Blonde Melon Beach Pounding

“Oh man…. Lucy, I’m gonna cum again!” her pink haired man said for the 5th time. Natsu couldn’t stop fucking Lucy’s tits, they were huge and bigger then Erza’s. She wanted her tits drenched in his creamy filling. Lucy teased him, “Hope your cock has more energy… my tits want to be fucked forever.~” As the hot spunk dripped over her hard nipples, Natsu indeed wanted to keep fucking her forever.


Usually they would be having fun at the beach, but this wasn’t the case, not with Natsu constantly looking at Lucy’s tits when they arrived at the beach earlier. She got annoyed when she noticed him, but was very horny for his hard cock, when it was gonna pop out from his pants. “You can’t even last two seconds, you’re a pervert, Natsu,” she said while taking off her top to expose her tits. “Hey, it’s not my fault and besides… I’m not the one with the hard nipples right now,” he replied, taking his shorts off and grabbing Lucy’s left boob and nipple.


She moaned once he started sucking and his hard and long meat pole rubbed between her melons. “Mph… god, you’re gonna pay for that, Natsu,~” she said to him while rubbing her rack on his throbbing cock. “Punish me as you like, but remember, I can fight back,” Natsu replied, pulling on her nips and moving his hips. Both were enjoying the sex and loved making each other cum hard. Lucy was feeling him going faster and he was gonna cum very soon, so she sucked on his cock and moved her titties more.


“Crap!” the Dragon Slayer said once his cum released into her mouth and covered her tits. Lucy felt the thick spunk flowing into her and when she took it out, he blew another load on her face. “You went too hard…. for that, I’m gonna make sure to punish you good,” she said, licking her lips at him.


Almost four hours have passed, and Lucy was still at it. Her tits were completely drenched and Natsu’s cock was exploding like a volcano every second. “How’s that?” Lucy said to him as Natsu replied, “I’m ending it….. now.” He immediately pulled her tits so hard, she came and squirted on the sand. Her juices gushing down and into the water, Lucy was turning into a mega slut.


Natsu kept pulling on her tits, fucking her and moving faster than before. “Yes! Fuck me!!!! Own my tits!!! Tittyfuck me until I’m a mess!” the slutty blonde said, rolling her eyes. With his last bit of energy, Natsu exploded so hard, it made it look like fireworks shooting up. Lucy was a complete mess. Her titties were completely covered and she didn’t see her nipples anymore in the thick layers of cum.


Natsu thought it was over, but when she got on top of him, Lucy still wanted more. “My pussy still hasn’t gotten that explosion…. how’s about you go for it?” she said seductively. Natsu couldn’t last anymore, but was still hard when his cock was going in her pussy. Could he even last? Either way, they weren’t gonna leave the beach the same again.

(Story by User: Kingken1997)

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