Blowing the Biggest

“Why did you bring us all the way over here, Erza?” Natsu wanted to know as he ambled along with Gray and Jellal, following their redhead friend. He was also trying to avoid staring at her ass; not an easy task, considering the miniscule string bikini she was barely wearing.


“And why all of us?” Gray wanted to know, giving Natsu a sidelong look. They were just about to pick teams for a volleyball game when Erza had asked them to come with her. He was looking forward to beating Natsu and gloating about it, but he would admit, his curiosity rising.


Jellal didn’t say anything, but he was feeling puzzled as well, wondering what his beautiful redheaded crush was up to.


Turning to face the three of them, Erza smiled. “Well, we girls have been talking amongst ourselves, and one thing lead to another we started talking about how fat your dicks were…”


She undid the bra that barely covered her huge nipples. “And all I could think about was getting on my knees as you all took turns fucking my face…”


The three young men blushed, but each also looked more confused then ever. “Um… The rest of the guild is waiting for us… We should get back to the other girls” said Gray hesitantly.


Dropping to her knees, she swiftly pulled down all of their swimming trunks; pushing Gray to his back, she wrapped her massive tits around his monster cock “Judging by how hard you all are… it seems you want this too.” She said confidence


Each of the three men let out low audible moans as Erza stroked Natsu and Jellal besides her face while rocking her tits up and down Gray’s superior pole. Jellal could not help but get jealous as his dick was the focus of Erza’s attention. But his jealousy soon subsided as Erza began using her mouth to suck his dick, making his eyes cross.


“Erza…?” Gray gasped, eyes wide as he watched her tits bounce around his cock, even as she gave the other two what looked like an incredible hand job.


Pulling back her mouth from Jellal’s erection, Erza smiled at him. “I’m impressed Gray… Juvia is a lucky girl to be able to play with this all the time”


Gray looked away with embarrassment “We don’t get very far… she says its too big”


“What a shame, Tell you what, you can use this meat pole on me whenever you need to relieve stress… the same for you Natsu. Lucy certainly doe not have my stamina” Erza confirmed, smiling at each of them in turn. “Now, I hope you three have been keeping on your training, because you’re going to need all the endurance you can get.”


“…heh. I’m all fired up!” Natsu declared, the pink-haired Dragon Slayer shooting a smirk at Gray. “I’ll definitely last longer than this frigid pretty boy!”


THAT snapped Gray out of his embarrassment; he glared back at Natsu, lips peeling back in a sneer. “In your dreams, matchstick!”


And Jellal just sighed, deciding to enjoy what was happening, his eyes rolling back as Erza began to deep throat him, this is way better than volleyball.


(Short Story by User: S22132)

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