Boob no Jutsu

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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“Thanks for bringing me to the beach Tenten-san.” said Fuu as the two of them lay back on a pair on large beach towels. A cooler sat between them loaded up with ice, beer, and a variety of snacks. The sun hung high in the air overhead as the ocean waves lapped gently at the shore. It was a perfect day for going to the beach.


“No problem Fu-chin.” Tenten said, making the emerald haired girl smile. She loved being called that as she turned to lie on her stomach. “I’m really glad that you wanted to go out at all, you’ve been so reserved since…” she trailed off.


Fuu nodded, “I know, it’s not your fault.” she told the dark haired woman. Of all of the revivees, Fuu had the roughest time acclimating to being among the living again. Kaguya and Kushina were fine within a day or so, but Fuu had taken several years to recover herself. She remembered dying, and her brief resurrection during the fourth Shinobi war, then dying again, then finally waking up with Orochimaru standing over her. It was the empty slot between those times that left her feeling traumatized.


“Would you do my back for me?” she asked with a nod to the bottle of sun oil sitting next to the cooler.


“Sure!” said Tenten as she sat up, her breasts bouncing gently in the tiny blue top she had on. “So, have you had a chance to think about Naruto’s offer?”


“Yes, it’s very tempting to be sure. The stipend the Hokage authorized for me was very generous, and I can live comfortably on it, but…” Fuu began.


“Buuuut…?” Tenten pressed as she untied the back of Fuu’s red bikini before applying a large amount of the oil to one cupped hand. She then rubbed both her hands together before placing them on the soft supple skin of the other girl’s naked back.


“I’m soooo bored!” Fuu said. “I know I can’t go back home as the whole resurrection thing is secret, blah blah blah. I wanna make new friends!”


“Well, come to work at the club with me!” Tenten told her, moving her hands in long strokes up and down he girls back. Fuu cooed at the feeling of her hands as she made a decision.


“Okay fine, but on one condition.” she said.


“Name it.”


“How in the WORLD are your boobs so big!?” she asked, “I saw you at the Chunin exams, no offense but you were as flat as I am!”


“Hey!” Tenten snapped, bringing her hand down on Fuu’s ass in a loud spank. Fuu only giggled though and rolled onto her back again, seemingly unconcerned with the fact that she as sitting up topless.


“I wanna know!” she said reaching out and grabbing Tenten’s heavy knockers, “Honestly, how can you even stand up? These are bigger than your head!”


“Ahhhnnn, don’t squeeze them so roughly, they’re sensitive at this size!” Tenten moaned, her cheeks flushing pink.


“Well…. Then tell me!” Fuu pressed, still grabbing both of the dark haired girl’s tits and squeezing them thoroughly. She liked the way her dark fingers sank deep into the pale, soft, and malleable flesh.


Tenten bit her lower lip, letting out a small whimper, and Fuu felt her pushing her chest back at her, just a little. She giggled and gave her another rough squeeze, “Tell me or I’m gonna rip off this top and start sucking them until you do!”


“Alright alright!!!” Tenten said, panting softly, “It’s a jutsu the Akimichi clan shared with the girls working at the club! Everyone learns it as part of the employee training!”


“What, really?” Fuu said, pulling her hands back and blinking in surprise, “Then I’d have learned it anyway?”


“Yes…” Tenten whimpered softly as she panted for breath.


Grabbing the straps of Tenten’s top, Fuu shook the older woman back and forth, “Teach me, teach me, teach me, teach me, teach me, teach meeeee!” Fuu begged as she looked down at her own bare breasts that barely reached an A-cup!


“Okay, just stop shaking meeee…” Tenten said. Fuu released her and the brunette took a deep breath and then chuckled.
“Huh? whats so funny?” Fuu asked.


“I had the same reaction when I found out about this jutsu!” Tenten told her with a wink. “Okay, so what you wanna do…” she began and walked Fuu through the technique, teaching her the hand seals and how to regulate the chakra with what breast size she wanted. “Just be warned, this trick eats up a TON of calories, so you’ll be hungry to the point of ravenous when you use it the first few times. Anko-san uses it regularly and she’s put on a lot of weight trying to keep enough calories to shape herself how she wants.”


