folds clung tight to his cock, as if her cunt didn’t want him to pull out. Her stomach showed a clear outline of his length reaching deep inside her.




“Ha… Hanabi Onee-chaaaan…” Boruto groaned as the chorus of moans around him began to build.


“YESSSSSS, DO IT, CUM WITH ME, CUM IN MEEEEEEE!!!!” Hanabi told him as she howled in ecstasy.


“Ahhh, Ha… Hanabi Onee-channnn!!!” Boruto groaned as he felt his cock throbbing inside her, painting the inside of her pussy white with his hot thick spunk. He heard a cacophony of woman moaning all over the island, followed by a loud series of pops before suddenly everything went white, then pitch black!



Painful consciousness returned to Boruto as he felt his head throbbing as if someone was running a jackhammer in his skull! He opened his bright blue eyes and instantly regretted it as bright glaring sunlight greeted him. His hearing recovered next and he wished it hadn’t. A rhythmic rolling grinding sound was all he could hear, and it was so loud he thought he might go deaf from it.


“Unnnnn…” he groaned.


“Oh, you’re finally awake!” said a voice. When his vision cleared he looked up to see Sarada scowling down at him. “You know, you’re a lot heavier than you look, you should stop eating all those hamburgers!” she chided him.


“Where am I?” Boruto managed to ask before he realized how dry his mouth felt.


“We’re on a train, just a few minutes away from Konoha now.” Sarada explained. “Everyone else is in the dining car grabbing something to eat, I elected to keep an eye on you so how about some gratitude!?”


Blinking a few more times, Boruto became more aware of his surroundings. They were on a train, he and Sarada were in one of the passenger cars, and she sat above him as he lay on his side… With his head in her lap!!!!


“Wah!!!” Boruto shouted and tried to sit up, only to have fatigue plop his head right back down on her lap.


“Easy!!!” she told him, “You’ve been unconscious for the better part of three days, “Even if you’re the Hokage’s son that’s gonna take a little while to recover from.”


“What happened?” he asked.


Sarada reached over for something beside her, “Well, after all of your clones came, they promptly vanished one after the other. And as you should know, when a shadow clone is destroyed or dispelled, everything it experience flows back to the caster. And putting out eleven, even if it was with that ninja tool, I’m honestly surprised you weren’t out for a week!”


“Oh… Okay, that all makes sense. Did they decide on a location?”


“Yep! the island is perfect. Construction begins soon.” She replied.


“Good…One more question.” he told her. Sarada blinked and looked down at him. “Why is my head in your lap?”


Sarada blushed slightly, “Well, um, they were out of pillows is all!” she said while looking away, still blushing. She then turned back with an angry expression, and you should show some more gratitude for the privilege of resting on my lap.”


“Huh, is that Cho-cho I hear?” he asked with a grin.


“Shut up!” she yelled then smacked the top of his head.

(Story by User: SailorIo)