Boin Beauties Bringing the Goods

“So what’s it like, going from being the most powerful female Shinigami to a pair of fucktoys?” Despite the crude wording, the smile on the man’s face said that he was teasing, mostly.


Shutara could feel herself blush, but put her hands on her hips and smirked back at their client. Her enlarged tits bounced gently with the motion, and her smirk widened as the man’s eyes followed along with every jiggle.


“A lot of fun, actually. After so long guarding the Soul King, being able to relax, travel, and do what we want is quite liberating.”


“Especially all of the sex and food!” Kirio bounced on the heels of her feet, her huge breasts threatening to smack her right in the face from bouncing so much. “So many new kinds of food have been created since I was last in the human world! And they’ve gotten so creative with sex!”


Shutara rolled her eyes tolerantly, but couldn’t find herself willing to disagree.


“Glad to hear it,” their client said with another grin. “Considering I paid a small fortune to fuck you both. Tell you what, let’s start out with your favorite kind of sex; impress me.”


Kirio promptly pulled on her tiny apron, baring her tits entirely and trapping the cloth between them. “Oh yeah! I’ll give you the best tit job you’ve ever had!” Without giving him a chance to respond, she dropped in front of him and smothered his already hard cock in between her massive mammaries, getting a loud moan from him. A moan that only got louder when she took the tip of it in her mouth, sucking hard on it.


“And while she’s doing that,” Shutara walked to the center of the room and snapped her fingers, starting the music system. “You can watch me do striptease and then fuck me in the ass… assuming you have the stamina” she taunted him.


He snorted and leered. “Oh, just you wait and see.”


“Promises, promises,” Shutara teased, turning and bending at the waist to twerk her butt at him.


Definitely way more fun than guarding the Soul King.

(Short Story by User: S22132)

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