Between Two Shihoins

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Yoruichi grinned as she happily browsed the sweet shop. There were so many different cakes, cookies, pies, and other treats. And after showing the owner how much she was willing to spend, he had very happily let her, Sui-Feng, and Yushiro have free reign of the shop. She was browsing one section, while her favorite subordinate and little brother were together in another area.


That reminds me…‘ “Thanks for training Yushiro, Sui-Feng!~” she called out, knowing the younger woman would hear her. Heh, Sui-Feng was probably already blushing. “You two have been spending a lot of time together lately!”




Yoruichi frowned; even if Sui-Feng and Yushiro were on the other side of the store, Sui-Feng’s response shouldn’t have been that muffled. And now that she was focused on listening…


Slowly, a smirk spread across Yoruichi’s face as she picked up on slurps and moans. Both Sui-Feng and Yushiro were clearly trying to be quiet, but it was becoming quite obvious what they were up to.


Can’t leave those two alone for a second,‘ the beautiful purplette thought to herself in amusement as she very quietly slunk towards the source of the noises. Waiting for a lull, Yoruichi then pushed the door openly dramatically. “AHA!” she declared, a wide grin almost splitting her face. “Caught in the act!”


Sui-Feng stared wide-eyed at her, her already present blush deepening; her lips were still extended as she sucked hard on Yushiro’s cock, her tits wrapped around it as well as her round ass waved in the air behind her. She seemed struck momentarily speechless.


Yushiro had no such problems.


“Awww, onee-san!” he whined, looking up at Yoruichi from his position on his back, an upside down frown on his face. “Did you really have to interrupt us now? Things were just getting good!”


Yoruichi just shook her head with a chuckle. “Didn’t you two fuck just before we came here?” she asked rhetorically, idly noting that Sui-Feng was getting very red in the face; that probably wasn’t healthy. “You seriously couldn’t wait that long before doing it again?”


Yushiro pouted harder, but Yoruichi interrupted him by stepping into the room entirely, closing the door behind her. “Besides…”


Quick as a flash, she was out of her clothes and behind Sui-Feng. “Who says I’m interrupting?~” Yoruichi asked, a cat-like smile on her face as she grabbed hold of Sui-Feng’s ass, groping and massaging it.


“…Best. Onee-san. EVER!” Yushiro cheered happily, a shiver running through his body as Sui-Feng moaned from the groping. With her lips still wrapped around his cock, it sent wonderful vibrations through his pole. “You heard her, Sui-chan! Keep going, please!”


Blushing hard enough to make her ears burn, Sui-Feng resumed bobbing her head up and down, her hands busy mashing her tits against Yushiro’s dick. All the while, she was hyper aware of Yoruichi-sama’s hands on her ass, caressing and squeezing her butt cheeks.


HRMPH!?” Sui-Feng abruptly shrieked around Yushiro’s erection, her eyes bulging from her head. Yoruichi was licking her pussy! “HMM! MMMPHH! AAAMMMPPHH!”


Yoruichi wide grin shifted to a wicked smirk with each erotic moan and muffled shout Sui-Feng let out. Using her fingers, she spread Sui-Feng’s pussy even wider, licking it with long, slow strokes of her tongue. With her other hand, she rubbed Sui-Feng’s ass, occasionally giving it a light spank to make the younger woman squeak.


“OH! AHH! FUCK, THAT FEELS AMAZING!” Yushiro gasped. As Sui-Feng got more and more aroused, her sucking and licking got even more passionate; her hands moved faster as well, pushing her boobs even harder against his cock. Her head was moving so fast, it was almost a blur.


It all combined to push him towards an orgasm even faster then Yushiro had planned. Gritting his teeth, the youngest of the trio held out as long as he could, before finally cumming with a loud scream. “AAAAHHHHH!”


MMMPPPPHHHH!” Sui-Feng swallowed rapidly, determined not to waste a single drop of Yushiro’s cum. She was feeling light-headed when he finally stopped, but she had managed to drink down every last drop. Pulling her head back with a moan, she collapsed onto her breasts, squirming and mewling. “Yoruichi-sama…” she whined.


“Yes, little bee?” Sui-Feng could hear the grin on her mentor’s face, not to mention the vast amusement the older woman was clearly feeling. At the moment, however, Sui-Feng only cared about one thing.


“Please…stop teasing me! Let me cum!” she practically begged, glad that no one but the Shihoin siblings were around to see her in such a pitiable state. Sui-Feng rubbed her thighs together, desperate for release.


“Hmm…all right. Yushiro, you want to do the honors?~”




Sui-Feng blinked in confusion, but before she had time to really process what had been said, she was grabbed, pulled upright, and spun around.


Then her eyes got very, very wide and her face instantly turned purple when Yoruichi kissed her, her tongue plunging deep into her mouth. Sui-Feng was so shell-shocked, she didn’t even notice Yushiro getting into position behind her.


That is, until he thrusted his cock deep into her sopping wet pussy!


Sui-Feng screamed with pleasure into Yoruichi’s mouth; she couldn’t look away from the sexual hunger in her mentor’s eyes as Yoruichi grabbed hold of Sui-Feng’s breasts with both hands, squeezing them hard.


She was matched by Yushiro fondling her ass as he leaned forward to nibble on her ear. Sandwiched between the two people she cared about the most, Sui-Feng had only one thought in her mind.



(Story by User: S22132)

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Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago

Very nice story and picture.

While the background is quite “generic”, Sui Fengs expression really makes up to it. The only sad part is, that the alternative versions (in my opinion) are quite generic.

Storywise: The interactions between Yushiro, Yoruichi and Sui Feng is pretty good (you have to love the mischiev Yoruichi is up to and Yushiros EXTREME enthusiasm). All in all its a good story.

The only real nitpick I have (and that is really looking for the hair in the soup) is that on the picture a card with the words: “Hotel Enjoy your stay is” and the story doesnt really fit in well with that. I know it doesnt matter but it still kinda bothers me.

I would give it a 7/10. Not a bad story/artwork but nothing breathtaking either

Keep up the good work and thanks

9 months ago
Reply to  Mr. Akrononym

I appreciate the feedback. I see what you mean with the location. I’m happy you like Sui-feng’s expression since shes the focal point of the peice. Look forward to hearing more of your comments 👍

Mr. Akrononym
Mr. Akrononym
9 months ago
Reply to  Rtenzo

No problem. And it’s you and the story writers who do the awesome stuff. Keep up the good work and don’t let people tell you how you should / shouldn’t draw certain things.