Big Busts for A Big Crowded Beach

(Note: This story is part of an ongoing series of Naruto stories)
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The sun beat down on the beach, every breath full of refreshing salt air as Sakura swam through the crystal clear waters near the shoreline. The beach wasn’t exactly private, but the area she and the others were occupying was fairly closed off from the rest of the shore. The place was in walking distance of the Land of Waves and Kakashi told her that there was going to be a Busteez opening here in the beach area. Girls from Konoha who volunteered for the first few weeks of shifts until local girls could be hired got to spend the entire time at the resort, all expenses paid.


What he neglected to mention was that they would be assigned their swim wear for the duration of their stay. Not that Sakura minded showing off her sexy body, with her heavy tits and curvy ass. But seriously, most of the girls’ swimsuits fit into sandwich bags, while hers was given in a greeting card mailing envelope!


The blue v-sling one-piece barely counted as any kind of clothing, more like dental floss. The crotch almost painfully dug into the folds of her cunt, the fabric just wide enough to cover her clit, but little else. At least she found some waterproof make-up that went well with it. She began swimming back toward the shore when she spotted a familiar horn-like headdress surrounded by a halo of silver-white hair. Smiling, Sakura swam over and greeted Kaguya.


“Hey, I didn’t know you were volunteering as well, we could have came together.” she said. Part of her still couldn’t believe this was the same woman who tried to do so many awful things just a few years ago in the great war.


Kaguya smiled back at her, her normally ruby lips painted an emerald green. She was wearing a pink Bikini from what Sakura could see of the straps on her shoulders, the salt water had left her eyes a little blurry and the water was cloudier closer to shore.


“It was a last moment change, Hinata and Naruto’s wedding caterer had to cancel for some reason, so she stayed in Konoha to help find a replacement. They’re spending the week sampling different foods between missions.” explained Kaguya.


“Oh, well that stinks, Hinata would have loved this beach.” Sakura said as she and Kaguya matched one another swim speed, “Hey, why don’t we go grab something to eat ourselves before our shifts start this evening?”


“I would like that.” said Kaguya.


Sakura gave her another smile as they reached a depth where they could begin walking back to the beach. The pink haired woman smiled as she made a show of emerging from the water when she spotted several people walking along the beach. Her heavy tits bounced with her every step, water cascading off the soft globes as her clearly visible nipples that stiffened instantly once exposed to the gentle breeze.


Licking her lips, Sakura raised her arms over her head as if stretching, making her tits bounce even more. One of the men walking by became visibly uncomfortable in his speedo. Grinning, Sakura shook her tits from side to side, loving the way they wobbled with her motions. A few more yards out, another group of men stopped dead in their track, mouths agape. One clearly had a heavy nose bleed. Sakura couldn’t help but grin; it turned her on to know her body was giving so many men an erection.


“Um, Sakura…” Kaguya said softly, “People are staring…”


“Well yeah,” Sakura started, turning to look at Kaguya, “That’s…” she trailed off when she saw the ivory skinned woman out of the water. She was wearing a two piece pink bikini, the bottom of which was like her own suits, being more string than fabric. The top was made of more pink strips of fabric, webbed between them was a dark silk mesh. A nice look all around, but what had Sakura’s jaw dropping was the sheer SIZE of Kaguya’s tits!


Each one was the size of a boulder, capped with a dusty pink nipple now stiff against the silk trying to hold the massive udders in place. Sakura gulped as she watched Kaguya rub her hands over the gigantic mounds, bringing them to a rest just beneath her collar bone, “Do you think… They’re too big?”


“Uh, um… I… How the hell did you get them that big!?!?!” Sakura screamed in total shock. She’d heard of body modification surgeries, but nothing that could do THIS… Her chest looked like a pair of blimps had landed on it.


“Akimichi-dono helped me with a Combination form of his family’s signature technique. I can’t use Chakra anymore, but I still know all the hand seals and such. He told me to visualize how big I wanted them, and Tsunade-san told me the men of this era like really big breasts and…” she trailed off, blushing deeply as more people began to gather.


“Huh, I guess that makes sense.” Sakura said, remembering how Choji could make his dick even bigger than Naruto’s if he wanted. She vaguely remembered during her first Chunin exam that Naruto had done the same using a transformation technique with Gamabunta. Only logical that it could be applied to the breasts of a woman as well. She would have to talk to Choji about that next chance she got. She felt a bit of pity as Kaguya tried to hug her tits in, the soft flesh squishing around her limbs and looking even more erotic, though she doubted that was what the goddess intended.


“Come on, let’s go get that bite to eat.” she said, grabbing her hand and taking the lead. She could hear Kaguya’s tits bouncing as they moved up the beach and could almost feel the shorts tightening of every man they passed. She knew there was a nice takoyaki stand just outside the club which she brought Kaguya there. She spotted several other familiar faces milling around outside and flirting with some of the potential customers.


She waved to Shizune and Tenten as they rubbed themselves against one man, their big tits squishing around his shoulders as they handed him a flier for the club. Tenten blinked when she saw Kaguya, pouting her lips jealously once the shock wore off, and then she waved back. “Haruno-san, more people are staring…” Kaguya said softly.


“Yeah, but that’s good here, show ’em off Kaguya-chan!” Sakura encouraged the snow white woman. She moved to stand behind her, wrapped her arms around her slender waist and hefting her huge tits, her hands sunk deep into the ultra-soft mounds as she lifted them higher. Kaguya blushed a deeper red and moaned, her body quivering in a way she’d only seen when they worked together with Naruto or the Raikage.


“Sa….Sakuraaaa, my… my breasts… ahhaaa…” Kaguya moaned, shaking more as Sakura fondled her more.


“Ohhooo, what’s this now?” Sakura whispered impishly into Kaguya’s ear, slipping her hands under the other womans top and grabbing both giant nipples, squeezing them tight in her hands. The reaction was instant as Kaguya moaned in pleasure, her hips bucking slightly as the flush spread all over her body.


“Aki… Akimichi-san warned…” Kaguya gasped, still shuddering in Sakura’s arms. “That the size would be equaled by increased sensitivityyyyyyyyyy…” she explained before Sakura began squeezing and groping her gigantic tits even more.


“Ahhaaa, so good… my breasts, ahhhaaaa, they feel so goooood!!!!” Kaguya moaned, rocking her hips in the air as Sakura grinded her own body back against her. A huge crowd had begun to gather around them, and Sakura made a show of tearing off Kaguya’s thin top, grabbing and twisting her nipples, making her moan even louder.


Tenten and Shizune caught on fast, moving through the crowd, handing out more fliers for the club as Sakura slowly licked the outer edge of Kaguya’s ear. “Keep it up Kaguya-chan, the crowd is loving this!” she whispered to her. She then had another idea and whispered it in her ear. Kaguya managed a weak nod of understanding as Sakura grinned and began groping and bouncing her tits in her hands as she rubbed her pelvis against Kaguya’s ass suggestively.


“Ahhh… I… I’m cum… I’M CUUMMINGGGG!!!!” Kaguya screamed in orgasm.


Sakura bit her lower lip as she came a bit as well; loving all the attention they were pulling in as she could no longer see the outer edges of the crowd. Grinning she waved to the crowd of nosebleeds and tight shorts, “Thank you! We’re both working at Busteez, come and see us a lot okay!!!” she said in as high and cheerful tone as she could muster. Men and women alike applauded as the crowd began to thin and disperse. Sakura then helped steady Kaguya on her feet as she woman was still shaking with pleasure.


“Now…Let’s get that takoyaki, I’m starving!” She said cheerily. “And then back to work~”

Story by Sailor Io

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