Nodding, Fuu listened as Tenten explained it again, making sure she understood the fundamentals before the green haired girl weaved the signs she’d been shown, “Boob expansion no jutsu!!!” she yelled.


“It’s not called that!” Tenten told her as a burst of smoke exploded from Fuu’s chest, making Tenten cough as she waved her hand to clear the air. “Woah!!!” she gasped when she saw Fuu clearly again.


“Oh yeah!!! This is awesome!!!!!” Fuu cheered as she looked down at her new tits. Easily twice as big as what Tenten had, and so soft and squishy as she hefted them in her hands, loving the weight and feel of them! “And this lasts as long as I want!?” she asked.


“Yeah, until you release the jutsu…” Tenten said, still coughing softly.


“Ooby booby boob, so big and bouncy!!” Fuu sang as she got up to her feet and jumped up and down, giggling excitedly as she watched how her jugs bounced up and down. “Booby booby boob, so soft and squishy!!!” she continued as she used her forearms to squish them together while licking her lips, “Oh I’m gonna love this!!!”


“Okay okay, just try and get your top back on!” Tenten said, bending down to grab the top half of Fuu’s ruby red bikini.


“Say’s the chick wearing a bikini so tiny the bottom in digging into her cunt like dental floss?” Fuu said with a grin, “Come on, let’s go show these beauties off!!!” she yelled before reaching over and grabbing Tenten’s top; yanking it up and off, exposing her creamy colored tits with their dusty pink nipples that instantly stiffened in the cool ocean air.


“Come on!” Fuu said as she grabbed Tenten’s slender wrist, pulling her along behind her as she ran along the beach. She savored the feel of her new jugs bouncing up and down wildly, loving every second of it as she looked around. The beach wasn’t very populated, maybe one or two people every few dozen meters. The emerald haired girl loved how the guys’ heads turned as she and Tenten ran by.


As they ran along the beach, Fuu spotted a couple not too far ahead of them. One was a sexy woman with a perfectly rounded ass completely exposed by the black thong bottom she wore. Her dark hair hung down past her shoulders as she walked with a purposeful sway to her hips. Walking next to her was a heavy set man wearing a pair of flower print swimming trunks and flip-flops. Fuu watched as the big man reached over and grabbed his companion’s ass, making her tense slightly as her knees shook.


“You said part of the job is fucking the V.I.P.’s right?” Fuu asked.


“Yeah, but you get to pick who you work with.” Tenten replied.


“Good.” was all Fuu said as she picked up the pace and moved around the pair, coming to a halt.


“Choji?” said Tenten as the two came into view. The big man was Choji Akimichi, and with him was Hinata Uzumaki. The dark haired woman was dressed in a teeny tiny black bikini that barely contained her heavy tits with bottoms that were even more shoe stringed than Tenten’s!


“Oh, Tenten, what brings you out here?” asked the rotund man as he eyed both of them and their exposed tits. Fuu chuckled and pressed her tits together again.


“We’re looking for a good time, and you?” she asked.


“Ho…?” said Choji as he looked at the two topless women.


Fuu moved closer to Choji, pressing her naked tits against his wide chest, “I’m planning to start working at Busteez, think you could, show me the ropes?”


“Well, you’re forward huh?” Choji asked with a grin.


“I’ve spent the last few years moping about stuff outside my control, so enough of that. I wanna have some fun!” Fuu told him.


Choji turned to Hinata, “This will be our last date for a while, what do you think?” he asked her.


“Last date?” Tenten echoed.


“My wife wants me all to herself and I’ve fucked this whore senseless enough, it’s getting boring.” Choji explained.


The dark haired woman nodded and said, “Whatever you desire…”


“Awesome! You’re in too right Tenten!?” she asked excitedly.


“Um, I suppose…” Tenten said quietly.


“Great, oh this is gonna be so much fun!” Fuu said as she grabbed Tenten’s wrist again and took her towards the rocks a few meters away. The outcropping provided decent enough privacy as she ditched what was left of her bikini the instant they were out of sight.


“She’s eager.” Hinata said to Tenten as she and Choji came around the rock formation.


“Wouldn’t you be after a ten year dry spell?” Tenten said back to her as she took off her own bottoms.


“Point taken.” Hinata agreed as she looked to Choji with a sly grin, “Why don’t you show her that little trick I love so much?” she prompted.


“Heheh, you just can’t wait can you?” Choji chuckled as he weaved a series of signs similar to what Tenten had shown Fuu as Hinata tugged down his trunks. Fuu’s orange colored eyes went wide as Choji’s cock sprang out from a puff of smoke. Longer than her leg and as thicker than her thigh, the man’s throbbing erection hung proudly in the air as Hinata wrapped her arms around it and ran her tongue over it with a lewd wanton moan.


“Mmmmmh, soooo biiig…” Hinata moaned in open lust as she moved to wrap her heavy tits around the base before taking the tip into her mouth with another moan. Fuu watched, mesmerized by the older womans skills as she took the huge thing deeper and deeper into her mouth!


Licking her lips, Fuu crawled over to the pair, pressing her new fat tits against Hinata’s soft back as she wrapped her arms around her slender waist. She listened to the older womans soft gagging moans as she deepthroated Choji’s giant dick, her throat swelling every time she took his rod down her throat! She then began stripping Hinata out of her dental floss bikini, grabbing the other girl’s jugs in her hands and kneading them softly.


“I was always jealous of tits like this,” she told Hinata, “All big and squishy and just begging to be played with!”


“Mmmph… Mmmph, mmmph, mmmph…” was Hinata’s only reply, her lips making wet slurping noises all over Choji’s cock as the man groaned in pleasure.


“Slut.” Fuu said with a giggle as she reached her hands down to grab the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Fuu blinked in confusion when she felt something odd… Hinata’s crotch was, vibrating?


“Mmmmmmmph!!!” the dark haired woman whimpered as her entire body tensed at Fuu’s touch. The crotch of Hinata’s bottoms began to stretch out as a pair of vibrating dildo’s pushed back out of the dark haired womans ass and cunt!


“Oh wow, you really are a slut!!!” Fuu said with a laugh as she grabbed both vibrators and pulled them out with a lewd sucking ‘pop’.


“She had to spend our entire date with them in her if she wanted my cock today.” Choji told them with a grin.


“Wow, they’re really big too…!” said Tenten.


“I’ll say.” Fuu said as she held one up. It was a dark black color and made of plastic. It buzzed loudly in her hand as she brought it to her lips and licked the length of it slowly in front of Choji before moving to slide it into her own pussy! The burst of sensation made the emerald hared girl moan in bliss as she pushed it in deeper, and deeper, until the entire length was humming away inside her pussy.


“Mmmmmmmmmh, yesssss, I wanted thiiiis…” she hissed in pleasure as she began rubbing her naked body against Hinata’s. “Tenten put the other one up my ass!!!” Fuu said, tossing the dark haired girl the remaining vibrator.


“This is so crazy…” Tenten said as she moved over to the other two women.


“Yeah, ain’t it great!?” said Fuu. Her vision then doubled as her eyes crossed when Tenten pushed the second vibrator up her ass! She’d never had two at once before, and the feeling of them buzzing against one another inside was rapidly driving her crazy! How had Hinata even walked with these things inside her?!


“Mmmmmmmmh, yesss, that feels so fucking good!!!!” Fuu moaned, “Pump them into me Tenten, make me cum please!!!” she begged.


“Hmmhmmmph, an’ yuu call meh a shlut…” Hinata slurred around Choji’s cock.


“Mmmmh, doooon’t talk… wiith, your mouth fuuull…” Fuu moaned, spanking Hinata’s ass playfully as Tenten moved the vibrators in and out of her holes in a rhythmic pattern. The dark haired woman squealed happily as she continued bobbing her head up and down, her drool hanging off Choji’s cock in thick ropes as she took every inch between her lips.


“Oh yeah, this is a nice sight!” Choji said as he looked down on all three women with a grin. He then groaned and Fuu could actually HEAR his cum flooding into Hinata’s stomach! The older womans opal colored eyes went wide as she pulled her head back and gasped, cum sprayed everywhere, landing on Fuu’s bronze colored tits as Hinata gasped for breath.


“Good job Hinata!” Fuu said as she looked up at Choji and pressed her cum covered tit’s together for him. “Now for MY turn!”

(Story by User: SailorIo)

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